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Unit One


Everyday Expressions
Now it’s time to take action. (现在是该行动的时候了。)
The action is set in Paris. (事情发生在巴黎。)
The action lasted five hours. (战斗持续了5个小时)
She decided1 to take a legal action against him. (她决定起诉他。)
The action took place in a mountain village. (这个故事发生在一个山村里。)

Street Talks
If you guys are going to bet on the basketball game, I want a piece of the action. (算我一份)
Action stations, everyone! The president has arrived! (各就各位)
Lights, camera, action! (What a director would say when shooting a film.(灯光、摄像、开拍!)(导演用语)
He likes being part of the action. (他喜欢参与。)

Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于语言。
Don’t judge a man’s actions at first sight; give them a second look. 乍看难评人,再看认得清。


Everyday Expressions
We should protect animals.
Drinking alcohol releases the animal in man. (喝酒使人兽行大发。)

Street Talks
A: Rebecca, I got a D in maths this term. What do I do?
B: Sorry about that, Freddie. Cheer up! You can make it next term.But frankly2 speaking, if you weren’t such a party animal, you’d have more time for studying. (喜欢参加聚会的人)
A: Joanna usually talks to animals and toys.
B: Poor Jo. If only she had a healthy family!
Youth is/are full of animal spirits. (精力十分旺盛)
That fighter is really an animal when he steps in the (boxing)ring. (当这个拳击手开始比赛的时候,他立刻变成了一个真正的野兽。)


Everyday Expressions

She is expecting a baby. (她怀孕了。) 注:baby的性别不明时,通常用 it 来指代。
Don’t be such a baby! (不要这样孩子气!)
Hey babe, you’d like another drink?

Street Talks
A: Rosemary, will you go to the movies with me tonight?
B: I wish I could, Jo. But my baby’s taking me out to dinner tonight. (情人)
A: Tom, I need your help. It’s out of control here.
B: Come on, dear. You can make it. Come on! Give the talk. The whole plan is your baby. (由你负责)
Angela has a baby face.
Don’t cry, baby girl. That’s all right.
Hi baby(babe), would you like me to take you home?
A: That wasn’t hard at all.
B: No, like stealing candy from a baby.

The rich get richer and the poor get babies. 富人发财,穷人得子。

Everyday Expressions
She was a famous beauty in her youth.
We shall never forget the beauty of the old Beijing.
The beauty of this machine is its simplicity3. (这机器的优点在于简单。)

Street Talks
A: Mom it hurts.
B: This black eye you got in the fight is a real beauty,huh?!
A: Please! Mom!
Saving petrol, you know, that’s the beauty of buying a small car.
The beauty of his new job is that he works his own hours. (flexible hours)
A: Why don’t you come with us?
B: I need my beauty sleep, you know. (我需要大睡一场)

Beauty is but skin-deep. 红颜易变。
Beauty without virtue4 is a flower without perfume. 貌美而无德,犹如花之无香。
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder5. / Beauty lies in lover's eyes. 情人眼里出西施。

Everyday Expressions

She killed two birds with one stone by shopping and visiting the museum on the same trip. (她出门一次,既买了东西又参观了博物馆,真是一举两得。)
She is a strange bird.

Street Talks
A: I’ll never be a telephone operator! That job is for the birds(毫无价值的/无聊的)
B: That’s you! Personally, I think it’s an interesting job.
A: Gee6, you are one strange bird. (古怪的人)
A: Hi Rick,guess what, Wallace’s twenty years old and doesn’t Know about the birds and the bees.
B: You’re kidding!
C: Hey guys, what’re you talking about?
A: We’re talking about Wallace.
C: What about him?
B: Jack7 says Wallace doesn’t know about the birds and the bees!!!
C: That explains why he’s a bird-watcher! (喜欢盯着女人看的男人)
A: What are you doing up here?
B: I want to get a bird’s eye view of the campus. I don’t think I’ll ever be an early bird.
A: Do you see that?
B: What?
A: That guy just gave you the bird!

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Birds of the same feather flock together.
The early bird catches the worm.
Kill two birds with one stone.


Everyday Expressions
Swimming is the best way to tone your body. (增强体质。)
The mind governs the body. (精神支配肉体。)
Congress is a legislative8 body. (国会是立法机关。)
There’s something wrong with the body of a letter.

Street Talks
You’ve got the body and I’ve got the brains.(You’re good-looking,I’m smart.)
A: Where did you bury his body? (尸体)
B: On the the back hill.

A: Dad, I found a dealer9!
B: Over my dead body will you sell this house. (除非我死了)

A: It’s illegal to write this kind of article. You see?
B: I’ll write whatever I want to!

A: But they’ll put you in prison,dear?!
B: They can imprison10 my body, but not my mind.

A: I do not think Tracy is very good-looking.
B: But you’ve got to love that body!

A little body often harbours a great soul.


Everyday Expressions
Put out that troublesome boy. (把那个捣蛋的男孩赶出去。)
Cheer up, my boy!
The bell boy is very responsible.
Oh, boy ,what a beautiful girl!

Street Talks
The cowboys in that movie are mostly nature boys.
A: Oh, boy! Look at that! (哎!哇!)
B: What’s up?
A: That house is on fire!

A: Mr. Smith, your son saved his classmate from drowning this morning!
B: That’s my boy! (好小子)

A: Boy, you’re in trouble!
B: Why?
A: Mom found out you’ve been skipping school.

You’d better listen to me, boy!
Hey, don’t fight! He’s my boy. (buddy11)
I went to the bar with the boys last night.

As the boy is, so is the man.


Everyday Expressions
It’s your business to take care of the kids. (你的职责是照顾孩子。)
What line of business are you in? (你从事那一行?)
John wants to go into business when he leaves university.

Street Talks
A: Hi Bob, how’s business? (情况如何)
B: Just okay.
A: Okay, enough small talk. Let’s get down to business/talk business. (谈正题吧)
B: Good idea.
A: Since we’re good friends, you don't have to pay me.
B: No, I can’t accept it. Business is business.
A: Joanna, will you go out with me tonight?
B: I’d like to, but I’m afraid I can’t. I have another date
A: With who?
B: David! C’mon! It’s none of your business. (你就别管了)
A: Why are you so happy?
B: Well, the bank just called and agreed to finance us. So we are in business now, buddy!
A: Hi Jane where’s your husband?
B: He’s away on business.
I majored in bookkeeping in business school.
There is a war going on, for God’s sake! We can’t go on business as usual.
Be careful, these guys mean business.

Business makes a man as well as tries him.
Business is the salt of life.
Business neglected is business lost.

义 Everyday Expressions

He goes to school by car.

Cafe cars are operated on trains by the Railways. (列车上有吸烟休息室的餐车由铁道部门经营。)

I go to work by street car every day. (有轨电车)

生活用语Street Talks
This train has a restaurant car. (餐车 BrE)
If George hadn’t wrapped his car around a tree, he’d be here
to cut his birthday cake tonight. (高速驾车撞上某物)
There was a car jack this morning in the east part of city. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. The perputrator is still al large.
A: Would you mind giving me a push? My car has stalled. (熄火)
B: My pleasure.
A: Can I borrow your car tonight?
B: Just make sure you don’t wreck12 it.
A: Nancy, you want to go to a movie now?
B: Sorry, I can’t leave now. I’m car pooling today.
义 Everyday Expressions
Bill left everything to chance. (每件事都听其自然。)
John wants to go abroad when he gets a chance.
This ideal stands a good chance of realization13.

生活用语Street Talks
A: Sally, I was wondering if I, I could borrow…Well I mean…Imean borrow…
B: Money? Me lend you money! Not a chance! (全无机会)
A: Well Mr. Black, I appreciate your interest in our company,
but I doubt you can do this job properly.
B: I’m sure I can do it well. I’ve always wanted to be the best in whatever I did. Give me a chance. (给我一次机会吧)
A: I wish I could. But you even don’t have a B.A, so I’m sorry to say there’s no chance. (不可能)
B: You’re questioning my ability? I tell ya, I can make it! I’ll talk to your boss.
A: Mr. Black, I don’t think my boss will talk to you. It’s a Chinaman’s chance.
B: You think so? Let’s take a chance! (让我们试试看)
A: Well, the debate was fair.
B: Yeah, you said it. Each opponent had a chance to speak.
A: As chance would have it, I ran into Ron today. (很凑巧)
B: Do you have a cigarette by chance? (凑巧)
A: VV, would you lend me 50,000?
B: Fat chance!
What about my chances to got this job?
Are you from China by any chance?

Chance dispenses14 life with unequal justice.
Whom chance often passes by, it finds at last.


义 Everyday Expressions

Tom’s first child died two days after he got divorced.

My wife is a child in financial matters. (我的妻子不善于理财。)
n. 产儿,产物
His books were the children of his brain.
生活用语Street Talks
A: Daddy, uncle Willie is too fat.
B: Huh! He’ll be angry when he hears that.
C: Let it be, honey. He’s only a child. Children and fools speak the truth.
A: Children enter school at five, don’t they?
B: Yes. And in secondary school, children get more advanced knowledge.
A: That’s not fair!
B: Stop acting15 like such a child! (别这么幼稚。)
A: Was the test difficult?
B: Child’s play. (小儿科。)
I’m a real wild child. I like to drink, chase women, and smoke weed. (大麻)
Children and fools cannot lie.
Children are poor men’s riches.
The child is father of the man


义 Everyday Expressions
I set my alarm clock for 6.30. (我把闹钟拨到6点半响。)
This old car has clocked up another 50,000 kilometers. (这部老爷车已经行驶了5万公里)
He clocked 9.6 seconds for the 100 meters. (他用9.6秒跑完100米)
生活用语Street Talks
A: Damn George, he’s trying to kill the clock. (为保持分数而拿着球拖延比赛时间)
B: We’ve got to stop him. Come on!
If ya don’t shut up, buster, I’m gonna clean your clock! (狠揍你一顿)
The new regulations will put the clock back by 50 years.
A: All staff in the company are required to clock in. (记录上班时间)
B: Clock in? You mean punch in? (同样表示记录上班时间)
A: Yes!
B: Do we have staff who usually clock in late?
A: Sometimes, yes.
B: Well I used to set my alarm clock for exactly 7 o’clock
a.m. I’m sure I won’t be late for work.
Let’s stay the clock babygirl, and enjoy ourselves. (忘记时间)

A clock that stands still is better than one that goes


义 Everyday Expressions
I don’t feel at home in Alice’s company. (觉得不自在。)
George keeps his own company. (独来独往)
This company laid off 100 hands. (人)
公司名通常简写为: Co.例:史密斯公司--- Smith Co.
a company of players (演出团)
生活用语Street Talks
A: Jack doesn’ t enjoy the company of the opposite sex!
B: What a queer bird! (多奇怪的人啊!)
C: No, I don’t think so. I think he’s glad of Joanna’s company!
A: See, they’re over there!!!
A: What does your son do f0or a living?
B: He works for a shipping16 company.
A: John and Kate are keeping company. (谈恋爱)
B: Well I don’t think they are serious.
Leo got tired of the espionage17 game and quit the Company.
Parents usually remind their kids to avoid the company of
strangers. (避免与陌生人交往)
谚语 Proverbs
Better go it alone than to be in bad company.
You may know a man by the company he keeps.


1 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
2 frankly fsXzcf     
  • To speak frankly, I don't like the idea at all.老实说,我一点也不赞成这个主意。
  • Frankly speaking, I'm not opposed to reform.坦率地说,我不反对改革。
3 simplicity Vryyv     
  • She dressed with elegant simplicity.她穿着朴素高雅。
  • The beauty of this plan is its simplicity.简明扼要是这个计划的一大特点。
4 virtue BpqyH     
  • He was considered to be a paragon of virtue.他被认为是品德尽善尽美的典范。
  • You need to decorate your mind with virtue.你应该用德行美化心灵。
5 beholder 8y9zKl     
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 看起来觉得美就是美。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • It has been said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet. 有人说艺术是一种幽会,因为艺术家和欣赏者可在幽会的乐趣中相遇在一起。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 gee ZsfzIu     
  • Their success last week will gee the team up.上星期的胜利将激励这支队伍继续前进。
  • Gee,We're going to make a lot of money.哇!我们会赚好多钱啦!
7 jack 53Hxp     
  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
  • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre.他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。
8 legislative K9hzG     
  • Congress is the legislative branch of the U.S. government.国会是美国政府的立法部门。
  • Today's hearing was just the first step in the legislative process.今天的听证会只是展开立法程序的第一步。
9 dealer GyNxT     
  • The dealer spent hours bargaining for the painting.那个商人为购买那幅画花了几个小时讨价还价。
  • The dealer reduced the price for cash down.这家商店对付现金的人减价优惠。
10 imprison j9rxk     
  • The effect of this one is going to imprison you for life.而这件事的影响力则会让你被终身监禁。
  • Dutch colonial authorities imprisoned him for his part in the independence movement.荷兰殖民当局因他参加独立运动而把他关押了起来。
11 buddy 3xGz0E     
  • Calm down,buddy.What's the trouble?压压气,老兄。有什么麻烦吗?
  • Get out of my way,buddy!别挡道了,你这家伙!
12 wreck QMjzE     
  • Weather may have been a factor in the wreck.天气可能是造成这次失事的原因之一。
  • No one can wreck the friendship between us.没有人能够破坏我们之间的友谊。
13 realization nTwxS     
  • We shall gladly lend every effort in our power toward its realization.我们将乐意为它的实现而竭尽全力。
  • He came to the realization that he would never make a good teacher.他逐渐认识到自己永远不会成为好老师。
14 dispenses db30e70356402e4e0fbfa2c0aa480ca0     
v.分配,分与;分配( dispense的第三人称单数 );施与;配(药)
  • The machine dispenses a range of drinks and snacks. 这台机器发售各种饮料和小吃。
  • This machine dispenses coffee. 这台机器发售咖啡。 来自《简明英汉词典》
15 acting czRzoc     
  • Ignore her,she's just acting.别理她,她只是假装的。
  • During the seventies,her acting career was in eclipse.在七十年代,她的表演生涯黯然失色。
16 shipping WESyg     
  • We struck a bargain with an American shipping firm.我们和一家美国船运公司谈成了一笔生意。
  • There's a shipping charge of £5 added to the price.价格之外另加五英镑运输费。
17 espionage uiqzd     
  • The authorities have arrested several people suspected of espionage.官方已经逮捕了几个涉嫌从事间谍活动的人。
  • Neither was there any hint of espionage in Hanley's early life.汉利的早期生活也毫无进行间谍活动的迹象。
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