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Part One 听辨练习
A. Listen, circle the corresponding number if you hear ??? or ????in the word .
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
B. Write down the words you hear on the tape, then fill in the blanks below .
1. have a _______ 6. _______sb. up
2. _______ off drugs 7. as _______as a play
3. _______ up 8. write with the left _______
4. have a _______ 9. _______ talk
5. _______a house

Part Two 跟读练习
C. Listen and repeat. Notice the sound ????and ????in the sentences .
1. A hot coal fell in the carpet.
2. Take off your coat!
3. It was a complete surprise to Mike.
4. Who is carrying the kettle?
5. Cut your coat according to your cloth. (量体裁衣)
6. Every country has its customs.
7. Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.(小事留意,大
8. Cats are covered with fur and dogs are covered with hair.
9. Let her have her cry out.
10. He has gained the character of miser1.
1. Go ahead, please!
2. Grace serves as a guide for a company.
3. Don’t be pulling Meg’s leg.
4. What he has done is not legal.
5. All that glitters is not gold.
6. A good beginning makes a good ending.
7. I’m beginning to feel hungry. Give me some eggs and a big jug2 of beer.
8. You must be guided by your sense of what is right and just.
9. We’re expecting guests to dinner.
10. Potatoes are sold in grade, and Grade A potatoes are of the best quality.
D. Proverbs
Confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success.

The golden rule of life is “making a beginning.”

E. Tongue twisters
????? Can Christmas come twice? If Christmas can come twice, when else can Christmas
  Canners can can what they can can but can not can things can’t be canned.
  The king cursed the courtiers and slapped them quickly into clink for taking
  prescriptions3 from a quack4 doctor.
????? Gracie’s great-grand-gran is greater than Gregory’s great-grand-gran is.
Part Three跟读练习
F. Read after the recorder .
Initial: cat kite coco courage chemical king kept come came cost
  guest gust5 groom6 goal glad God gun guide got get
Medial: fact election liquid liquor outskirts7 crucifix crucifixion critical
  precaution prefix8 linger linguist9 angle magnet again pregnant
  prefigure figure finger rigging
Final: think magic neck lock sake bark lock look wake work
  vague leg tag egg flag league jug dog pig bag
G. Sentences exercises
  Exercise 1 : Fill in the blank with the word you hear on the tape.
1. I caught my coat on a _____ in the kitchen.
2. Has she got a new _______?
3. How many _______ do you have?
4. Be careful, something is on your ______.
Exercise 2 : Complete the sentences with adverbs.
1. Helen runs as ____ as Kelly. (quick)
2. You are______ right. (exact)
3. You should enter the room ______. (quiet)
4. He is ________ amused. (great)
Exercise 3 : Complete these sentences using the words given in past tense.
1. The girl ____(greet) him eagerly.
2. He ___(pick) up the pack of cards and counted them.
3. He was _____ (catch) in the heavy rain.
4. He was _______ (accuse) of murder.
Exercise 4 : Questions and Answers
1. Where’s my door key?
In your pocket, I think.
2. Where’s my new lock?
Right here on the desk.
3. Where’s Tom’s birthday cake?
In the cupboard over there.
4. Where’s the little girl?
  She’s at the school gate.
5. What’s in her hands?
Well, a jug of milk and a bag of bananas.
H. Passage: underline the letters that sound ??? or ????.
  Walking down Oxford10 Street at Christmas time, you can see all kinds of exciting decorations. It was animals last year, a glass turkey wearing a ridiculous cap; a goat with a gap in its top teeth; a monkey wearing a gold coat; a duck dressed as a railway guard; a pig holding a big card—the king of clubs. When we got to Piccadilly Circus, I put my glasses back in my bag. Although it was cold, it was better than classes at school.
I. Dialogue: underline the letters that sound ??? and????.
  ⑴ A: I just got a telegram from Margaret and Greg.
  B: Are they coming to Chicago again?
  A: Yes. They’re coming the beginning of August.
  B: Oh, good! We can all get together again.
  A: I’m glad they’re coming in August. Maybe Greg and I can play some golf
  or get tickets to a baseball game.
  B: And Margaret and I can take the dog and go jogging in the park.
  A: Remember the garden party they gave when we were in England?
  B: Oh, yes. We all sat on the grass, and Margaret played the guitar and sang
  Greek songs.
  A: I had a great time. It’ll be good to see them again.
⑵ A: When the rain stops, you’ll see how beautiful the beach is.
  B: But the rain has been pouring down for two days. We’ve both caught colds.
  A: And this bedroom is too big and damp. But it’s better than a tent.(She sneezes)
  B: How unlucky! (He sneezes, too) Let’s pack our bags and go home.
J. Jingles11 and nursery rhymes
  ⑴ There was a young man from Quebec
  who wrapped both his legs round his neck.
  but then he forgot
  how to undo12 the knot,
  and now he is an absolute wreck13!
  ⑵ His horse went dead and his donkey went lame14,
  and he lost six cows in a poker15 game;
  then a hurricane came on a summer day,
  and blew down his house when he was away!
  and an earthquake came when that was gone,
  and swallowed the land that the house stood on!
  ⑶ Buttercups and kingcups and cowslips too;
  I’m picking them all for a bouquet16 for you.
  ⑷ “Where are you going, big pig, big pig?”
  “ I’m going to dig in the garden.”
  “ In the garden to dig! Disgraceful pig!”
  “Beg pardon, ma’am, beg pardon.”


1 miser p19yi     
n.守财奴,吝啬鬼 (adj.miserly)
  • The miser doesn't like to part with his money.守财奴舍不得花他的钱。
  • The demon of greed ruined the miser's happiness.贪得无厌的恶习毁掉了那个守财奴的幸福。
2 jug QaNzK     
  • He walked along with a jug poised on his head.他头上顶着一个水罐,保持着平衡往前走。
  • She filled the jug with fresh water.她将水壶注满了清水。
3 prescriptions f0b231c0bb45f8e500f32e91ec1ae602     
药( prescription的名词复数 ); 处方; 开处方; 计划
  • The hospital of traditional Chinese medicine installed a computer to fill prescriptions. 中医医院装上了电子计算机来抓药。
  • Her main job was filling the doctor's prescriptions. 她的主要工作就是给大夫开的药方配药。
4 quack f0JzI     
  • He describes himself as a doctor,but I feel he is a quack.他自称是医生,可是我感觉他是个江湖骗子。
  • The quack was stormed with questions.江湖骗子受到了猛烈的质问。
5 gust q5Zyu     
  • A gust of wind blew the front door shut.一阵大风吹来,把前门关上了。
  • A gust of happiness swept through her.一股幸福的暖流流遍她的全身。
6 groom 0fHxW     
  • His father was a groom.他父亲曾是个马夫。
  • George was already being groomed for the top job.为承担这份高级工作,乔治已在接受专门的培训。
7 outskirts gmDz7W     
  • Our car broke down on the outskirts of the city.我们的汽车在市郊出了故障。
  • They mostly live on the outskirts of a town.他们大多住在近郊。
8 prefix 1lizVl     
  • We prefix "Mr."to a man's name.我们在男士的姓名前加“先生”。
  • In the word "unimportant ","un-" is a prefix.在单词“unimportant”中“un”是前缀。
9 linguist K02xo     
  • I used to be a linguist till I become a writer.过去我是个语言学家,后来成了作家。
  • Professor Cui has a high reputation as a linguist.崔教授作为语言学家名声很高。
10 Oxford Wmmz0a     
  • At present he has become a Professor of Chemistry at Oxford.他现在已是牛津大学的化学教授了。
  • This is where the road to Oxford joins the road to London.这是去牛津的路与去伦敦的路的汇合处。
11 jingles 2fe6d17fe09969e9f7bc3b4e54f64064     
叮当声( jingle的名词复数 ); 节拍十分规则的简单诗歌
  • Can I give Del and Mr. Jingles some? 我可以分一点给戴尔和金格先生吗?
  • This story jingles bells for many of my clients. 这个故事对我许多客户来说都耳熟能详。
12 undo Ok5wj     
  • His pride will undo him some day.他的傲慢总有一天会毁了他。
  • I managed secretly to undo a corner of the parcel.我悄悄地设法解开了包裹的一角。
13 wreck QMjzE     
  • Weather may have been a factor in the wreck.天气可能是造成这次失事的原因之一。
  • No one can wreck the friendship between us.没有人能够破坏我们之间的友谊。
14 lame r9gzj     
  • The lame man needs a stick when he walks.那跛脚男子走路时需借助拐棍。
  • I don't believe his story.It'sounds a bit lame.我不信他讲的那一套。他的话听起来有些靠不住。
15 poker ilozCG     
  • He was cleared out in the poker game.他打扑克牌,把钱都输光了。
  • I'm old enough to play poker and do something with it.我打扑克是老手了,可以玩些花样。
16 bouquet pWEzA     
  • This wine has a rich bouquet.这种葡萄酒有浓郁的香气。
  • Her wedding bouquet consisted of roses and ivy.她的婚礼花篮包括玫瑰和长春藤。
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