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儿童英语读物 The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Zoo CHAPTER 4 More Trouble at the Zoo

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When the children arrived home from the bookstore, they greeted Grandfather, who was digging holes for the new shrubs1 he had bought that morning.

Entering the house, they were surprised to see Edward in an angry conversation with a woman in a red suit and a black hat.

Edward stopped talking when he saw the children. “Hi, kids,” he called. He briefly2 introduced them to the woman, whose name was Helen Brooks3. She scarcely gave them a glance as she impatiently tapped her shoe.

After saying hello to her, the Aldens excused themselves and went into the kitchen.

They sat around the table while Jessie poured milk into three glasses and one pink cup, which was Benny’s.

As they drank, they couldn’t help overhearing Edward arguing with Helen Brooks.

“I tell you,” Miss Brooks said in a stern voice, “that zoo of yours is not worth another penny of the taxpayers’ money!”

Edward shot back a cold reply, “The zoo means everything to the children in Rosedale, and to lots of adults, too.”

Helen Brooks sneered5. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The zoo should be closed down. It costs thousands of dollars a year for food and medicine alone!” She continued in a raspy voice, “As a member of the town council, I intend to bring this up at the next meeting!”

“And what will happen to the monkeys and lions and all the other animals?” Edward shouted.

“How should I know?” Helen Brooks snapped back.

“If you had a heart, you’d care,” Edward said sadly.

“Animals can be sent to other zoos,” Helen said in a quarrelsome tone, “or you can give them away. I don’t care!”

“I’ll never give my animals away,” Edward answered defiantly6. “Each one means a lot to me!”

“That’s too bad!” Helen said. “At the next meeting the zoo will be the first order of business!”

The children had stopped drinking and stared at one another. Violet felt a stab of concern. The town council couldn’t get rid of Edward’s zoo, she thought, and all his wonderful animals. Or could they? Jessie and Henry had the same thought.

Benny pushed his milk away. “I think the zoo is great,” he murmured. He looked as if he were going to cry.

Henry jumped up. “I’ll tell that Helen Brooks how we feel about the zoo,” he said in a low voice.

“No,” Jessie whispered. “Let’s wait and see what Edward wants us to do.”

Slowly, Henry sank back. “I guess you’re right. But that woman …”

“I know,” Violet said.

“You can be certain that I’ll be at the next council meeting!” Edward shouted. “You won’t get away with this!”

“You’re stubborn, Edward Marlow!” Helen retorted, “but it won’t do you any good!”

The door slammed and it was quiet.

For a moment all the Aldens heard was the tick of the clock. Then Benny stood up and rushed into the living room. “We heard what that mean woman said!” he cried. “The zoo won’t be shut down, will it?”

Jessie, Violet, and Henry stood in the doorway7, waiting for Edward’s answer.

Edward shook his head. “Not if I can help it!” He glanced at each one. “Hey! Don’t look so glum8! I have lots of people on my side.”

Benny smiled.

So did Jessie. But she wondered if Edward had any friends on the town council.

“Let’s go check out the animals at the zoo!” Edward said.

As they walked along, Henry began, “Edward, we found a picture of you in a pilot’s uniform.” He looked at Edward, uncertain if he was intruding9 or not.

Surprised, Edward smiled. “Oh, you found the one of me and our squadron’s mascot10, Billy. That was when I was in the air force in Texas.”

“Billy looked fierce,” Violet said.

“He was fierce!” Edward said. “He was one of the fiercest wildcats I’ve ever seen. When I saw him, he was in a tiny cage and I was determined11 to put him in an area where he could run. I found an unused dog run and rented it. There Billy could prance12, sleep in the sun, or just play with the leaves.”

“Billy must have been special,” Jessie said, noticing Edward’s caring face.

“He was!” Edward said emphatically. “After the war was over and I returned from overseas, I went back to Texas for Billy. Other soldiers had taken care of him. At first I didn’t know what I’d do, but Billy gave me the idea of raising money for a zoo, a place where animals could have freedom to roam about. I’ve always loved animals, and this gave me a purpose in life.” He paused, remembering. “Billy was my first zoo inhabitant.”

“What happened to Billy?” Benny asked.

“My wildcat lived to a ripe old age, then died in his sleep.”

Entering the zoo’s gates, Benny was excited to see the animals.

The children strolled by the elephants where a boy about Henry’s age was grooming13 a baby elephant. When he saw Edward, he stopped and waved.

“Hi, David,” Edward called. “He looks good!”

“Thanks,” the boy said.

“That’s David Adams,” Edward explained, moving on to the monkeys’ area. “He’s a reliable helper after school and on Saturdays. During the summer, he works three days a week. You’ll have to get to know him.”

They stopped to watch the monkeys. Several flew through the air on a trapeze while others played in the trees, swinging from branch to branch.

“Isn’t that one cute?” Violet said, pointing at the smallest monkey. His bright button eyes peeked14 at them through a cluster of leaves.

Edward chuckled15. “You know zoos often name their animals, and I enjoy naming mine. That’s Amos, a real show-off. He loves people and is a smart little fellow.”

Amos swung down and plucked a tin cup off the ground and hugged it to his chest.

“I’ll bet that’s his very own cup,” Benny said. “Just like I have my pink cup.”

“He’s an imp4. But everyone loves him,” Edward said. “He likes to clown for an audience, and when they clap, he claps back.”

Edward moved on.

“I like Amos,” Benny said, following the others. He glanced back for one last glimpse of the monkey.

At the zebra enclosure, Violet said, “The zebras’ coloring is so different.”

“Good camouflage16 on the plains,” Edward answered.

“How striking! White stripes on black,” Jessie said.

“Oh?” Henry teased. “I thought it was black stripes on white.”

Puzzled, Benny asked, “Which is it?”

“Whatever you want it to be,” Violet said, smiling.

A roar startled them. They hurried around the corner and saw two orange-and-black-striped tiger cubs17 rolling about in the dirt. Nearby, the mother swam in the pool.

“I didn’t know cats liked water,” Jessie said.

“Not many of them do,” Edward explained, “but the Bengal tiger from India is the exception. Isn’t Zelda a beauty?”

“Zelda’s jaws18 are huge!” Violet said.

“Zelda eats about ten pounds of meat a day and a beef shank every Wednesday,” Edward said. As if knowing she were being talked about, Zelda opened her mouth and roared. Edward chuckled. “Zelda knows it’s almost dinnertime.”

The two cubs, biting and growling19, continued to roll about in play.

“Oh, here’s a sight you’ll like to see,” Edward said, crossing to the other side.

Two bears splashed in a pool, shoving a log back and forth20. “You need to give the animals playthings,” Edward said. “Otherwise they get bored. It gives them good exercise, too.”

“The way they toss that log,” Jessie said, “you’d think it was as light as a toothpick.”

“Brown bears are strong, all right,” Edward said, walking on to the giraffes.

Suddenly, Pat caught up with them. “The electricity is off in the kitchen,” she said breathlessly.

“What!” Edward whirled about. “I’ll check the transformers.”

“I’ve already done that,” Pat said. “All of them are in place. I phoned the electrician and he’ll be here as soon as he can.”

Edward frowned. “Why is the electricity off?” He gave Pat a worried glance. “Without electricity, the big food processor will be off. It will take hours to mash21 the food and chop vegetables. And there’ll be no hot water to mix with the food,” Edward said, running his fingers through his gray hair. “Do you kids want to help?”

“You bet!” Benny answered.

“Come with me to the kitchen. We’ll have to slice vegetables, fruit, meat, and get the bales of hay for the elephants,” Edward said.

Violet hurried after Edward. She frowned, deep in thought. First the animals’ signs were switched. Then Helen Brooks wanted to close down the zoo. Now the kitchen electricity was cut off. She didn’t like it. She didn’t like it at all.


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