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美国国家公共电台 NPR 2016-1-5

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 From NPR news in Washington, I'm Jeanine Herbst.Saudi Arabia is cutting diplomatic ties with Iran and has pulled its diplomats1 out after a prominent Shiite cleric was executed by the kingdom this weekend. Iranian protestor then stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran. And as NPR's Peter Kenyon reports Iran's president is condemning2 the execution as well along with the protests. The execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, an outspoken3 critic of the Saudi royal family, has inflamed4 sectarian anger across the region. Iran's supreme5 leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says it was a crime and a mistake. Khamenei says Saudi rulers should have no doubt that there would be divine retribution for this bloodshed. President Hassan Rouhani condemned6 the execution but also criticized the mob that stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran and burnt part of the building. A number of arrests were reported and Rouhani says those responsible must be brought to justice. Peter Kenyon, NPR news, Istanbul.

The IS has released a new video purporting7 to show the killing8 of five men who were accused of spying on behalf of Britain. NPR's EM reports that video included a warning to Britain which recently joined the US in bombing Syria. In a video posted online, the alleged9 victims are shown on camera one by one. They say their names, jobs and birthplace, the IS stronghold of Raqqa. In what is presented as a confession10, they say they smuggled11 cameras to spy, provided footages for the BBC and gave coordinates12 to the US-led coalition13. But the video is directed at Britain which last month began bombing IS in Syria as the victims kneeled in orange jumpsuits. A masked fighter frightens David Cameron. Speaking in a British accent, he promises that IS will one day invade the UK. In recent months, IS has claimed the assassination14 of three Syrian activists15 in Turkey. EM, NPR news, Beirut.
President Obama is back at the White House after Hawaiian vacation. And the House and the  go back into session over the next weeks and sentencing reform is high on their agenda. It has rare bipartisan support. NPR's Kerry Johnson reports though that they're facing time restraints. President Obama says reducing the number of the non-violent drug offenders16 in prison is a priority for his last year in office. Republican house speaker Paul Ryan has been sending a hopeful note too. But there is not much time on the legislative17 calendar to move.That's because of congressional brakes in the intensifying18 presidential campaign. Negotiations19 over the precise language in the justice overall plans and what kind of people they would help are far from finished. Lawmakers have been parring20 over a measure that would raise the burden of proof for prosecutors21 in many food safety and environment cases. And they have yet to compromise on what to do about offenders who use guns in the course of their crimes. Kerry Johnson, NPR news, Washington.  And you're listening to NPR news.
In Oregon, officials are warning people to stay away from the headquarters of a National Wildlife Refuge as an armed group of protestors who support two ranchers, a father and a son, occupied the space. The two faced additional time in prison for starting a fire on federal land. Among the occupiers are the sons of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada ranchers who was involved in a standoff with the government over grazing rights in 2014. 
The National Park Service is marking its centennial this year. Large crowds are expected to attend celebrations and some of the country's most popular and oldest parks. And as NPR's Kirk Siegler reports the number of visitations could set a new record. The 2015 totals are still being tallied22 but the number of visitors at America's national parks is expected to crest23 300 million. And the park system saw more visitors in the first 10 months of 2015 than it's ever experienced. This is a good news-bad news situation. The Parks Service is certainly encouraged by the amount of interests and visiting and experiencing some of the country's most spectacular wild places but it also means more pollution, and traffic and already clogged24 mountain highways in parks like Yosemite and Glacier25. Yellow Stone, the country's first park, also reported a higher-than usual number of human-wildlife conflicts this last year in which tourist were getting two close to animals. For the centennial, many parks are planning crowd management. Kirk Siegler, NPR news.
In Green Bay Wisconsin, the last regular season game in 2015 and a play-off season will be played tonight When the Packers host the Minnesota Vikings, the winner will be the NFC North Champ. I'm Jeanine Herbst. NPR news in Washington.


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