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The Fraud

Flushed with excitement, Kate stepped

into the spatial1 vestibule and

was immediately dazzled by the scene

before her. The inlaid marble floor

paved the way to a circular staircase

rising three levels above her.

In a fountain in the center

of the entryway stood a bronze

dolphin balancing on its tail,

its snout pointed2 to

the lofty domed3, stained glass skylight

forty feet above. A massive chandelier,

luminous4 in the bright sunlight,

cast rainbow fairies dancing

through the pink, green, and

gold floral patterns of the floor

and around the snowy white walls.

Before she could fully5 appreciate

the beauty of the intricate

plaster work decorating the edges

of the shallow niches6 installed

in the walls to frame

the numerous paintings, or,

indeed, to appreciate the canvases

themselves, her host, Victor Stone,

approached. Small by North American standards,

he was perfectly7 proportioned.

Slightly balding at the forehead,

his silver hair curved onto

the collar of his pale

blue shirt at the

nape of his neck.

Laughing blue eyes startled her

with their clarity. A straight,

aristocratic nose rose to meet

his slightly arched brows.

His carefully manicured hands bore

a single gold pinkie ring.

He held out his

hand to take hers.

“Thank you so much for coming,

Kate. I am glad you

could make it,” he said cheerfully.

She had never met this

charming little man before

and knew him by reputation only.

Among his contemporaries, he was

known as a shrewd entrepreneur,

able to diagnose at a glance,

the prospects8 of those

seeking his backing. She was

anxious to learn why he had

invited her to come to

meet him at his home.

“Thanks for asking me.

Nice place you have here.”

She felt stupid saying something

so absurd, but she was,

at that moment, stumped9.

Her ego10 wouldn't let her

admit she'd never in her whole life,

been so impressed by a foyer.

She hoped that he would realize

she'd had little experience

with the elite11, take pity

on her, and show her around.

“Would you like to see more

of the house?” he asked, politely.

“Would I? You bet!” She was

happy he gave no indication

that he thought she was

not in his bracket.

She left her briefcase12

on the settee near the door

and followed him through

the foyer to a stairway

to a stairway leading

to a lower level of the house.

They began the tour

in the wine cellar. A heavy,

double thick door opened

to reveal row upon row

of gleaming glass bottles

of vintage wines, all lying

on their sides, cradled by

the solid oak racks. The steady

hum of machinery13 broke the silence

of the insulated room.

Victor explained that it was

necessary to control the ventilation,

temperature and humidity of the cellar

to achieve optimum conditions

for conserving14 the flavors

of the expensive wines.

The small but luxurious15 audio-visual theater

was adjacent to the wine cellar.

Leather upholstered reclining chairs

were casually16 arrayed about the room,

all with an unimpaired view

of the retractable17 screen.

The stereo, silent at that moment,

was stateoftheart, with speakers

tactically installed for maximizing

sound effects. Black walnut18 wood paneling

and a baffled ceiling averted19

the possibility of overly loud

entertainment disturbing others in the mansion20.

Sliding glass doors led from

the lowest level of the

living area to the enclosed

kidneyshaped swimming pool.

Turquoise21 and white ceramic22 tiles outlined

with gold covered the deck area.

Pillars of quartz23 topped with

milk glass spheres provided illumination

should anyone choose to swim

after dark. A changing booth

was discretely24 hidden behind

a screen of ornamental25 floor plants

and cascading26 vines. Here, too,

a baffled ceiling prevented

the hollow resonance27 of the pool

room from disturbing others.

At the moment, the games room

was arranged for gambling28.

An authentic29 roulette wheel,

a craps table for dice30,

and various card tables were

set up for a benefit evening

that was being held the following night.

Checkers, chess and other board

games augmented31 the games of chance.

Comfortable furniture and soft lighting32

lent a romantic atmosphere to

the terrace garden. Kate had noticed

earlier that Victor had

a slight limp. As they

progressed on their tour, she realized

he was quite lame33

on the right side

and needed to rest.

They sat to chat

for a few minutes.

“How much do you know

about me, Kate?” he asked.

“Only what I've read.

And what I have discerned

in the past half hour.

I think you are a man

who has made your home

into a diversion from

the real world. Your taste

is implicit34, subtle. Everything

I have seen has been chosen

with a keen eye, not to overwhelm,

but to invite. I think

you choose things for

their intrinsic value, things that

are esthetically pleasing to you.

I don't think there could be

an imitation or a fake item

in this whole place.

You love your home and

enjoy sharing it with others.

Am I right?”

“You are perceptive35! Come.

Lets go to the sitting room

and have a cocktail36.” He led

the way back into the library

with its mahogany shelves filled

with leather bound matched

sets of first editions

and volumes of encyclopedia37.

On a sturdy table under

a reading lamp an illuminated38 manuscript

with gold metallic39 page edging

was lying open to

display its vibrant40 art.

Kate felt compelled to mention

this beautiful piece. He said

an obscure monk41 during the Renaissance42

had copied and illustrated43

the Book of Revelations.

It had been quite shabby

when it first came into

his possession but he had

it restored and planned to

donate it to a museum.

The door to a powder room

stood ajar. Inside Kate noticed,

again, the careful attention to

detail manifest in the rest

of the house. The doorknob

was hand painted porcelain44.

The ivorycolored fixtures45 were

shell-shaped and gold-trimmed.

A large bowl of sweetly scented46

flowers was centered on the vanity.

Next to the flowers sat

a piece of hand-carved fossilized ebony.

Kate was stunned47 by the size

of the spacious48 sitting room.

Several groupings of furniture

lent themselves to seating

as few as two guests

or as many as ten. Here, too,

ornamental plasterwork decorated the walls

and ceilings. The raspberry colored

velvet49 upholstery covering the couches

and chairs complemented50 the pale

green oriental carpets and lightly

textured51 draperies. The gold-colored lamps

with their creamy white shades,

the paintings in their

ornate alcoves52, and the open

fireplace with family pictures

on the mantel, gave Kate

an overwhelming feeling

of comfort and peace.


1 spatial gvcww     
  • This part of brain judges the spatial relationship between objects.大脑的这部分判断物体间的空间关系。
  • They said that time is the feeling of spatial displacement.他们说时间是空间位移的感觉。
2 pointed Il8zB4     
  • He gave me a very sharp pointed pencil.他给我一支削得非常尖的铅笔。
  • She wished to show Mrs.John Dashwood by this pointed invitation to her brother.她想通过对达茨伍德夫人提出直截了当的邀请向她的哥哥表示出来。
3 domed e73af46739c7805de3b32498e0e506c3     
adj. 圆屋顶的, 半球形的, 拱曲的 动词dome的过去式和过去分词形式
  • I gazed up at the domed ceiling arching overhead. 我抬头凝望着上方弧形的穹顶。
  • His forehead domed out in a curve. 他的前额呈弯曲的半球形。
4 luminous 98ez5     
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  • Most clocks and watches in this shop are in luminous paint.这家商店出售的大多数钟表都涂了发光漆。
5 fully Gfuzd     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。
6 niches 8500e82896dd104177b4cfd5842b1a09     
壁龛( niche的名词复数 ); 合适的位置[工作等]; (产品的)商机; 生态位(一个生物所占据的生境的最小单位)
  • Some larvae extend the galleries to form niches. 许多幼虫将坑道延伸扩大成壁龛。
  • In his view differences in adaptation are insufficient to create niches commensurate in number and kind. 按照他的观点,适应的差异不足以在数量上和种类上形成同量的小生境。
7 perfectly 8Mzxb     
  • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said.证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
  • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。
8 prospects fkVzpY     
  • There is a mood of pessimism in the company about future job prospects. 公司中有一种对工作前景悲观的情绪。
  • They are less sanguine about the company's long-term prospects. 他们对公司的远景不那么乐观。
9 stumped bf2a34ab92a06b6878a74288580b8031     
僵直地行走,跺步行走( stump的过去式和过去分词 ); 把(某人)难住; 使为难; (选举前)在某一地区作政治性巡回演说
  • Jack huffed himself up and stumped out of the room. 杰克气喘吁吁地干完活,然后很艰难地走出房间。
  • He was stumped by the questions and remained tongue-tied for a good while. 他被问得张口结舌,半天说不出话来。
10 ego 7jtzw     
  • He is absolute ego in all thing.在所有的事情上他都绝对自我。
  • She has been on an ego trip since she sang on television.她上电视台唱过歌之后就一直自吹自擂。
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  • The power elite inside the government is controlling foreign policy.政府内部的一群握有实权的精英控制着对外政策。
  • We have a political elite in this country.我们国家有一群政治精英。
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  • He packed a briefcase with what might be required.他把所有可能需要的东西都装进公文包。
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13 machinery CAdxb     
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14 conserving b57084daff81d3ab06526e08a5a6ecc3     
v.保护,保藏,保存( conserve的现在分词 )
  • Contour planning with or without terracing is effective in conserving both soil and moisture. 顺等高线栽植,无论做或不做梯田对于保持水土都能有效。 来自辞典例句
  • Economic savings, consistent with a conserving society and the public philosophy. 经济节约,符合创建节约型社会的公共理念。 来自互联网
15 luxurious S2pyv     
  • This is a luxurious car complete with air conditioning and telephone.这是一辆附有空调设备和电话的豪华轿车。
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  • I casually mentioned that I might be interested in working abroad.我不经意地提到我可能会对出国工作感兴趣。
17 retractable lWLxK     
  • a knife with a retractable blade 弹簧刀
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防止,避免( avert的过去式和过去分词 ); 转移
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20 mansion 8BYxn     
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22 ceramic lUsyc     
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23 quartz gCoye     
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24 discretely c87af1c6ccecbac2db9e8e9a5c53c1a3     
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  • The sensitive flesh must choose the product which discretely these mark sensitive flesh may use. 敏感型肌肤也要谨慎挑选那些标明敏感肌肤可以使用的产品。
25 ornamental B43zn     
  • The stream was dammed up to form ornamental lakes.溪流用水坝拦挡起来,形成了装饰性的湖泊。
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26 cascading 45d94545b0f0e2da398740dd24a26bfe     
流注( cascade的现在分词 ); 大量落下; 大量垂悬; 梯流
  • First of all, cascading menus are to be avoided at all costs. 首先,无论如何都要避免使用级联菜单。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓
  • Her sounds began cascading gently. 他的声音开始缓缓地低落下来。
27 resonance hBazC     
  • Playing the piano sets up resonance in those glass ornaments.一弹钢琴那些玻璃饰物就会产生共振。
  • The areas under the two resonance envelopes are unequal.两个共振峰下面的面积是不相等的。
28 gambling ch4xH     
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  • The men have been gambling away all night.那些人赌了整整一夜。
29 authentic ZuZzs     
  • This is an authentic news report. We can depend on it. 这是篇可靠的新闻报道, 我们相信它。
  • Autumn is also the authentic season of renewal. 秋天才是真正的除旧布新的季节。
30 dice iuyzh8     
  • They were playing dice.他们在玩掷骰子游戏。
  • A dice is a cube.骰子是立方体。
31 Augmented b45f39670f767b2c62c8d6b211cbcb1a     
adj.增音的 动词augment的过去式和过去分词形式
  • 'scientists won't be replaced," he claims, "but they will be augmented." 他宣称:“科学家不会被取代;相反,他们会被拓展。” 来自英汉非文学 - 科学史
  • The impact of the report was augmented by its timing. 由于发表的时间选得好,这篇报导的影响更大了。
32 lighting CpszPL     
  • The gas lamp gradually lost ground to electric lighting.煤气灯逐渐为电灯所代替。
  • The lighting in that restaurant is soft and romantic.那个餐馆照明柔和而且浪漫。
33 lame r9gzj     
  • The lame man needs a stick when he walks.那跛脚男子走路时需借助拐棍。
  • I don't believe his story.It'sounds a bit lame.我不信他讲的那一套。他的话听起来有些靠不住。
34 implicit lkhyn     
  • A soldier must give implicit obedience to his officers. 士兵必须绝对服从他的长官。
  • Her silence gave implicit consent. 她的沉默表示默许。
35 perceptive muuyq     
  • This is a very perceptive assessment of the situation.这是一个对该情况的极富洞察力的评价。
  • He is very perceptive and nothing can be hidden from him.他耳聪目明,什么事都很难瞒住他。
36 cocktail Jw8zNt     
  • We invited some foreign friends for a cocktail party.我们邀请了一些外国朋友参加鸡尾酒会。
  • At a cocktail party in Hollywood,I was introduced to Charlie Chaplin.在好莱坞的一次鸡尾酒会上,人家把我介绍给查理·卓别林。
37 encyclopedia ZpgxD     
  • The encyclopedia fell to the floor with a thud.那本百科全书砰的一声掉到地上。
  • Geoff is a walking encyclopedia.He knows about everything.杰夫是个活百科全书,他什么都懂。
38 illuminated 98b351e9bc282af85e83e767e5ec76b8     
  • Floodlights illuminated the stadium. 泛光灯照亮了体育场。
  • the illuminated city at night 夜幕中万家灯火的城市
39 metallic LCuxO     
  • A sharp metallic note coming from the outside frightened me.外面传来尖锐铿锵的声音吓了我一跳。
  • He picked up a metallic ring last night.昨夜他捡了一个金属戒指。
40 vibrant CL5zc     
  • He always uses vibrant colours in his paintings. 他在画中总是使用鲜明的色彩。
  • She gave a vibrant performance in the leading role in the school play.她在学校表演中生气盎然地扮演了主角。
41 monk 5EDx8     
  • The man was a monk from Emei Mountain.那人是峨眉山下来的和尚。
  • Buddhist monk sat with folded palms.和尚合掌打坐。
42 renaissance PBdzl     
  • The Renaissance was an epoch of unparalleled cultural achievement.文艺复兴是一个文化上取得空前成就的时代。
  • The theme of the conference is renaissance Europe.大会的主题是文艺复兴时期的欧洲。
43 illustrated 2a891807ad5907f0499171bb879a36aa     
adj. 有插图的,列举的 动词illustrate的过去式和过去分词
  • His lecture was illustrated with slides taken during the expedition. 他在讲演中使用了探险时拍摄到的幻灯片。
  • The manufacturing Methods: Will be illustrated in the next chapter. 制作方法将在下一章说明。
44 porcelain USvz9     
  • These porcelain plates have rather original designs on them.这些瓷盘的花纹很别致。
  • The porcelain vase is enveloped in cotton.瓷花瓶用棉花裹着。
45 fixtures 9403e5114acb6bb59791a97291be54b5     
(房屋等的)固定装置( fixture的名词复数 ); 如(浴盆、抽水马桶); 固定在某位置的人或物; (定期定点举行的)体育活动
  • The insurance policy covers the building and any fixtures contained therein. 保险单为这座大楼及其中所有的设施保了险。
  • The fixtures had already been sold and the sum divided. 固定设备已经卖了,钱也分了。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
46 scented a9a354f474773c4ff42b74dd1903063d     
  • I let my lungs fill with the scented air. 我呼吸着芬芳的空气。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The police dog scented about till he found the trail. 警犬嗅来嗅去,终于找到了踪迹。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
47 stunned 735ec6d53723be15b1737edd89183ec2     
adj. 震惊的,惊讶的 动词stun的过去式和过去分词
  • The fall stunned me for a moment. 那一下摔得我昏迷了片刻。
  • The leaders of the Kopper Company were then stunned speechless. 科伯公司的领导们当时被惊得目瞪口呆。
48 spacious YwQwW     
  • Our yard is spacious enough for a swimming pool.我们的院子很宽敞,足够建一座游泳池。
  • The room is bright and spacious.这房间很豁亮。
49 velvet 5gqyO     
  • This material feels like velvet.这料子摸起来像丝绒。
  • The new settlers wore the finest silk and velvet clothing.新来的移民穿着最华丽的丝绸和天鹅绒衣服。
50 complemented ef190f44a2dd6967f0c5c8104e74e707     
  • The excellent menu is complemented by a good wine list. 佳肴佐以美酒,可称完美无缺。
  • In vitro analysis must be complemented by studies of the virus replication cycle in plants. 体外的分析必须辅之以植物体内病毒复制周期的研究。
51 textured jgRz7L     
adj.手摸时有感觉的, 有织纹的
  • The shoe's sole had a slightly textured surface. 鞋底表面稍感粗糙。
  • Shallow burial seems to preserve chalky textured porosity. 浅埋藏似能保留具白垩状结构的孔隙。
52 alcoves 632df89563b4b011276dc21bbd4e73dd     
n.凹室( alcove的名词复数 );(花园)凉亭;僻静处;壁龛
  • In the alcoves on either side of the fire were bookshelves. 火炉两边的凹室里是书架。 来自辞典例句
  • Tiny streams echo in enormous overhanging alcoves. 小溪流的回声在巨大而突出的凹壁中回荡。 来自互联网
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