Unit Five


  义 Everyday Expressions

Would you please accept my invitation?
I received John’s offer but didn’t accept it.

I cannot accept my defeat.

  生活用语Street Talks
Will you accept my advice?
David accepted the present with hearty thanks.
We’re willing to accept your plan.
A: Did you hear? John’s been accepted to the college of his choice!
B: I know—I read his letter of acceptance.
I think it’s time for you to accept the truth.
Your behavior is unacceptable.

When you accept a benefit,you sell your freedom.
A nurse’s fairy-tales are accepted as the gospel truth.


  义 Everyday Expressions

We all agree on the plan.

Milk doesn’t agree with me.

Your story agreed with what I had already heard.

  生活用语Street Talks
I must know your opinion. Do you agree with me?
All I mean, Michael, is that I agree with what you’re doing.
I agree with you.
They couldn’t agree upon a price.
A: What’s wrong?
B: That food didn’t agree with me.

No two on earth in all things can agree.
Two dogs over one bone seldom agree.
They agree like cats and dogs.

义 Everyday Expressions

The sun appeared from behind the clouds.

Things are not always as they appear.

This work appears in parts.

My grandma appeared to me in a dream.

It appears to me that you are all mistaken.

  生活用语Street Talks
The sun appeared on the horizon.
The idea appears in many books.
The pop star made an appearance at the gathering.
It appears that things are going to work out.
He appeared to be sick.

Be what you appear to be.
The lawyer’s job is to make the worse appear the better reason.


  义 Every Day Expression

I asked him where he lived.

May I ask a favor of you?

We asked President Yu to our party.

I asked about the book.

Paul asked for more food.

Carl asked after his teacher.

  生活用语Street Talks
What did you ask him?
My father says I shouldn’t ask so many questions.
May I ask you a question?
A: Why do you slap me?
B: You ask for it.
If you ask me, it’ll never work.
John’d like to ask Mary out, but he’s afraid she’ll turn him down.
That’s a good-looking shirt. How much were they asking?

Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.
Better ask twice than lose your way once.
Asking costs nothing.


  义 Everyday Expressions

Boys beat drums.

We beat them by a score of 5 to 3.

The rain beat against the window.

Her heart was beating furiously.

  生活用语Street Talks
The rain beat against the windows.
Let’s go to have a beating. (massage or facial)
My heart beat high. (心跳得急)
He was arrested for beating his wife.
South Korea beat Spain in the quarterfinals. (半决赛)
Bet I can beat you to the end of the street! (in a race)
Running there beats walking there. (running is better than walking)
A: Hey Sam what’s going on?
B: I’m think about Victoria.
A: About what?
B: She beats me. Some days she’s very nice to me and other days she won’t even give me the time of the day.
A: Hey VV I called you several times last night. Where were you? Hey, wait wait.
B: Beat it! I’ve had it with you. (我受够你了。)
A: He insulted me!
B: Do you want me to beat him up?
A: Why not? I want you to beat the shit out of him.
A: I’m beat! Let’s go home. (I’m tired.)
B: Yeah! Let’s cruise. (Let’s go.)

A stick is soon found to beat a dog.
If you beat spice, it will smell the sweeter.
If you can’t beat them, join them.


  义 Everyday Expressions

She fell off a ladder and broke her arm.

Who broke his record?

I’ve never broken my word.

Doctors keep trying to break David of smoking.

The glass broke into pieces.

Day was breaking.

Let’s have 10 minutes’ break.

  生活用语Street Talks
A: You know David broke the news of his girlfriend’s death to Robert.
B: It’ll be hard on Robert.
A: Mike has promised to go to the theater with me tonight.
B: He always breaks his promise. (违背,食言)
A: Jerry can really break his students up sometimes. I don’t know how come he has so many funny things to tell them. (逗人,笑死人)
B: Look at his eyes, nose and face. He is a born comedian.
Let’s have a break! (休息)
Alice broke away from home! (离家出走)
My car broke down on the way back home.
Two burglurs broke into grandpa’s house.
They broke off talking when Ann came in.
A fire broke out last night.
The morning briefing broke up at nine thirty.
I broke with all of my old friends.
Give me a break! (Don’t be so tough on me)
I have to break these shoes in.
Could you break it down over there?! (调低音量: turn down the music)
Can we break down the driving? (我们可以轮流开车吗?)
A: Could you lend me 100 bucks?
B: Sorry, I’m broke.
You look terrible. Did you have a nervous breakdown?
A: say ‘hi’ to your boyfriend for me.
B: We broke up last week.
A: Oh, I’m sorry.

  谚语 Proverbs
Never give a sucker an ever break.
Want and necessity break faiths and oaths.

  义 Everyday Expressions

Bring me the sugar please.

A short walk will bring you to a river.

The jury brought in a verdict of guilty.

Why don’t you bring Tom along?

The revolution brought many changes.

  生活用语Street Talks
Please bring me those magazines.
If this shirt doesn’t fit, may I bring it back later?
What shall I bring you back as a gift?
A: I like Prof. Lee so much.
B: You said it. His lecture brought home several important points.
A: Oh, boy, Victor’s carelessness brought about this accident.
B: Poor Victor, I can’t bring myself to help him then.
He brought up a good point.
Can I bring you a drink?

Whoever brings finds the door wide open for his reception—except when he brings trouble.


  义 Everyday Expressions

I bought this dictionary cheap, for only 2 Yuan.

He can’t be bought.

George bought fame at the expense of his health and happiness.

No one will buy that story.

  生活用语Street Talks
I assume you’ve decided against buying a new car.
Our family went camping last summer. We had to buy a new tent.
Victory was dearly bought. (胜利是以很高的代价换来的)
The firm bought out all its partners.
We bought up all the beer in the store.
Don’t buy his story. He’s lying.

Don’t buy a pig in a poke.
If you buy what you don’t need you will sell what you need.
You can’t buy peace of mind.


  义 Everyday Expressions

Call a taxi for me, thanks.

My friends call me VV.

I’ll call him at about five o’clock.

Alice called me for help.

Jack called at three.

A lady called while you were out this afternoon.

  生活用语Street Talks
What were you doing when I called you?
I’ll call as soon as I can.
I’ll call at her house later this afternoon.
Michael called Victor Wang back from America.
This task calls for a lot of time.
We’re going to call in a specialist.
If you like her, call her up and talk to her.
Mozart is what is called a genius.
A: I’m dead tired --- let’s call it a day.
B: What a great idea.
Excuse me. I’ve got to answer the call of nature.(上洗手间的委婉用法)
I was called on the carpet for screwing up the business.
David is the boss and calls the shots.
Our doctor is on call 24 hours a day. Call us whenever you need help.
Michael took his cold feet and called off his own wedding.
Due to the injuries, the coach had to call on the second team.

He who pays the Piper calls the tune.


  义 Everyday Expressions

The cat caught a mouse.

Alice tried so hard to catch David’s arm.

We’d better get up early so that we can catch the first train.

   Both of us have caught a cold.

John was caught cheating on the exam.

I caught my skirt on a nail.

Sorry,I didn’t quite catch your meaning.

The house is very cheap, there must be a catch somewhere.

  生活用语Street Talks
The cat catches mice.
Do you always catch such an early train?
Let’s sit down and catch our breath for a while.
Run fast, or you won’t catch up with Jack.
Being a foreigner, George didn’t catch on to the joke.
Catch you later. (一会儿见)
I’ll give you a raise, you can work from home, you can have 4 weeks vacation. But there is a catch. You have to be willing to travel.
It’s been ages since last time I saw you. Let get together and catch up the old times.
Could you slow down a bit? I can’t quite catch what you said.

The cat that catches no mice does not earn his keep.
The end of fishing is not angling but catching.


  义 Everyday Expressions

I showed Bob my study and let him come in.

Come this way, please.

The handle has come loose.

Her evening dress comes to the floor.

He finally came to love her.

his finally comes first.

First come, first served.
If you come uninvited you go unattended.


  义 Everyday Expressions

Tom cut himself while shaving.
This knife cuts well.

They cut their names into the wall.

We cut a road through the woods.

My husband and I are trying to cut the expenses.

The wind cut through my coat.

  生活用语Street Talks 
I’m not cut out to be a business man.
I hope I remember to ask the barber not to cut my hair too short.
They had to cut down a lot of trees to make room for farms.
Joanna’s loud voice cut across our conversation. (打断某人的谈话)
Cut it out! (闭嘴,住嘴)
A: Where are you? 

B: I had my hair cut at the barber’s.
We cut across the lawn in order to save time.
Let’s cut to the chase, what do you want from me?

Measure your coat twice since you can only cut once.
Fish, or cut bait.


  义 Everyday Expressions  

Do whatever you like.
do the dishes (刷盘子)
do one’s hair (做头发)
do a puzzle (解谜)
do 40 miles (走40里路)
do sb honor (对某人恭敬)
do sb a favor (帮某人一个忙)
do sb harm (对某人有害)

           Do as you wish.

           Will this hat do? If not, try that one for the size.

Do you do economics at school?

I’ll do a translation for him.

How many miles did you do during your walk?

  生活用语Street Talks
Do you understand?
We’re for doing away with the law. (我们支持废除该法律)
I have nothing to do with Kite. (我与kite无关)
We can’t do without this mini-dictionary.
What have you done with this box?
David is easy to do with.
The patient is doing well.
Father is doing well in business.
If you have cows you have to get up early to do the milking.
Do her justice!
A: Apple,apple. You know I hate eating an apple every day, but mom…
B: come on Liz, Might do you good.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Do unto others as you would be done unto.
When in Rome do as the Romans do.
Do as I say ,not as I do.


  义 Everyday Expressions
Can you drive a car?
Despair drove him to suicide.
I drive to work.
Let’s go for a drive.

  生活用语Street Talks
We prepared a picnic lunch and drove down by the river.
You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m driving everyone crazy.
You two will drive me round the bend soon.
Erry’s constant complaints drove him to desperation.
The tragedy drove Ann out of the mind. (精神错乱)
The ship was driving along before the wind. (乘风行驶)
A: Can you believe it? George got a scholarship for a law school!
B: Well, he deserves it. He has been driving away at studying for the LSAT night and day. (夜以继日地)
A: Ahead again? Oh, Gee! When shall we arrive?
B: In two more hours. Jerry, I know you’re tired but please drive with caution! (小心开车)
A: Tom, which direction should we take?
B: Drive straight ahead!
A: what did you do when you want off at night?
B: Drove around. (开车兜风)

Drive your business, don’t let your business drive.
It’s very ill driving black hogs in the dark.

  义 Everyday Expressions

I dropped my wallet in the station.

Drop me at the corner please.

Put the water in drops into the mixture.

I’ll never drop the idea of going abroad.

There’s a coin dropping out of Jean’s pocket.

The temperature has suddenly dropped. 

there is a big drop in price.

  生活用语Street Talks
I dropped the letter in the mailbox on the corner.
I emptied the glass to the last drop.
For one thing, I’ve got to drop by the bank to get some money.
The water leaks from the tap drop by drop.
I dropped across a friend at the theater.
I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d drop in.
I drop out high school when I was 17.
Could you drop me at the bank? I need some cash.
Tom Hanks drops his kids off school.
A: Please, tell me when you met your wife.
B: Drop it. (免谈)

Petty cares wear the soul out,drop by drop.