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刘毅词汇 5000 lesson 10

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1.Adore v.崇拜 同:worship
All the girls in our school adore the handsome mathematics teacher who happens to be a bachelor.

2.Blend v. 1.混合 同:mix 2.调和
A grocer must know how to blend different kinds of tea.
These houses seem to blend well with the trees and the countryside.

3.Breadth n.宽度 同:width
The wise man has a great breadth of understanding.

4.Commend v.称赞 同:praise
Many children were commended for their good deeds on Children’s Day.

5.Conspicuous1 adj.明显的 同:noticeable
There are several conspicuous errors in your composition.

6.Delusion2 n.谬见;幻想
She is under the delusion that I’m going to give her a lot of money.

7.Impatient adj.不耐烦的;焦急的 同:hasty
As she was impatient to start to school, she forgot to take her homework.

8.Miracle n.奇迹 同:prodigy
According to the bible, Christ worked many miracles.

9.Provisional adj.临时的 同:tentative
Let’s arrange the provisional meeting for next Tuesday, even though we may have to change it.

10.Restrain v.阻止;抑制 同:suppress
She could not restrain the children from running into the street.

11.Stroll v.漫步 同:ramble
The old couple were strolling under the trees arm in arm.

12.Cradle n.摇篮 反:grave
The frightened baby refused to sleep in his cradle.

13.Deny v.否认;拒绝给予 反:admit
Justice must not be denied to anyone, however poor he may be.

14.Disperse3 v.散布;分散 反:gather
The crowd dispersed4 when the rain fell suddenly.

15.Endanger v.危机 反:secure
You will endanger your health if you work so hard every night.

16.Fiction n.小说 反:fact
Works of fiction are reviewed in the Sunday papers in England.

17.Initial adj.最初的 反:last
His initial effort at skating was a failure, but he succeeded the second time that he tried.

18.Intimacy5 n.亲密(的行为) 反:unfamiliarity
The intimacy with which the two friends talked showed how fond they were of each other.

19.Invade v.侵略 反:defend
At the beginning of World War II, Hitler invaded Poland without a declaration of war.

20.Selfish adj.自私的 反:altruistic
He was too selfish to share his candy with his little brother.

21.Thrifty6 adj.节俭的 反:wasteful
Mr. Thompson is thrifty that he is able to save more than half of his weekly salary.

22.Voluntary adj.自愿的 反:compulsory
Voluntary workers built a road to the boy’s camp.

23.Absorb v. 1.吸收 2.使专心
Anything black absorbs most of the light rays that fall on it.
He was so absorbed in his reading that he did not hear the telephone.

24.Accuse v.控告
It is wrong to accuse a person of a crime unless you have proof that his is guilty.

25.Adjust v.调节
You can adjust your chair to make it more comfortable.

26.Erroneous adj.错误的
Years ago many people held the erroneous belief that the earth was flat.

27.Expend7 v.花费
He had expended8 much time and energy on that experiment.

28.Fury n.愤怒
It’s no use trying to argue with you when you fly into a fury.

29.Liberate9 v.释放;解放
Abraham Lincoln is the President who tried to liberate slaves.

30.Perplex v.使迷惑
He was so perplexed10 that he asked many persons for advice.

31.Sovereign adj.独立的
When the thirteen colonies won the Revolutionary War, America became a sovereign nation.

32.Temperate11 adj.温和的
The temperate areas of the world are found to be the north and south of the tropics.

33.Bout12 n.一个回合;比赛
Those are the two boxers13 who will appear in the main bout tonight.

34.Category n.种;类
The selfish man places all people in two categories: those he likes and those he dislikes.

35.Choir14 n.唱诗班
As the choir rose to sing, the people joined in, filling the church with the music of the first hymn15.

36.Compact adj.紧密的
The salesman tied the customer’s purchases into a compact bundle.

37.Concentrate v.集中
The defeated troops were ordered to scatter16 and then concentrate fifty miles to the south.

38.Emigrate v.自本国迁居到他国
In the 19th century many Europeans emigrated to America.

39.Navigate17 v.驾驶(船,飞机)
He navigated18 the shop across the Atlantic Ocean.

40.Pane19 n.窗玻璃片
The broken pane in the window was replaced by a man whose son threw a stone and broke it.

41.Pest n.令人讨厌的人或物
We have to get rid of pests in the garden.

42.Salute20 v.向…敬礼
The soldiers saluted21 the flag by raising the right hand to the forehead as they passed it.

43.Severe adj.严厉的
The students who cheat in examinations will be given a severe punishment.


1.That sickman is under the _____ that he is Napoleon.
2.If you can’t _____ your dog from biting the milkman,you must lock him up.
3.He is an honest man; I don’t _____ the truth of his statement.
4.In the 16th century, Japan _____ Korea, but failed to conquer it.
5.A(An) _____ person always puts his own interest first.
6.The old farmer was _____ by the crowds and traffic in the big city
7.You can’t see through a telescope until it has been _____ to your eyes.
8.He _____ to Brazil from Taiwan where he had lived for twenty years.
9.The captain safely _____ the ship across the ocean.
10.The leaves of cabbage are folded into a _____ head.

1. delusion 2.restrain 3. deny 4.invaded 5. selfish
6. perplexed 7. adjusted 8. emigrated 9. navigated 10.compact


1 conspicuous spszE     
  • It is conspicuous that smoking is harmful to health.很明显,抽烟对健康有害。
  • Its colouring makes it highly conspicuous.它的色彩使它非常惹人注目。
2 delusion x9uyf     
  • He is under the delusion that he is Napoleon.他患了妄想症,认为自己是拿破仑。
  • I was under the delusion that he intended to marry me.我误认为他要娶我。
3 disperse ulxzL     
  • The cattle were swinging their tails to disperse the flies.那些牛甩动着尾巴驱赶苍蝇。
  • The children disperse for the holidays.孩子们放假了。
4 dispersed b24c637ca8e58669bce3496236c839fa     
adj. 被驱散的, 被分散的, 散布的
  • The clouds dispersed themselves. 云散了。
  • After school the children dispersed to their homes. 放学后,孩子们四散回家了。
5 intimacy z4Vxx     
  • His claims to an intimacy with the President are somewhat exaggerated.他声称自己与总统关系密切,这有点言过其实。
  • I wish there were a rule book for intimacy.我希望能有个关于亲密的规则。
6 thrifty NIgzT     
  • Except for smoking and drinking,he is a thrifty man.除了抽烟、喝酒,他是个生活节俭的人。
  • She was a thrifty woman and managed to put aside some money every month.她是个很会持家的妇女,每月都设法存些钱。
7 expend Fmwx6     
  • Don't expend all your time on such a useless job.不要把时间消耗在这种无用的工作上。
  • They expend all their strength in trying to climb out.他们费尽全力想爬出来。
8 expended 39b2ea06557590ef53e0148a487bc107     
v.花费( expend的过去式和过去分词 );使用(钱等)做某事;用光;耗尽
  • She expended all her efforts on the care of home and children. 她把所有精力都花在料理家务和照顾孩子上。
  • The enemy had expended all their ammunition. 敌人已耗尽所有的弹药。 来自《简明英汉词典》
9 liberate p9ozT     
  • They did their best to liberate slaves.他们尽最大能力去解放奴隶。
  • This will liberate him from economic worry.这将消除他经济上的忧虑。
10 perplexed A3Rz0     
  • The farmer felt the cow,went away,returned,sorely perplexed,always afraid of being cheated.那农民摸摸那头牛,走了又回来,犹豫不决,总怕上当受骗。
  • The child was perplexed by the intricate plot of the story.这孩子被那头绪纷繁的故事弄得迷惑不解。
11 temperate tIhzd     
  • Asia extends across the frigid,temperate and tropical zones.亚洲地跨寒、温、热三带。
  • Great Britain has a temperate climate.英国气候温和。
12 bout Asbzz     
  • I was suffering with a bout of nerves.我感到一阵紧张。
  • That bout of pneumonia enfeebled her.那次肺炎的发作使她虚弱了。
13 boxers a8fc8ea2ba891ef896d3ca5822c4405d     
n.拳击短裤;(尤指职业)拳击手( boxer的名词复数 );拳师狗
  • The boxers were goaded on by the shrieking crowd. 拳击运动员听见观众的喊叫就来劲儿了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The boxers slugged it out to the finish. 两名拳击手最后决出了胜负。 来自《简明英汉词典》
14 choir sX0z5     
  • The choir sang the words out with great vigor.合唱团以极大的热情唱出了歌词。
  • The church choir is singing tonight.今晚教堂歌唱队要唱诗。
15 hymn m4Wyw     
  • They sang a hymn of praise to God.他们唱着圣歌,赞美上帝。
  • The choir has sung only two verses of the last hymn.合唱团只唱了最后一首赞美诗的两个段落。
16 scatter uDwzt     
  • You pile everything up and scatter things around.你把东西乱堆乱放。
  • Small villages scatter at the foot of the mountain.村庄零零落落地散布在山脚下。
17 navigate 4Gyxu     
  • He was the first man to navigate the Atlantic by air.他是第一个飞越大西洋的人。
  • Such boats can navigate on the Nile.这种船可以在尼罗河上航行。
18 navigated f7986e1365f5d08b7ef8f2073a90bf4e     
v.给(船舶、飞机等)引航,导航( navigate的过去式和过去分词 );(从海上、空中等)横越;横渡;飞跃
  • He navigated the plane through the clouds. 他驾驶飞机穿越云层。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The ship was navigated by the North Star. 那只船靠北极星来导航。 来自《简明英汉词典》
19 pane OKKxJ     
  • He broke this pane of glass.他打破了这块窗玻璃。
  • Their breath bloomed the frosty pane.他们呼出的水气,在冰冷的窗玻璃上形成一层雾。
20 salute rYzx4     
  • Merchant ships salute each other by dipping the flag.商船互相点旗致敬。
  • The Japanese women salute the people with formal bows in welcome.这些日本妇女以正式的鞠躬向人们施礼以示欢迎。
21 saluted 1a86aa8dabc06746471537634e1a215f     
v.欢迎,致敬( salute的过去式和过去分词 );赞扬,赞颂
  • The sergeant stood to attention and saluted. 中士立正敬礼。
  • He saluted his friends with a wave of the hand. 他挥手向他的朋友致意。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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