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Unit 12 Terms of Pay ment

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Terms of Pay ment




Brief Introduction



目前,国际贸易中常用的付款方式( payment terms)有:汇付(Remittance)、托收(Collection )、信用证(Letter of Cred it)三种方式。大金额交易时主要是用到信用证,小买卖当然是用托收和汇付来完成。


作为国际结算中的一个重要组成部分,对外贸易货款的支付一般是利用汇票这种支付凭据通过银行进行的。汇票中的跟单汇票(Documentary Draft)是对外贸易中最常用的一种支付工具。汇票按付款时间的不同,分为即期汇票和远期汇票两种。



Basic Expressions


1. Our terms of payment are by a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit by draft at sight.




2. Since the total amount is so big and the world monetary1 market is rather unstable2 at the moment, we can not ac cept any terms of payment other than a Letter of Credit.


因为这次交易额大,而且目前国际金融市场很不稳定,所以我们除 接受信用证付款外,不能接受别的付款方式。


3. We would suggest that for this particular order you let us have a D/D, on receipt of which we shall ship the goods on the first available steamer.


此次订货,我们建议你们使用即期汇票。收到该汇票后,我们将把 货物装上第一条可定到的船。


4. In order to conclude the business, I hope you’ll meet me half way. What about 50% by L/C and the balance by D/P?


为了做成这批生意,希望双方都各让步一半。百分之五十以信用证 付款,百分之五十按付款交单怎么样?


5. For such a large amount, a L/C is costly3. Besides, it ties up my money. All this adds to my cost.


开这样大数额的信用证,费用很大,再说资金也要积压,这些都要 使成本增加。


6. I’d like to discuss the terms of payment with you. I won der if you would accept D/P.




7. Since we are old friends, I suppose D/P or D/A should be adopted this time as the mode of payment.




8. As we must adhere to our customary practice, we hope that you will not think us unaccommodating.


由于我们必须坚持我们的一贯做法,我们希望你不要认为我们是不 肯通融的。


9. We regret we cannot accept Cash Against Documents On Arrival Of Goods At Destination.




10. We wish to reiterate4 that it is only in view of our long and friendly business relations that we extend you this accommodation.




11. We have instructed our bank to open an irrevocable documentary letter of credit in your favor. The amount is $ 1,300.00.


我们已通知我方银行开立以你方为受益人的、不可撤消的、跟单信 用证,其金额为一千三百美金。


 12. We’d like you to accept D/P for this transaction and future ones.




13. Your proposal for payment by time draft for Order No.1 is accept- able to us.




14. We shall draw on you at 60 days sight the goods have been shipped. Please honor our draft when it falls due.


货物装运后,我们将向你方开出见票六十天内付款的汇票,请到期 即付。


15. The bank has just advised us that our Draft No.2 was de clined (rejected, refused).




16. Under the installment5 plan, 20% of the contract value is to be paid with orders.




17. Please indicate that the L/C is negotiable in our country.





18. We shall open an irrevocable letter of credit in your favor, pay able in Hong Kong against shipping6 documents.


我方将开立以你方为受益人的、不可撤消的信用证,在香港付款交 单。


19. Your request for D/P payment has been considered and we agree to grant you this facility.




20. The time draft is to be countersigned7 by the Bank of Hong Kong, certifying8 that your signature is true and valid9.






Dialogue 1


W: Well, we’ve settled the question of price, quality and quantity. Now what about the terms of payment?

B: We only accept payment by irrevocable letter of credit payable10 against shipping documents.

W: I see. Could you make an exception and accept D/A or D/P?

B: I’m afraid not. We insist on a letter of credit.

W: To tell you the truth, a letter of credit would increase the cost of my import. When I open a letter of credit with a bank, I have to pay a deposit. That’ll tie up my money and increase my cost.

B: Consult your bank and see if they will reduce the required deposit to a minimum.


-- 好吧,既然价格、质量和数量问题都已谈妥,现在来谈谈付款方式 怎么样?


-- 我们只接受不可撤消的、凭装运单据付款的信用证。


-- 我明白。你们能不能破例接受承兑交单或付款交单?


-- 恐怕不行,我们是坚决要求采用信用证付款。


-- 老实说,信用证会增加我方进口货的成本。要在银行开立信用证,我得付一笔押金。这样会占压我的资金,因而会增加成本。


-- 你和开证行商量一下,看他们能否把押金减少到最低限度。


W: Still, there will be bank charges in connection with the credit. It would help me greatly if you would accept D/A or D/P. You can draw on me just as if there were a letter of credit. It makes no great difference to you, but it does to me.


B: Well, Mrs. Wang, you must be aware that an irrevocable letter of cred it gives the exporter the additional protection of the bank er’s guarantee. We always require L/C for our exports. And the other way round, we pay by L/C for our imports.


W: To meet you half way, what do you say if 50% by L/C and the balance by D/P?


B: I’m very sorry, Mrs. Wang. But I’m afraid I can’t promise you even that. As I’ve said, we require payment by L/C.


-- 即便那样,开立信用证还是要支付银行手续费。假如你能接受承兑 交单或付款交单,这就帮我大忙了。你就当作是信用证一样向我开 汇票。这对你来说区别不大,但是对我来说就大不一样了。


-- 王小姐,你应该也知道,不可撤消的信用证给出口商增加了银行的 担保。我们出口一向要求采用信用证;反过来讲,我们进口也是信 用证付款。


-- 我们都各让一步吧,货价的百分之五十用信用证,其余的采用付款 交单,你看怎么样?


-- 对不起,王小姐。即便那样,我恐怕也不能答应。我都说过了,我 们要求用信用证付款。


Dialogue 2


A: Well, Mr. Brown, we’ve settled everything in connection with this transaction except the question of payment in yen11. Now can you explain to me how to make payment in yen?


B: Many of our business friends in England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany are paying for our exports in Japan currency. It is quite easy to do so.


A: I know some of them are doing that. But this is new to me. I’ve never made payment in yen before. It is convenient to make pay- ment in pound sterling12, but I may have some difficulty in making payment in yen.


B: Many banks in Europe now carry accounts in yen. They are in a position to open letters of credit and effect payment in yen. Con- sult your banks and you’ll see that they are ready to offer you this service.


A: Do you mean to say that I can open a letter of credit in yen with a bank in London or Bonn?


B: Sure you can. Several of the banks in London, such as the National Westminster Bank and Barclays Bank are in a position to open letters of credit in yen. They’ll do so against our sales confirmation13 or contract.


A: I see.



-- 布朗先生,除了日元付款问题外,我们已经谈妥了有关这笔交易 的所有事项。现在,能不能请你解释一下如何用日元付款?


-- 我们在英国、法国、瑞士、意大利及德国的许多商界朋友都用日元 支付我们的出口货物。这很容易做到。


-- 我知道有些人是这么做。但对我来说,这是新做法。我从来没用过



-- 现在欧洲许多银行都可以开立日元账户。他们可以开立信用证并且 用日元支付。你去银行咨询就可知道,他们会替你办理这项业务的。


-- 你是说我可以在伦敦或者波恩的银行开立日元信用证吗?


-- 当然可以。在伦敦有好几家银行,如国家威斯敏斯特银行和巴克 莱银行等都可以凭我们的销售确认书或合同开立日元信用证。


-- 我知道了。



Dialogue 3


WTo get around your difficulty, Mr. Brown, Id sug gest that you reduce your order by half. You can send in an ad di tion al order later.


B: Well, I’ll consider the possibility. By the way, when do I open the L/C if I want the goods to be delivered in June?


W: A month before the time you want the goods to be delivered.


B: Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly14?


W: Getting the goods ready, making out the documents and booking the shipping space -- all this takes time, you know. You cannot expect us to make delivery in less than a month.



B: Very well, Mrs.Wang. I’ll not reduce my order. I’ll take the full quan ti ty you offer. And I’ll arrange for the Letter of Credit to be opened in your favor as soon as I get home.


W: When will that be?


B: Early next week. In the meantime, I should be very pleased if you would get everything ready. I hope that the goods can be


dispatched promptly after you get my Letter of Credit.


W: You can rest assured of that. We’ll book you order and inquire for the shipping space now, so that shipment can be effected within two or three weeks of receipt of your L/C.


B: That’ll be fine. I appreciate your cooperation.



-- 布朗先生,我建议你把订单数量削减一半以摆脱你的困难。你可 以以后再下追加订单。


-- 喔,我考虑一下这种可能性。顺便问一下,如果我想要你们六月份 交货的话,我需要在什么时候开立信用证呢?


-- 交货期前一个月。


-- 你们能否再提前一点交货呢?


-- 你瞧,备货、制单证、订舱位——所有这些都要花时间。你总不 能要求我们在不到一个月的时间内交货吧。


-- 好吧,王小姐,我不打算减少订单的数量。你提供的数量我全部


-- 那将是什么时候?


-- 下周初。与此同时,如果你们能将所有的事情准备好,我会非常 满意。我希望你们收到我的信用证后能马上发货。


-- 这点我们可以保证。我们这就下单生产、订舱位,这样在收到你方 信用证的两、三星期内就能安排装运。


-- 好,谢谢你们的合作。


W: Very good. Well, thanks to your cooperation, our discussion has been very pleasant and fruitful. I sincerely hope that the volume of trade between us will be even greater in the future.


B: By the way, Mrs. Wang, we have a mind to do joint15 participa- tion with you on Japanese arts and crafts in our market. Would you entertain this proposal?


W: Well, this is something new. A few of our friends from Europe have also suggested that we participate in joint enterprise with them dealing16 in some of our goods. We think there are a lot of details to go into.


B: If you feel our proposal is attractive, it is estimated that business to the extent of over twenty million marks can be done in this manner.


W: Naturally, I appreciate your efforts in pushing the sale of


Japanese arts and crafts. But I’m not in a position to discuss your proposal today. I must first talk to our director, and discuss it with you some other time.


B: All right. Anyway, I’ll be staying here for another two weeks. But I’m looking forward to having something done in this respect.


W: We’ll talk about it next time. Now that everything is settled, let’s have a cup of tea, and take our minds off business for a change.



-- 太好了。由于你们的合作,我们之间的谈判很愉快而且富有成果。 我真诚地希望今后我们之间的贸易额会进一步扩大。


-- 王小姐,顺便提一句,我们有意与你方合作,在我国市场上合资 经营日本工艺品。你们愿意接受这个提议吗?


-- 这是一个新做法。有些欧洲朋友也建议我们与他们一起合资经营我 们的一些产品。不过,这个需要进行详细地讨论。


-- 如果你们觉得我方提议值得考虑采纳,估计以这种方式,贸易额 可以达到二千万马克以上。


-- 当然,我们很感激贵方为推销日本工艺品所作的努力,但是我今 天无法与你方讨论这一问题。我得先和我们主管商量一下,然后和 您找个时间再谈。


-- 好吧,反正我还会再呆两个星期。不过我期望在这方面能够取得进 展。


-- 我们下次再谈吧。既然所有的问题都解决了,我们喝杯茶,抛开业 务问题休息一下吧。


Words and Expressions


irrevocable [i5revEkEbl] 不可撤消的,不可取回的


deposit [di5pCzit] 押金,定金


tie up 占压资金


minimum [5minimEm] 最低限度


guarantee [7^ArEn5ti:] 保证,担保


Switzerland [5switsElEnd] 瑞士


currency [5kQrEnsi] 货币


be in a position to 能够


sales confirmation 销售确认书


effect [i5fekt] 实行,生成


promptly [5prRmptlI] 迅速地


dispatch [dis5pAtF] 发送






1. joint enterprise 合营企业


2. payment by irrevocable letter of credit payable against shipping documents




3. D/P = Documents against Payment 付款交单


4. D/A = Documents against Acceptance 承兑交单


5. in connection with 有关于……, 和……有关系的


6. draw on sb. 向……开出汇票


7. you must be aware that 你一定知道


8. and the other way round 反过来讲


9. 50% by L/C and the balance by D/P




10. against our sales confirmation 凭我们的销售确认书


11. to be opened in your favor 以你方为受益人的


12. you can rest assured of that 这个你可以放心


13. thanks to 由于,因为


14. now that everything is settled…… 既然事情都解决了……


 A Specimen17 Letter


Dear sirs


We have received your letter of December 20th and noted18 with interest your intention of pushing the sale of our automobiles19 in your country.


Although we are much appreciative20 of your efforts to help sell our automobiles, we regret being unable to consider your request for payment by D/A 60 days?sight. Our usual practice is to ask for sight L/C.


However, in order to facilitate developing the sale of automobiles in your market, we are prepared to accept payment by D/P at sight as a special accommodation.


We hope that the above payment terms will be acceptable to you and look forward to the pleasure of hearing from you soon.


Yours faithfully,







对你们为推销我方汽车所作的努力,我们甚为感激。 但对你方要求以见票后六十天内承兑交单付款一事,我们很保歉不能予以考虑。我们通常的做法是要求即期信用证付款。











Substitution Drills


1 A: What are your terms of payment?


How are we going to arrange payment?


What is the mode of payment?


B: We want payment to be made by confirmed, irrevocable L/C.


You’ll need to open a confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit.


We’d like you to pay us by confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit.














2 A:The point is that to open a L/C does mean additional expense.


The trouble is that opening a L/C will add to the cost of our imports.


The problem is that payment by L/C will cause us some difficulty in getting the license21.


B: I’m sorry that can’t be helped.










3 A:When shall we open the letter of credit?


do we have to establish the letter of credit?


shall we arrange for a credit line under the contract terms?


B: Thirty days before the month of shipment.

The credit line should be opened one month before the time of shipment.


The buyer shall open the credit line 30 days before the date of shipment.














4 A: How long should our L/C be valid?


When should we set the expiry date?


What should be the validity of the L/C?


B: The L/C should be valid for 15 days after the date of shipment.



 The expiry date of the L/C is to be 15 days after the date of shipment.


The L/C must remain valid until the fifteenth day after shipment.










5 A:Payment by L/C is quite usual in international trade.

our usual practice.

customary in foreign trade.


B: I know. L/C is all right, but could you

consider 60 days?sight draft?

be more flexible for future dealings

make your payment terms easier for us just for this small order












6 It is $30. Mr. Green, please pay the cashier.

comes to

amounts to

adds up to




7 Here is your change of 5 Yuan. Please double check it.

See if it’s all right.


I hope I haven’t made a mistake.

Please keep it carefully.

这是您的五元零钱。 请再核实一下。





1 monetary pEkxb     
  • The monetary system of some countries used to be based on gold.过去有些国家的货币制度是金本位制的。
  • Education in the wilderness is not a matter of monetary means.荒凉地区的教育不是钱财问题。
2 unstable Ijgwa     
  • This bookcase is too unstable to hold so many books.这书橱很不结实,装不了这么多书。
  • The patient's condition was unstable.那患者的病情不稳定。
3 costly 7zXxh     
  • It must be very costly to keep up a house like this.维修这么一幢房子一定很昂贵。
  • This dictionary is very useful,only it is a bit costly.这本词典很有用,左不过贵了些。
4 reiterate oVMxq     
  • Let me reiterate that we have absolutely no plans to increase taxation.让我再一次重申我们绝对没有增税的计划。
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5 installment 96TxL     
  • I shall soon pay the last installment of my debt.不久我将偿付我的最后一期债款。
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  • We struck a bargain with an American shipping firm.我们和一家美国船运公司谈成了一笔生意。
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7 countersigned 5cb4717a419d7abbe58486297a955913     
v.连署,副署,会签 (文件)( countersign的过去式 )
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  • The payment has to countersigned by the mortgagor. 该付款必须有抵押人的会签。 来自口语例句
8 certifying fb18ddb0ac22a2a37ae82d54cdb1d1e7     
(尤指书面)证明( certify的现在分词 ); 发证书给…; 证明(某人)患有精神病; 颁发(或授予)专业合格证书
  • Signed Commercial in quintuplicate, certifying merchandise to be of Chinese origin. 签署商业发票一式五份,证明产品的原产地为中国。
  • Other documents certifying the truthfulness of the contents of the advertisements. (三)确认广告内容真实性的其他证明文件。
9 valid eiCwm     
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11 yen JfSwN     
n. 日元;热望
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12 sterling yG8z6     
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13 confirmation ZYMya     
  • We are waiting for confirmation of the news.我们正在等待证实那个消息。
  • We need confirmation in writing before we can send your order out.给你们发送订购的货物之前,我们需要书面确认。
14 promptly LRMxm     
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