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   [00:21.34]I feel it is my duty 我觉得我有义务

  [00:22.50]to inform you that it is not raining. 告诉你现在没下雨
  [00:23.22]I did take note of that. 我注意到了
  [00:24.70]I thought you might. 我想你会的
  [00:25.70]You are a professional, after... 你是专业人士 在...
  [00:28.46]you were a professional. 你以前是专业人士
  [00:29.46]No, I still am. 不 我仍然是
  [00:30.58]Sylvia? Sylvia?
  [00:33.06]Shit. 糟糕
  [00:33.74]Hey, guy... hey, you guys. 嗨... 嗨 你们两个家伙
  [00:35.50]What are you doing on this side of town? 你们到城这边干什么呢?
  [00:36.82]Hi. 嘿
  [00:40.02]Having dinner. 吃饭
  [00:40.62]So who’s your friend? 你的这位朋友是谁?
  [00:44.18]- Byron.  - I know. - Byron  - 我知道
  [00:45.18]I’m Byron. 我是Byron
  [00:47.54]Yes, these are my friends Emily and Jane. 嗯 这是我的朋友Emily和Jane
  [00:51.34]Hi, Emily and Jane. 嘿 Emily Jane
  [00:51.90]- Hi.  - Hi. - 嘿  - 嘿
  [00:53.14]Nice to meet you, Byron. 很高兴见到你 Byron
  [00:54.54]Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你
  [00:54.58]So are you who Sylvia’s been spending all her time with? 你就是和Sylvia整天泡在一起的那位?
  [00:57.22]She’s practically fallen off this planet. 她几乎从这个星球上消失了
  [01:01.30]Yeah. I’ve been working a lot. 嗯 我工作很忙
  [01:02.10]Yeah, how’s the restaurant? 嗯 餐馆怎么样?
  [01:05.06]It’s fine, you know. 挺好的
  [01:06.06]It’s fine. 挺好
  [01:07.74]Do you work at the restaurant too, Byron? 你也在那个餐馆工作 Byron?
  [01:10.22]No, no. 不 不
  [01:12.54]No, he’s a friend of Walt’s. 不 他是Walt的一个朋友
  [01:16.10]Walt. Walt
  [01:17.10]Walt, my... my brother, Walt. Walt 我... 我弟弟 Walt
  [01:18.98]Right, of course. Sorry. 对的 当然 对不起
  [01:21.58]Walt. Walt
  [01:23.14]So how old are you, Byron? 你多大了 Byron?
  [01:24.86]Emily. Emily
  [01:27.34]25? 25?
  [01:28.74]Or, like, 24? 或者 可能是24?
  [01:30.10]23? 23?
  [01:31.70]It’s actually... 这是实际的...
  [01:36.30]Yeah. 是的
  [01:36.58]we were saying. 大一点...
  [01:37.46]Great, higher than... 很好 比我们说的
  [01:38.46]Older than... right. 多一点...
  [01:38.66]Yeah. 是的
  [01:39.66]I’m not that young, I guess. 我没那么年轻 我想
  [01:42.30]We thought you were... 我们以为你...
  [01:46.70]Well, this is kind of awkward. 好了 这有点尴尬
  [01:47.50]No, I don’t think... 不 我不认为...
  [01:49.22]- What?  - No, my gosh. - 什么?  - 不 我的天
  [01:49.30]No, I’m okay. 不 我没事
  [01:50.46]Just me, I guess. 只是我 我想
  [01:56.26]All right, well, it was great seeing you. 好了 见到你们真高兴
  [01:56.94]So good. 太好了
  [01:57.94]It was good. 真好
  [01:59.74]I’m glad that we ran into you here of all places. 我很高兴大家在这里不期而遇
  [02:04.58]So okay, it was great. 好的 这真是太好了
  [02:05.90]W... what are you doing? 你... 你在做什么?
  [02:06.90]Nothing. 没什么
  [02:09.38]Okay, well, it certainly looks like something to me. 好的 这对我来说真的是个大新闻
  [02:11.94]All right. 好吧
  [02:13.82]Okay, great. 好的 太棒了
  [02:13.90]Yeah. Okay, bye. 好的 再见
  [02:14.82]Okay, we’ll see you guys soon. 好的 我们再见了
  [02:14.90]Bye... bye, Byron. 再见 Byron
  [02:15.90]God, that sounds silly. 天哪 这听起来真傻
  [02:17.54]"Bye... bye, Byron." "再见 Byron"
  [02:18.70]It’s funny, right? 很有趣 是吧?
  [02:19.70]Yeah, it does. 是的
  [02:20.70]Okay, walk away now. 好的 该走了
  [02:21.70]Yeah, okay. 嗯 好的
  [02:22.70]Bye... bye. 再见
  [02:23.70]Bye. 再见
  [02:29.86]So those were my friends. 这就是我的朋友们
  [02:31.10]Yeah, that sucks. 嗯 真差劲
  [02:42.26]And it’s raining. 下雨了
  [02:45.66]Yeah. 是的
  [02:52.94]So, Sylvia, 那么 Sylvia
  [02:55.82]how’s it going? 你最近怎么样?
  [02:57.86]I am living the dream, Irving. 我像在做梦一样 Irving
  [03:01.26]Yeah, so we’ve worked together for quite a while now. 嗯 我们一起工作也有不短时间了
  [03:03.62]5 fun... filled weeks. 充满... 乐趣的五周
  [03:08.50]I think it’s time we stop playing these little games. 我想我们不要再继续这种小游戏了
  [03:12.70]What games are we playing, Irving? 我们在玩什么游戏 Irving?
  [03:13.86]The one where you pretend you’re not into me. 你假装对我没感觉
  [03:19.34]I pretend not to notice your lust... filled gazes. 我假装没注意到你那充满欲望的眼神
  [03:22.74]I mean, we’re both, you know, mature, sexual beings. 我是说 我们都是有性需求的成年人了
  [03:29.26]I say it’s time we stop torturing ourselves 我们就不要再折磨自己了
  [03:31.46]and you know, give into our animal nature. 回归我们的本性吧
  [03:37.74]Yeah, I’m on my break, Irving. 嗯 我在休息 Irving
  [03:39.02]I mean, sure, you’re... 当然 你...
  [03:40.62]a little bit older than anybody else here, 比这里其他人的年龄都大一点
  [03:43.58]but you know, I’m cool with that. 但我觉得这没什么
  [03:45.46]I’m down with that. 我喜欢这样
  [03:47.78]I mean, you could... 我是说 你可以...
  [03:49.18]you could probably teach me some shit. 你也许可以教我点什么
  [03:52.46]God, I am on my break. 天哪 我在休息
  [03:58.14]Okay, here we go. Come on. 好的 来吧 加油
  [03:59.38]It’s okay. Here we go. 很好 来吧
  [04:01.98]The guy is choking. My God. 那个家伙窒息了 天哪
  [04:03.70]There you go. 就这样
  [04:06.46]Sorry. 对不起
  [04:14.38]Here it is. 在这里
  [04:15.38]"Sassy weather girl saves the day." "麻辣气象女孩使老人转危为安"
  [04:17.22]Move it. 别放了
  [04:18.26]I really hate that "sassy" thing. 我真的讨厌别人说我"麻辣"
  [04:20.74]So sassy. 很麻辣
  [04:20.86]Look, you’re sassy. Just accept it. 听着 你就是麻辣 就认了吧
  [04:21.74]Wait, do I look fat in that? 等等 我在那里面看起来很胖吗?
  [04:22.98]I think I look fat in that. 我觉得我在那里面看起来挺胖的
  [04:24.14]No, you look great. Look at you. 不 你看起来很棒 瞧瞧你
  [04:26.34]Hello, yeah. 你好 是的
  [04:27.34]Hey, fat girl. 嗨 肥妞
  [04:29.90]Go back to that part where she drops him. 回放她把他放倒的那段
  [04:33.18]That’s my favorite. 那是我最喜欢的
  [04:33.90]What? At the end? 什么? 最后吗?
  [04:38.70]Shit. 讨厌
  [04:39.78]- What?  - I knew it. - 什么?  - 我知道
  [04:42.38]You like her. 你喜欢她
  [04:43.22]Come on, man, I told you. 得了吧 老兄 我告诉过你
  [04:43.42]You like her. 你喜欢她
  [04:44.22]I don’t like her. 我不喜欢她
  [04:44.42]I knew this was going to happen. 我就知道事情会这样的
  [04:45.22]This is a casual thing. 只是临时的性关系
  [04:48.50]Whatever, man. 随便你怎么说 老兄
  [04:49.50]You gonna tell her? 你会告诉她吗?
  [04:50.50]Tell her what? 告诉她什么?
  [04:51.30]Look, you better tell her, 听着 你最好告诉她
  [04:52.70]The window? 车窗?
  [04:53.10]bcause she’s rolled up the window. 因为她已经把车窗摇上来了
  [04:53.74]What are you even talking about? 你到底在说什么啊?
  [04:55.94]The window is up 车窗关上了
  [04:58.14]and you’re on that side of it. 你却在外面
  [04:58.74]You can’t break through the window. 你不能破窗而入的
  [05:00.46]Look, I know her, man. 听着 我了解她 老兄
  [05:01.46]That shit’s bulletproof. 那是防弹的
  [05:02.50]She has to roll it down. 只能让她把窗户摇下来
  [05:04.18]is if you tell her you dig her. 就是你告诉她你喜欢她
  [05:04.82]The only way she’s going to do that 能让她那样做的唯一办法
  [05:11.70]Bulletproof? 防弹的?
  [05:12.70]Of course, the problem is, if you tell her you dig her 当然 问题就是如果你告诉她你喜欢她
  [05:14.98]and she doesn’t want to roll down the window, 但她不想把车窗摇下来
  [05:15.82]she’ll cut off the sex. 她就不会再和你做爱了
  [05:16.82]Having a casual relationship 跟一个动了感情的人发展这种临时的性关系
  [05:18.62]with someone who has emotions is messy, man. 是很糟糕的 老兄
  [05:19.70]Stop, all right? I don’t like her. 别说了 行吗? 我不喜欢她
  [05:22.30]I don’t want her to roll down her window. 我不想让她摇下她的车窗
  [05:22.58]I don’t even want to get into her metaphorical car, okay? 我也不想进入她那辆隐喻的车 行了吧?
  [05:25.22]Leave it alone. 别管了
  [05:26.30]Yeah, that’s it, good. 嗯 就这样 很好
  [05:26.70]That’s good. 那很好
  [05:28.26]Throw a little fit there. Good for you. 发点脾气 是为你好
  [05:31.94]You know that’s exactly what she wants to avoid 这正是她一开始就摇上车窗
  [05:33.26]by rolling up the window in the first place. 想避免的事
  [05:34.06]Way to fall into her trap. 别陷进去了
  [05:35.34]You...  你...
  [05:40.10]What? What’s the matter? 什么? 怎么啦?
  [05:42.78]I just want to thank you for coming in this morning. 我非常感谢你今早能来
  [05:43.70]First off, Sylvia, 首先 Sylvia,
  [05:44.78]I know it must be a bit awkward. 我知道这有点尴尬
  [05:48.54]Well, yeah, but, couldn’t stay away, you know? 嗯 是的 但又不能置身事外 是吧?
  [05:51.10]Right, right, right. 对 对 对
  [05:51.74]Curiosity and all that. 好奇心之类的吧
  [05:52.74]So let’s get down to brass tacks. 那我们直奔主题吧
  [05:54.78]We have rerun your last show 4 times 在你离开的六周里
  [05:58.30]in the 6 weeks you’ve been gone. 我们重播了四遍 你最后的那次出镜
  [06:00.66]And the ratings have gotten better every time. 每次的收视率都有上升
  [06:00.74]It is all over the internet 顺带说一句
  [06:02.78]and so is that video of you, by the way, 网上到处都有的那个录像
  [06:06.26]Everybody seems to know the sassy weather girl. 看来每个人都知道那个麻辣气象女孩
  [06:07.46]saving the man from choking. 也就是你救了窒息男一命的录像
  [06:11.10]God, you’ve got to be kidding me. 天哪 你是在跟我开玩笑吧
  [06:13.98]No, no, no, we get letters, phone calls applauding you, 不 不 不 我们收到了一些为你喝彩的信件和电话
  [06:14.86]And... hey, Josh! 嗨 Josh!
  [06:16.50]Shut that off. 把那个关掉
  [06:17.86]Our viewers love you more than ever before. 我们的观众比以往任何时候都更爱你
  [06:20.86]They say you’ve got verve. 他们说你有活力
  [06:23.82]Verve. 活力
  [06:24.82]- Say it louder.  - Ver... okay. - 说大声点  - 活... 好的
  [06:24.86]Let me hear you say it. 让我来听听你说的
  [06:27.74]And that’s what they want to see. 那就是他们想看到的
  [06:29.98]Well, and we’re going into sweeps. 嗯 我们将进行一些变革
  [06:32.90]So what? 那又如何?
  [06:34.06]You want me to come back to my old job? 你想让我重操旧业?
  [06:35.38]No, no, not your old job. 不 不是你以前的工作了
  [06:37.34]No, your old job, you popped in every 15 minutes. 不 你以前的工作是每十五分钟露下脸
  [06:38.94]No, 不
  [06:40.14]we want you to coanchor. 我们希望你做联合主持人
  [06:43.54]Coanchor? 联合主持人?
  [06:44.42]No, no. I can’t... 不 不 我不能...
  [06:44.50]Yes, yes, come. 是的 是的 来吧
  [06:44.70]You and Dale. 你和Dale
  [06:45.62]Yes, yes, no, see? 是的 是的 看到没有?
  [06:46.62]That’s... that’s the hook, babe. 这... 这就是关键 宝贝
  [06:50.18]That’s what everybody wants to see: 那就是每个人都想看到的:
  [06:53.46]you two going back and forth going at it. 你们两个经历了背叛又重新合作
  [06:55.42]And you can say anything you want. 你有什么想说的都可以说
  [06:57.94]In fact, we want you to. 事实上 这就是我们希望你做的
  [07:00.82]What about the mousy bitch? 那个臭婊子呢?
  [07:02.62]Who? 谁?
  [07:04.30]Mousy bitch. 臭婊子
  [07:08.10]That mousy bitch. 那个臭婊子
  [07:09.26]Well, since she and Dale broke up, 嗯 自从她和Dale分手后
  [07:11.46]she’s become increasingly difficult. 她的日子就越来越不好过了
  [07:13.74]If you ask me, between you and me, 如果你私下里问我
  [07:19.34]I think the heifer’s drinking. 我想那个小母牛肯定在喝酒呢
  [07:20.10]Really? 真的?
  [07:20.50]Really. 真的
  [07:28.54]Are you coming back? 你会回来吗?
  [07:29.22]Does that idea scare you? 这个主意吓到你了吗?
  [07:32.54]No, actually, I suggested it. 不 实际上是我建议的
  [07:37.42]Really? 真的?
  [07:39.30]Yeah, yeah, I miss you. 是的 是的 我想你
  [07:44.58]Well, I haven’t given Fitz my answer yet, 虽然我还没给Fitz答复
  [07:46.46]But somehow it doesn’t seem like the best idea ever. 但不知怎么的 这似乎不是最佳选择
  [07:48.90]Well, maybe we could get together. 也许我们可以聚在一起
  [07:51.62]We could talk. 一起聊天
  [07:53.78]Maybe we could have dinner. 也许可以一起吃晚餐
  [07:55.66]Maybe I could calm some fears. 也许我可以平定些恐惧
  [08:02.54]Are you asking me on a date? 你在邀请我约会?
  [08:02.82]If you want it to be. 如果你愿意的话
  [08:03.82]If not, a dinner between colleagues, 如果你不愿意 就当是同事一起吃个饭
  [08:08.70]A business dinner. 商务餐
  [08:11.10]Dale? Dale?
  [08:14.30]Daley? Daley?
  [08:20.14]Lookee here. 看看这儿
  [08:22.02]2 lovebirds reu-fucking-nited. 2只鸳鸯又他妈重修旧好了啊
  [08:25.82]Sherry, go back in your dressing room. Sherry 回化妆间去
  [08:30.06]Oh. Sorry, first you dump me, 噢 真抱歉 你先甩了我
  [08:31.06]and now you think you can tell me what to do? 现在还想着能命令我吗?
  [08:32.98]Well, I got news for you, asshole. 好吧 告诉你个消息 混蛋
  [08:35.14]You’re not the boss of me. 你不再是我老大了
  [08:36.22]I’m going to what I want to do and when I want it. 我要随心所欲放纵自己
  [08:42.10]Hi, Sylvia. 嗨 Sylvia
  [08:44.18]Hey, Sherry. 嘿 Sherry
  [08:44.58]I guess you think this is karma, huh? 我猜你认为这就是我的报应 是吧?
  [08:48.18]The mousy bitch gets hers in the end, am I right? 这臭婊子终于恶有恶报了 我说的对吗?
  [08:48.46]No, I didn’t... I didn’t think that. 不 我没... 我没这么想
  [08:52.34]"Oh, no." Makes perfect sense to me. "噢 不" 我就知道你会这么说
  [08:55.42]Hey, Dale, you want to see my impression of Sylvia? 嘿 Dale 你想知道我对Sylvia的印象吗?
  [08:57.42]I have a psychotic episode on live television. 我在电视直播上 大发神经
  [08:57.70]"Hi, I’m Sylvia. "嗨 我是Sylvia
  [09:00.62]I used some terrible, foul language, 在早间电视节目上
  [09:04.30]and I described a sex act on a morning TV show. 用了些粗鄙不堪的语言 描述性交
  [09:07.58]I’m very, very mean to stupid Sherry, 我描述的就是那个笨Sherry
  [09:09.86]and I call her really hurtful names 我给她起了很伤人的外号
  [09:12.86]that just might remind her of some stuff from childhood, 那正好让她想起童年的事儿
  [09:14.30]and then when sweeps comes around, 当电视台变革的时候
  [09:16.58]I take her job." 我就能接替她的工作了"
  [09:18.22]And this is my favorite one. 还有这个 我最喜欢的
  [09:19.30]"the man I emasculated in front of millions of Seattleites "我在成千上万的西雅图人面前 把这个男的给阉了
  [09:23.38]starts wanting me back." 他竟然还求我回来"
  [09:26.82]How the fuck does that happen? 这他妈的都是些什么事啊?
  [09:27.34]I mean, that doesn’t make any sense. 根本就讲不通
  [09:30.22]Unless I’m being punished by a god. 除非是上帝在惩罚我
  [09:33.90]You guys think God’s mad at me? 你们觉得上帝生我气了么?
  [09:34.90]No, I... I doubt it. 不 我... 我不确定
  [09:38.58]Oh, shut up! 噢 闭嘴!
  [09:39.86]Bullshit! You don’t know! 胡说八道! 你什么都不知道!
  [09:46.14]So you guys are getting back together? 你们又和好了?
  [09:46.74]That’s... 那...
  [09:54.26]My face hurts. 我的脸好痛
  [09:54.54]We’ll take care of you, ma’am. 我们会照顾你的 女士
  [09:55.58]I love you. 我爱你
  [09:56.86]Can you grab my water bottle? 你能把水瓶拿给我么?
  [09:58.54]No, ma’am. 不能 女士
  [09:59.54]But it’s right there. 但是它就在那儿
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