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   [00:02.24]- Just up the hill. - Listen very carefully: I’m not going. - 只是去山上 - 你给我仔细听好,我就是不去!

  [00:09.80]- Fine, be a jerk. I’ll take care of him. - Yeah, that’s good. - 行啊,做你的混球,我会照顾他的 - 噢,好,太好了
  [00:14.84]You can’t even take care of yourself. This, I gotta see. 你连自己都照顾不了,我倒要瞧瞧
  [00:19.84]I’ll return you. We don’t need that meany-weeny mammoth1, do we? 我送你回去 我们不需要那坏蛋长毛象,对吗?
  [00:22.32]No, we don’t. 不需要他
  [00:55.72]You’re an embarrassment2 to nature. Do you know that? 你真给大自然丢脸,这你知道吗?
  [00:59.76]This is cake. I’m fine, I’m fine. 小菜一碟,我行,我行
  [01:00.96]I’m gonna die. 我会送命的
  [01:17.60]Manny. 曼尼
  [01:33.76]- That pink thing is mine. - No. Actually, that pink thing belongs to us. - 唔…那小东西是我的 - 不对,这小东西是我们的
  [01:40.92]"Us"? You two are a bit of an odd couple. “我们”? 你们“小俩口”真是“绝配”啊
  [01:42.92]There is no "us." 没有“我们”!
  [01:44.40]I see. Can’t have one of your own, so you want to adopt. 懂了,自己生不出,所以领养一个
  [01:49.16]Look, I’m sorry to interrupt your snack, but we gotta go. 对不起,搅了你吃“点心” 可我们得走了
  [01:50.36]The baby? Please. I was returning him to his herd3. 吃小孩?得了,我是要把他送回去
  [01:55.48]Oh, yeah. Nice try, bucktooth. 噢,行呀,真有你的,“龅牙”
  [01:58.00]You were thinking it. 你就是这么想的
  [01:58.32]- Calling me a liar4? - I didn’t say that. - 你说我在撒谎? - 我没这么说
  [02:00.80]I don’t like this cat. He reads minds. 我不喜欢这家伙,他猜透我心思
  [02:04.36]- Name’s Diego, friend. - Manfred, and I’m not your friend. - 我叫迭戈,朋友 - 曼福雷德,我不是你朋友
  [02:07.96]Fine, Manfred. If you’re looking for the humans, you’re wasting your time. They left. 好吧,别白费劲找人类了 他们今天早上走了
  [02:15.52]Thanks for the advice. Now beat it. 谢谢你的建议,现在滚吧
  [02:19.60]I’ll help you bring it to its herd, but leave me alone after that. 好吧,我帮你把他送回去 但你得保证完事后不缠着我
  [02:24.16]- OK. OK, deal. What’s your problem? - You are my problem. - 好吧,说定了,你哪儿不对劲? - 全都因为你
  [02:26.84]I think you’re stressed, so you eat too much. It’s hard to get fat on a vegan diet. 你是因为太紧张,所以你吃那么多 注意减肥就不会胖了
  [02:32.60]I’m not fat. It’s all this fur. It makes me look poofy. 我不胖,是因为这毛皮 让我显得…臃肿
  [02:34.40]All right, you have fat hair. But when you’re ready to talk, I’m here. 好吧,那你有“肥毛” 如果有烦心事想说,我听着
  [02:41.68]What are you doing? Just drop it on the ledge5. 你干嘛?把他放在岩脊上
  [02:46.44]- We should make sure they found him. - Good idea. - 应该保证他们能看见 - 好主意
  [02:50.80]No, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. 等等,等等
  [02:51.92]Don’t spear me. 啊!别…刺我!
  [02:56.08]- This is a problem. - Now what? - 呃…这下麻烦了 - 怎么了?
  [03:02.72]That’s perfect. 噢,这下可好
  [03:33.96]- I told you they were gone. - Look who it is. - 我说过他们都走了 - 瞧谁来了
  [03:35.52]Don’t you have some poor animal to disembowel? 找不到弱小的动物 让你开膛破肚了?
  [03:40.72]They couldn’t be far. I mean, they went this way, or this way? 噢,他们走不远的,往这边走了 或,或或,或…这边
  [03:44.48]You don’t know much about tracking, do you? 你不太懂追踪,对吗?
  [03:45.36]I’m a sloth6. I see a tree, eat a leaf. That’s my tracking. 嘿,我是树懒,看见树 就吃叶子,我管这叫“追踪”
  [03:49.08]You didn’t miss them by much. 他们没走多久
  [03:52.44]It’s still green. They headed north two hours ago. 这还青着,两小时前,往北去了
  [03:55.24]It’s still green. They headed north two hours ago. 这还青着,两小时前,往北去了
  [04:03.40]You don’t need this aggravation7. 你们不用这么折腾
  [04:05.96]Give me the baby. I can track humans down a lot faster than you. 把孩子给我,我能比你们更快找到人类
  [04:09.72]And you’re just a good citizen helping8 out? 你真是个热情相助的好公民
  [04:11.92]- I just know where the humans are going. - Glacier9 Pass. - 我知道人类去哪儿了 - “冰川道”
  [04:17.32]Everybody knows they have a settlement on the other side. 谁都知道,他们在另一边有个居住地
  [04:20.48]Unless you know how to track, you’ll never reach them before snow closes the pass. 如果你们不懂追踪,在大雪 封住通道前就找不到他们
  [04:25.92]Which should be, like, tomorrow. 大雪封路可能…是明天
  [04:29.60]So, you can give that baby to me, or go get lost in a blizzard10. It’s your choice. 所以,要么把孩子给我 要么在暴风雪中迷路,你们选择吧
  [04:40.52]Here’s your little bundle of joy. We’re returning it to the humans. 抱着你的心肝宝贝 我们把他还给人类
  [04:46.12]The big, bad tigey-wigey gets left behind. Poor tigey-wigey. 噢,大坏蛋“老虎叔叔”被我们 扔下不管了,可怜的“老虎叔叔”
  [04:50.68]Sid, tigey-wigey is gonna lead the way. 希德,“老虎叔叔”负责带路
  [04:58.28]Manny, can I talk to you for a second? 呃,呃,曼尼,我能不能跟你谈谈?
  [04:59.96]No. The sooner we find the humans, the sooner I get rid of Mr Stinky Drool-Face, 不,我们早点找到人类,我就 能早点摆脱这流口水的臭家伙
  [05:04.60]and the baby, too. 还有这孩子
  [05:10.00]You won’t always have Jumbo around to protect you. “金刚巨象”不会时刻保护你的
  [05:11.96]And when that day comes, I suggest you watch your back, cos I’ll be chewing on it. 哪天你没了保护,我劝你最好 小心点,因为我会偷袭你
  [05:16.92]嘿,“追踪大师”,到前面来 好让我看见!
  [05:20.40]Help me. 救救我
  [05:38.80]You gotta make it stop. I can’t take it anymore. 噢,你别让他再哭了 我再也受不了了!
  [05:42.28]- I’ve eaten things that complained less. - He won’t stop squirming. - 没他这么会闹的我也吃过 - 他不停扭动
  [05:47.08]- Watch its head. - Put it down. - 小心他的头! - 你把他放下!
  [05:50.04]Jeez, "pick him up, put him down..." 唏,“抱起来,放下他”
  [05:52.40]- lts nose is dry. - That means something’s wrong with it. - 他的鼻子是干的 - 那他一定是生病了
  [05:56.88]- Someone should lick it. Just in case. - I’ll do it. - 谁来给他舔舔,以防万一 - 我来吧
  [05:57.28]- He’s wearing one of those baby thingies. - So? - 嘿,他包着尿布呢! - 怎么?
  [06:01.40]So if he poops, where does it go? 如果他拉屎,就拉尿布里
  [06:06.84]- Humans are disgusting. - OK, you. Check for poop. - 人类真是恶心 - 好吧,你,检查大便
  [06:11.24]- Why am I the poop-checker? - Returning him was your idea, - 嘿,凭什么让我检查? - 因为是你要送他回去
  [06:12.60]you’re small and insignificant11, and I’ll pummel you if you don’t. 因为你无足轻重 因为你不检查我就揍你
  [06:17.76]- Why else? - Now, Sid. - 还有吗? - 快!希德!
  [06:27.44]I mean, my goodness. Look out. Coming through. 唷!哎哟我的妈呀 好了,小心,小心,过来了
  [06:28.40]- Watch out. - Stop waving that thing around. - 嘿,小心! - 别拿它晃来晃去的!
  [06:31.28]I’m gonna slip. 呜,我要滑倒了,啊
  [06:37.96]It’s clean. Got ya! 是干净的,你上当了
  [06:44.00]Will you cut it out? 别胡闹行吗?
  [06:47.72]Do that again. He likes it. 嘿,再来,他喜欢
  [06:52.64]It’s making me feel better too. 我也觉得爽多了
  [06:56.56]Here, you hold it. 给,你来抱
  [07:04.12]Turn him towards me. 行了,让他脸朝我
  [07:06.16]Where is the baby? 宝宝在哪儿?
  [07:10.36]There he is. 他在这儿!
  [07:10.44]Where is the baby? 宝宝在哪儿?
  [07:15.04]There he is. 他在这儿!
  [07:19.52]Stop it. You’re scaring him. 行了!你吓坏他了!
  [07:24.96]- I bet he’s hungry. - How about some milk? - 他一定是饿了 - 该吃奶了
  [07:26.08]- I’d love some. - Not you. The baby. - 噢,我爱吃奶! - 不是你吃!是孩子吃!
  [07:29.52]I aingt exactly lactating right now, pal12. 我可没有奶水给他喝,伙计
  [07:34.44]- You’re a little low on the food chain to... 你这食物链底层的没资格顶嘴
  [07:36.68]Enough, enough, enough. 够了!够了!够了!
  [07:42.96]Food. 有吃的!
  [07:51.20]I don’t know, but I’ve been told 我不知道,可我听说
  [07:55.20]End of the world be mighty13 cold 世界末日会很冷
  [07:55.28]I don’t know, but I’ve been told 我不知道,可我听说
  [07:59.80]End of the world be mighty cold 世界末日会很冷
  [08:01.64]Prepare for the lce age! 为冰川时代作准备!
  [08:02.52]Protect the dodo way of life! 保护渡渡鸟的生活方式!
  [08:06.92]Survival separates the dodos from the beasts! 渡渡鸟的生存能力 胜过其他动物!
  [08:10.28]Protect the dodo way of life! 保护渡渡鸟的生活方式!
  [08:15.20]Prepare for the lce age! 为冰川时代做准备!
  [08:15.84]- lce age? - I’ve heard of these crackpots. - 冰川时代? - 我听说过这些疯子
  [08:21.44]- lntruders. - Now, don’t fall in. - 有闯入者!闯入者! - 别掉进去
  [08:25.88]- If you do, you will definitely... - lntruders. Intruder... - 掉进去,就一定会… - 有闯…闯入者,闯入…哇!
  [08:31.08]..burn and die. 被烫死了
  [08:34.24]Can we have our melon back? Junior’s hungry and... 能把西瓜给我们吗? 小家伙饿坏了,他…
  [08:38.44]No way. This is our private stockpile for the lce age. 不行!这是我们为冰川时代 存下的储备!
  [08:40.20]Subarctic temperatures will force us underground for a billion years. 到那个时候我们就要 在地下住好几十亿年呢!
  [08:44.88]So you got three melons? 只存三只西瓜?
  [08:47.28]If you weren’t smart enough to plan ahead, then doom14 on you. 如果你们事先不好好作准备 那就死定了!
  [08:51.56]Doom on you. Doom on you. Doom on you. 死定了,死定了,死定了
  [08:57.92]- Get away from me. - Doom on you. - 别过来 - 死定了
  [09:00.40]Oh, no. No. 哦,不,不
  [09:02.08]Retrieve the melon. Tae kwon dodos, attack. 夺回那西瓜!跆…跆拳道准备!进攻!
  [09:18.20]- The melon. - The melon, the melon, the melon... - 西瓜! - 西瓜,西瓜,西瓜…
  [09:21.56]There goes our last female. 最后一个“女同胞”也完了
  [09:31.08]- Got it, got it, got it. - Don’t got it. - 抢到了,抢到了,抢到了 - 又没了!
  [09:37.08]The last melon. 最后的西瓜


1 mammoth u2wy8     
  • You can only undertake mammoth changes if the finances are there.资金到位的情况下方可进行重大变革。
  • Building the new railroad will be a mammoth job.修建那条新铁路将是一项巨大工程。
2 embarrassment fj9z8     
  • She could have died away with embarrassment.她窘迫得要死。
  • Coughing at a concert can be a real embarrassment.在音乐会上咳嗽真会使人难堪。
3 herd Pd8zb     
  • She drove the herd of cattle through the wilderness.她赶着牛群穿过荒野。
  • He had no opinions of his own but simply follow the herd.他从无主见,只是人云亦云。
4 liar V1ixD     
  • I know you for a thief and a liar!我算认识你了,一个又偷又骗的家伙!
  • She was wrongly labelled a liar.她被错误地扣上说谎者的帽子。
5 ledge o1Mxk     
  • They paid out the line to lower him to the ledge.他们放出绳子使他降到那块岩石的突出部分。
  • Suddenly he struck his toe on a rocky ledge and fell.突然他的脚趾绊在一块突出的岩石上,摔倒了。
6 sloth 4ELzP     
  • Absence of competition makes for sloth.没有竞争会导致懒惰。
  • The sloth spends most of its time hanging upside down from the branches.大部分时间里树懒都是倒挂在树枝上。
7 aggravation PKYyD     
  • She stirred in aggravation as she said this. 她说这句话,激动得过分。
  • Can't stand the aggravation, all day I get aggravation. You know how it is." 我整天都碰到令人发火的事,你可想而知这是什么滋味。” 来自教父部分
8 helping 2rGzDc     
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
9 glacier YeQzw     
  • The glacier calved a large iceberg.冰河崩解而形成一个大冰山。
  • The upper surface of glacier is riven by crevasses.冰川的上表面已裂成冰隙。
10 blizzard 0Rgyc     
  • The blizzard struck while we were still on the mountain.我们还在山上的时候暴风雪就袭来了。
  • You'll have to stay here until the blizzard blows itself off.你得等暴风雪停了再走。
11 insignificant k6Mx1     
  • In winter the effect was found to be insignificant.在冬季,这种作用是不明显的。
  • This problem was insignificant compared to others she faced.这一问题与她面临的其他问题比较起来算不得什么。
12 pal j4Fz4     
  • He is a pal of mine.他是我的一个朋友。
  • Listen,pal,I don't want you talking to my sister any more.听着,小子,我不让你再和我妹妹说话了。
13 mighty YDWxl     
  • A mighty force was about to break loose.一股巨大的力量即将迸发而出。
  • The mighty iceberg came into view.巨大的冰山出现在眼前。
14 doom gsexJ     
  • The report on our economic situation is full of doom and gloom.这份关于我们经济状况的报告充满了令人绝望和沮丧的调子。
  • The dictator met his doom after ten years of rule.独裁者统治了十年终于完蛋了。
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