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听电影学英语-杯酒人生 11

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  [00:03.50](Bottle Settles Onto Rack) 我想这个才配得上我们
[00:05.50]I think... this guy's more our speed.
[00:07.58]Andrew Murray. 安得烈慕勒,好吧
[00:09.62]Well, okay. All right.
[00:14.74]So, what gems1 do you have in your collection? 你的收藏中有什么宝贝?
[00:17.78]Oh, it's really not much of a collection, you know. 我的并不算是收藏
[00:21.70]I mean, more like a small gathering2 in a cabinet. 只是储藏柜里的小小收集
[00:24.74]- (Laughs) - No, I've never really had the wallet for that. 我没有那么多钱收藏 只能一瓶一瓶买
[00:27.74]I just have to live bottle to bottle.
[00:31.74]I've got things I'm saving, definitely. 我也有存钱要买的东西 这是绝对的
[00:32.74]I guess the star would be a 1961 Cheval Blanc. 我的宝贝是1961年的白马
[00:38.78]You've got a '61 Cheval Blanc, and it's just sitting there? 你有1961年的白马 就放在那里不动
[00:41.78]- Yes, I do. - Go get it. -是,我有 -快去拿
[00:43.78]- (Laughing) Okay. - I'm serious! Hurry! -我是认真的,快点 -我会…
[00:45.82]All right. I would, I would. 1961年的酒现在正在巅峰状态 不是吗?
[00:47.82]The '61 s are peaking right now, aren't they? That's what I've read. -至少我看到是这样写的 -你说得没错
[00:51.22]No, that's right, yeah. 也许已经太迟了,你还在等什么?
[00:53.22]It might be too late already. What are you waiting for?
[00:56.26]Oh, I don't know. A special occasion with the right person. 我不知道,特殊的日子,特殊的人
[01:00.26]- It was supposed to be for my 10th wedding anniversary, but... - Mmm. 它本来应该是我 十周年结婚纪念的时候喝的
[01:02.86]You know, the day you open a '61 Cheval Blanc... 开1961白马的那一天 就是特殊的日子
[01:07.50]that's the special occasion.
[01:10.78](Wine Pouring)
[01:12.50]So, uh, how long have you been into wine? 你迷上葡萄酒已经多久了?
[01:14.54]I got serious about seven years ago. 我从七年前开始疯狂迷上
[01:17.26]- And what was the bottle that did it? - '88 Sassicaia. -是哪一瓶让你开始喜欢的? -88年的萨西开亚
[01:22.02]- Ah.! Well, congratulations. - Mmm. 恭喜你,那真是一瓶好酒 很容易让人迷上
[01:22.62]- Yeah. - That's very good.
[01:24.62]- Well... - That would do it. Yeah.
[01:35.74]Oh, wow, that's nice. That's very good. 非常好,非常好喝
[01:35.82]We need to give it a minute, but that's really tasty. 我们需要给它一分钟 但是真的非常好喝
[01:38.82]How about you? 你觉得呢?
[01:44.10]I think they overdid3 it a little. 我觉得有点过头了
[01:46.10]Too much alcohol. It overwhelms the fruit. 酒精太多,盖过了果实的味道
[01:56.02]Yeah. Yeah. 是,你是对的,完全正确 非常好
[01:58.02]I'd say you're right on the money.
[01:59.02]Very good. (Chuckles) Nice.
[02:03.06]- Thank you. - Mmm. -很好 -谢谢你
[02:04.54]Mmm! Is that Stephanie's kid? 这是史黛芬妮的小孩吗?
[02:07.54]Oh. Yeah. That's Siena. 是,她叫席娜,她真是个小甜心
[02:09.54]- Oh, she's a sweetie. - Cute. Cute. 很可爱,她现在在哪?
[02:15.14]Where is she?
[02:17.18]- She's at her grandmother's. - Oh. 和外婆在一起,史黛芬妮的妈妈 她常常住那里
[02:19.18]Steph's mom. She spends a lot of time over there.
[02:21.54]Uh, me? No. No.
[02:23.54]- No, I'd just fuck 'em up. - (Laughs)
[02:25.02]那是我离婚比较单纯的一部份 没有小孩
[02:28.54]No, that was the one unpolluted part of my divorce... no kids.
[02:32.22]Yeah. Same here. -我也是 -很好
[02:36.26]Let's go in there. 我们进去吧
[02:40.14](Jack4) Now, for a low, low 4.8% A.P.R. Financing...
[02:45.22](Stephanie Laughing)
[02:46.22](Stephanie, Jack Conversing5, Indistinct)
[02:54.66](Stephanie Laughing)
[02:56.66]Looks like our friends are really hitting it off. 我们的朋友好像很合得来
[02:59.66]- Yeah, I would say that. - (Laughs) 是,你说的可对了
[03:00.70]- Yeah. - (Sighs)
[03:04.94]- (Clears Throat) - So, what's your novel about? 你写的小说是有关什么的?
[03:07.98]What's my... Oh, brother. 我的小说吗?天啊
[03:09.98]Well, it's, uh... it's difficult to summarize. 要简单的敘述有点难
[03:14.02]it starts out as a kind of first-person narrative6... 一开始是以第一人称的敘述
[03:17.02]about a guy taking care of his father after a stroke. 有关一个男人照顾他 中风爸爸的故事
[03:21.50]- Oh. - It's kind of based on, uh, personal experience. 其中有一些是个人经验 但是只有一点点
[03:22.82]But only... only loosely.
[03:24.86]What's the title? -书名是什么 -《昨天过后日》
[03:26.86]The Day After Yesterday. 就是今天的意思
[03:28.86]Oh. You mean today.
[03:34.74]Um... uh, yeah. I mean, r-right. But it's more...
[03:37.42]So it's about, like, death and mortality, or... 是有关死亡与面对死亡,或是…
[03:43.38](Sighs) Uh, yeah... 是…
[03:45.06]Y... Not really. 但不全然是,内容跳来跳去的 就是这个意思
[03:47.06]I, uh... It de... It jumps around a lot.
[03:50.06]That's what it's about, in a way. You know what I mean? 你知道我的意思吗?
[03:52.82]You start to see everything from the point of view of the father. 是从父亲的角度看事情 然后很多事情就发生了
[03:55.82]And, uh, a lot of other things happen... parallel narratives7.
[03:57.86](Laughs) It's kind of a mess. 并行敘述,感觉有点乱乱的
[03:59.86]And then, eventually, the whole thing sort of evolves... 最后,整个故事发展到 或者说沦落到…
[04:02.86]or devolves... 像是某种罗勃格里耶之谜
[04:04.86]into this sort of Robbe-Grillet mystery.
[04:08.50]You know?
[04:10.50]But no real resolution. 但是没有真正的结局
[04:12.90]- Wow. - (Chuckles) It... 真的吗?
[04:13.66]Well, I think it's really great you're getting it published. 我觉得你能出版真的很棒
[04:17.06]Really. I mean, I know how hard it is just to write it, even. 真的,我知道这有多难 光写就很难了
[04:22.34]I mean, like me, I've got this paper due on Friday... 就像我,我星期五有个报告要交…
[04:26.42]and I'm freaked out about it, just like in high school. 我现在很紧张,就像在高中时一样
[04:29.42]- A paper, huh? - Yeah. 报告,是吗?
[04:32.10]I'm going for a master's degree in horticulture. 我正在攻读园艺方面的硕士学位
[04:35.14]Sorta chipping away on it. 一点一点慢慢读
[04:35.98]- Horticulture? Really? - Mmm. 园艺?真的吗?
[04:41.06]I didn't even know that there was a college here. 我还不知道这里有大学
[04:41.62]Well, I commute8 to San Luis Obispo twice a week. 我一个星期有两天会去 加州综合理工州立大学
[04:46.62]Horticulture? Wow. 园艺,真不错
[04:48.18]So, do you want to work in a winery or something? 那你是想在葡萄酒业工作吗?
[04:52.46]Maybe. 也许


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growth; economy; management; and customer satisfaction 增长
  • a crown studded with gems 镶有宝石的皇冠
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2 gathering ChmxZ     
  • He called on Mr. White to speak at the gathering.他请怀特先生在集会上讲话。
  • He is on the wing gathering material for his novels.他正忙于为他的小说收集资料。
3 overdid 13d94caed9267780ee7ce0b54a5fcae4     
v.做得过分( overdo的过去式 );太夸张;把…煮得太久;(工作等)过度
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v.交谈,谈话( converse的现在分词 )
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7 narratives 91f2774e518576e3f5253e0a9c364ac7     
记叙文( narrative的名词复数 ); 故事; 叙述; 叙述部分
  • Marriage, which has been the bourne of so many narratives, is still a great beginning. 结婚一向是许多小说的终点,然而也是一个伟大的开始。
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  • Most office workers commute from the suburbs.很多公司的职员都是从郊外来上班的。
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