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听电影学英语-超级奶爸 06

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  [00:02.54](door slams)
[00:05.10](Wolfe) Okay, troops! Breakfast!  好了,伙计们,早餐!
[00:08.10]What are you waiting for? Dig in.  你们还在等什么?拆开拿出来啊
[00:11.18]Feel free to mix and match.  随意组合搭配
[00:11.46]Stay away from the cheese. It'll back you up.  离干酪远一点,它会让你身体变差
[00:16.02]Don't worry about running out. I can get Lots more of these.  别担心会吃完,我可以弄来更多这些
[00:16.82]I've survived months off this stuff.  我曾靠这些过了好几个月
[00:19.34]Okay, Like, I'm really gonna eat all of these carbs?  好吧,好像 我真的要吃了所有这些碳水化合物?
[00:21.82](gary quacking)
[00:23.62]I can cross my eyes. Wanna see?  我会斗鸡眼,想看看吗?
[00:25.38]No.  不
[00:35.34]Tyler hates it when I do that.
[00:36.82]I know how he feels.  我明白他的感受
[00:39.90]What's he...? Red Four!  他在……?红色四号!
[00:45.30](Tyler crying)
[00:53.54]- Plummer residence. - (man muffled1 over phone)  Plummer住所
[00:57.10]Yes, I know it's Monday today.  是,我知道今天是星期一
[01:00.10]No, Mrs. Plummer’s away.  不,Plummer夫人不在
[01:02.54]Yes, we'll be right there.  是,我们马上就到
[01:05.06]Who was that?  是谁?
[01:05.74]Your vice2 principal.  你们的副校长
[01:08.94]He said that if you and Seth are Late again,  他说如果你和西斯再迟到的话
[01:13.10]you're both suspended.  你们两个都要停学
[01:13.90]He wants to see you in his office right away.  他要马上在办公室见你们
[01:53.26]What is it?  那是什么?
[01:54.54]- It's a minivan. - Ugh.  - 是辆小型货车 - 啊
[01:58.06](Wolfe) Now, is this supposed to...?  这个是不是要……?
[01:59.90]- How do we...? - Excuse me, Mr. Wolfe?  - 我们怎么……? - 对不起,Wolfe先生
[02:04.18]If you don't hurry up, we're gonna be Late for sure.  如果你不快点的话,我们就肯定要迟到了
[02:05.30]Not on my watch.  我的手表不是这么说的
[02:13.82]- Hold that. - How fast is your watch?  - 拿着那个 - 你的手表怎么走的?
[02:17.74]You'll be suspended for sure.  你们肯定要停学了
[02:21.82]- (Seth) Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - (Zoe) Oh, my God!  - 哇哦!哇哦!哇哦! - 噢,我的上帝
[02:22.30]Who drives Like this? You're crazy!  谁像这样开车的?你疯了!
[02:28.06]- (bell ringing) - (kids chattering)
[02:37.18](Seth) What are you doing? Stop!  你在做什么?停下!
[02:39.98](footsteps approaching)
[02:40.58]- (bell ringing) - Got 'em here.  把他们送来了
[02:44.38]My fault.  是我的错
[02:47.06]Yeah, I always said these kids needed a parole officer.  是啊,我一直说这些孩子需要一个假释军官
[02:48.62]I guess, uh, Mrs. Plummer thought so too, huh?  我猜,唔,Plummer夫人也是这么想的,嗯?
[02:54.70]Wow, you got a real, uh, upper torso going on, huh?  哇,你有一副,唔,强健的身躯,嗯?
[02:59.18]You ever, uh, do any time?  你,唔,健身过吗?
[03:00.54]- (low) Sasquatch. - (Zoe giggles)  北美野人
[03:04.26]- You got something to say, boy? - No.  - 你有什么话要说吗?孩子 - 没
[03:06.90]No? Good.  没有?很好
[03:07.98]Wow, it Looks Like you have a pair of Legs  哇,看起来就好像你有一双腿
[03:11.38]coming out of your shoulders.  要从你肩膀里蹦出来
[03:15.30]- You hit the gym a lot, do you? - Eh.  - 你经常去健身房,是不是? - 唔
[03:17.38]- (low) Woolly Mammoth3. - You know what, Creeper?  - 长毛猛犸 - 你知道吗,鬼鬼祟祟的家伙
[03:19.22]You just bought yourself an extra 1 5 minutes on the mats.  你只是给自己在垫子上多争得15分钟
[03:22.30]With the Murninator!  和Murninator一起!
[03:25.22]Excuse me. Lieutenant4 Shane Wolfe.  对不起,我是雪恩 沃尔夫上尉
[03:29.98]I'm watching the kids for the Plumbers5. A few days.  我为Plummer看孩子,就几天

  [03:31.34]Oh, babysitter, huh?  噢,保姆,嗯?
[03:34.94]Well, good. Whatever job you can get, right?  噢,那很好,任何你能找到的工作,对不对?
[03:37.54]I'm Murney. Duane Murney.  我叫Murney,Duane Murney
[03:40.94]My friends call me ''Little Puppet.''  朋友们叫我“小木偶”
[03:41.58]I'm the VP here.  我是这儿的副校长
[03:44.42]I'm in charge of discipline, conduct and truancy  我管纪律,教导和逃课
[03:46.86]from top to bottom, K through 1 2.  从头至尾,从K到12
[03:52.06]You're in my house now, strong man.  你现在在我的房子里,强壮仔
[03:55.66]- You're the vice principal. - And the wrestling coach.  - 你是副校长 - 也是摔跤教练
[03:58.50]See the Creeper over there?  看见那儿鬼鬼祟祟的人吗?
[03:59.42]He has played hooky from every wrestling practice this month.  他在这个月翘了所有摔跤练习
[04:05.10]And her, she has missed 22 Driver's Ed classes.  还有她,她翘了22节驾照课
[04:06.54]Out of 23!  在一共23节课中!
[04:10.94]These are the worst students in my school.  这些是我学校最差的学生
[04:11.54]- I'm ashamed... - (woman) Your school?  - 我很惭愧…… - 你的学校?
[04:18.78]Good morning, kids.  早上好,孩子们
[04:19.90](clears throat) Mr. Murney, thanks for watching my chair.  Murney先生 谢谢你帮我看管我的椅子
[04:22.78]- I'll take it from here. - (Murney) Roger. Absolutely.  - 我现在想要回来 - 明白,当然
[04:25.42]I was just informing our new friend here  我只是在这儿告诉我们新来的朋友
[04:27.82]about some of the duties as vice principal.  一些副校长的职责,校长
[04:31.42]Speaking of which, how's it going with the investigation  提到这个,进行得怎么样了?
[04:34.18]into the baloney slices on the cafeteria celling?  那个关于在咖啡厅天花板上的香肠片的调查?
[04:35.30]- Taking some interesting turns. - Keep up the good work.  - 有了些有趣的进展 - 继续努力工作
[04:39.14]Right. I'll be on the roof.  好吧,我会在屋顶上
[04:43.34]Bye, now.  现在,再见
[04:44.34]All right, it's time to get back to class.  好了,该是回去上课的时候了
[04:47.82]I'll cut you some slack seeing as it's Lt. Wolfe’s first day. Thank you.  今天是Wolfe上尉的第一天, 我会对你们宽松些,谢谢
[04:52.38]Okay.  好吧
[04:53.78]- Can I get you some coffee? - Yes, please.  - 我给你倒些咖啡好吗? - 好


1 muffled fnmzel     
adj.(声音)被隔的;听不太清的;(衣服)裹严的;蒙住的v.压抑,捂住( muffle的过去式和过去分词 );用厚厚的衣帽包着(自己)
  • muffled voices from the next room 从隔壁房间里传来的沉闷声音
  • There was a muffled explosion somewhere on their right. 在他们的右面什么地方有一声沉闷的爆炸声。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 vice NU0zQ     
  • He guarded himself against vice.他避免染上坏习惯。
  • They are sunk in the depth of vice.他们堕入了罪恶的深渊。
3 mammoth u2wy8     
  • You can only undertake mammoth changes if the finances are there.资金到位的情况下方可进行重大变革。
  • Building the new railroad will be a mammoth job.修建那条新铁路将是一项巨大工程。
4 lieutenant X3GyG     
  • He was promoted to be a lieutenant in the army.他被提升为陆军中尉。
  • He prevailed on the lieutenant to send in a short note.他说动那个副官,递上了一张简短的便条进去。
5 plumbers 74967bded53f9cdf3d49cad38cfca8ba     
n.管子工,水暖工( plumber的名词复数 );[美][口](防止泄密的)堵漏人员
  • Plumbers charge by the hour for their work. 水管工人的工作是以小时收费的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Plumbers, carpenters, and other workmen finished the new house quickly. 管道工、木工及其他工匠很快完成了这幢新房子。 来自辞典例句
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