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英语听力:听电影学英语-丑陋事实 06

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   [00:07.06]Yeah. 好耶

  [00:08.86]Well, l guess l’ll get going, then. 我想我该走了
  [00:12.70]Yeah. 好
  [00:16.34]Yeah. 好
  [00:17.50]Yeah. 好
  [00:24.46]-Thanks again for saving my life. -Anytime. - 再度感谢你救了我一命 - 不用客气
  [00:25.18]-Okay. Bye. -Okay. Bye. - 好,拜 - 好,拜
  [00:32.42]-You forgot your cat. -Right. - 你忘了你的猫 - 是哦
  [00:34.98]-Yeah. -lt’s gone now, though. Good. - 现在没了 - 好吧
  [00:35.62]l had a spider on me. 刚刚有蜘蛛掉我身上
  [00:38.98]-Bye. -Okay. - 好 - 拜
  [00:41.34]-Thanks again. -Good night. - 再次感谢你 - 晚安
  [00:43.54]You are not gonna believe how perfect he is. 你不会相信他有多完美
  [00:44.22](KSXP摄影棚 请出示证件)
  [00:46.02]-Symmetrical? -Oh, you have no idea. - 身材比例? - 超完美的
  [00:48.14]-Oh, good Lord. -Yeah. - 老天爷 - 对
  [00:50.10]How did you leave it? He ask for your number? 怎么结束的?他有跟你要电话?
  [00:53.30]No, but he gave me his. Should l call him? 没,不过他给了我他的,怎样? 我该打给他吗?
  [00:56.10]-lf l call do call him, what should l say? -Okay. Take a breath. - 打去要说什么? - 好,冷静下来
  [00:57.18]-And please, sweetheart, no tap water. -No tap water. - 还有拜托,别提自来水的事 - 不提自来水
  [01:00.22]-Don’t bring it up. -You’ve got naughty eyes. - 谈都别谈 - 你眼神好性感
  [01:03.94]-Anyone ever tell you that? -l have naughty everything. - 有人说过吗? - 我每一寸都性感
  [01:07.38]-Hold that thought. -No, hey, you won’t get in trouble. - 先等一下 - 不,你不会被骂的
  [01:09.78]Down a bit. Down a bit. 继续啊
  [01:14.26]Okay. 好了
  [01:16.62]Bye, Karen. 拜,凯伦
  [01:19.94]Keep it clean, moving, stick to the script. 放干净、少低级、照脚本来
  [01:22.74]You are on a live affiliate1 news program. 这是直播新闻节目
  [01:25.58]You do not have the luxury of using ’’blow’’ and ’’job’’ in the same sentence. 你没有权利 把〝口〞和〝交〞放在同个句子里
  [01:27.98]lf you say anything scatological, you will be fired. 要是你敢说低俗的话,你就完了
  [01:32.06]l thought that you were the one that was gonna get fired... 因为我觉得要是你让我不爽的话
  [01:32.46]-Oh, really? -Yes. - 当真? - 对
  [01:35.06]...if you don’t keep me happy. 被炒的人会是你
  [01:38.82]Yes. l’ve got a list of demands that l would like to make after the show... 对了,我有张需求清单要给你
  [01:42.70]...and let me just warn you, they’re gonna be scatological. 还有我警告你 我保证内容绝对低俗
  [01:52.14]Just because you look pretty today... 看在你今天很美丽的份上
  [01:53.90]...l won’t mention the misguided phallic rage you just displayed. 我不计较你仇视男人的烂态度
  [01:57.98]When you hear my voice, just do what l say. 听到我的声音就照我说的去做
  [01:58.82]Promise you’ll talk dirty? 记得要说下流的话
  [02:01.30]Good morning, Sacramento. I’m Larry Freeman. 早安,沙加缅度,我是费赖瑞
  [02:04.38]And I’m Georgia Bordeney. 我是波乔雅
  [02:04.78]And I’m Mike Chadway. 我是查麦克
  [02:07.02]And this is The Ugly Truth. 这是《真相挖挖哇》
  [02:08.54]Where we’ll be taking a few minutes every day... 我们每天都花上几分钟
  [02:13.22]...to talk about men, women and relationships. 谈谈男人、女人和男女关系
  [02:16.38]Let’s start with men. 今天就从男人开始吧
  [02:17.98]Men are simple. 男人很简单
  [02:19.94]To illustrate2 my point, here we have a classic romantic setting. 为了说明我的观点 这里有个典型的浪漫场景
  [02:23.74]We have candlelight, champagne3, and even... 这里有烛光、香槟
  [02:27.90]...your own personal violinist. 甚至还有专属的小提琴手
  [02:33.10]Now... 现在
  [02:34.58]...over here, we have something quite different. 这边则是截然不同
  [02:35.98]-This isn’t on my list. -Follow me. - 我工作单上没这个 - 跟我来
  [02:38.66]ls the segment over? 这段节目结束了?
  [02:40.94]Where the hell’s he going? 他要去哪里?
  [02:46.70]-Hey. -Babes wrestling in Jell-O. - 嘿 - 美女果冻摔角
  [02:51.38]-Oh, Jell-O. That’s great. -Hello? Abby? - 果冻,真不错啊 - 艾比
  [02:55.34]-People calling and freaking out. -Oh, Jesus. - 有观众打电话狂骂 - 上帝啊
  [02:57.62]-Sit down! -Turn the monitor up. - 坐下 - 把监视器打开
  [02:59.86]Let’s take a quick survey and see which option the men out there would pick. 我来快速调查一下 看看男人会选哪一边
  [03:03.90]We have classical music and candle-lit dinner... 一个是古典音乐加烛光的晚餐
  [03:04.78]...or semi-naked chicks wrestling in strawberry-flavored goo. 一个是近乎全裸的美眉 在草莓口味果冻里摔角
  [03:14.06]Oh, shit. 哇靠!
  [03:16.10]All right. lf we’re gonna do this, we might as well milk it. 好了,既然要这样玩 就玩得彻底一点
  [03:22.78]Two, get ready to go wide. One, tight on his hand. 二号机用广角镜,一号拍他的手
  [03:25.90]Lick the Jell-O off her finger. 舔她手上的果冻
  [03:28.18]Lick the Jell-O off her finger. 舔她手上的果冻
  [03:30.14]Just do it. 快啊
  [03:41.78]I was wrong. It’s cherry. 我错了 这是樱桃果冻
  [03:44.58]Back to you in the studio, Georgia. Bye. 镜头转回棚内,乔雅,拜!
  [03:48.94]Coming up, we’re gonna visit the aquarium4... 稍后,我们要造访动物园
  [03:51.90]...and see how Penny the Porpoise5 is. 看看团团圆圆在干嘛
  [03:53.78]Can she clear that 1 0-foot pole... 它们会玩摔角吗?
  [03:55.22]...with a ball on her nose? When we come back. 稍后继续收看
  [03:58.10]When we come back. 稍后继续收看
  [04:05.86]Chemistry. l smell threesome. 我闻到3P的味道
  [04:12.42]Great job, ladies. l can still taste you. 干得好,你们让我允指回味
  [04:15.86]You know what l mean. 你们懂我的意思
  [04:18.86]Do you realize that l once had... 你知不知道
  [04:21.14]...the Archbishop Desmond Tutu on this show? 这节目曾邀请过图图大主教
  [04:22.70]-Who’s that? -l can’t demonstrate how far l’ve fallen. - 他谁啊? - 因为你的无知
  [04:25.98]You’re not smart enough to get the references. 我甚至无法表达我做了多大让步
  [04:29.98]Hey, wait. l thought we were a great team back there. 等等!我们刚刚不是还合作无间
  [04:32.98]Do you understand how much l hate myself for that? 你知道我有多恨自己叫你那样吗?
  [04:37.14]lt was cheap titillation6. l am now going to broadcasting hell... 那是低俗的刺激 我现在…
  [04:41.10]...right behind the naked weathergirl from Canada. 要从加拿大 请那个裸体气象女来报气象了
  [04:45.22]Seriously? 真的?
  [04:46.82]There’s a naked weathergirl? 还有裸体气象女?
  [04:47.06]Hey, can we get her? 可以请她来吗?
  [04:49.34]You have to do it for the ratings, Abby. 为了收视率,你得牺牲
  [04:53.46]Think of my son. My son, who had a dream of being a cosmetician. 想想我儿子 我儿子一直梦想成为造型大师
  [04:57.90]Think about him. Think about Joy. 想想他,想想乔伊
  [04:59.70]Just do it for me. 为了我上吧
  [05:00.22]Today it’ll be partly sunny with a cloud cover moving in from my left breast. 今天晴时多云 云朵会从我的左胸飘进来


1 affiliate TVBzj     
  • Our New York company has an affiliate in Los Angeles.我们的纽约公司在洛杉矶有一个下属企业。
  • What is the difference between affiliate and regular membership?固定会员和附属会员之间的区别是什么?
2 illustrate IaRxw     
  • The company's bank statements illustrate its success.这家公司的银行报表说明了它的成功。
  • This diagram will illustrate what I mean.这个图表可说明我的意思。
3 champagne iwBzh3     
  • There were two glasses of champagne on the tray.托盘里有两杯香槟酒。
  • They sat there swilling champagne.他们坐在那里大喝香槟酒。
4 aquarium Gvszl     
  • The first time I saw seals was in an aquarium.我第一次看见海豹是在水族馆里。
  • I'm going to the aquarium with my parents this Sunday.这个星期天,我要和父母一起到水族馆去。
5 porpoise Sidy6     
  • What is the difference between a dolphin and porpoise?海豚和和鼠海豚有什么区别?
  • Mexico strives to save endangered porpoise.墨西哥努力拯救濒危的鼠海豚。
6 titillation cbe48be38b205c2513b051a8bc38e086     
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