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听电影学英语-超完美男人 02

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  [00:02.60]on your list of things to do before you die. 你应该将这条加入你死前要做的事情的单子里.
[00:28.36](Zoe) Oh, wow! (周) 噢,哇!
[00:32.64]Oh, girls! 噢,女孩们!
[00:35.64]l bet it`s full of quaint1 details, pretty moldings on the ceilings... 我打赌这里充满了奇妙有趣的角落,天花板上有可爱的雕塑...
[00:38.08]and old hardwood floors. 还有陈旧的硬木楼梯.
[00:40.36]And charming little rat droppings in the breakfast nook. 还有迷人的小老鼠会掉到早餐上.
[00:45.64]How delightful2. (Jean) Cut it out. 真高兴. (简) 住口.
[00:47.64]lt`s going to be perfect. 会变得完美的.
[00:53.64](Holly) The sad thing is, I’m actually getting good at this. (郝莉) 不幸的是, 我在这里确实很自在.
[00:56.40]If all else fails, I have a very promising3 future... 如果不能从事其他职业, 我作为职业搬家者...
[00:57.56]as a professional mover. 的前途倒是一片光明.
[01:00.04]Our new apartment has history and character. 我们的新公寓既历史悠久,又极负自身特点.
[01:02.12]And exotic local wildlife. 还有他乡的动物.
[01:08.24]My mom calls it home. 我妈妈称它为家.
[01:09.92]I call it the Witness Relocation Program. 我称它为“变化布置目击者程序”.
[01:18.08](Zoe) Mommy, look! (周) 妈咪,看!
[01:20.56]There it is. (Jean) l told you. 在那儿. (简) 我告诉过你.
[01:21.52]The same one as in Wichita. 和在维奇塔的是同一个月亮.
[01:26.32]Even in hard times. 甚至在困难的时期.
[01:29.12]To remind us that every day holds the potential for beauty. 提醒我们每天都会有潜在的美丽事物.
[01:32.80](giggling) (咯咯笑)
[01:38.64](Holly) It’s getting late, and I’m wiped. (郝莉) 天色渐暗了, 我也累了.
[01:40.00]So, time to hit the sheets. 所以该是上床的时候了.
[01:42.00]Even though I have no idea which box they’re in. 尽管我忘记把床单放在哪个盒子里了.
[01:45.32]Keep reading my on-line journal for more days... 继续看几页我的...
[01:49.08]in the life of a teenage gypsy. I’ll be here. 十几岁吉普赛孩子生活的的电子杂志. 我依然在这里.
[01:52.28]The same me, just a different zip code. 同样的我, 不同的只是邮编.
[02:21.08](birds chirping) (小鸟喳喳声)
[02:23.76]∮∮(Make Room playing) ∮∮(播放《室内》)
[02:36.16](murmurs) (低语)
[02:39.08](girl) No! That`s it! l`m not going. You go with him. (女孩) 不! 就那么定了! 我不会去的。你和他去。
[02:42.08]Sorry. 对不起.
[02:46.00]Yeah, you. 对,就是你。
[02:46.84]Check her out. (Amy) Hey, you. 看看她. (艾米) 嘿,你。
[02:49.20]How much your kicks cost you? 你的鞋子多少钱?
[02:52.88]What? 什么?
[02:54.28]You? Free.  你的呢? 免费。
[02:54.60]l paid $50 for mine. 我的要$50。
[02:58.24]l pulled them out of a garbage can somewhere in Portland. 我把它们从波特兰的某处垃圾桶里拣出来的。
[03:01.36]You win. 你赢了.
[03:03.52]See you, freak. 再见,怪人。
[03:05.00]Hey, you`re new here? 嘿,你是新来的?
[03:07.92]Yeah, how`d you know? Your skin. 对,你怎么知道的? 从你的皮肤。

  [03:08.12]My skin looks new? lt looks virgin4. 我的皮肤看上去是新人? 不,看上去是处女地。
[03:11.20]No piercing, no tats. 没有纹身,没有刺绣。
[03:14.84]See, us Brooklyn girls, we lose our skin virginity by fifth grade. 看,我们布鲁克林的女孩,在我们15年级的时候就开始纹身了。
[03:16.44]ln fifth grade, l was just learning long division. 15年级时,我刚刚在学长除法。
[03:20.64](man) Attention, all students. (男人) 所有同学,请注意。
[03:24.00]That stinks5. 那个臭规矩.
[03:24.60]Check in with your homeroom monitor each day.... 每天到要到宿舍管理员那里去登记....
[03:25.28]You`re going to have to take your yearbook photo... 你会在你的学年相册里...
[03:27.80]with all the losers who missed it in the fall. 和所有秋天错过照相的失败者一起合影。
[03:30.64]l don`t do yearbook photos. 我从来不参加学年照相。
[03:33.76]You have no choice. 你没有选择权。
[03:33.92]lt`s like taxes and death. 就好像缴税和死亡。
[03:34.32]Mandatory pain. lf you don`t do it yourself... 强制性的痛苦。 如果你自己不参加...
[03:37.80]they`ll hunt you down like an animal and force you to smile. 他们就会穷追不舍,强迫你在相机前微笑。
[03:41.92]Not if l`m not here anymore, they won`t. 直到我离开为止,他们都不会罢休的。
[03:43.80](bell ringing) (上课铃响了)
[03:44.56]l`m so glad you came. (Jean) Thanks. 我很高兴你的到来. (简) 谢谢.
[03:48.28]Now, we keep the mixers in the back. 我们的搅拌机在后面。
[03:49.08]But l got to warn you, they`re all older than God. 但是我要警告你,它们都已经老掉牙了。
[03:50.24]They don`t really mix very well... 它们搅拌起来不怎么顺畅...
[03:53.36]they just kind of move things around. 只是让食物打转。
[03:53.80]So l hope your manual mixer`s in real good shape. 所以我希望你可以人工使食物搅拌出漂亮的形状。
[03:56.12]And watch out for our no-good oven. 当心我们不怎么好使的锅子。
[03:58.92]lt`s worse than that one in Chapel6 Hill. 比小山上教堂里用的还糟糕。
[04:00.00]Off by a good 10 degrees. 接近10度就会自动关闭。
[04:02.88]Well, you know me. 你是知道我的。
[04:04.96]l`m off by way more than that. Yes, you are. 我可不会轻易放弃的。 对,你是的。
[04:06.16]And this is Gloria. Gloria, this is Jean... 这位是格劳丽雅。 格劳丽雅,这位是简...
[04:09.32]the one l was telling you about. Really nice to meet you. 就是我跟你说过的那个人。 很高兴见到你。
[04:13.84]Likewise. 我也是。
[04:14.80]Do you know anything about wilting7 rose petals8? 你知道怎么处理这枯萎的玫瑰花瓣吗?
[04:17.36]You need to add more cornstarch. 你需要多加些玉米淀粉。
[04:17.76]The fondant`s too soft. 软糖太软了。
[04:19.48](Dolores) See, l told you she was good. (陶勒丽斯) 看,我说过她很棒的。
[04:21.08]No wonder my rum cakes always look so drunk. 无疑我的朗姆酒蛋糕总是酒味太重。
[04:23.76]Help me. l like you. 帮帮我,我喜欢你。

  [04:29.52]You never eat the cakes? 你从来不吃蛋糕吗?
[04:30.80]You made it on time? Yeah, l`m here. 你作业按时完成了吗? 对,我的在这儿。
[04:35.80](girl) Attention, all students. (女孩) 所有同学,请注意了。
[04:37.16]Talent show auditions9 will take place... 天才脱口秀会在本周五礼堂内...
[04:40.24]this Friday evening in the auditorium10. 进行预选赛。
[04:41.36]Come on out and show us what you got. 来秀一下你们各自的本领吧。
[04:52.64]ls there assigned seating? 这儿有各自分配位子吗?
[04:52.68]That`s my seat. 这是我的位子。
[04:56.24]No, but-- Why don`t you take one of those? 没有,但是-- 你为什么不去那里找个位子?
[05:00.96]l don`t like sitting up front. 我不喜欢坐在前面。


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v.散发出恶臭( stink的第三人称单数 );发臭味;名声臭;糟透
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  • The petunias were already wilting in the hot sun. 在烈日下矮牵牛花已经开始枯萎了。
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n.花瓣( petal的名词复数 )
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n.(对拟做演员、歌手、乐师等人的)试听,试音( audition的名词复数 )
  • Find modeling auditions, casting calls& acting auditions, all in one place. 找一个立体感试听,铸造呼叫和表演试听一体的地方。 来自互联网
  • We are now about to start auditions to find a touring guitarist. 我们现在准备找一个新的吉他手。 来自互联网
10 auditorium HO6yK     
  • The teacher gathered all the pupils in the auditorium.老师把全体同学集合在礼堂内。
  • The stage is thrust forward into the auditorium.舞台向前突出,伸入观众席。
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