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英语听力:听电影学英语—大喜之日 11

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  [00:02.52]and now you'd like just a moment? 现在你就要一分钟?
[00:04.28]Sure. Go right ahead. 当然.继续吧.
[00:13.76]Thanks for the solidarity1, Mum, but next time a little less information. 谢谢你维护我的利益,妈妈, 但下次少透露点信息.
[00:18.44]Do you believe a place has a memory? 你相信一个地方有它的记忆吗?
[00:19.32]Even before Ed and I started dating, we all used to come up here in the summer 即使在Ed和我开始约会之前, 我们以前夏天经常一块儿来这里
[00:25.08]and spend weekends. 度过周末.
[00:37.32]God, I hope it doesn't remember everything. 上帝,我希望它不记得所有事了.
[00:41.28]No matter how certain one is of one's position 不管一个人如何坚定自己的立场
[00:46.32]one sometimes discovers 他有时发现,
[00:46.36]of what one should or shouldn't do, 他该做什么或不该做什么,
[00:49.12]that one is not as one would have hoped one would have been. 他不是那个过去希望的那样.
[00:55.08]- What exactly are you trying to say? - I'm sorry. - 你到底想说什么? - 对不起.
[00:57.20]Look, I feel like I need to tell you something. 瞧,我觉得我需要告诉你点事.
[01:02.76]- You're not even listening. - I'm sorry. I'll be back in a minute. - 你根本就没在听. - 抱歉.我马上回来.
[01:11.68]Hey, is everything OK? 嘿,一切都还好吗?
[01:20.12]Yeah. 还好.
[01:24.92]Yeah. 还好.
[01:31.80](Victor) Anchovy2, Nick? 凤尾鱼, Nick?
[01:33.76]It was in New York. 那是在纽约.
[01:33.96]I remember the day I met Kat. 我记得我见到Kat那天.
[01:35.92]I'd been seeing Bunny for a few months 我已经和Bunny在一起几个月了.
[01:38.72]and she finally trusted me enough to meet her kid. 后来他终于相信我让我见她的孩子.
[01:42.68]So I'm over at her place and in walks this little monster. 于是我就到了她那陪她走了走.
[01:52.76]That was it. I was a goner. 就是那样.我是个废物.
[01:54.92]That was the day I became a dad. 就是那天我当了爸爸.
[01:59.12]You know, Nick, you think it's going to get easier as they get older, 你知道,Nick, 当她们长大以后会过的更轻松一些,
[02:01.60]that you're going to worry about them less. 对她们也会少一些担心.
[02:06.44]Or that you're going to trust the world more. 不然你就得寄希望于更相信这个社会了.
[02:12.32]But that's just not how it happens.
[02:26.48]This may not make much sense to you, sir, 也许这对您来说没太大意义,先生,
[02:27.16]but I'd like to ask your permission to date your daughter. 但我还是请您允许我与您的女儿约会.
[02:34.80]I thought you already were. 我以为你已经在约她了.
[02:45.84](Cheering and laughter)
[02:53.32]- I blame... I blame Tony Peepants. - No. - 我... 我归咎于尿裤Tony. - 不.
[02:56.96]Let's have the story. Kat, come on. 告诉我们吧. Kat,行了.
[02:58.32]- No. - I have to initiate3 Nick into our family. - 不. - 我得先把Nick介绍给大家.
[03:04.40]I blame Tony for why my two girls just don't seem to be able to get along. 我怪 Tony 没有让我的两个女儿相处的很好.
[03:14.96]Come on. It's true. The only thing you've got in common is you're both attracted to me. 行了.那是事实.你们仅有的 共同点就是你们都还吸引着我.
[03:17.56]It started after we moved here. 那是从我们搬到这里开始的.
[03:18.92]My two girls got into a fight over Tony Peepants and have never made up since. 我的两个女儿因为尿裤Tony 打了一架就从来没有弥补过来.
[03:23.92]Apparently, Kat and I were inseparable. 表面上, Kat和我形影不离.
[03:27.40]If Kat ate a banana, Amy threw it up. 如果Kat吃了香蕉, Amy就吐.
[03:28.96]If Amy threw it up, Kat ate it. 如果Amy吐了, Kat就会吃.
[03:31.36](AII groaning) 于是我们很和谐的一起边吃边吐.
[03:33.72]So we were eating and throwing up together in harmony4
[03:37.64]until Tony walked me home from school one day. 直到有一天Tony从学校送我回家.
[03:41.40]Tony ignored Kat because he wanted to play with me. Tony 后来疏远了 Kat 是因为他又想和我在一起了.
[03:41.68]He was my first boyfriend. 他就成了我第一个男朋友.
[03:44.56]Anyway, the point of the story is that Tony ended up with a chair in his face. 但无论怎样,故事的重点是它 以一张椅子砸到Tony脸上告终.
[03:49.52]It was plastic and child-sized. 那是张儿童塑料椅.
[03:54.04]- As I recall5, there were stitches6 involved. - Come on, Bunny, 15 stitches. - 我记得好像还缝了针. - 得了, Bunny, 15 针.
[03:58.08]So is that when he peed in his pants? 他是那时候尿裤子的?
[04:02.08]He cried a lot, but there was no peeing. 他哭了很长时间,但是没有尿裤子.
[04:02.96]So what's with the nickname7? 那他怎么有的这个外号(尿裤)
[04:10.92]I have absolutely no idea. 我一点儿也不知道
[04:16.88]Let me get some more wine. 我去再拿点儿酒.
[04:19.64](TJ) Would you marry me if I asked? 如果我向你求婚你会娶我吗?
[04:22.68]That was a yes. Did you see that? 那就是说是了.你们都看到了?
[04:33.68]And you know, I thought perhaps you... Bollocks. Sorry. 你知道的, 我以为可能你... 我瞎说.对不起.
[04:38.44]I had no idea this would be so difficult. I just feel like I owe8 you an explanation. 我自己都不知道这件事有多麻烦. 我只是觉得应该向你解释.
[04:45.92]Relax, relax. It's fine. 放松,放松.没关系的.
[04:47.40]I promise. 我保证.
[04:53.16]And I should probably admit that... 而且我应当承认...
[04:57.52]I brought Nick with me to torture you, slowly, 我带Nick来是为了慢慢让你难受,


1 solidarity ww9wa     
  • They must preserve their solidarity.他们必须维护他们的团结。
  • The solidarity among China's various nationalities is as firm as a rock.中国各族人民之间的团结坚如磐石。
2 anchovy wznzJe     
  • Waters off the Peruvian coast become unusually warm,destroying the local anchovy fishing industry.由于异常的高温,秘鲁海岸的海水温度变化异常,影响了当地的凤尾鱼捕捞业。
  • Anchovy together with sweet-peppergarlic,milk,chicken stock,and add cheese toasted.奶油状的搅打鸡蛋,放在涂有凤尾鱼糊的吐司面包上。
3 initiate z6hxz     
  • A language teacher should initiate pupils into the elements of grammar.语言老师应该把基本语法教给学生。
  • They wanted to initiate a discussion on economics.他们想启动一次经济学讨论。
4 harmony adozv     
  • The couple lives in perfect harmony.这对夫妇和睦地生活着。
  • His ideas were no longer in harmony with ours.他同我们的想法不再一致了。
5 recall mtByJ     
  • As you may recall, he was in the army then.你可能记得当时他正在从军。
  • We demand that you recall your army from our border.我们要求你们撤回在我们边境的部队。
6 stitches 70b457f1c55a93ceace567a436b21338     
n.(缝纫或编织中的)一针( stitch的名词复数 );缝法;衣服;(缝合伤口的)缝线v.缝,缝补,缝合( stitch的第三人称单数 );[引申]把某物连在一起
  • Try to keep the stitches small and straight. 针脚要尽量缝得小而直。
  • Knit the next two stitches together to make the garment narrower. 下两针织在一起,把衣服弄瘦点儿。 来自《简明英汉词典》
7 nickname aGuxJ     
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8 owe wKjxk     
  • We still owe one hundred dollars for the car.为这部车我们还欠着100美元。
  • We owe it to society to make our country a better place.把国家建设得更美好是我们对社会应尽的责任。
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