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英语听力:听电影学英语-大鱼 01

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  [00:55.82]There are some fish that cannot be caught. 有些鱼人们抓不到
[01:01.94]It's not that they're faster or stronger than other fish. 不是因为他们壮硕敏捷
[01:03.02]They're just touched by something extra. 而是因为他们拥有别的特质
[01:08.74]One such fish was The Beast. 其中有条“大怪鱼”
[01:14.10]And by the time I was born he was already a legend. 在我出生时,他就已经是个传说
[01:16.06]He'd passed up more $ 100 lures1 than any fish in Alabama. 他是阿拉巴马最多人想钓的鱼 但却没人钓得到他
[01:23.02]Some said that fish was the ghost of a thief... 有人说这条鱼是60年前…
[01:24.82]...who'd drowned in that river 60 years before. 淹死在河中的小偷冤魂化身
[01:31.66]Others claimed he was a dinosaur2 left over from the "Cruaceous" Period. 还有人说他是恐龙时代的活化石
[01:36.14]I didn't put any stock into such speculation3 or superstition4. 我不迷信也不乱猜
[01:40.14]All I knew was I'd been trying to catch that fish... 我只知道我从你这个岁数开始…
[01:42.62]...since I was a boy no bigger than you. 就一直想钓到这条鱼
[01:45.90]And on the day you were born... 就在你出生的那天…
[01:47.30]Well, that was the day I finally caught him. 我终于钓到他了
[01:51.78]Now, I'd tried everything on it: 我在他身上试过各种诱饵:
[01:53.66]Worms, lures, peanut butter, peanut butter and cheese. 虫子、人造饵、花生酱 花生酱加起司
[01:57.70]But on that day I had a revelation: 但那天,我脑中灵光乍现
[02:02.78]If that fish was Henry Walls' ghost, then the usual bait wasn't gonna work. 那条鱼如果是偷儿的冤魂化身 普通鱼饵根本没用
[02:07.78]I was gonna have to use something he truly desired. 我得用他真正想要的东西来钓
[02:10.74]- Your finger? - Gold. -你的手指头吗? -金子
[02:15.62]Now, I tied my ring onto the strongest line they made... 我把婚戒用最坚韧的钓线绑妥…
[02:20.22]...strong enough to hold up a bridge, they said, if only for a few minutes. 那钓线可以撑住一座桥 如果只撑几分钟的话
[02:23.46]And then I cast upriver. 然后我往上游抛杆
[02:30.74]The Beast jumped up and grabbed it before it even hit the water. 大怪鱼跃出水面 在它落水之前就一口吞了它
[02:34.98]And just as fast, he snapped clean through that line. 一瞬间,他就咬断那条钓线
[02:38.38]Well, you can see my predicament. 这下我苦恼了
[02:39.86]My wedding ring, the symbol of fidelity5 to my wife... 我的婚戒,我对妻子忠贞的象征…
[02:44.82]...soon to be mother of my child... - Make him stop. -而她也即将是孩子的妈了… -叫他别说了
[02:47.14]...was now lost in the gut6 of an uncatchable fish. 那象征被怪鱼吞入腹中
[02:51.22]What did you do? 你怎么办?
[02:51.78]I followed that fish upriver and downriver. 我沿河来回地追着那条鱼
[02:56.94]This fish, The Beast... 这条鱼,这条大怪鱼…
[03:01.22]...the whole time we were calling it a him, when in fact it was a her. 我们一直认为他是个“他” 结果他其实是个“她”
[03:07.74]It was fat with eggs it was gonna lay any day. 他当时胜里都是蛋,随时都会生
[03:08.62]Now, I was in a situation. 我面临了一个难题
[03:10.98]I could gut that fish and get my wedding ring back... 我可以剖开鱼腹拿回我的婚戒…
[03:16.06]...but in doing so I'd be killing7 the smartest catfish8 in the Ashton River. 但这么做,我就杀了艾许河里 最精明的一条鱼
[03:20.94]Did I want to deprive my son the chance... 我真的要剥夺…
[03:25.38]...to catch a fish like this of his own? 我儿子亲手逮到此鱼的机会吗?
[03:26.18]This ladyfish and I... 我跟这条怪鱼…
[03:31.38]- Well, we had the same destiny. - "We were part of the same equation." -我跟他有相同的命运 -“我们拥有相同的人生”
[03:35.82]Now, you may well ask... 你现在会想问…
[03:38.90]Oh, darling, darling, it's still your night. 儿子,你仍然是今天的主角啊
[03:42.50]...why did it strike so quick on gold when nothing else would attract it? 为何什么东西都吸引不了他 他却吞了金子?
[03:48.66]That was the lesson I learned that day... 就在我儿子诞生的那天…
[03:49.86]...the day my son was born. 我学到了这一课
[03:53.70]Sometimes the only way to catch an uncatchable woman... 要套住一个无法捉摸的女人 最好的办法…
[04:00.66]...is to offer her a wedding ring. 就是帮她套上一只婚戒
[04:12.42]What, a father's not allowed to talk about his son? 做父亲的不能谈谈他的儿子?
[04:14.90]I'm a footnote in that story, Dad... 爸,我只是故事里的小注脚…
[04:16.90]...the context for your great adventure, which never happened, incidentally. 你全在讲你的冒险故事 大多都是杜撰的
[04:23.46]You were selling novelty products in Wichita when I was born. 我出生时你正在维契市推销玩具
[04:27.82]Come on, Will. Everyone loves that story! 拜托,大家都喜欢那个故事!
[04:29.90]They don't. I don't love that story. Not anymore. Not after a thousand times! 才不,我不喜欢那个故事 我听过一千次了!
[04:33.06]I know every punch line, Dad. I can tell them as well as you can! 我能倒背如流,说的跟你一样好!
[04:37.46]For one night, one night in your entire life... 你这辈子就这一个晚上…
[04:42.34]...the universe did not revolve9 around Edward Bloom. 整个世界不是以你 爱德华布鲁为中心
[04:43.54]- How can you not understand that? - I'm sorry to embarrass you. -你怎么不能明白这点呢? -很抱歉让你丢脸了
[04:49.30]You're embarrassing yourself, Dad. You just don't see it. 你是丢自己的脸,你只是不知道
[04:55.46]After that night, I didn't speak to my father again for three years. 那晚之后,我有3年没跟我父亲说话


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  • He left home because of the lures of life in the city. 他离家是由于都市生活的诱惑。
  • Perhaps it is the desire for solitude or the chance of making an unexpected discovery that lures men down to the depths of the earth. 可能正是寻觅幽静的去处,或者找个猎奇的机会的欲望引诱着人们进入地球的深处。
2 dinosaur xuSxp     
  • Are you trying to tell me that David was attacked by a dinosaur?你是想要告诉我大卫被一支恐龙所攻击?
  • He stared at the faithful miniature of the dinosaur.他凝视著精确的恐龙缩小模型。
3 speculation 9vGwe     
  • Her mind is occupied with speculation.她的头脑忙于思考。
  • There is widespread speculation that he is going to resign.人们普遍推测他要辞职。
4 superstition VHbzg     
  • It's a common superstition that black cats are unlucky.认为黑猫不吉祥是一种很普遍的迷信。
  • Superstition results from ignorance.迷信产生于无知。
5 fidelity vk3xB     
  • There is nothing like a dog's fidelity.没有什么能比得上狗的忠诚。
  • His fidelity and industry brought him speedy promotion.他的尽职及勤奋使他很快地得到晋升。
6 gut MezzP     
  • It is not always necessary to gut the fish prior to freezing.冷冻鱼之前并不总是需要先把内脏掏空。
  • My immediate gut feeling was to refuse.我本能的直接反应是拒绝。
7 killing kpBziQ     
  • Investors are set to make a killing from the sell-off.投资者准备清仓以便大赚一笔。
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8 catfish 2OHzu     
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9 revolve NBBzX     
  • The planets revolve around the sun.行星绕着太阳运转。
  • The wheels began to revolve slowly.车轮开始慢慢转动。
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