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   [00:05.10]Oh, it’s Amanda. 哦 是Amanda

  [00:07.70]Oh. 哦
  [00:08.86]Hi, sweetheart. 嗨 甜心
  [00:13.38]I knew you were gonna have a good time. That’s great, sweetie. 我就知道你会玩得很开心 太好了 甜心
  [00:17.82]I’m looking at a baby picture of you right now. 我现在正在看你小时候的照片
  [00:20.62]How’s Danny? Danny好吗?
  [00:27.70]Good, that’s great. 很好 那太好了
  [00:30.74]That’s great, honey. 那太好了 亲爱的
  [00:35.22]Yes, I am thinking about what your daddy asked me. 是 我在考虑你爸爸的事
  [00:37.54]That’s right, thinking about it, sweetheart, that’s what I said. 没错 会考虑的 亲爱的 我就是这个意思
  [00:44.78]Amanda. Amanda. Listen to me, honey. Amanda  Amanda  听我说 亲爱的
  [00:44.86]That’s something that your father and I are deciding. 这是我和你爸爸该考虑的事
  [00:49.06]It’s complicated1, sweetheart. We have to talk about it. 事情很复杂 亲爱的 我们得找时候再好好谈谈
  [00:51.02]There isn’t anything to talk about. Okay? 没什么好谈的 好吗?
  [00:53.70](O VER PHONE) Dad says he loves you and he wants to come back. You promised.  爸爸说他爱你 他想要回来 你答应了
  [00:58.18]I promised? What did he tell you, honey? 我答应了? 他跟你说了什么 亲爱的?
  [01:00.30]You said you would give him a chance. 你跟他说过你会再给他一次机会
  [01:02.30]You’re only thinking about what you want. It’s not fair to us. 只考虑自己想要什么 对我们太不公平了
  [01:05.46]Put your father on the phone. 给你爸爸接电话
  [01:07.26]DANNY (O VER PHONE): Stop picking on Mom.  不要怪妈妈了
  [01:07.66]AMANDA: Stop being such a little mama’s boy.  不要只会做妈妈的乖宝宝
  [01:09.02]DANNY: Dad, Amanda called me a mama’s boy.  爸爸 Amanda说我是妈妈的乖宝宝
  [01:13.14]Did you tell Amanda that I promised you? 你告诉Amanda说我答应你了?
  [01:15.82]Don’t get mad. She got ahead of herself because she wants things to work out. 不要生气 她自己想的 因为她希望我们和好
  [01:21.06]I can’t believe how irresponsible you’re being. 真不敢相信你这么不负责任
  [01:21.26]You drag the children into a conversation that you and I haven’t even had? 我们还没谈论过的话题 你倒把孩子们先掺和进去了?
  [01:26.66]You know what? No. I covered your ass2 with those kids when you left me. 你知道我的答案吗? 是不行 你离开了我 是我一直在孩子面前维护你
  [01:30.30]I don’t even deserve3 a weekend here alone to think... 在你对我拍拍屁股走人后...
  [01:35.10]...after you’ve pulled a 180 on me? ...却连个让我安静考虑的假期都不给我?
  [01:35.30]You say you wanna come back to me and what am I supposed to do? 你忽然过来对我说你希望回到我的身边 你期望我怎么反应?
  [01:39.14]Just pretend that the last seven months didn’t even happen? 假装过去的七个月不存在吗?
  [01:45.82]You okay? 你没事吧?
  [02:10.54]("A ROCKIN’ GOOD WAY" PLAYING)
  [02:33.22]I think I’m going to have a drink. 我想喝酒
  [02:36.58]How about a shot? Would you like to have a shot? I’m gonna have a shot. 来一杯怎么样? 你想来一杯吗? 我要去来一杯
  [02:40.90]Yeah. Yeah, I’d like a shot. 好 好啊 就来上一杯吧
  [02:55.38]Ooh. Ooh
  [03:03.46]You know the thing about this music? 你知道这个音乐的特别之处吗?
  [03:06.30]Mm. 嗯
  [03:06.54]No, what? 不知道 什么?
  [03:12.02]The thing about this music... 这个音乐的特别之处...
  [03:13.58]...is the same thing about this whiskey. ...就是这个威士忌的特别之处
  [03:19.86]Which is? 是什么?
  [03:21.06]Mm. 嗯
  [03:27.10]I forget. 我忘了
  [03:30.90]Now, I love Jean... 现在 我爱Jean...
  [03:33.06]...but she buys all this canned food in case of a hurricane or something... ...但是她啊为了以备飓风来时之用 买了很多的罐头食物存起来...
  [03:36.38]...and she never eats it. ...从来不吃
  [03:36.66]She keeps it forever. 一直存在那
  [03:42.42]’96. 96年的
  [03:45.30]That’s Hurricane Bertha. 那是飓风"Bertha"
  [03:49.70]Mm. 嗯
  [03:52.46]Spam. Spam! 猪肉罐头 垃圾!
  [03:55.66]Who eats lard? 谁会吃猪油?
  [03:55.82]You know what lard does to your arteries5? Do you understand? 你知道猪油对动脉多有害吗? 你知道吗?
  [03:59.22]Please. 得了吧
  [04:01.02]Hmm. 嗯
  [04:06.70](ADRIENNE LAUGHS) 我一直想清理Jean的橱柜
  [04:09.46]I have always wanted to clean Jean’s pantry.
  [04:11.06]-Succotash. -Succotash. - 豆煮玉米 - 豆煮玉米
  [04:13.42]-Thank you. -Swish! - 谢谢 - 咻!
  [04:14.10]Vienna sausage. 维也纳香肠
  [04:17.10]-In a can? In a can? In a can? -In a can. - 罐装的? 罐装的? 罐装的? - 罐装的
  [04:19.22]-Yes! -Here comes the wind-up. - 耶! - 最后一击
  [04:21.38]Watch out. Okay, come on. 小心 好了 来吧
  [04:24.38]-On the mound6 for Atlanta- -World Series. - 在亚特兰大勇士队投球区的土墩上... - 在世界职业棒球大赛上
  [04:24.74]Smoking John Smoltz. 投手John Smoltz
  [04:27.42]-The crowd is on their feet. Wait. -Get out of the way! - 全体观众起立 屏息等待 - 让开!
  [04:31.10]He wins! They win! The crowd goes wild. Yes, yes. 他赢了! 他们赢了! 观众在沸腾 耶 耶
  [04:37.10]-Oh, yeah. -Quite an arm you got there, tiger. - 哦 耶 - 有一手啊  强人
  [04:40.66]When I was a kid, Barbie’s head was the ball and her body was the bat. 小时候我常拿芭比娃娃的头当球 拿她的身体当棒球棒来打
  [04:49.14]ADRIENNE: Yeah! PAUL: Yes! Another! Yes! Three. - 耶! - 耶! 又一个! 耶! 三个了
  [04:52.50]PAUL: Okay. Okay, who’s next? ADRIENNE: Whoo! - 好了 好了 下一个是谁? - 哇!
  [05:07.98]You okay? 你还好吧?
  [05:10.06]I have to go to bed. I have to go to bed. 我要睡觉了 我要睡觉
  [05:13.46]-I have to go. -Okay. - 我要走了 - 好
  [05:16.98]Good night. 晚安
  [05:33.38]PAUL: Easy with the door, tiger. 小心门 强人
  [05:33.82]ADRIENNE: Oh, thank you. 哦 谢谢
  [05:36.22]-How you feeling? -Ha. 感觉还好吧?
  [05:41.02]Well, after five out-of-date aspirin7, I’m a little better. 还好 吃了5片过期的阿司匹林 现在好了一点
  [05:44.70]You? 你呢?
  [05:47.30]Yeah, ran it off. Sort of. 还好 跑完步好多了
  [05:50.34]I put Jean’s cans back. 我把Jean的罐头放回去了
  [05:53.74]-Even the succotash? -Ha-ha-ha. 包括豆煮玉米?
  [05:57.82]Listen, it’s official, the Coast Guard has issued a hurricane warning. 听着 这是官方报道 海岸警卫队发布了飓风警报
  [06:02.26]If you’re going back to the mainland8, you should probably get started. 你要是打算回内陆去 现在是时候准备了
  [06:06.54]Well, I couldn’t get an earlier flight anyway, so, just... 这个 反正也赶不上早班的飞机了  所以只能...
  [06:12.42]What about you? You going back? 那你呢? 要回去?
  [06:14.22]I can’t. I told Jean I’d look after the place. 我不能回去  我跟Jean说好了照看她的房子
  [06:42.86]Dr. Flanner. I’m Robert Torrelson. Flanner医生 我是Robert Torrelson
  [06:47.42]Believe you met my son, Charlie. 你应该见过我儿子 Charlie
  [06:50.30]Get down off your high horse and say hello to these people. 下车打个招呼
  [06:55.78]You have a minute to talk, doctor? 有空谈谈吗?
  [06:58.42]I’m all right here. 这里就可以
  [06:58.46]PAUL: Sure. -Won’t you come inside, Mr. Torrelson? - 当然 - 不进来坐坐吗 Torrelson先生?
  [07:02.10]I’m sorry for your loss. 你失去爱人 我很遗憾


1 complicated 9vjzzD     
  • The poem is so complicated that I cannot make out its meaning.这首诗太复杂,我理解不了它的意思。
  • This is the most complicated case I have ever handled.这是我所处理过的最为复杂的案子。
2 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
3 deserve owaxR     
vt.应受,值得;vi. 应受报答,值得受赏
  • You really deserve a good beating,you naughty boy.你这个调皮孩子真该打。
  • I do not deserve all the praises bestowed upon me.我不配得到这些赞扬。
4 grunts c00fd9006f1464bcf0f544ccda70d94b     
(猪等)作呼噜声( grunt的第三人称单数 ); (指人)发出类似的哼声; 咕哝着说; 石鲈
  • With grunts of anguish Ogilvie eased his bulk to a sitting position. 奥格尔维苦恼地哼着,伸个懒腰坐了起来。
  • Linda fired twice A trio of Grunts assembling one mortar fell. 琳达击发两次。三个正在组装迫击炮的咕噜人倒下了。
5 arteries 821b60db0d5e4edc87fdf5fc263ba3f5     
n.动脉( artery的名词复数 );干线,要道
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  • This is the place where the three main arteries of West London traffic met. 这就是伦敦西部三条主要交通干线的交汇处。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 mound unCzhy     
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7 aspirin 4yszpM     
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8 mainland 6AexH     
  • The new bridge will link the island to the mainland.新的桥梁将把该岛与大陆连接在一起。
  • Hong Kong's prosperity relies heavily on mainland.香港的繁荣在很大程度上依赖于大陆。
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