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听电影学英语-美食从天而降 09

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  [00:00.26]Man. 伙计
[00:02.30]I mean, this isn't that bad. 这不是那么坏
[00:03.70]-ls it, Steve? -Yellow. - 是这个,Steve? - 黄
[00:05.58]You're right, Steve. 你是对的,Steve
[00:09.54]The Dangeometer is in the yellow. 计量表指向了黄色
[00:10.66]I don't know what to do. 我不知道该怎么做
[00:13.82]I do... 我宣布
[00:14.14]...declare these hot dogs to be delicious! 这些热狗真好吃!
[00:19.82]Oh, no. 哦,不
[00:21.26]How did you get in here? 你怎么进来的?
[00:24.26]Tomorrow's the big day, Flint. 明天是个大日子,Flint
[00:24.74]The entire town's fate is resting on your food weather. 整个镇子的未来就靠你的食物天气了
[00:30.02]I'm thinking pasta. 我在想意大利面
[00:30.26]Some light apps. I know you won't let us down. 一些低度啤酒 我知道你不会让我们失望的
[00:35.58]Well, Mr. Mayor, I think there's something you should see. 好了,镇长先生,我想这儿有些你必须看的东西
[00:38.86]What? 什么?
[00:42.54]This is the molecular1 structure of a hot dog that fell last week. 这是上周落下的热狗分子结构
[00:45.54]And this is the molecular structure of a hot dog that fell today. 这是今天落下来的
[00:50.02]The machine uses microwave radiation... 机器用微波辐射
[00:51.78]...to mutate the genetic2 recipe of the food. 使食物的遗传食谱变异
[00:55.38]The more we ask it to make, the more clouds it takes in... 我们要求的食物越多 它吸收的云越多
[00:57.74]...the more radiation it emits, the more these molecules3 could over-mutate. 它会发出更多的辐射 会有更多的分子过度变异
[01:02.74]I think that's why the food is getting bigger. 我想这就是食物变大的原因
[01:07.50]Here's what I heard: 我听过的是
[01:09.38]''Science, science, science, bigger.'' “越科学,越庞大”
[01:09.82]And bigger is better. 而大当然好了
[01:14.18]Everyone's gonna love these new portion sizes. 所有人都会爱上新配额的
[01:17.74]I know I do. 我就会
[01:22.54]My dad thinks I should turn it off. 我爸爸认为我该把机器关了
[01:24.54]Geniuses like us are never understood by their fathers, Flint. 我们这样的天才人物从未被我们的父亲理解过,Flint
[01:27.18]But what if things go-- 但是这样下去
[01:29.26]Who needs the approval of one family member... 当你有百万个熟识时
[01:32.86]...when you can have it from millions of acquaintances? 你会需要一个家属的赏识吗?
[01:36.02]Not to mention that little cutlet, Sam Sparks. 更不必说那个小人物 Sam Sparks
[01:38.82]And me. 甚至我
[01:39.74]I've always felt that you were like a son to me, Flint. 我一直像对待儿子那样对待你,Flint.
[01:44.70]And I'm gonna be so proud of you tomorrow when you cut that ribbon... 明天你剪彩时
[01:50.26]...save the town... 拯救镇子
[01:50.94]...and prove to everybody what a great inventor you are. 向所有人证明你是一个多么伟大的发明家 我都为你骄傲
[01:55.02]So here's the cheese: 这儿就是抉择
[01:59.82]You can keep it going... 你可以继续
[02:01.90]...and be the great man I know you can be. 成为我知道你可以成为的伟人
[02:02.38]...get everything you've ever wanted... 拿到你想要的一切
[02:06.78]Or you can turn it off... 或者你可以关掉它
[02:09.54]...ruin everything... 毁灭一切
[02:11.30]...and no one will ever like you. 没人会再喜欢你
[02:16.62]It's your choice. 是你的选择
[02:18.62]Choice. 选择
[02:20.74]Choice. 选择
[02:21.90]Choice. 选择
[02:23.58]Choice. 选择
[02:27.14]Okay. 好吧
[02:39.98]I mean, bigger is better... 我是说,大就是好
[02:42.46]...right? 对吧?
[02:44.26]Oh, yeah. 哦,是啊
[02:50.30]Spaghetti. Asparagus. Celery. Garlic bread. Meatball. Shrimp4. 意大利面条,芦笋,芹菜,大蒜面包,肉丸子,虾
[03:08.18]-Looks safe to me. -And sanitary5 too. - 看起来很安全 - 也很卫生
[03:44.30]Who's hungry? 谁饿了?
[03:45.66]Welcome, tourists, to Chew And Swallow. 游客们,欢迎来到Chew和Swallow
[03:52.62]That is one big mayor. 这可真是个大镇长
[03:53.42]Delight in our nacho-cheese hot springs. 在我们的纳乔奶酪温泉里欢乐吧
[03:57.10]Allow your kids to eat all the junk food they want... 让你们的孩子在完全不会监督的孩子区
[04:00.90]...in our completely unsupervised Kid Zone! 吃他们想吃的垃圾食品吧
[04:03.54]I've got jellybeans for teeth. 我给牙齿糊上了软心豆粒糖
[04:06.34]And when the fun is done... 当所有的欢愉都享受过了
[04:08.50]...gaze upon the sunset cresting6 over Mount Leftovers7. 就欣赏一下剩菜山的日落吧
[04:12.90]From which we're protected by a presumably indestructible dam. 我们被一个据推测不可毁灭的大坝保护着
[04:17.86]We've got people here today from all around the world... 我们把这个世界上从中国到西弗吉尼亚的人们
[04:21.74]...from as far as China to West Virginia. 聚集到这儿
[04:22.34]Also I think there's some Canadians here. 当然,应该还有些加拿大人
[04:28.22]You're supposed to be broadcasting this. 应该是你报道这个
[04:30.38]There's a problem. The food's getting bigger. 这儿出问题了 食物变大了
[04:31.38]I know, it's great. Bigger portion sizes. Everyone loves it. 我知道,这很好,大配额 所有人都欢喜
[04:34.94]I'm not sure we're doing the right thing here. 我不肯定我们在这儿做得对
[04:38.94]What if we've bitten off more than we can chew? 我们要的太多了
[04:40.22]For the first time in my life, everybody loves something that I've done. 这是我生命中的第一次 所有人都爱我做的东西
[04:44.62]Why can't you just be happy for me... 你为什么就不能为我高兴
[04:48.10]...and go say the weather or something. Jeez. 或者说说天气什么的,天啊
[04:49.90]And without further ado... 毋庸赘述
[04:50.06]...our town's hero and my metaphorical8 son... 我们镇子的英雄 我心目中的儿子
[04:54.46]...Flint Lockwood. Flint Lockwood
[04:58.74]Thank you. Thank you, everyone. 谢谢,谢谢,大家


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  • It's very difficult to treat genetic diseases.遗传性疾病治疗起来很困难。
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分子( molecule的名词复数 )
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  • So, in a metaphorical sense, entropy is arrow of time. 所以说,我们可以这样作个比喻:熵像是时间之矢。
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