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听电影学英语-美少女啦啦队 12

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  [00:04.32]Five, six, seven, eight. 5, 6, 7, 8
[00:11.28]MALE CHEERLEADER: Okay. Hold it, hold it. 保持住 保持住
[00:13.88]...six, seven, eight. ...6, 7, 8
[00:16.64]One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
[00:19.04]Good job. Happy Halloween! 很好 万圣节快乐!
[00:22.12]- Trick or treat? - How about the treat? - 不请吃就捣蛋 - 那就捣蛋怎么样
[00:30.04]Can you hand me the white? 把白色的给我好吗
[00:34.04]Thanks. 谢谢
[00:35.92]WINNIE: Come on, you guys. How many times do we have to do this? 拜托 你们这些人 这个动作你们要做几遍?
[00:41.52]- Finally. - One, two. - 总算好了 - 1, 2
[00:46.96]- That routine1 was the business, right? - Yeah. - 舞步才是最重要的 不是吗? - 是的
[00:47.20]Good work, y’all. 大家干得好
[00:49.76]We’re only gonna have one chance, y’all, 我们只有一次机会 伙计们
[00:50.84]to clean that up in the game this Friday against Pomona. 在星期五对波莫那的比赛之前 把动作练好
[00:54.72]- All right. - Right. - 好的 - 好
[00:56.52]- Bye, y’all. - See you, Camille. - 大家再见 - 再见 卡蜜儿
[00:58.40]Britney. Hey, hey. Brit. 布兰妮 嗨 嗨 布莉
[01:02.68]- Let’s go to the beach. - In November? - 我们去海滩 - 在十一月份?

  [01:14.40]BRITNEY: I thought we’re going to the beach. JESSE: This is the beach. -我本想我们去的是海滩 -这里就是海滩
[01:18.28]Tar beach. That’s what they called it when my grandparents hooked2 up. 焦油海滩 我祖父母 谈恋爱的时候就这样叫
[01:21.68]- Where did they immigrate3 from? - Brooklyn. - 他们是从哪里移民过来的? - 布鲁克林
[01:25.72]For real. 我说真的
[01:26.80]They say it was really dangerous back in the day. 他们说那时候那里很危险
[01:29.80]Funny thing is, they moved here to keep their kids away from gangs4. 有趣的是 他们搬到这里 是为了让孩子远离帮派
[01:33.60]Wrong. 想错了
[01:38.68]Everything looks better up here. 从上面看一切都好多了
[01:41.52]Things do when you step back and take a good look. 退一步海阔天空
[01:46.48]You know, Camille’s right about me. 你知道吗 卡蜜儿对我的看法是对的
[01:50.48]The squad’s the only place I’ll ever fit in. 啦啦队是我唯一 也是仅有的 适合我的地方
[01:52.00]But she needs to know she can’t mess with me. 但是她必须知道 不能随便摆布我
[01:53.04]Camille can take care of herself. She used to be a gangbanger. 卡蜜儿能照顾好自己 她曾经是帮派成员
[01:56.16]- What? She could kill me! - I’m playing with you, Britney. - 什么? 她可能杀了我! - 我和你开玩笑 布兰妮
[02:00.60]That is so not funny! I saw Boyz n The Hood5. 这一点都不好笑! 我看过《街区男孩》

  [02:06.80]And I saw Clueless, but I still came up here with you. 而我看过《无影无踪》 但是我仍然和你一起到了这里
[02:08.16]Yeah. 是啊
[02:12.64]Guess that shows how little we know about each other. 看来我们对彼此知道的还太少
[02:17.12]So far. 迄今为止
[02:19.28]Jesse, I have a... 杰西 我有...
[02:27.04]I thought you wanted me to. 我以为你希望我这样做
[02:32.96]I did, but... I have a... 我确实希望 但是... 我有...
[02:38.52]I have to go. 我得走了
[02:41.16](DOOR CLOSING) 谁和谁在开玩笑?
[02:42.80]Who’s playing with who?
[02:48.76]Look, I know you’re mad at me, but I have dirt. 我知道你对我很生气 但是我有麻烦了
[02:49.72]AMBER: So, now you call me back? 你现在想到给我打电话了
[02:52.84]- Spill. - Okay. - 说吧 - 好的
[02:56.40]I kissed another boy tonight. 我今晚吻了另一个男孩
[02:57.48]- Who? Where? - His name’s Jesse. On the mouth. - 谁? 亲哪里? - 他叫杰西 嘴巴
[03:01.28]- No. - Yes. What if Brad finds out? - 不 - 是的 如果布拉德知道了怎么办?
[03:05.92]- Brad’s been studying with Winnie. - So? - 布拉德一直在和温妮一起学习 - 所以?
[03:06.72]He’s our star athlete, Brit. When did he ever study? 他是我们的明星运动员 布莉 他什么时候学习过了?
[03:13.20]Look, we both know the only reason she wants Brad is because he’s yours. 我们都知道她要得到布拉德 是因为他是你的男朋友
[03:13.68]So, when you say study, you mean... 所以你说的学习指的是...
[03:19.64]- So, what are you going to do about it? - I don’t know. - 你准备怎么做? - 我不知道
[03:23.24]Well, you better figure it out before the homecoming dance Friday. 你最好在星期五返校舞会以前弄明白
[03:26.00]Oh, shit. I totally forgot about the dance. What am I going to do? 哦 老天 我完全把舞会忘记了 我该怎么办?
[03:30.28]IDK, but you really need to think about this. 我不知道 (IDK=I Don’t Know) 但是你真得好好想想这个问题
[03:33.56]You’ve already lost your team. Do you want to lose Brad, too? 你已经失去了你的团队 你还想失去布拉德?
[03:42.80]...high school boys. They be all up on you and stuff6. ...高校男生 他们都被你迷住了
[03:46.12]- I know, girl. - They be doing the most. - 我知道 - 他们一直做着最好的
[03:47.48]- Who you going with? - Well, I was thinking... - 你打算和谁拍拖 - 我在想...
[03:47.76]- Hey, guys. I have some bad news. - What’s up? - 嗨 伙计们 我有个坏消息 - 怎么了
[03:51.16]- I can’t cheer at the game on Friday. - Why not? - 星期五的比赛我不能参加了 - 为什么
[03:54.96]- Because... - This better be good. - 因为... - 最好是个好理由
[03:57.92]Oh, it is. 哦 是的

  [04:00.00]My dog died. 我的狗死了
[04:06.00]- You’re missing7 our game for a dog? - He wasn’t just any dog. - 你为了一只狗错过一场比赛 - 它不仅仅是条狗
[04:11.76]I’ve had him since I was a little girl. 从我还是小女孩的时候 他就陪着我了
[04:13.16]What the dog’s name? 狗叫什么名字
[04:21.76]Nike. His name was Nike. 耐克 他叫耐克
[04:25.96]Wait. You named your dog after a shoe? 等下 你用鞋子的名字给狗起名字?
[04:28.96]Your sister’s named after a car. 你妹妹是用车名起名字的
[04:29.12]No, Mercedes is named after my grandmother. 才不是 奔驰是我们祖母的名字
[04:31.00]Whatever. 管你呢
[04:32.80]Anyway, Nike’s memorial service is on Friday. 不管怎样 耐克的纪念仪式是在星期五
[04:35.52]You’re having a funeral for a dog? 你为一条狗举行葬礼?
[04:37.08]He wasn’t just a dog. 它不仅仅是条狗
[04:40.28]He was a member of the family. 他是我家庭的一员
[04:42.16]Dang, man. White people are crazy about their pets. 妈的 白人对他们的宠物真狂热
[04:44.44]Yes, we are. 是的 确实是
[04:47.04]And I know you’ll hate me for missing the game, 我知道你会因为我错过比赛而恨我
[04:51.68]but I know Nike would have wanted it this way. 但是我知道耐克希望我这样做
[04:53.72]Hey, who am I to stand between a white girl and her dead dog? 我干嘛要拆散 白人女孩和她的死狗
[04:56.36]Thank you, Camille. 谢谢你 卡蜜儿


1 routine ssoyf     
  • It is everyday routine.这是每天的例行公事。
  • She found the hospital routine slightly dull.她感到医院的工作有点枯燥乏味。
2 hooked IrYzX9     
  • I first got hooked on scuba diving when I was twelve. 12 岁时我开始迷上了带水肺潜水。
  • He hooked his arm round her neck and pulled her head down. 他一只胳膊钩在她的脖子上,把她的头拉低。
3 immigrate haAxe     
  • 10,000 people are expected to immigrate in the next two years.接下来的两年里预计有10,000人会移民至此。
  • Only few plants can immigrate to the island.只有很少的植物能够移植到这座岛上。
4 gangs 0e39843e1620f49df2145158efac5ac9     
n.(罪犯有组织的)一帮( gang的名词复数 );一伙;(闹事青少年的)一群;(工人有组织的)一队
  • Gangs of youths went on the rampage in the city yesterday. 成群结伙的年轻人昨天在城里横冲直撞。
  • a vicious turf war between rival gangs of drug dealers 对立贩毒团伙之间的猛烈火并
5 hood ddwzJ     
  • She is wearing a red cloak with a hood.她穿着一件红色带兜帽的披风。
  • The car hood was dented in.汽车的发动机罩已凹了进去。
6 stuff Itsw1     
  • We could supply you with the stuff in the raw tomorrow.明天我们可以供应你原材料。
  • He is not the stuff.他不是这个材料。
7 missing 3nTzx7     
  • Check the tools and see if anything is missing.检点一下工具,看有无丢失。
  • All the others are here;he's the only one missing.别人都来了,就短他一个。
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