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听电影学英语-朋友一场 02

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  [00:01.16]# When Jam-- #
[00:03.60]Hold on. 等等
[00:07.80]# When Jamie-- #
[00:10.76]He’s crazy. 他疯了
[00:11.96]# When Jamie... #
[00:13.28]God damn1 it! Come on, Dusty2! 该死! 行了,达斯丁!
[00:16.32]Dusty, come here. 达斯丁,过来
[00:21.72]Maybe you should come back another time when you’re-- 或许你应该换个时间再来--
[00:24.28]- Oh, no, I got it. - You can come back - 哦,不,我知道了 - 你可以再来
[00:24.36]and then play it for us later, okay? 然后弹给我们听,好吗?
[00:26.36]- I really-- I’ve got it. It’s beautiful. - Yeah. - 我真的-- 我明白了,歌很美 - 对
[00:28.76]- It is. - Bye, Dusty. - 没错 - 再见,达斯丁
[00:34.04]Jesus. 天啊
[00:35.12]Yeah. 对
[00:35.40]Oh, I almost forgot. 哦,我差点忘了
[00:38.08]I got you a little something right here. 我要给你个小礼物
[00:42.00]Okay. Now I know it’s a little dorky, 好了,我知道有点笨笨的
[00:44.00]but I had to do it. 但我不得不这么做
[00:46.04]So look at it. 来看看
[00:48.04]Will you put it on for me? 你能穿上让我看看吗?
[00:50.04]- Now? - Please, please? Put it on. - 现在? - 拜托,拜托了,穿上吧
[00:51.52]- Okay. Quickly. - Okay okay okay okay. - 好,快点 - 好吧,好吧
[00:55.80]- I think it’s gonna fit. - Yeah. - 我觉得会合身 - 对
[00:57.00]- Let’s see. - Okay. - 来看看 - 好
[00:59.80]- Here we go. - Okay. - 好了 - 好

[01:05.76]It’s a little snug3. 有点小
[01:06.96]Oh my God, isn’t that so cute? 我的天哪 不可爱吗?
[01:08.00]"Shakes come and go, “身边人来人往
[01:10.00]but friends are furrr-ever!" 但朋友是一生-一世!”
[01:13.68]That’s adorable! Let’s go show my mom. 太棒了! 给我妈妈看看去
[01:16.36]She’ll love it. Let’s go show her. Come on. 她会喜欢的,我们去吧,快点
[01:18.60]- Let’s not. No no. Come on. - Chris, she’s gonna love it! - 别,不要,行了 - 克里斯,她会喜欢的!
[01:19.96]- Just-- we’re busy! - Chris, are you okay? - 只要-- 我们很忙! - 克里斯,你没事吧?
[01:20.48]Just-- just wait. 等--等等
[01:23.24]Yes, I’m fine. I just-- 对,我没事 我只是--
[01:28.64]I signed your yearbook. 我写完你的同学录了
[01:30.72]Um... 嗯...
[01:30.88]read it... please. 读出来... 拜托
[01:35.68]Okay. 好
[01:38.92]Please, God. 求你,上帝
[01:43.32]"Stud muffin, getting it on in your love truck was hot!" “性感的男子,在你的车里 激情燃烧!”
[01:45.72]- Oh! - Wait! That’s not what I wrote! - 哦! - 等等!这不是我写的!
[01:49.32]This is Tim’s yearbook. 这是提姆的同学录
[01:51.20]- Chris? - Oh my God! - 克里斯? - 我的天哪!
[01:55.88]Listen to this. Listen to this. 听听这个 听听这个

  [01:56.64]"When we’re together, I feel"... “当我们在一起时 我觉得”...
[02:04.48]- "You’re my best friend..." - Please, don’t read that. - “你是我最好的朋友...” - 求你别读了
[02:04.92]Okay. 好
[02:07.96]"but I want to be more than that"? “但我想要更进一步”?
[02:09.96]Ooh! 哦!
[02:12.24]Sincerely, Chris Brander, BFF." 真诚的,克里斯 布兰德 BFF"
[02:12.96]"Hoping to be your boyfriend. “想要做你的男朋友
[02:17.52]It’s a joke! That’s a joke between me and Jamie! 这是个玩笑!我和洁蜜之间的玩笑!
[02:21.32]Holy shit! Check out his shirt! 胡说八道! 看看他的衣服!
[02:30.72]Aw, he’s gonna cry. 啊,他要哭了
[02:33.52]See ya! 再见!
[02:36.12]G’bye, fatty! 再见了,肥佬!
[02:39.68]Chris! 克里斯!
[02:40.08]Try a salad! 吃沙拉吧!
[02:43.84]- Chris! - Leave me alone! - 克里斯! - 别理我!
[02:45.76]Chris! We need to talk about what you wrote. 克里斯! 我们得谈谈你写的东西
[02:45.84]Don’t worry about it. It happens to everybody. 别担心 谁都会出这种事
[02:50.24]Is that really how you feel? 这是你的真实感受?
[02:52.28]I don’t know. Maybe. Why? 我不知道,或许,怎么了?
[02:53.52]Because that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever written me. 因为这是别人给我写得最贴心的话
[02:56.40]It was? 是吗?
[02:59.24]Yes. 是的
[03:01.84]I love you, Chris... 我爱你,克里斯..
[03:07.64]- like a brother. - Hmm? - 像哥哥一般 - 嗯?
[03:08.40]- We’re friends, right? - For sure! - 我们是朋友,对吧? - 当然!
[03:13.88]Ah, you pussy4! 啊,恶心!
[03:15.88]Shut up, Tim! 闭嘴,提姆!
[03:19.12]Don’t you people have anything better to do?! 你们这些人没别的事可做了吗?!
[03:24.04]God! Just leave him alone! 天哪!别理他!
[03:27.28]You jerks5! 你们这群讨厌鬼!
[03:30.36]- I’ll show you! - Ooh! - 我会证明给你看! - 哦!
[03:31.68]I’ll show all of you! 我会证明给你们大家!
[03:32.28]This town is full of losers 这个小镇全是废物
[03:35.16]and I’m pulling out to win! 而我要成功!
[03:39.20]- My name is Chris Brander! - Chris, let’s talk! - 我叫克里斯 布兰德! - 克里斯,我们谈谈!
[03:39.24]Chris! Chris, come back! 克里斯! 克里斯,回来!
[03:44.08]You remember that name! ’Cause I’m gonna be somebody! 你要记得那个名字! 因为我会成为名人的!
[04:13.80]I don’t know what to say. 我不知道该说什么
[04:14.60]I mean, the sex is good, 我是说,做爱很美好
[04:15.32]but I’m a person too. 但我也是个人
[04:19.12]I mean, I have feelings and needs 我是说,我有感觉有需要
[04:19.20]other than just physical! 不仅仅是生理上的!
[04:22.08]Don’t you have anything to say for yourself? 你没有什么好说的吗?
[04:27.84]I think you’ve pretty much said it all. 我想你已经说得够多了

  [04:32.84]Have a great life, ’cause Athena’s out! 好好生活吧 因为雅典娜不玩了!
[04:36.88]I don’t know why you just don’t take me serious! 我不知道为什么你不把我当回事!
[04:44.76]Wow! 喔!
[04:46.80]I guess Athena’s out. 我猜雅典娜不玩了
[04:47.44]God, can you believe that? 天哪,你能相信吗?
[04:49.68]I get dumped6 four days before Christmas. 我在圣诞节前四天被甩了
[04:51.68]- I saw. - Yeah, and yet, you did nothing. - 我看见了 - 对,而且,你袖手旁观
[04:53.68]Technically, that makes you an accomplice7. 事实上,这让你成为帮凶
[04:54.64]Guilty as charged. 也是有罪的
[04:57.76]You know, in some cultures they’d spank8 you for that. 你知道吗,在有些文化里 他们会因这个打你屁股
[04:59.56]Oh, I love to travel. 哦,我爱旅行


1 damn jnyzC     
  • Damn this useless typewriter!这台破打字机真该死!
  • I knew damn well what he was going to say.我非常清楚他要说什么。
2 dusty NuczPf     
  • He was pulling dead roots from the dusty earth.他正在从土中拔出枯死的根茎。
  • One spring it was very windy and dusty here.有一年春天这里风沙很大。
3 snug 3TvzG     
  • He showed us into a snug little sitting room.他领我们走进了一间温暖而舒适的小客厅。
  • She had a small but snug home.她有个小小的但很舒适的家。
4 pussy x0dzA     
  • Why can't they leave my pussy alone?为什么他们就不能离我小猫咪远一点?
  • The baby was playing with his pussy.孩子正和他的猫嬉戏。
5 jerks d7526486abda63bdc2e40b061a815838     
猛拉( jerk的第三人称单数 ); (使…)猝然一动[颤动]
  • The Physical Jerks would begin in three minutes. 再有三分钟,体操就要开始啦。 来自英汉文学
  • The absence of knee jerks should suggest the diagnosis. 膝反射消失应说明此诊断。
6 dumped dumped     
adj.废弃的v.倾倒( dump的过去式和过去分词 );丢下;随便堆放;释放
  • Too much toxic waste is being dumped at sea. 太多的有毒废料在向大海里倾倒。
  • They dumped his belongings unceremoniously on the floor. 他们粗暴地把他的物品摔到地板上。
7 accomplice XJsyq     
  • She was her husband's accomplice in murdering a rich old man.她是她丈夫谋杀一个老富翁的帮凶。
  • He is suspected as an accomplice of the murder.他涉嫌为这次凶杀案的同谋。
8 spank NFFzE     
  • Be careful.If you don't work hard,I'll spank your bottom.你再不好好学习,小心被打屁股。
  • He does it very often.I really get mad.I can't help spank him sometimes.他经常这样做。我很气愤。有时候我忍不住打他的屁股。
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