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听电影学英语-足球老爹 12

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  [00:01.52]What? 干嘛?
[00:02.89]Can I have the ball? 能把球给我吗?
[00:04.26]For what? I caught it. Why? 为啥? 我拿到的,干嘛给你?
[00:06.63]You get the next one. 你等着拿下一个吧
[00:07.45]If I beat you in the finals, I get the Pelé ball. 如果我在决赛里打败你了,贝利球归我
[00:13.22]Forever. 永远归我
[00:14.15]For the day. 就拿一天?
[00:15.82]No way, Jose. No, sir. No way. 没门儿,何塞 不行,不可能
[00:18.34](imitating chicken clucking)
[00:20.71](all laughing)
[00:24.85]All right. All right. 好吧,好吧
[00:26.97]Yeah? 同意了?
[00:28.48]We got ourselves a bet, okay? 就这么定了,行吗?
[00:29.48]All right. 可以
[00:31.89]Good. Yes. 很好,很好
[00:32.22]Good. Good. 很好 很好
[00:34.37]See you tomorrow. 明天见
[00:35.52]Okay. Good. 好
[00:42.93]Yeah, I think we’re gonna have to cut you off, sir. 呃,先生,我想你可不能再喝了
[00:47.78]Ooh. 噢
[00:49.19]Not a chance. Gotta go feed the meter. 不必了,我还得接着跑步呢
[00:50.67]Line ’em up. 收拾一下
[00:55.89]Your wife told me about 你老婆把你和你爸打赌的事
[00:57.74]the bet you made with your old man. 告诉我了
[01:00.85]Oh, yeah? What of it? 哦,是吗?有什么不妥吗?
[01:02.22]I think maybe 我觉得也许你
[01:03.26]We played the easy part of our schedule. 我们之前的几场比赛都比较容易
[01:03.48]you’re getting ahead of yourself. 有点玩过头了
[01:06.67]just to make the semifinals. 才能进入半决赛
[01:07.00]We gotta win five games in a row 我们还得在小组赛里再赢五场
[01:09.52]So maybe you should-- 所以,也许你应该
[01:11.00]Maybe you should worry more about the team 也许你应该多操心球队的事
[01:12.41]and less about the schedule. 少操心赛程的事
[01:12.82]There’s a lot of slothfulness going on. 还有很多人在偷懒呢
[01:14.26]What? 什么?
[01:16.41]Slothfulness? 偷懒?
[01:17.52]Yeah. 没错
[01:19.15]Let’s go, Tigers. Bring it in. 队员们,集合一下
[01:20.56]Bring it in, guys. 大家集合一下
[01:22.34]Let’s go. 快点
[01:22.70]Grab some bench. 找位子坐好
[01:25.08]Look how much time it takes for them to come in. 你看光集个合就得花多少时间
[01:27.85]Take a seat. Let’s go. 快点坐好
[01:28.85]Okay, guys. 好了,各位,
[01:31.37]I had you come here early today, 我今天特意让大家提前过来
[01:35.11]so we could talk about some sloppy1 play. 主要是想跟大家谈谈我们现在球风懒散的问题
[01:39.63]It’s come to my attention 近来,我注意到了这个
[01:40.63]that lately, I’ve noticed 很严重的问题 我发现
[01:42.63]a general, blatant2 disregard 大家普遍对我们制定的比赛计划
[01:46.00]for our game plan. 非常的不重视
[01:47.56]Ambrose. 安布罗斯
[01:49.04]Yeah? 到?
[01:50.19]I saw a bunch of nonsense out there. 我发现上周你的表现有些钝
[01:50.60]What was going through your head out there last week? 你脑子里究竟在想些啥?

  [01:52.97]I was breaking my back for you, Coach, 教练,虽然因为你我背部受了伤
[01:56.30]because of my love for the game. 但我还是喜欢踢球
[01:57.08]Liar! 撒谎!
[01:59.85]Who are you supposed to pass the ball to? 你应该把球传给谁?
[02:00.19]Jack. What? 杰克 怎么?
[02:01.11]The ltalians. 意大利男孩
[02:02.22]Right. Alex, when? 正确 阿历克斯,什么时候?
[02:03.74]When I come in contact with the ball. 一接到球就传
[02:06.97]The instant you come in contact with the ball. 一接到球就传
[02:07.15]That’s our strategy. 这就是我们的战略
[02:08.89]It’s one of the many plays we’ve worked out. 我们运用这个战略赢了很多比赛
[02:10.63]It’s the only play we’ve worked out. 这也是我们唯一奏效过的策略
[02:11.78]How many sarcastic3 pills did you take this morning? 你今天是不是吃了挖苦药了?
[02:14.15]Coach, I’m just saying-- 教练,我只是说
[02:15.52]"But, Coach..." 可是,教练
[02:21.82]You gotta lighten up. 你应该鼓舞大家的
[02:23.67]He started it. 他先说的
[02:26.19]I seem to remember a certain little boy 我还记得有一个小男孩
[02:28.19]who was very sad when he lost. 输球的时候无比沮丧
[02:30.08]And that same little boy was very happy when he won. 但当他赢球了,他是多么的开心
[02:32.70]I’m doing this for you, okay? 我做这些全都是为你,知道吗?
[02:36.71]So that we can have fun. 所以我们会开心的
[02:38.11]Right? Fun. Okay. 对吗?开心,好吗?
[02:40.11]Yeah. 嗯
[02:41.00]Hey, you’re--you’re late. 嘿,你们,你们迟到了
[02:43.48]Wh-Wh-Where’ve you been? 你们去哪,哪,哪儿了?
[02:45.89]Uh, there’s a problem. 呃,出了点问题
[02:46.89]Wait, where’s Gian Piero and Massimo? 等等,吉安 皮埃罗和马西莫呢?
[02:47.78]We were supposed to pick them up. 你们本该去接他们过来的
[02:51.04]Hey, what’s going on? 嘿,到底发生什么了?
[02:52.78](speaking in ltalian) (意大利语)
[02:56.67](all gasp) Where are my ltalians? 我的意大利男孩在哪儿?
[02:58.82]Huh? 嗯?
[03:00.67]I can’t afford to lose this one, Umberto. 安布托,我不能输这场比赛
[03:01.85]Meat is now. Me and the boy will work 现在重要的是肉,我和男孩们现在得工作
[03:04.48]all day to get this order done. 这个大订单得让我们忙活一整天
[03:05.85]It’s a big, big order. 这可是个非常,非常大的订单
[03:07.63]No, no, no. I... Believe me, I know. Meat comes first. 不,不,不 我…相信,我,我知道的,卖肉第一
[03:12.85]Sure. 没错
[03:13.97]I’ve only heard it about a thousand times from you. 我都听你说过一万遍了
[03:14.89]I can’t talk to you. Here, you take this. 我没空和你聊了 来,你来接电话
[03:17.41](Phil) I’m really getting sick and tired of 我实在是烦你们老说什么
[03:18.89]"the meat comes first." I’m sorry. “卖肉第一” 对不起
[03:22.26]∮ Happy birthday ∮∮ “祝你生日快乐”
[03:23.74]Quiet please! 静一静!
[03:24.30]Shut up! I’m on the phone. 闭嘴! 我正在打电话

  [03:25.30]You’re not the only one in the park. 公园不是你们家开的
[03:28.78]You know, at a certain point, 你也知道,从某种程度上来说
[03:31.26]these kids just wanna play soccer. 这些孩子只想踢足球
[03:31.67]They don’t care about the meat. 他们不关心肉的
[03:32.19]Uh, do I have to say that? ’Cause that’s gonna cause 呃,我一定要说吗? 如果我说了会可能引起
[03:35.22]some kind of a dramatic situation here. 一种很戏剧化的局面
[03:38.82]What are you saying, eh? 你在说些什么?
[03:41.60]What? Hello? Umberto? 什么? 喂?安布托?
[03:42.48]Umberto? 安布托
[03:47.00]All right, guys. 好了,各位
[03:47.63]We got 25 minutes and a lot of beef to cut. 我们得在25分钟之内把这些牛肉切完
[03:52.63]Let’s get to it. 大家开干吧
[03:53.00](saw whirring)
[03:54.41](Phil) Watch me, boys, I’m goin’ in! 看好了,小伙子们,我要开锯了!
[03:58.63]Whoa! 喔啊!
[04:02.30](horn blaring)
[04:05.82](all yelling)
[04:37.82]We made it. Sorry we’re late. 我们赶到了,抱歉迟了一点
[04:40.71]Hey, Stew4. 你好,斯德
[04:41.97]Hey. 你好
[04:45.45]Uh. Listen. One of-- One of my guys didn’t bring his socks. 呃,听着 我们队有个人忘了带袜子过来
[04:46.70]So, we forfeit5. 所以,我们弃权
[04:51.60]You hear that, Vultures, we forfeit. Let’s go. 听到了没有,秃鹫队 我们弃权了,走吧
[04:53.52](whistle blowing) Come on! Run! 大家跟上! 跑啊!
[04:56.00]Hurry, run quickly! 快点,跑快点!
[04:57.85]Run! Run to the car! Run! 快跑!快跑到车上去!快跑!
[04:59.48]Don’t look back! Run! 别回头看!快跑!
[05:00.78]We won! 我们赢了!


1 sloppy 1E3zO     
  • If you do such sloppy work again,I promise I'll fail you.要是下次作业你再马马虎虎,我话说在头里,可要给你打不及格了。
  • Mother constantly picked at him for being sloppy.母亲不断地批评他懒散。
2 blatant ENCzP     
  • I cannot believe that so blatant a comedy can hoodwink anybody.我无法相信这么显眼的一出喜剧能够欺骗谁。
  • His treatment of his secretary was a blatant example of managerial arrogance.他管理的傲慢作风在他对待秘书的态度上表露无遗。
3 sarcastic jCIzJ     
  • I squashed him with a sarcastic remark.我说了一句讽刺的话把他给镇住了。
  • She poked fun at people's shortcomings with sarcastic remarks.她冷嘲热讽地拿别人的缺点开玩笑。
4 stew 0GTz5     
  • The stew must be boiled up before serving.炖肉必须煮熟才能上桌。
  • There's no need to get in a stew.没有必要烦恼。
5 forfeit YzCyA     
  • If you continue to tell lies,you will forfeit the good opinion of everyone.你如果继续撒谎,就会失掉大家对你的好感。
  • Please pay for the forfeit before you borrow book.在你借书之前请先付清罚款。
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