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听电影学英语-战争之王 19

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  [00:05.34]我的敌人终于找到了一种 My enemies had finally found a weapon
[00:07.04]可以伤害我的武器 that could hurt me.
[00:10.38]在接下来的6个月了 For the next six months,
[00:11.41]我不再走私枪支了 I stopped running guns.
[00:12.84]我开始做正当生意 I went legitimate1.
[00:13.81]这是一个不可限量的市场 This is an untapped market.
[00:15.58]我们在说5百万平方米的森林 I’m talking over five million cubic meters of timber
[00:18.28]仅仅是第一年 in the first year alone.
[00:19.54]超过100种可以开发的种类 Over 100 exploitable species.
[00:21.88]石油? The oil?
[00:22.98]只是在你和我之间 Between you and me, this...
[00:25.28]1万桶一个月 Ten thousand barrels a month?
[00:27.51]他一定是在说谎,他在说谎! He must be lying. He’s talking!
[00:31.38]这有一些石油储备 Listen, there are gas reserves off the
[00:32.61]石油输出国组织根本不知道 lvory Coast that OPEC doesn’t even know about.
[00:34.88]这些电话号码已经都检查过了 The phone numbers all check out.
[00:38.94]都是合法的 It’s all on the level.
[00:41.78]怪不得瓦伦丁会困惑了 No wonder Valentine was confused.
[00:57.88]感谢上帝 Thank God there are still legal ways
[00:59.54]还是有一些合法渠道可以和发展中国家交易 to exploit developing countries.
[01:02.21]但是合法的钱 The only problem with an honest buck2
[01:04.31]真是难赚 is they’re so hard to make.
[01:06.14]很多人都在干 The margins3 are too low.
[01:07.68]利润实在太低了 Too many people are doing it.

[01:13.44]但是我已经答应了艾娃 Still, I’d promised Ava.
[01:25.54]尤里,利比里亚的总统正在来这里的路 Yuri, the President of Liberia is on his way up.
[01:30.84]他早到了 He’s early.
[01:33.24]我一会就回来 I’ll be back in a minute.
[01:41.68]你来这做什么,安德烈? What the fuck are you doing here, Andre?
[01:44.04]我到联合国来签和平条约 We are here for peace talks at the United Nations.
[01:46.08]所以你决定 So at the same time you thought
[01:46.94]顺便来问候你的军火商? you’d drop in on your arms dealer4?
[01:48.48]我只是奇怪 Well, I was beginning to wonder
[01:49.64]那还是你的职业吗? whether that was still your profession.
[01:52.11]你知道吗 You know, you’re a hard man
[01:52.91]你这个人并不好找 to get a hold of all of Sudden.
[01:55.51]太可惜了 That is a shame.
[01:57.28]我儿子和我准备在纽约 My son and I were hoping to do a little shopping.
[02:01.01]顺道购物一番 While in New York.
[02:02.34]他们在监视你,你知道吗? You know they’re watching you.
[02:03.41]是的,我知道 Yes, I know they blame me.
[02:05.18]他们什么事都要怪在我头上 那些伪君子! They blame me for everything, those hypocrites.
[02:07.81]他们在找一个巫师(政治迫害的错误语法) There’re hunt for a witch.
[02:09.74]是政治迫害 Witch hunt.
[02:11.18]冲突已经升级了 Hostilities5 have escalated6.
[02:13.78]我无法得到我想要的资源 And they are making it very difficult for me to re-supply.

  [02:17.18]这需要一个像你这样的人来协调 That requires a man of your rare ingenuity7.
[02:24.64]对不起,我无法帮助你 I can’t help you, I’m sorry.
[02:33.41]我理解 I understand.
[02:36.74]但是你应该知道这些: But you should know this:
[02:38.64]在目前的情况下 Due to our present situation
[02:40.11]我们愿意付出任何代价 we are compelled to be unusually generous.
[02:49.21]希望很快见到你,战争之王 So, see you soon, Lord of War.
[02:57.21]你还没有给我兰博之枪 You still haven’t brought me the gun of Rambo.
[03:16.94]一个四个半月大的胎儿 At four and a half months old...
[03:18.94]可以看到尾骨 a human fetus8 has a reptile’s tail...
[03:21.94]这就是进化的证明 a remnant of our evolution.
[03:24.01]也许那就是我无法停止的原因 Maybe that’s what I couldn’t escape.
[03:26.14]你可以和许多敌人战斗过 仍然存活下来 You can fight a lot of enemies and survive,
[03:28.58]但是如果你和你自己战斗 but if you fight your biology,
[03:30.58]你总是会输 you always lose.
[03:31.81]你们不要和我说再见吗? You guys aren’t waiting to say goodbye?
[03:33.24]我还要10分钟才离开这里 I’m not leaving for another ten minutes.
[03:34.71]对不起,尼奇要去上游泳课了 Sorry, Nicki has swim practice.
[03:37.98]我知道你要出差,我觉的很高兴 You know, I’m kind of glad you’re going.
[03:39.91]你在这里呆的太久 You’ve been here so long
[03:40.74]我开始有些担心了 you’re starting to get on my nerves.
[03:42.84]这个石油项目会在周四结束 This oil concession9 should be wrapped up by Thursday.
[03:45.01]周末我就会回来 I’ll be back for the weekend.
[03:46.38]我们一家人出去聚一聚 We’ll go somewhere.
[03:47.51]去海边 The sea.
[03:48.61]那太好了 That would be fun.
[03:50.88]好 Come on.
[03:51.54]你相信我,对吗? Hey. You trust me, right?
[03:56.98]他看着我的眼神 She looked me directly in the eye...
[03:58.44]就像我看着 the way I’ve looked in the eyes
[03:59.44]上千名海关人员,政府官员 of a thousand customs officials...
[04:01.21]和其他执法官员的眼神一样 government bureaucrats10 and law enforcement agents.
[04:04.08]是的,我相信你 Yes, I trust you.
[04:06.38]她就这样向我撒了慌 And she lied without flinching11.
[04:08.91]再见,宝贝 I’ll see you, big guy.
[04:10.98]再见,爸爸 Bye Papa.
[04:12.68]她从最好的人那里学到了这些 She learned from the best.
[04:14.34]祝你旅行愉快 Have a good trip.
[04:32.91]那就是他 That’s him.
[04:54.68]我们要去哪里,妈妈? Where are we going, Mama?
[04:56.44]这是一个游戏,亲爱的 It’s a game, honey.
[04:57.71]像捉迷藏一样吗? Like hide and seek?
[05:00.31]是的 Yes.


1 legitimate L9ZzJ     
  • Sickness is a legitimate reason for asking for leave.生病是请假的一个正当的理由。
  • That's a perfectly legitimate fear.怀有这种恐惧完全在情理之中。
2 buck ESky8     
  • The boy bent curiously to the skeleton of the buck.这个男孩好奇地弯下身去看鹿的骸骨。
  • The female deer attracts the buck with high-pitched sounds.雌鹿以尖声吸引雄鹿。
3 margins 18cef75be8bf936fbf6be827537c8585     
边( margin的名词复数 ); 利润; 页边空白; 差数
  • They have always had to make do with relatively small profit margins. 他们不得不经常设法应付较少的利润额。
  • To create more space between the navigation items, add left and right margins to the links. 在每个项目间留更多的空隙,加左或者右的margins来定义链接。
4 dealer GyNxT     
  • The dealer spent hours bargaining for the painting.那个商人为购买那幅画花了几个小时讨价还价。
  • The dealer reduced the price for cash down.这家商店对付现金的人减价优惠。
5 hostilities 4c7c8120f84e477b36887af736e0eb31     
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  • All the old hostilities resurfaced when they met again. 他们再次碰面时,过去的种种敌意又都冒了出来。
6 escalated 219d770572d00a227dc481a3bdb2c51e     
v.(使)逐步升级( escalate的过去式和过去分词 );(使)逐步扩大;(使)更高;(使)更大
  • The fighting escalated into a full-scale war. 这场交战逐步扩大为全面战争。
  • The demonstration escalated into a pitched battle with the police. 示威逐步升级,演变成了一场同警察的混战。
7 ingenuity 77TxM     
  • The boy showed ingenuity in making toys.那个小男孩做玩具很有创造力。
  • I admire your ingenuity and perseverance.我钦佩你的别出心裁和毅力。
8 fetus ekHx3     
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9 concession LXryY     
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  • That is a great concession.这是很大的让步。
10 bureaucrats 1f41892e761d50d96f1feea76df6dcd3     
n.官僚( bureaucrat的名词复数 );官僚主义;官僚主义者;官僚语言
  • That is the fate of the bureaucrats, not the inspiration of statesmen. 那是官僚主义者的命运,而不是政治家的灵感。 来自辞典例句
  • Big business and dozens of anonymous bureaucrats have as much power as Japan's top elected leaders. 大企业和许多不知名的官僚同日本选举出来的最高层领导者们的权力一样大。 来自辞典例句
11 flinching ab334e7ae08e4b8dbdd4cc9a8ee4eefd     
v.(因危险和痛苦)退缩,畏惧( flinch的现在分词 )
  • He listened to the jeers of the crowd without flinching. 他毫不畏惧地听着群众的嘲笑。 来自辞典例句
  • Without flinching he dashed into the burning house to save the children. 他毫不畏缩地冲进在燃烧的房屋中去救小孩。 来自辞典例句
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