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The U.S. government has put an end to two Trump1 administration policies that made it harder for Central American migrants fleeing violence to qualify for asylum2. AP's Jackie Quinn reports. There's a new policy for judges announced by Attorney General Merrick Garland, saying they should drop previous rules that made it tougher for immigrants facing domestic or gang violence to be granted asylum in the United States. An immigration attorney in Washington DC said he recently represented a family from El Salvador. The husband was killed and gang member started coming after his children. But still the immigration judge denied that claim under the Trump rules. The lawyer says even with the changes it will still be hard to win asylum cases. A key architect of some of Trump's immigration policies, Jean Hamilton, says he thinks the Biden announcement will lead to more asylum claims being based on crime and he says that's not a reason for the humanitarian3 protection. Jackie Quinn, Washington.


The European Union is recommending member countries start lifting restrictions4 on tourists from the United States. AP's Charles De Ledesma reports. EU members have agreed to add America to the list of countries in whose cases restrictions on non-essential travel should be lifted. The move was adopted during a meeting in Brussels of permanent representatives of the 27-nation bloc5. The recommendation is non-binding, and national governments have authority to require test results or vaccination6 records and to set other entry conditions if they want. In addition to the U.S., also added were North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Lebanon to the tourist travel list. I'm Charles De Ledesma.


Scientists and workers at a Chinese satellite launch center in the Gobi desert are making their final preparations for the launch of the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft - a high-stakes crewed mission and China's first crewed launch in years. Reuters Maha Albadrawi reports. China will send three astronauts into orbit on Thursday, the first of four crewed space flights to complete the country's space station by the end of next year. Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo will launch into orbit aboard the spacecraft that morning from Jiuquan in northwestern Gansu province. Construction of China's space station began in April with the launch of Tianhe, the first and largest of three modules7. It will be Tang Honbo's first space outing. That's Reuters Maha Albadrawi. Reporting by remote, I'm David Byrd, VOA News.



1 trump LU1zK     
  • He was never able to trump up the courage to have a showdown.他始终鼓不起勇气摊牌。
  • The coach saved his star player for a trump card.教练保留他的明星选手,作为他的王牌。
2 asylum DobyD     
  • The people ask for political asylum.人们请求政治避难。
  • Having sought asylum in the West for many years,they were eventually granted it.他们最终获得了在西方寻求多年的避难权。
3 humanitarian kcoxQ     
  • She has many humanitarian interests and contributes a lot to them.她拥有很多慈善事业,并作了很大的贡献。
  • The British government has now suspended humanitarian aid to the area.英国政府现已暂停对这一地区的人道主义援助。
4 restrictions 81e12dac658cfd4c590486dd6f7523cf     
约束( restriction的名词复数 ); 管制; 制约因素; 带限制性的条件(或规则)
  • I found the restrictions irksome. 我对那些限制感到很烦。
  • a snaggle of restrictions 杂乱无章的种种限制
5 bloc RxFzsg     
  • A solid bloc of union members support the decision.工会会员团结起来支持该决定。
  • There have been growing tensions within the trading bloc.贸易同盟国的关系越来越紧张。
6 vaccination bKGzM     
  • Vaccination is a preventive against smallpox.种痘是预防天花的方法。
  • Doctors suggest getting a tetanus vaccination every ten years.医生建议每十年注射一次破伤风疫苗。
7 modules 0eb9b3af2e4a00837a1b1a854c9ea18c     
n.模块( module的名词复数 );单元;(宇宙飞船上各个独立的)舱;组件
  • The course consists of ten core modules and five optional modules. 这门课程包括十个必修单元和五个选修单元。
  • Our English course is divided into modules on poetry, drama, and novels. 我们的英语课分为诗歌、戏剧和小说等单元。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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