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美国国家公共电台 NPR 2016-1-2

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 From NPR news in Washington, I'm Louise Schiavone. A jittery1 New Years Eve in many major cities around the world. In Germany, Munich police have advised on Twitter and on their website that they have credible2 information about a pending3 terror attack there. People in Munich are urged not to gather at the central train station or a second one to the west. Terror worries have led Paris and Brussels to cancel fireworks. In Dubai, it sounded like any other New Years Eve. But it was far from normal. Even as the display erupted above the city, Dubai foregathers battled a huge blaze at a luxury hotel and an apartment complex. NPR's Alice Fordham reports at least 14 people were slightly injured. One person was more seriously hurt. And one had a heart attack. The fire at The Address skyscraper4 amid hotel rooms and apartments began outside the 20th floor, according to officials. Multiple teams of firefighters worked to put the fire out. But for about an hour, the side of the 63-story building could be seen blazing and billowing huge clouds of black smog. As the firework show began that midnight, the fire had not been completely extinguished and the crowds to watch the show was smaller than had been expected. Alice Fordham, NPR news.

Protesters marching against gun violence and police shooting in Chicago today say the blood shed in the city must stop. NPR's Cheryl Corley reports as the march was under way, the city's top prosecutor5 asked the FBI to help investigate a double fatal shooting by Chicago police. Everyone to set it down, set it down. Set it down. A crowd of protesters laid in a busy enter section of Chicago's Michigan avenue demonstrating against the gun violence that has claimed hundreds of lives in Chicago in 2015. That includes a 19-year-old college student and a 55-year-old woman shot by police this month. Cook County state's attorney, Anita Alvarez has asked the FBI to investigate that double fatality6. At the protest, activist7 Father Michael Pfleger says he has awe8 for anything that will help.'I think it's good she's taken a step but it's too late for her.' Many protesters have called Alvarez and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel both to resign in the aftermath of the death of Chicago instilling9 police encounters. Cheryl Corley, NPR news, Chicago.
Failing to secure 1000 valid10 signatures, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley has not qualified11 for Ohio's primary ballot13. Of its more than 1100 signatures, only about 700 were found to be valid for the O'Malley campaign. O'Malley says he will campaign in Ohio regardless and they're exploring their options. 
On this New Year's Eve, the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange was rung by the executive of a champaign producer Moet & Chandon and Interbrand . The Dow closed down 178. The NASDAQ was off 58. This is NPR.
Today's college football play-off features four teams trying to make it to the national championship game. The semi-final contest between No.1ranked Clemson and No.4 Oklahoma is already under way. Tonight in Dallas, perennial14 contender Alabama ranked 2 plays No.3 Michigan state. With the preview of that game, here is NPR's Tom Goldman. In recent years, Michigan state has been one of the usual suspects when it comes to competing for a national title. In basketball, for less Spartans15 football team doing the championship did it in 1966. But Michigan state's been treading of late. There's been impressive Bull victories the past couple of years with head coach Mark Dantonio and quarterback Connor Cook leading the way. Tonight, they face a stern test against perennial power house Alabama. As always, the * features a Dominant16 Run Attack, this one led by Heisman Trophy17 winner Derrick Henry in a stout18 run defense19. Alabama has given up some long passes. Cook may try to exploit that as long as he is not too bothered by a recent shoulder injury.Tom Goldman, NPR news.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service has released a male California condor20 back into the wild after the 35-year-old bird helped save its species. Named as somewhat clinical AC-4, the bird was captured for a captive breeding program in 1985. In all, the condor sired a total of 30 chicks and today was released near the same spot where it was captured at a Kenya rim12 inside the Bitter Creek21 national wildlife refuge in California. I'm Louise Schiavone. NPR news.


1 jittery jittery     
adj. 神经过敏的, 战战兢兢的
  • However, nothing happened though he continued to feel jittery. 可是,自从拉上这辆车,并没有出什么错儿,虽然他心中嘀嘀咕咕的不安。 来自汉英文学 - 骆驼祥子
  • The thirty-six Enterprise divebombers were being squandered in a jittery shot from the hip. 这三十六架“企业号”上的俯冲轰炸机正被孤注一掷。
2 credible JOAzG     
  • The news report is hardly credible.这则新闻报道令人难以置信。
  • Is there a credible alternative to the nuclear deterrent?是否有可以取代核威慑力量的可靠办法?
3 pending uMFxw     
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  • He knew my examination was pending.他知道我就要考试了。
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7 activist gyAzO     
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9 instilling 69e4adc6776941293f2cc5a38f66fa70     
v.逐渐使某人获得(某种可取的品质),逐步灌输( instil的现在分词 );逐渐使某人获得(某种可取的品质),逐步灌输( instill的现在分词 )
  • Make sure your subordinates understand your sense of urgency and work toward instilling this in allsubordinates. 确保你的下属同样具备判断紧急事件的意识,在工作中潜移默化地灌输给他们。 来自互联网
10 valid eiCwm     
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