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美国国家公共电台 NPR 2016-1-3

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 From NPR news in Washington, I'm Louise Schiavone.Water levels are receding1 after days of severe winter flooding in the St. Louis area. But as NPR's Martin Costi reports things are still grim farther downstream. As the Mississippi and its tributaries2 recede3, the St. Louis area is picking up the pieces. Evacuees4 are returning to their houses and two important highways on the south side of the metro5 have reopened. But farther south, the waters are still rising. At least 11 levees have failed, threatening small towns and rural areas and overwhelmed waste water treatment plants have been spilling raw sewage. Elsewhere in the region, moderate flooding is expected in N and the Ohio River is causing some minor6 flooding in Kentucky. Martin Costi, NPR news.

In Munich Germany, the day after a New Years Eve evacuation of two major train stations, it is business as usual. Officials say that as of now, there is no concrete indiction of a threat at any specific location. Hubertus Andrae is president of the Munich Police. He explained how the notification of the threat last night evolved. We got information about a group of five to seven persons. Of the half of this group, we have personal datas. Though we are investigated these persons but we didn't find now any concrete information.
Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann warns that the overall threat across Europe has remained high after the attacks in Paris in November that killed 130 people.
The former congressman7 from Ohio whose name became synonymous with post-Enron accounting8 reforms has died. Mikey Oxley, coauthor of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, was 71. He succumbed9 to cancer. Oxley, a Republican, was in congress for 25 years and focused many of his efforts on corporate10 oversight11 and insurance protection. 
The music world and fans everywhere are remembering Natalie Cole who died New Years Eve in LA at the age of 65. The daughter of Jazz legend Nat King Cole, she had many hits in her own right but her most famous was Unforgettable, a digitally mastered duet with the recording12 of her late father. In 2013, she spoke13 to NPR's Scott Simon about that. It's really sweet. It's bittersweet. It always will be. I remember the first time that we, not really recorded Unforgettable, but the first time that I did it on the stage. It was very very difficult, very hard for me because I'd never had the chance to really spend time working with him.  Tony Bennett called her an exceptional Jazz singer. This is NPR. 
Everyone knows that a pregnant mother's diet can affect her child's health but as NPR's RA reports accumulating research in animals show that a father's diet can also affect his children. To find out how a father's diet can affect his children's metabolism14, researchers decided15 to look at the genetic17 material carried in the sperm18 of mice. One study published in the journal Science tested the sperm for male mice fed a high fat diet for most through their lives. Another tested the sperm of mice fed a low protein diet. The researchers found that in both cases, the sperm of the mice actually carried different information than that of fed normal diets. That information affected19 which gene16 was turned on or off during embryo's early development. It's unknown if the same phenomenon happens in humans. RA, NPR news.
The San Francisco Zoo today is marking the 45th birthday of the oldest black rhinoceros20 in North America. Elly, as she is called, has lived in the zoo since 1974. It's not clear exactly what her real birthday is but over the years she's made a significant contribution to the preservation21 of a critically endangered species, having given birth to 14 calves22. Zoo curator Jim Nappi said the number of black rhinos23 which are native to Africa has dwindled24 to between 3000 and 5000 due to pooching for their horns. About 60 black rhinos live in zoos in North America. 
Montreal skated off the ice at Foxborough Massachusetts with the 5-1 victory over the  Boston Bruins in this year's NHL winter classic. I'm Louise Schiavone. NPR news, Washington. 


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