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最新版英语听力教程 Model Test3-part c

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[00:03.68]You'll hear three pieces of recorded material.
[00:08.33]Before listening to each one,you'll have time to read the questions related1 to it.
[00:14.71]While listening,answer each question by choosing A,B,C or D.
[00:21.55]After listening you'll have time to check your answers.
[00:26.41]You'll hear each piece once only.
[00:30.28]Questions 11-13 are based on the following monologue2 about Advertising3 in Britain.
[00:37.43]You now have 15 seconds to read Questions 11-13.
[00:43.36]M:I was born in Britain in 1966,
[00:50.08]so I suppose advertising has always been part of my life.
[00:55.54]As a child,I was always aware of advertisements in magazines and newspapers,
[01:02.30]and on boardings in the street,
[01:06.06]on posters in public transport and so on.
[01:10.43]But there have been changes in advertising in Britain over the past 30 years or so.
[01:16.67]The first thing that comes to mind is the amount of advertising
[01:22.31]we live with nowadays.
[01:26.07]There is,quite simply,
[01:29.31]a lot more advertising than there used to be.
[01:33.86]Nowadays,whatever you're doing in your daily life
[01:39.00]it's quite difficult to get away from advertisements in one form or another
[01:45.06]They're all around you
[01:48.30]Another noticeable4 change is the use of new media for advertising.
[01:54.47]I suppose I'm thinking mainly of television,
[01:58.91]which has developed over the last 30 years
[02:03.59]and is now an integral5 part of life for most people.
[02:08.63]There are TV sets in most homes.
[02:12.78]TV advertising,consequently,has developed at an enormous6 rate
[02:18.74]and is perhaps the most important form of advertising,
[02:23.78]certainly one of the most influential7 in Britain today.
[02:28.74]A third big change has been in advertising psychology--
[02:33.99]in how advertisers aim to persuade people to buy their products.
[02:39.74]Originally,adverts were very simple.
[02:43.81]Either they simply gave straight information about a product or,
[02:49.67]if they set out to persuade,they did this in a very direct way.
[02:55.41]They would say,for example "Buy our product.It is very good;
[03:00.87]better than other products".
[03:04.11]But now,with more goods available and with more competition
[03:09.36]from different products on the market,
[03:13.12]advertising techniques have become more persuasive8,
[03:17.85]and more sophisticated9.
[03:21.72]W:Questions 14-17 are based on a Critical Comment.
[03:27.28]You now have 20 seconds to read Questions 14-17.
[03:32.92]M:The writers of murder stories go to a great deal of trouble to
[03:40.37]keep us guessing right up to the end.
[03:44.21]In actual fact,people often behave more strangely in real life
[03:49.56]than they do in stories.
[03:53.04]The following advertisement once appeared in a local newspaper:
[03:58.18]'An opportunity to earn `250 in a few minutes.
[04:03.75]A man...willing to take chances wanted for an out-of-the-ordinary job
[04:10.41]which can be performedonly once.'
[04:14.67]A reader found this offer very generous and applied10 to the advertiser,
[04:21.33]but a bit suspicious,he gave a false name.
[04:25.77]Soon afterwards,he received a reply.
[04:30.13]Enclosed in the envelope
[04:33.48]was a typed note instructing him to ring a certain number
[04:39.72]if he was still interested.
[04:43.17]He did so and learnt on the telephone
[04:47.32]that the advertiser wanted him to get rid of somebody
[04:52.68]and would discuss it more fully11 with him next day.
[04:57.64]But the man told the police and from then on acted under their instructions.
[05:04.30]The police saw the two men meet
[05:08.17]and watched them as they drove away together.
[05:12.42]In the car the advertiser came to the point at once:
[05:17.78]he told the man he wanted him to shoot his wife.
[05:22.74]The reason he gave was that he was suffering from an incurable12 disease13
[05:28.62]and wanted to live in a warmer country,but his wife objected to this.
[05:34.47]Giving the man some money,
[05:37.74]the advertiser told him to buy a gun
[05:42.00]and warned him to be careful of the dog which,
[05:47.04]though it would not bite,might attract attention.
[05:51.79]He also gave him a photograph of his wife
[05:56.05]so that he would be able to recognize her.
[06:00.02]After that,the advertiser suggested that the man should'do the job' next morning
[06:06.68]Meanwhile,he would prepare his wife
[06:10.83]by telling her that a young man was going to call.
[06:15.28]After the murder,they would meet again outside a railway station
[06:21.44]and the money would be paid as arranged.
[06:25.52]The second meeting never took place,
[06:29.28]for the advertiser was arrested shortly afterwards
[06:34.45]and charged with attempting to persuade someone to murder his wife
[06:40.01]W:Questions 18-20 are based on the following conversation about Family Roots.
[06:47.17]You now have 15 seconds to read Questions 18-20.
[06:52.81]M:You know time is--
[06:58.12]W:So you're...uh.,like resident14 Astorians.
[07:03.47]M:We're old-time natives here.
[07:07.44]W:That must be really...uh...funny for you or...not funny,but unique.
[07:14.89]I'd like to know what that feels like to have lived in one place,
[07:20.76]for so long and see the changes that..uh..
[07:26.22]are happening to the place where you're living in. What's that like?
[07:31.58]M:Well,part of it's strange because there're not that many changes.  W:Oh.
[07:38.06]M:You know it's interesting to see the town...uh...grow,
[07:43.62]but just as a lot of things'll come in,at the same time otherthings'll go out
[07:50.18]so the population has stayed very much the same--
[07:54.85]in fact the population is less than it was,like in elementary school,
[08:01.31]cause there was a huge population at the time
[08:05.56]But,I really like this town.
[08:09.80]I think it's a beautiful place.
[08:13.24]But it's different having grown up here.
[08:17.21]W:And your parents and grandparents lived here.
[08:21.97]M:Right,and great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents
[08:28.03]There were originally five families who settled in Astoria
[08:33.49]after Lewis and Clark came in 1804 and 5
[08:39.65]and then John Jacob Astor came later,
[08:44.51]but the first settlers were a group of five.
[08:48.88]W:You know...you...you look a little Dutch.
[08:54.47]M:I am Dutch and Irish  W:And Irish!
[08:59.61]M:Right,but they originally split15 this whole town into five sections.
[09:05.88]One section for each family.
[09:09.54]Like we have a large map in the basement that's called Van Deusan's Astoria,
[09:16.20]that just shows our family section of town
[09:20.56]which unfortunately didn't turn out to be the commercial section
[09:25.60]W:Do your parents ever comment on changes that are occurring?
[09:30.96]M:Uh...they...I think they kind of feel basically16 like I do,
[09:37.83]that a lot of things really don't change much.
[09:42.69]They'd actually like to see more industrial things come in,
[09:47.83]which...you know,more young people are fighting against...
[09:53.79]you know,keeping the environment clean and so on,
[09:58.75]but they would like to see it grow a little bit,
[10:03.19]cause it hasn't changed basically.
[10:07.24]And they saw it when it was really developing during World WarII.
[10:13.41]It was a lot larger



1 related vkGzSv     
  • I am not related to him in any way.我和他无任何关系。
  • We spent days going through all related reference material.我们花了好多天功夫查阅所有有关的参考资料。
2 monologue sElx2     
  • The comedian gave a long monologue of jokes.喜剧演员讲了一长段由笑话组成的独白。
  • He went into a long monologue.他一个人滔滔不绝地讲话。
3 advertising 1zjzi3     
n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
  • Can you give me any advice on getting into advertising? 你能指点我如何涉足广告业吗?
  • The advertising campaign is aimed primarily at young people. 这个广告宣传运动主要是针对年轻人的。
4 noticeable h5Qz9     
  • The effect of the medicine is not yet noticeable. 药的效果还不显。
  • There's been a noticeable improvement in his handwriting.他的书法有了明显的进步。
5 integral w4myR     
  • She is our best player,who is integral to our team.她是我们最好的球员,我们队离不开她。
  • That's an integral part of the country.那是构成国家所必需的一部分。
6 enormous xoExz     
  • An enormous sum of money is injected each year into teaching.每年都有大量资金投入到教学中。
  • They wield enormous political power.他们行使巨大的政治权力。
7 influential l7oxK     
  • He always tries to get in with the most influential people.他总是试图巴结最有影响的人物。
  • He is a very influential man in the government.他在政府中是个很有影响的人物。
8 persuasive 0MZxR     
  • His arguments in favour of a new school are very persuasive.他赞成办一座新学校的理由很有说服力。
  • The evidence was not really persuasive enough.证据并不是太有说服力。
9 sophisticated vimzWz     
  • She has become very sophisticated since she went to live in London.移居伦敦后她变得世故多了。
  • This is a very sophisticated machine.这是一台非常精密的机器。
10 applied Tz2zXA     
  • She plans to take a course in applied linguistics.她打算学习应用语言学课程。
  • This cream is best applied to the face at night.这种乳霜最好晚上擦脸用。
11 fully Gfuzd     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。
12 incurable incurable     
  • All three babies were born with an incurable heart condition.三个婴儿都有不可治瘉的先天性心脏病。
  • He has an incurable and widespread nepotism.他们有不可救药的,到处蔓延的裙带主义。
13 disease etMxx     
  • The doctors are trying to stamp out the disease.医生正在尽力消灭这种疾病。
  • He fought against the disease for a long time.他同疾病做了长时间的斗争。
14 resident 8Wixl     
  • I've been resident in this place for five years. 我已经在这个地方住了五年。
  • They engaged a resident tutor. 他们聘用了一名住家的家庭教师。
15 split avXwG     
  • Who told you that Mary and I had split up?谁告诉你玛丽和我已经离婚了?
  • The teacher split the class up into six groups.老师把班级分成6个小组。
16 basically 7POyW     
  • His heart is basically sound.他的心脏基本上健康。
  • Basically I agree with your plan.我基本上同意你的计划。
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