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Let’s start with the numbers, technology companies here pumps 7.7 billion dollars into the city’s economy and hire 75000 people. Job postings for emerging tech are up 40 percent over last year and unemployment is only 3 percent. No, this isn’t Silicon1 Valley. It’s middle America, Indianapolis Indiana. It’s on the cusp of what we are seeing as it’s being a global tech boom. So, Courtney Spence founded Kenzie Academy. It’s a coding University to attract startups to America’s heartland and to supply them with trained software developers.

先从数字说起:这里的科技公司为这座城市的经济创造了77亿美元和7.5万个工作岗位。新兴科技公司的在招岗位数量在去年一年间提高了40%,而失业率仅为3%。不,这里不是硅谷。这里是美国中部,是印第安纳州的印第安纳波利斯市。这里即将爆发全球性的技术革新。因此,考特尼 斯宾塞(Courtney Spence)创办了肯齐学院。肯齐学院是主攻编程的大学,目的是吸引初创公司到美国的中心地带发展,并为这些公司提供训练有素的软件工程师。

Steve Hershberger is hiring local Kenzie interns2 for his beer management system, rather than flying in coders and engineers from Silicon Valley. The big universities used to train for that, they don’t train for it today. Through these local business partnerships3 students learn outside the classroom.

史蒂夫(Steve Hershberger)正在广纳当地肯齐学院的实习生加入到他的啤酒管理体系中,而不是直接从硅谷找编程师和工程师。以前的一些大型院校确实培训过编程的内容,但现在已经不做了。通过当地的这种合作项目,学生们可以学到书本上没有的东西。

Mya Williams will graduate in December of 2019.As part of Kenzie’s first class, she moved to Indianapolis from Louisiana to study medical software engineering. New Orleans is very healthcare based but their technology was lacking somewhat and there wasn’t really a job market out there for that. Kenzie actively4 recruits females in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. But in the next class just three out of twelve are women. Student Kavitha Kamalbabu says women need more confidence in their tech skills. You have to like brush off all those fears and be ready to face anything. That’s how you can win, that’s how you can build a career.

2019年12月,米娅(Mya Williams)就要毕业了。为了上第一堂课,米娅要从路易斯安那州搬到印第安纳波利斯,来研读医疗软件工程。新奥尔良的医疗状况很好,但科技水平更落后,所以也就没有相应的就业市场。肯齐学院广纳女性学员,而这一行当之前曾是男性的天下。但第二堂课的时候,12个人里只有3个人是女生。学员卡薇莎 卡玛巴布(Kavitha Kamalbabu)表示,女性要对技术有更多的自信。要摒弃所有的恐惧心理,准备好面对一切。这是打开胜利的正确方式,是开拓职业生涯的正确方式。

Kamalbabu and half her class aren’t paying Kenzie’s 12 thousand dollars a year tuition, well not right now. Instead a school program allows them to pay part of their first job salary for the tuition. Kenzie might be a success for Indianapolis, but at Stanford University located in the heart of Silicon Valley students are skeptical5. When I think of high tech I usually think of places like the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, but not somewhere like Indianapolis. If not Indiana how about Asia? Kenzie founders6 plan to duplicate the Academy model starting in Malaysia.


Carolyn Presutti VOA News Indianapolis Indiana.

卡洛琳 普蕾苏蒂(Carolyn Presutti)为您从印第安纳州的印第安纳波利斯为您发回报道。


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  • This company pioneered the use of silicon chip.这家公司开创了使用硅片的方法。
  • A chip is a piece of silicon about the size of a postage stamp.芯片就是一枚邮票大小的硅片。
2 interns b9fd94f8bf381b49802b6b686cb9d5ac     
n.住院实习医生( intern的名词复数 )v.拘留,关押( intern的第三人称单数 )
  • Our interns also greet our guests when they arrive in our studios. 我们的实习生也会在嘉宾抵达演播室的时候向他们致以问候。 来自超越目标英语 第4册
  • The interns work alongside experienced civil engineers and receive training in the different work sectors. 实习生陪同有经验的国内工程师工作,接受不同工作部门的相关培训。 来自超越目标英语 第4册
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  • We are actively intervening to settle a quarrel.我们正在积极调解争执。
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  • Others here are more skeptical about the chances for justice being done.这里的其他人更为怀疑正义能否得到伸张。
  • Her look was skeptical and resigned.她的表情是将信将疑而又无可奈何。
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n.创始人( founder的名词复数 )
  • He was one of the founders of the university's medical faculty. 他是该大学医学院的创建人之一。 来自辞典例句
  • The founders of our religion made this a cornerstone of morality. 我们宗教的创始人把这看作是道德的基石。 来自辞典例句
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