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Next, an editorial reflecting the views of the United States government.The Administration of President Joe Biden strongly believes that it is critical for the world to unite and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. But as new variants1 of the disease emerge and spread around the world, it has become clear that “we must cooperate if we’re going to defeat COVID-19 everywhere,” said President Biden:“The United States is making a $2 billion pledge to COVAX, with the promise of an additional $2 billion to urge others to step up as well.”The initial $2 billion will be provided in 2021, The second $2 billion tranche will become available over the following year. The funds will go to Gavi, the global alliance for vaccines2 and immunization, for administration of the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access initiative, or COVAX, which aims to get at least 1.3bn vaccine3 doses, or 20% of the world’s population, to vulnerable communities worldwide.“Indeed,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken in late February at the UN Security Council Briefing on COVID-19 and Vaccine Access, “The United States believes that multilateralism, the United Nations, the World Health Organization are essential – not just as an effective international COVID-19 health and humanitarian4 response, but also building stronger global health capacity and security for the future.”


“We must defeat COVID-19 and prevent future pandemics. To that end, we’ll work with partners around the globe to strengthen and reform the WHO; to support the Global Health Security Agenda; to build sustainable preparedness for biological threats; to create a warning system that will allow us to respond more rapidly with testing, with tracing, with PPE needed to save lives.”Yet “Even as we expand access to safe and effective vaccines, we know that COVID-19 outbreaks are likely to occur in the years to come,” said Secretary of State Blinken:“Going forward, all countries should participate in a transparent5 and robust6 process for preventing and responding to health emergencies, so the world learns as much as possible as soon as possible. Transparency, information sharing, access for international experts – these must be the hallmarks of our common approach to what is truly a global challenge.”“As President Biden has made clear, the United States will work as a partner to address global challenges,” said Secretary of State Blinken. “This pandemic is one of those challenges. And it gives us an opportunity, not only to get through the current crisis, but also to become more prepared and more resilient for the future.”That was an editorial reflecting the views of the United States government.



1 variants 796e0e5ff8114b13b2e23cde9d3c6904     
n.变体( variant的名词复数 );变种;变型;(词等的)变体
  • Those variants will be preserved in the'struggle for existence". 这些变异将在“生存竞争”中被保留下来。 来自辞典例句
  • Like organisms, viruses have variants, generally called strains. 与其他生物一样,病毒也有变种,一般称之为株系。 来自辞典例句
2 vaccines c9bb57973a82c1e95c7cd0f4988a1ded     
疫苗,痘苗( vaccine的名词复数 )
  • His team are at the forefront of scientific research into vaccines. 他的小组处于疫苗科研的最前沿。
  • The vaccines were kept cool in refrigerators. 疫苗放在冰箱中冷藏。
3 vaccine Ki1wv     
  • The polio vaccine has saved millions of lives.脊髓灰质炎疫苗挽救了数以百万计的生命。
  • She takes a vaccine against influenza every fall.她每年秋季接种流感疫苗。
4 humanitarian kcoxQ     
  • She has many humanitarian interests and contributes a lot to them.她拥有很多慈善事业,并作了很大的贡献。
  • The British government has now suspended humanitarian aid to the area.英国政府现已暂停对这一地区的人道主义援助。
5 transparent Smhwx     
  • The water is so transparent that we can see the fishes swimming.水清澈透明,可以看到鱼儿游来游去。
  • The window glass is transparent.窗玻璃是透明的。
6 robust FXvx7     
  • She is too tall and robust.她个子太高,身体太壮。
  • China wants to keep growth robust to reduce poverty and avoid job losses,AP commented.美联社评论道,中国希望保持经济强势增长,以减少贫困和失业状况。
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