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全国公共英语等级考试五级 a1添加文本

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  [00:00.00]Exersise 1
[00:43.99]Part A
[00:46.84]You will hear a conversation between Mr.Wang,
[00:52.30]a visiting Chinese professor
[00:56.35]who has just returned from a trip to Edinburgh,and Mr.Gross,
[01:02.90]the host of the family with which he is staying.
[01:07.76]As you listen,answer Questions 1--10
[01:13.01]by circling True or False.
[01:17.37]You will hear the story ONLY ONCE.
[01:22.02]You now have 60 seconds to read Questions 1--10
[01:28.27]G:Hello. Professor Wang.
[01:31.61]Nice to see you back again.
[01:35.24]How was your trip to Edinburgh?
[01:39.11]W:It was fascinating.
[01:42.45]I didn't even think about coming back.
[01:47.00]I paid a visit to the University of Edinburgh,
[01:51.75]and spent three whole days lecturing on Chinese folklore1
[01:57.81]to a group of international students.  G:Well done,
[02:03.45]Well, how did you like the city?
[02:07.90]W:Very much indeed.
[02:11.06]It is a very attractive city.
[02:15.00]I spent one day in the city
[02:18.84]visiting those fantastic castles and museums.
[02:24.40]I never expected
[02:27.57]there to be so many places of interest in one city.
[02:33.21]And I was so lucky
[02:36.76]as to have bumped into a former student of mine.
[02:42.51]He is doing his Ph.D.
[02:46.37]at the Department of Applied2 Linguistics,Edinburgh University.
[02:51.91]He took me to the lake area the following day,
[02:56.98]where I saw elegant peaks,beautiful lakes and exotic rocks.
[03:04.14]It was very impressive.
[03:07.69]G:Boy,that sounds inviting3.I really envy you.
[03:13.44]I must make a trip to that area one of these days.
[03:18.69]W:Are you kidding?
[03:21.64]I can't believe as a native of England
[03:26.08]that you have never been to Edinburgh.
[03:30.65]G:That's nothing strange about it.
[03:34.80]In fact,many foreigners
[03:38.54]have more opportunities to see Great Britain
[03:43.19]than many of the British who have lived here all their lives.
[03:48.41]Would you believe me that I have never been on board of a plane?
[03:54.34]W:That is hard to believe.
[03:57.82]I always thought that you British have more opportunities to travel.
[04:05.05]However,I'll take your word for it.
[04:09.70]G:Did you take a lot of photos there?
[04:13.68]W:Yes.I took a lot of pictures,
[04:18.22]some prints and some slides,too.
[04:22.77]It cost me a small fortune to have them developed and printed.
[04:28.72]G:I believe it did.
[04:31.99]Everything is expensive in Britain.
[04:36.14]Well,may I have a look at your photos?
[04:40.58]W:By all means.Here is my album.
[04:45.34]G:Thank you.
[04:47.90]Say, Professor Wang, you are quite artistic4.
[04:53.15]I like the way you arrange your photos.
[04:58.40]My word!You have lots of good shots here.
[05:03.86]I especially like this one.
[05:07.80]The castle looks so gracious against the blue sky and the white clouds.
[05:14.64]W:We spent almost a whole morning at the Castle Museum.
[05:20.71]It was charming,
[05:23.66]When I got on top of the hill,
[05:27.52]I had a birds-eye view of city.
[05:32.56]It was incredibly beautiful.
[05:36.61]G:You certainly had a good time in Edinburgh.
[05:40.98]And it's so interesting for me to see things through a foreigner's eye.
[05:47.12]I am also quite impressed
[05:51.09]that you are such a good photographer
[05:54.93]W:Thank you.
[05:57.49]This trip has really helped me to know more about England
[06:03.62]By the way,have you got the time?
[06:07.60]G:It's a quarter to ten.
[06:10.94]W:Oh,dear!I'm afraid I've got to fly.
[06:15.98]I have anappointment at ten o'colck.
[06:20.21]You now have 20 seconds to check your answers to Questions 1--10
[06:27.76]Question 1-10 according to Part A.
[06:29.83]1.Professor Wang went on a lecture tour to Edinburgh.
[06:31.89]2.Wang visited the lake area by himself.
[06:33.93]3.Gross feels rather jealous of Wang
[06:35.99]as he himself has not been able to visit Edinburgh.
[06:38.03]4.The British usually have more opportunities
[06:40.09]to see their country than foreign visitors.
[06:42.13]5.Mr Gross has never traveled by air before.
[06:44.19]6.It did cost Professor Wang much in taking and developing those photos.
[06:46.26]7.Wang is quite reluctant to show Gross his pictures.
[06:48.29]8.Gross says he is particularly impressed by a photo showing a castle.
[06:50.36]9.Professor Wang enriched his experience in Britain through his trip.
[06:52.39]10.Wang forgot the time and is almost late for his airplane.
[06:54.46]That is the end of Part A.
[06:58.19]Part B
[06:58.30]You will hear several conversations or talks
[07:03.34]and you must answer the questions by choosing A,B,C or D.
[07:11.81]You will hear the recording5 ONLY ONCE.
[07:16.46]Questions 11--13 are based on a lecture
[07:22.80]about what you need to pay attention to while reading.
[07:28.37]You have 15 seconds to read Questions 11--13
[07:34.61]Good evening,everyone.
[07:37.96]Welcome to this lecture on reading hygiene6.
[07:42.79]Perhaps you would ask what is reading hygiene?
[07:48.14]Well,hygiene tells us how to live comfortably and healthfully:
[07:54.80]it helps us to make the best use of our bodies.
[07:59.35]Reading hygiene,then tells us how to make the use of our eyes--
[08:05.10]how to prevent eyestrain and how to read more comfortably.
[08:10.45]First and foremost,
[08:13.51]let us see what would happen if you misuse7 your eyes
[08:18.26]When your eyes are not used properly,they let you know in various ways
[08:24.72]Your eyes may hurt and your eyelids8 become red.
[08:29.78]You may not be able to see clearly.
[08:33.62]You may have headache,feel dizzy,or be uncomfortable in other ways.
[08:40.78]The human eye will stand hard use,but not abuse.
[08:46.24]Every day you have many opportunities to use your eyes wisely and well.
[08:52.98]Here are some good hints for good eye health
[08:57.45]that everyone can follow:
[09:01.08]Rest your eyes before they get tired.
[09:05.20]If you are reading for a long time,
[09:09.07]you can just close your eyes from time to time
[09:13.93]or look off at some distant object,
[09:18.27]you will find that doing this relaxes your eye muscles,
[09:23.52]just as a good stretch relaxes your body.
[09:27.88]Never be careless about lighting9
[09:31.82]Do not read in either too dim a light or a glare.
[09:37.18]Be careful not to read in the twilight10 or in direct sunlight.
[09:42.53]Have the kind of light in which you see most clearly and comfortably.
[09:48.20]Hold the book the distance from your eyes
[09:52.25]at which you can read most easily and comfortably.
[09:57.01]Many people read comfortably with the book
[10:01.05]about fourteen inches from their eyes.
[10:05.31]But each of us must find the distance that is best for him.
[10:10.56]Try not to read much while traveling on a moving train or bus.
[10:16.00]That causes eyestrain for many people.
[10:20.33]You can use the time doing other things,
[10:24.77]or thinking about what you've read.
[10:28.82]Your eyes are your most faithful servants.
[10:33.16]Like friends,if treated well,
[10:37.31]they will help you for many years.
[10:41.36]You now have 30 seconds to check your answers to Questions 11--13


1 folklore G6myz     
  • Zhuge Liang is a synonym for wisdom in folklore.诸葛亮在民间传说中成了智慧的代名词。
  • In Chinese folklore the bat is an emblem of good fortune.在中国的民间传说中蝙蝠是好运的象征。
2 applied Tz2zXA     
  • She plans to take a course in applied linguistics.她打算学习应用语言学课程。
  • This cream is best applied to the face at night.这种乳霜最好晚上擦脸用。
3 inviting CqIzNp     
  • An inviting smell of coffee wafted into the room.一股诱人的咖啡香味飘进了房间。
  • The kitchen smelled warm and inviting and blessedly familiar.这间厨房的味道温暖诱人,使人感到亲切温馨。
4 artistic IeWyG     
  • The picture on this screen is a good artistic work.这屏风上的画是件很好的艺术品。
  • These artistic handicrafts are very popular with foreign friends.外国朋友很喜欢这些美术工艺品。
5 recording UktzJj     
  • How long will the recording of the song take?录下这首歌得花多少时间?
  • I want to play you a recording of the rehearsal.我想给你放一下彩排的录像。
6 hygiene Kchzr     
n.健康法,卫生学 (a.hygienic)
  • Their course of study includes elementary hygiene and medical theory.他们的课程包括基础卫生学和医疗知识。
  • He's going to give us a lecture on public hygiene.他要给我们作关于公共卫生方面的报告。
7 misuse XEfxx     
  • It disturbs me profoundly that you so misuse your talents.你如此滥用自己的才能,使我深感不安。
  • He was sacked for computer misuse.他因滥用计算机而被解雇了。
8 eyelids 86ece0ca18a95664f58bda5de252f4e7     
n.眼睑( eyelid的名词复数 );眼睛也不眨一下;不露声色;面不改色
  • She was so tired, her eyelids were beginning to droop. 她太疲倦了,眼睑开始往下垂。
  • Her eyelids drooped as if she were on the verge of sleep. 她眼睑低垂好像快要睡着的样子。 来自《简明英汉词典》
9 lighting CpszPL     
  • The gas lamp gradually lost ground to electric lighting.煤气灯逐渐为电灯所代替。
  • The lighting in that restaurant is soft and romantic.那个餐馆照明柔和而且浪漫。
10 twilight gKizf     
  • Twilight merged into darkness.夕阳的光辉融于黑暗中。
  • Twilight was sweet with the smell of lilac and freshly turned earth.薄暮充满紫丁香和新翻耕的泥土的香味。
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