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  [00:00.00]VI Education Status 3
[00:04.34]Model Sentences
[00:06.64]What kind of activities were you involved in?
[00:10.63]Were you in a leading position when you were a college student?
[00:15.12]Examples in Application
[00:17.40]Section 1
[00:19.38]What kind of activities were you involved in?
[00:23.48]I was the president of our school's Speech Club.
[00:27.79]That must have taken up a great deal of time.
[00:31.29]Yes,but I enjoyed every minute.
[00:34.38]Section 2
[00:36.28]Good morning.
[00:38.09]I'm responding for you advertisement inthe newspaper.
[00:41.98]My name is QiaoHong.
[00:44.49]Did you just graduated from school?
[00:47.60]Yes,I graduated from Henan University last July.
[00:52.19]Were you in a leading position when you were a college student?
[00:57.18]Yes.I was the president of Student Union of our department.
[01:04.29]Were you involved in any club activities at your university?
[01:08.78]What extracurricular activities did you usually take part inin college?
[01:15.78]Did you hold any leading position in your university?
[01:20.69]I served as the  monitor for two years.
[01:25.39]I was in the Chess Club for four years.
[01:29.78]I usually take part  in recreational activities.
[01:34.17]VII Reasons for Job-hunting 1
[01:39.87]Model Sentences
[01:43.44]Why are you leaving your present job?
[01:46.92]What made you decide to change jobs?
[01:50.11]Examples in Application
[01:52.40]Section 1
[01:54.42]When would you be available to start work here?
[01:57.60]I am available as soon as possible.
[02:01.00]Why are you leaving your present job?
[02:04.00]Management changed and we did not get along.
[02:07.90]So,you were fired?   Yes,they let me go.
[02:09.54]如此,你是被炒鱿鱼了?  是的,他们让我走。
[02:11.19]Because I did not agree with theirbusiness philosophy
[02:14.97]Section 2
[02:16.99]What do you think about your qualifications?
[02:20.28]I know about how business is done here.
[02:23.49]And I am a hard worker when I have something challenging to do.
[02:27.59]Have you ever done any work in this field?
[02:31.09]I've been employed as a clerk in ABC Company since 1992.
[02:36.58]What made you decide to change jobs?
[02:40.18]Because the job was not challenging enough
[02:45.98]Why do you plan to leave the present job?
[02:49.87]Why do you want to change your job?
[02:53.48]Why do you want to resign your position as secretary?
[02:59.38]What's the reason you left your previous employer?
[03:03.09]Why have you changed your job so frequently
[03:07.38]Why were you out of work for so long?
[03:10.48]I plan to leave the present job in order
[03:15.29]to be able to get into the advertising1 business.
[03:19.18]I would like to get a more specialized2 job
[03:24.67]I liked the job. However,the firm is too small
[03:29.06]for me to widen my experience.
[03:32.45]VIII Reasons for job-hunting 2
[03:38.75]Model Sentences
[03:41.96]Why are you interested in working with this company?
[03:45.65]Why should I hire you?
[03:48.44]Examples in Application
[03:50.74]Section 1
[03:52.83]Why are you interested in working with this company?
[03:57.14]I know that you do a very big international business,
[04:01.53]so I thought it would be a good place for me to make use of the experience I have had abroad
[04:08.63]Section 2
[04:10.62]Why should I hire you?
[04:13.00]My educational background and my professional experience
[04:17.31]make me qualified3 for the job. Those are what you need.
[04:22.61]Then,how can you prove yourself?
[04:25.61]Oh,here are my certificates of merits
[04:32.38]What made you pick this job?
[04:35.38]Why did you choose to come here for a job?
[04:39.17]Thank you for your interest in this position.
[04:42.67]Why do you consider yourself qualified for this job?
[04:46.98]What interests you most about this job?
[04:50.59]Why should I hire you?
[04:52.88]What kind of experience do you have for the job?
[04:56.78]What do you consider important when looking for a job?
[05:02.37]What do you think you would bring the job?
[05:07.25]What do you think you will bring to the job?
[05:10.65]What I really want is the chance to learn some advanced methods of management
[05:17.15]fromforeign staff members.
[05:20.16]IX  Work Experience
[05:23.55]Model Sentences
[05:25.85]I am very proud of the work I did in convincing the ABC company
[05:31.65]to drop the charges against my firm.
[05:35.15]I am sorry to say that I have no experience in this field.
[05:39.75]Examples in Application
[05:42.05]Section 1
[05:44.06]Have you got any experience in advertising?  Yes,I have been working in an advertising
[05:47.26]你有广告方面的经验吗?是的,我一直在 家广告公司工作。
[05:50.46]company for the last two years
[05:53.96]Which advertising company did you serve? Zero Advertising Company.
[05:59.55]What was your responsibility there? Marketing4 promotion5.
[06:04.04]Section 2
[06:06.03]What is your biggest accomplishment6 on the job?
[06:10.23]I think it would be building team spirit among my co-workers.
[06:15.33]How did you do that?
[06:17.23]It was a gradual process,involving many factors.
[06:21.52]Section 3
[06:23.61]Do you have any sales experience?
[06:27.00]Yes,I worked in a fashion shop last summer as a part-time salesgirl.
[06:35.21]Have you ever done any correspondence work?
[06:38.60]Have you ever held a secretarial position?
[06:42.10]Do you have to do supervisory work?
[06:45.81]What have you learned from jobs you have held?
[06:49.31]I have learned to use computers and have become familiar with all clerical duties.
[06:55.29]I was a secretary in a trading company.
[06:58.77]I have been a secretary in an insurance company.
[07:03.18]I was an export clerk in a foreign trading company.
[07:07.57]I have some experience in secretarial work.
[07:11.78]X  Gift of Tongues
[07:15.28]Model Sentences
[07:17.58]How many languages do you speak? Can you manage English conversation?
[07:26.07]Section 1
[07:28.05]Can you manage English conversation? Yes,I'm sure I can.
[07:33.85]Do you think you can make yourself
[07:36.96]understood in English? Yes,I think I can in ordinary circumstances
[07:42.45]Section 2
[07:44.46]How many languages do you speak?
[07:47.85]Three.Besides Chinese, my mother tongue,I can
[07:52.06]also speak English and French.
[07:55.14]Which band of College English Test have you passed?
[07:59.43]Band Six.
[08:01.44]Section 3
[08:03.81]How is your language ability?
[08:06.50]I believe my English fluency7 is quite good.
[08:10.11]What other dialect do you understand?
[08:13.19]I can speak Shanghai dialect other than Cantonese.
[08:20.06]Do you speak a foreign language?
[08:23.35]Do you speak English?
[08:25.84]Can you speak English?
[08:29.83]I speak the language well.
[08:32.42]What's your second language in addition to Chinese?
[08:36.41]I can communicate with foreigners easily.
[08:40.02]I speak English quitefluently.
[08:43.52]I can speak English as far as foreign languages are concerned.
[08:48.01]I think I'm quite proficient8 in both written and spoken English.
[08:52.79]XI Personality and Character
[08:58.38]Model Sentences
[09:00.76]Are you extroverted10 or introverted? I'm rather outgoing.
[09:06.74]Examples in Application
[09:08.94]What kind of personality do you think you have?
[09:12.65]I'm quite active and energetic.
[09:15.65]I approach things enthusiastically
[09:18.84]and I don't like leaving things half done.
[09:22.55]What do you think is the most important thing for you to be happy?
[09:27.25]I maintain that the most important thing is having good friends
[09:32.24]What basic principles do you apply to your life?
[09:35.84]I try to keep a regular schedule every day.
[09:43.52]Do you think you are introverted or extroverted?
[09:47.31]Are you an introvert11 or an extrovert9?
[09:50.39]What kind of person do you think you are?
[09:54.78]Would you describe yourself as outgoing or more reserved?
[09:59.46]What kind of people do you like to work with?
[10:03.43]How do you get along with others?
[10:06.62]I'm inclined to think independently.
[10:10.61]I think I'm a cooperative worker.
[10:13.72]I think I am rather outgoing.
[10:16.62]I enjoy working with others.
[10:19.52]But sometimes I want to be alone.
[10:22.42]Sometimes I lack patience in what I am doing.
[10:26.10]However,I'm very careful with my work.
[10:29.58]XII Hobbies
[10:34.25]Model Sentences
[10:36.84]What do you do in your spare time?
[10:40.84]My hobbies are hiking, fishing and climbing mountains.
[10:47.84]Section 1
[10:49.85]What do you do in your spare time?
[10:52.43]I have many hobbies. I like almost allkinds of sports
[10:58.13]and I also like to listen to classical music.
[11:02.10]Section 2
[11:04.09]What are your hobbies?
[11:06.88]My hobbies are hiking, fishing and climbing.
[11:11.09]Section 3
[11:13.10]What do you like to do during holiday?  I like to listen to music and to play piano
[11:16.34]在假日你喜欢做什么?  我喜欢听音乐、弹钢琴
[11:19.58]and occasionally to go swimming and fishing.
[11:25.66]How do you spend your leisure time?
[11:28.46]What do you do when you are not working?
[11:31.57]Do you have any hobbies?
[11:34.05]What's your hobby?
[11:36.53]What's your favorite sport?
[11:39.25]What kind of sports do you like?
[11:40.64]你喜欢哪种体育运 动?
[11:42.04]What do you like to read?
[11:44.34]Which newspaper do you read?
[11:47.13]Which part of the paper do you read first?
[11:50.53]How is your tennis coming along?
[11:53.22]I like reading the works of Lao She.
[11:56.80]I read or go swimming.
[11:59.39]If I have time,I enjoy camping in the wild with my friends.
[12:03.98]I like playing basketball,
[12:07.09]and I also enjoy the team spirit of basketball.
[12:11.27]I read everything I can get my hands on
[12:14.46]but I like ghosts stories best.
[12:17.57]I have just begun to learn and my serve isn't very good.


1 advertising 1zjzi3     
n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
  • Can you give me any advice on getting into advertising? 你能指点我如何涉足广告业吗?
  • The advertising campaign is aimed primarily at young people. 这个广告宣传运动主要是针对年轻人的。
2 specialized Chuzwe     
  • There are many specialized agencies in the United Nations.联合国有许多专门机构。
  • These tools are very specialized.这些是专用工具。
3 qualified DCPyj     
  • He is qualified as a complete man of letters.他有资格当真正的文学家。
  • We must note that we still lack qualified specialists.我们必须看到我们还缺乏有资质的专家。
4 marketing Boez7e     
  • They are developing marketing network.他们正在发展销售网络。
  • He often goes marketing.他经常去市场做生意。
5 promotion eRLxn     
  • The teacher conferred with the principal about Dick's promotion.教师与校长商谈了迪克的升级问题。
  • The clerk was given a promotion and an increase in salary.那个职员升了级,加了薪。
6 accomplishment 2Jkyo     
  • The series of paintings is quite an accomplishment.这一系列的绘画真是了不起的成就。
  • Money will be crucial to the accomplishment of our objectives.要实现我们的目标,钱是至关重要的。
7 fluency ajCxF     
  • More practice will make you speak with greater fluency.多练习就可以使你的口语更流利。
  • Some young children achieve great fluency in their reading.一些孩子小小年纪阅读已经非常流畅。
8 proficient Q1EzU     
  • She is proficient at swimming.她精通游泳。
  • I think I'm quite proficient in both written and spoken English.我认为我在英语读写方面相当熟练。
9 extrovert Pl5xo     
  • A good salesman is usually an extrovert,who likes to mingle with people.一个好的推销员通常很外向,喜欢和人们交往。
  • Do you think you're an extrovert or introvert?你认为你是个性外向的人还是个性内向的人?
10 extroverted FtQzAK     
  • Do you think you are introverted or extroverted? 你认为你性格内向还是外向?
  • Are you introverted or extroverted? 你个性内向还是外向? 来自轻松英语会话---联想2000词(上)
11 introvert W4Jxl     
  • You are very much an introvert.你是一位地道的内向性格者。
  • The same conversation that energizes the extravert also drains the introvert.同样的交谈能让外向者荣光焕发,却让内向者精神颓靡。
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