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  [00:00.00]XIII Abilities
[00:04.83]Model Sentences
[00:07.63]What is your greatest strength?
[00:13.32]Have you any experience with a computer?
[00:20.30]section 1
[00:24.19]What is your greatest strength?
[00:27.19]I think I am very good at planning. I manage my time perfectly1
[00:29.69]我认为我很擅长计划。 我很会利用时间,
[00:32.18]so that I can always get things done on time.
[00:35.89]What are your weak points?
[00:39.08]When I think something is right, I will stick to that.
[00:43.89]Sometimes it sounds a little stubborn
[00:47.49]but I am now trying to find a balance between insistence2 and compromise
[00:53.47]Section 2
[00:56.27]Have you any experience with a computer?
[01:00.66]I have approximately three-years' experience using a computer.
[01:06.06]What kind of computers are you experienced in?
[01:10.35]I'm experienced in IBM-PC and Great Wall computers.
[01:16.04]Section 3
[01:18.52]Did any of your previous positions require typing? Yes,but I can't type very quickly
[01:22.02]你以前的职务中有没有需要打字的? 有,但不是很快。
[01:25.52]How many words can you type per minuter?
[01:29.03]I type about 40 words per minute.
[01:37.12]What are your greatest achievements?
[01:40.83]Can you work under pressure?
[01:44.62]What are your strengths and weaknesses?
[01:48.51]What do you consider your strengths and weakness?
[01:53.71]Tell me about your weaknesses and strengths.
[01:58.20]I can type eighty words per minute.
[02:02.51]I have received that secretarial training for six months.
[02:07.40]I'm afraid I'm a poor talker.
[02:12.60]XIV Working Objectives
[02:18.61]Model Sentences
[02:22.71]I have the experience you are looking for.
[02:27.51]How long do you plan to stay here?
[02:34.80]Section 1
[02:38.80]What makes you think you are qualified3 for this position?
[02:47.39]I have spent the last five years working specially4 in this field.
[02:52.59]Do you think you are over-qualified,then?
[02:56.48]No,I think I am an excellent match for this job.
[03:00.77]Section 2
[03:03.25]How long do you plan to stay with this company,if hired?
[03:08.26]I have no definite ideas in that area right now. I see.
[03:13.54]It just depends on a number of things.
[03:20.83]My qualifications and experience
[03:25.64]perfectly match what you are looking for.
[03:28.82]I speak fairly good English
[03:32.43]and I enjoy meeting different kinds of people,
[03:36.14]so I think I could handle the work of a receptionist.
[03:40.53]I think it will be a mutually beneficial relationship.
[03:46.93]I want this job because I know I can do a good job.
[03:52.83]What are you looking for in your next job?
[03:58.63]What is your career objective?
[04:02.63]What would you like to be doing two years from now?
[04:08.53]What do you consider important when looking for a job?
[04:14.22]Do you have any idea how long you plan to stay here?
[04:20.73]How long do you want to stay here?
[04:24.72]What ideas do you have if we employ you?
[04:29.92]I wish to move up to higher positions with acquisition of more experience in the future
[04:37.73]XV Salary
[04:43.72]Model Sentences
[04:47.79]What were they paying you,if you don't mind my asking?
[04:53.07]I'm looking for four thousand dollars a month.
[05:02.42]Section 1
[05:06.91]You are the very person we want. Thank you,sir.
[05:11.09]What salary would you expect to get?
[05:14.41]As for salary,I leave it to you to decide after experience of my capacity
[05:20.71]Well.I believe we can offer you 25,000 yuan a month at the start.
[05:29.30]Would that be satisfactory?
[05:32.20]Yes,I'm quite satisfied.That would be more than I have expected.
[05:37.29]Section 2
[05:40.01]How much money are you looking for in this job?
[05:44.19]Based on my skills and experience,I'm looking for four thousand a month.
[05:49.88]That's a little more than we had planned. I think you'll find I'm worth it
[05:52.78]这比我们计划的多了一些    我想你会发现我值得。
[05:58.66]How much money are you presently earning?
[06:02.74]How much do you make at your current job?
[06:07.31]How about your present pay?
[06:10.78]How much money do you get now?
[06:15.17]What is your monthly salary now?
[06:19.48]What is your asking price?
[06:23.27]I'm presently making five thousand a month.
[06:27.66]I'm looking for five thousand a month.
[06:32.05]I'd like 50,000 yuan.
[06:36.85]XVI Contact Way
[06:43.54]Model Sentences
[06:47.04]We'll send you a letter then,if you're hired.
[06:52.73]In case I'm not there, please leave a message
[06:56.91]and I will call back for your instruction.
[07:03.52]Section 1
[07:07.31]When can you give me the final decision?
[07:12.12]We'll send you a letter then,if you're hired.
[07:16.22]I'll look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your interview with me
[07:21.31]I hope we will see again in the near future.Good-bye.
[07:25.91]I hope so,thank you. Bye.
[07:29.12]Section 2
[07:32.02]May I call you at your home about the final decision?
[07:36.23]You can call me at my home at 5396188 in the evening.
[07:42.32]In case I'm not there, please leave a message and I'll call you back
[07:47.02]for instructions.
[07:52.42]Thank you.Good-bye.
[07:59.01]My address and telephone number is written on my resume.
[08:04.28]My postal5 address remains6 the same.
[08:09.30]You can reach me at any time at your convenience by dialing 3883737.
[08:18.99]We will notify you by mail. I will write to you within a day or two.
[08:26.70]You can send E-mail to me.
[08:29.78]XVII Ending of an Interview
[08:35.66]Model Sentences
[08:39.24]Thank you,sir.
[08:42.74]I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
[08:46.73]Excuse me,when should I contact you regarding your decision?
[08:57.65]Section 1
[09:02.33]Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me.  You're welcome.
[09:06.02]谢谢您在百忙之中抽空与我面谈。  不客气。
[09:09.72]When should I contact you regarding your decision?  I'll call you next week.
[09:12.41]有关你的决定。何时可以和你联络?  下星期我会打电话给你。
[09:15.10]Section 2
[09:17.58]We really appreciate your coming.
[09:21.48]It was my pleasure.  You'll hear from us soon.
[09:23.37]这是我的荣幸。  你很快就会得到我们的答复。
[09:25.26]Great,I look forward to hearing from you.
[09:33.62]Thank you for having talked with me.
[09:37.62]Thank you,I'll look forward to hearing from you.
[09:42.71]Thank you for your interview with me, ma'am.
[09:47.31]We'll expect you here next month,see you then.
[09:53.11]Thank you very much for offering me this opportunity.
[09:58.41]I'll await your notification.
[10:02.51]Thank you very much for giving me your time.
[10:07.61]XVIII   Giving Thanks after an Interview
[10:14.61]Models Sentences
[10:17.72]Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the position of Administrative7 Assistant
[10:25.32]I just wanted to call and thank you for the interview.
[10:34.91]May I speak with Mr.Smith,please?
[10:42.82]How are you!This is Nancy Lee.
[10:46.32]And I just wanted to call and thank you for letting me interview
[10:50.92]for the accountant position the other day
[10:59.30]I just wanted to thank you for your interview.
[11:03.90]Thank you for the opportunity to interview.
[11:08.79]Thank you for the interview two days ago
[11:12.99]I'm calling to thank you for the interview yesterday.
[11:18.37]I was just calling to say thank you for the interview.
[11:23.65]XIX   Examples of Interview
[11:31.54]1  Computer Programmer
[11:35.82]C:May I come in, please?
[11:39.01]I:Come in,please.
[11:41.20]C:Good morning,sir.
[11:43.40]I've come to apply for the position as computer programmer at your office.
[11:49.17]I:Oh,I see.Please take a seat.
[11:52.65]I'm Mark Kohl What's your name?C:My name is ChenZhen.
[11:55.19]我叫马克.科尔。你叫什么?  应:我叫陈真。
[11:57.74]I:Would you also let me have your birth date?
[12:01.53]C:I was born on June 6,1967.
[12:06.44]I:Where were you born?
[12:09.23]C:I was born in Zhengzhou city of Henan.
[12:13.34]I:Where are you living now?
[12:15.43]C:I'm living at 38 Guangming Road, Guangzhou,with my family.
[12:20.94]I:What about your marital8 status?   C:I'm still single.
[12:25.72]I:I also need to know the names of your nearest relatives. C:My father is Xiaofeng
[12:28.71]主:我还要知道你近亲的名字  应:我爸爸叫陈先锋,
[12:31.70]Chen and my mother is Fenglian  Xian.
[12:36.01]I:Can you speak Cantonese?   C:Yes,I've been a local resident ever since 1976
[12:39.51]主:你会说广东话吗? 应:会,自1976年我就在本地居住了
[12:43.01]when my family moved to Guangzhou from Henan.
[12:47.90]I:Where did you receive your higher education?
[12:51.27]C:At South China University of Technology in Guangzhou.
[12:56.25]I:What did you major in?
[12:59.26]C:I majored in computer science.
[13:02.55]I:Fine.Can you tell me what kind of grades you had?
[13:06.55]C:Of course.I had an average of 90 points
[13:10.65]I:What specialized9 courses did you take
[13:14.75]C:The specialized courses I completed include computer science,
[13:20.76]systems design and analysis,operation systems,systems management,
[13:27.94]PASCAL programming, COBOL programming and D-BASE programming.
[13:34.63]I:Where are you working now?  C:I'm working at Guangzhou Computer Union Company
[13:37.53]主:你现在在哪儿工作?  应:我在广州电脑联合公司工作。
[13:40.43]I:What's your  position there?   C:I'm programmer  supervisor10.
[13:42.78]主:你在那里担任什么职务? 应:我担任程序员主管。
[13:45.13]I:What are your responsibilities?C:I'm responsible for  writing computer  programs:
[13:48.28]主:你的工作职责是什么? 应:我负责编制计算机程序:
[13:51.43]developing  block diagrams,
[13:54.64]utilizing available software and operation systems,
[13:59.84]and codingmachine instructions;
[14:03.42]originating block diagrams,working from outlines of proposed systems;
[14:09.89]developing file sizes; programming specifications11;
[14:15.09]determining appropriate use of tape or disk files, printer,etc;
[14:20.37]selecting in-house software or subroutines to run in connection with program;
[14:26.66]writing machine instructions, testing,debugging,and assembling program; documenting overall
[14:33.95]system and developing data control procedures, advising and instructing less experienced programmers
[14:41.06]and offering operating instructions.
[14:45.16]I:What kind of computer are you experienced in?
[14:50.25]C:I'm experienced in all types of IBM-PC computers.
[14:55.56]I:What sort of software do you have a good command of?
[14:59.84]C:I'm adept12 at DOS, WINDOWS,and AUTO13 CAD
[15:04.02]I:How long have you been working as a programmer supervisor? C:For more than three years.
[15:07.52]主:你当程序员主管有多长时间了? 应:3年多了。
[15:11.02]I:Do you hold any membership?
[15:13.53]C:Yes,I'm a member of China Computer Society.
[15:17.63]I:Tell me why you decided14 to choose our office.   C:Well,I'm happy with the work
[15:20.23]主:请告诉我你为何决定选择本代表处的工作。 应:我对目前这个
[15:22.83]at my  present post.
[15:25.23]But I want to getbetter pay,to tellyou the truth.
[15:29.83]I:What's your present salary?
[15:32.73]C:Sixteen hundred yuan a month.
[15:36.33]I:What starting salary would you expect here?
[15:41.71]C:I'd like to start at twenty-eight hundred yuan a month.
[15:46.21]I:No,problem.May I ask what do you know about Siemens Company Ltd.?
[15:53.70]C:To the best of my knowledge,yours is a  world-famous company
[15:58.90]The head office is inGermany.It dealsmainly in electricalproducts.
[16:06.01]I:You are right.
[16:09.59]Do you have any questions?   C:May I know what specific jobs I'll have to do
[16:12.08]你有什么问题吗? 我可以知道我必须做的具体工作
[16:14.58]if you employ me asa computer programmer?
[16:18.08]I:Well,you'll have toput in the computerour daily sales volume
[16:23.56]and profit marginsand analyze15 them.
[16:25.21]和盈利情况  并且进行分析。
[16:26.85]Are you interested in the work? C:certainly.
[16:28.70]你对次项工作感兴趣吗? 应:当然感兴趣,
[16:30.54]The work is quite challenging
[16:33.41]I:Our office is opening in a few days.
[16:37.20]Can you start to work here next week?  C:I think so.
[16:39.09]你下周能来上班吗?  应:我想可以。
[16:40.99]I:That's settled,then.
[16:43.99]We expect to see you next Monday.
[16:46.99]C:All right.See you then,Mr.Kohl.


1 perfectly 8Mzxb     
  • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said.证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
  • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。
2 insistence A6qxB     
  • They were united in their insistence that she should go to college.他们一致坚持她应上大学。
  • His insistence upon strict obedience is correct.他坚持绝对服从是对的。
3 qualified DCPyj     
  • He is qualified as a complete man of letters.他有资格当真正的文学家。
  • We must note that we still lack qualified specialists.我们必须看到我们还缺乏有资质的专家。
4 specially Hviwq     
  • They are specially packaged so that they stack easily.它们经过特别包装以便于堆放。
  • The machine was designed specially for demolishing old buildings.这种机器是专为拆毁旧楼房而设计的。
5 postal EP0xt     
  • A postal network now covers the whole country.邮路遍及全国。
  • Remember to use postal code.勿忘使用邮政编码。
6 remains 1kMzTy     
  • He ate the remains of food hungrily.他狼吞虎咽地吃剩余的食物。
  • The remains of the meal were fed to the dog.残羹剩饭喂狗了。
7 administrative fzDzkc     
  • The administrative burden must be lifted from local government.必须解除地方政府的行政负担。
  • He regarded all these administrative details as beneath his notice.他认为行政管理上的这些琐事都不值一顾。
8 marital SBixg     
  • Her son had no marital problems.她的儿子没有婚姻问题。
  • I regret getting involved with my daughter's marital problems;all its done is to bring trouble about my ears.我后悔干涉我女儿的婚姻问题, 现在我所做的一切将给我带来无穷的烦恼。
9 specialized Chuzwe     
  • There are many specialized agencies in the United Nations.联合国有许多专门机构。
  • These tools are very specialized.这些是专用工具。
10 supervisor RrZwv     
  • Between you and me I think that new supervisor is a twit.我们私下说,我认为新来的主管人是一个傻瓜。
  • He said I was too flighty to be a good supervisor.他说我太轻浮不能成为一名好的管理员。
11 specifications f3453ce44685398a83b7fe3902d2b90c     
n.规格;载明;详述;(产品等的)说明书;说明书( specification的名词复数 );详细的计划书;载明;详述
  • Our work must answer the specifications laid down. 我们的工作应符合所定的规范。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • This sketch does not conform with the specifications. 图文不符。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
12 adept EJIyO     
  • When it comes to photography,I'm not an adept.要说照相,我不是内行。
  • He was highly adept at avoiding trouble.他十分善于避开麻烦。
13 auto ZOnyW     
  • Don't park your auto here.别把你的汽车停在这儿。
  • The auto industry has brought many people to Detroit.汽车工业把许多人吸引到了底特律。
14 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
15 analyze RwUzm     
vt.分析,解析 (=analyse)
  • We should analyze the cause and effect of this event.我们应该分析这场事变的因果。
  • The teacher tried to analyze the cause of our failure.老师设法分析我们失败的原因。
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