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听电影学英语-27宜嫁 03

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  [00:01.02]Which part, the forced merriment, horrible music or bad food? 哪部份?扮笑、垃圾音乐 还是难吃的食物?
[00:05.38](Sighs) Actually, it's meeting upbeat people like yourself. 是遇上像你这样的人
[00:06.98]Love is patient. Love is kind. Love means slowly losing your mind. 爱是恒久忍耐
[00:11.94]- What is it you do again? - I'm a writer. 爱是逐渐失常
[00:12.10]- 你做什么? - 作家
[00:14.18]Right. 对
[00:16.70]- (Jane) This is my building: - I got it: 到了
[00:21.10]- No. I got it. - Sure? - 我来 - 不,我有
[00:23.10]Yeah. 真的?    是
[00:26.18]All right, sweetie. A hundred and forty. You know what you did. 只剩140块,你心中有数
[00:28.06]Hey! What's- No. He's gonna be right back. Hold on. 他会回来,等等
[00:30.54]Don't you think it's a whole lot of ritual for something that- 你不觉得这些仪式很无聊?
[00:34.10]Let's face it- It's got about a 50-50 shot of making it out of the gate. 反正有一半机会离婚
[00:38.18](Sighs) How very refreshing1. A man who doesn't believe in marriage. 不信婚姻的男人,也不差你一个
[00:41.10]- I'm just trying to point out the hypocrisy2 of the spectacle. - Oh. 我只是想说婚礼很虚伪
[00:42.38]That's so noble of you. Do you also go around... 你真高尚
[00:44.78]telling small children that Santa Claus doesn't exist? 你敢跟小朋友说世上没有圣诞老人吗?
[00:46.78]'Cause someone needs to blow that shit wide open. 你可以大声说出来
[00:48.82]So you admit that believing in marriage is kind of like believing in Santa Claus. 承认相信婚姻等于相信有圣诞老人?
[00:50.94]No. L- 不
[00:56.50]I don't know why I'm arguing this with a perfect stranger. 我干嘛费尽跟个陌生人拗…
[00:59.38]But, yes, marriage, like everything good and important, isn't easy. 不错,好姻缘不轻易拥有
[01:01.86]Cynicism, on the other hand, always is. 不象尖酸刻薄般容易
[01:04.22]- It was very interesting meeting you. - Bye. - 认识你真是我的荣幸 - 再见
[01:10.02]You gonna be in more weddings next weekend? 下周末还有婚礼吗?
[01:12.58]- I have to go. - How many have you been in, by the way? 要走了
[01:13.30]- Just, like, ballpark: - Good night. 大概出席过多少?
[01:23.70]- Hey, you know what? Could you- - Yeah? 可否掉回…
[01:29.30]- Forget it. - Yup: 算了吧
[02:13.42]Okay. (Sighs)
[02:17.10]- (Door Creaking) - (Sighs)
[02:22.78](Sighs) Death. Destruction. Wedding vows3. Yea. 死人、塌楼…
[02:22.98]## (Humming)
[02:31.50](Sighs) Come to mama. 我的宝贝
[02:33.98](《承诺》  信守一生)
[02:44.34](Bells Tolling)
[02:53.86](Man) Jeter hit a walk-off in the ninth: Did you see it? 《纽约报》看到谢特打的全垒吗?
[02:56.46]Uh, no. I work Saturday nights, remember? 我有工作,记得吗?给你
[02:58.98]- Here. From the happy couple. - Oh, that's right.
[03:02.26]You were eating coconut4 cake and doing the Electric Slide. 是啊
[03:07.90]- So how'd it go? - Oh, let's see. 好玩吗?
[03:10.30]The bride wore a gown that sparkled like the groom's eyes... 闪耀夺目新娘礼服映出
[03:11.70]as he saw her approaching through a shower of rose petals5. 新郎情深款款的眼神
[03:16.34]And you're not getting laid? 没有沟到女?
[03:16.66]Commitments is the gold standard of wedding announcements. 《承诺》婚讯热爆全城
[03:20.14]Every girl on the planet rips open that page, fiirst thing Sunday. 星期日女孩必读首选
[03:22.62]Brides kill to get in there. 新娘子恨不得被报导
[03:25.82]Do you have any idea what you can be doin'? 知道你自己有多幸福吗?
[03:29.38]- You mean to women who are about to get married? - Yeah. 准新娘们?
[03:29.58]They won't call you. They won't bother you. 不会缠你,还假装不相识
[03:31.58]They will pretend they never even met you. You can't beat that. 夫复何求
[03:34.62]Well, it's not gonna matter much longer anyway. 反正没所谓
[03:38.10]- You're looking at my ticket out of the taffeta ghetto6. - Keep on dreaming. 我己找到新目标
[03:39.98]- Uh, go away. - Yes. Okay. - 继续发梦吧 - 死开
[03:49.38]What? I wasn't gonna come to work in my bridesmaid dress. 看什么?没换衫不准上班吗?

  [03:53.46]Two-day walk of shame outfiit. Elegant. 两天没换衫真不知羞
[03:56.94](Laughing) 多谢
[03:58.62]What happened to you the other night? 你又如何?
[04:01.98]You were barely there, and then you disappeared. 出现一会又立即消失
[04:03.90]- You meet someone? - Come on. No. 遇上某君?
[04:06.26]Oh. Ridiculous question. 算啦
[04:11.62]- Good morning, Gina. - Hi. 早上好,晶丽请
[04:13.90]- You haven't seen my Filofax anywhere, have you? - No. 看到我的记事本吗?
[04:17.10]No. Okay. I'll go look for it. - 没有 - 不要紧,我去找
[04:19.66]- Did you get those catalog pages in for George? - No. 拿了目录给乔治吗?
[04:23.38]Okay. No worries. I'll get them from production. - 没有 - 别担心
[04:27.02]Attagirl. Show her who's boss. 离谱,你比她高级耶
[04:29.02]- I'm not her boss. - You're the boss's assistant. - 不 - 你是老板助手
[04:30.18]Same diff. What's the good of your job if you can't abuse the power? 就是嘛,还不鸡毛当令箭?
[04:33.46]- Casey, go to Accounting7. - Now you're bossy8. 回去会计部,杰西
[04:35.86](Laughs) 哦,现在你真是上司咯
[04:42.26]Where the hell did I put that thing? 记事本在哪里?
[04:44.10]That is a great idea for the front page of the section. 头版专题的好材料
[04:46.70]Oh, come on, Doyle. How many times have I heard this from you? 我听过太多次了,杜尔
[04:51.22]- I'm telling you, Maureen: It's a great idea: - Really? - 这次真的很好 - 是吗?
[04:53.50]As great as your last great idea, an expose on price-fiixing at wedding bakeries? 像那篇揭发结婚饼开天杀价?
[04:56.26]Yes! Yes! They're ripping people off. Flour costs pennies per ounce. 简直抢钱,每盎司收费


1 refreshing HkozPQ     
  • I find it'so refreshing to work with young people in this department.我发现和这一部门的青年一起工作令人精神振奋。
  • The water was cold and wonderfully refreshing.水很涼,特别解乏提神。
2 hypocrisy g4qyt     
  • He railed against hypocrisy and greed.他痛斥伪善和贪婪的行为。
  • He accused newspapers of hypocrisy in their treatment of the story.他指责了报纸在报道该新闻时的虚伪。
3 vows c151b5e18ba22514580d36a5dcb013e5     
誓言( vow的名词复数 ); 郑重宣布,许愿
  • Matrimonial vows are to show the faithfulness of the new couple. 婚誓体现了新婚夫妇对婚姻的忠诚。
  • The nun took strait vows. 那位修女立下严格的誓愿。
4 coconut VwCzNM     
  • The husk of this coconut is particularly strong.椰子的外壳很明显非常坚固。
  • The falling coconut gave him a terrific bang on the head.那只掉下的椰子砰地击中他的脑袋。
5 petals f346ae24f5b5778ae3e2317a33cd8d9b     
n.花瓣( petal的名词复数 )
  • white petals tinged with blue 略带蓝色的白花瓣
  • The petals of many flowers expand in the sunshine. 许多花瓣在阳光下开放。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
6 ghetto nzGyV     
  • Racism and crime still flourish in the ghetto.城市贫民区的种族主义和犯罪仍然十分猖獗。
  • I saw that achievement as a possible pattern for the entire ghetto.我把获得的成就看作整个黑人区可以仿效的榜样。
7 accounting nzSzsY     
  • A job fell vacant in the accounting department.财会部出现了一个空缺。
  • There's an accounting error in this entry.这笔账目里有差错。
8 bossy sxdzgz     
  • She turned me off with her bossy manner.她态度专橫很讨我嫌。
  • She moved out because her mother-in-law is too bossy.她的婆婆爱指使人,所以她搬出去住了。
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