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听电影学英语-27宜嫁 18

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[00:09.12]Oh, God. What? 天啊,你来做什么?
[00:11.68]Why are you here?
[00:13.68]- You wouldn't return my phone calls. - What do you want? - 你没回电 - 你想怎样?
[00:15.24]You want another picture for your paper? 再照张相登报?
[00:18.56]- Jane, I'm sorry. Believe me. - Please. You used me to get ahead in your career. 对不起,真的
[00:22.00]Be a man and admit it. Or- Or don't. 有胆量就承认吧
[00:25.84]But please, please don't pretend that you give a shit. 别惺惺作态假扮关心我
[00:30.72]- Will you just please let me explain? - No, it doesn't matter. - 听我解释 - 无所谓了
[00:33.08]I just destroyed my life, and I didn't need your help to do it. 我刚搞垮了我的人生
[00:36.52]Great! Finally. 好,终于
[00:40.36]I saw what you did in there. And you know what? I thought it was amazing. 我也在场,你做得好
[00:41.44]Was it absolutely, certifiiably nuts? Yes, it was. But you did something, Jane. 也许过份,但你终于做到
[00:45.80]- For the first time, you were not just the perfect bridesmaid: - Stop. Just please. 第一次不做完美伴娘
[00:50.56]I'm not doing this with you again. I don't even know why I'm standing1 here talking to you. 我不想跟你拗
[00:53.52]You know what? Let me tell you. Look. Come here. Listen to me. 来,听我说
[00:56.52](Sighs) Do you want to know the real reason why I came here tonight? 可知我为何而来?
[00:58.40]Because I knew this was gonna be hard for you. 我知你会难受
[01:00.92]And for the fiirst time in a really long time, I wanted to be there for somebody. Yeah. 我想支持你,很久没试过
[01:06.00]All right. I messed up. I did. I'm sorry. 对不起,是我搞垮
[01:08.04]And I'm gonna turn around, I'm gonna walk away. I'm gonna vanish. 答应过你我从此消失,不再出现
[01:12.04]You'll never see me again, I promise.
[01:15.32]But I want you to know that I think you deserve- 但我想让你知道…
[01:19.12]I think you deserve more than what you've settled for. 你值得拥有幸福
[01:20.76]I do. I think you deserve to be taken care of for a change. 你值得备受关怀爱惜
[01:26.48]L- I believe that. 我绝对相信
[01:40.64]I forgot to give you this. 忘了这个
[01:42.84]It's a gift: : : 送给你
[01:45.72]So you don't have to carry around that crazy Filofax from 1987. 别再用那1987年记事本
[01:51.52]This will take care of all the stuff you need to do. 它会好好照顾你
[01:55.88]Perfect for starting over. 重新开始
[02:04.84]Okay. Will you take it, please, so I don't feel like such a jerk? 拿着,不然我会很尴尬
[02:27.68](Man) #Don't let your mind get weary and confused #
[02:32.84]# Your will be still Don't try #
[02:45.60]#Don't let your heart get heavy, child, inside you #
[02:49.12]# There's a strength that lies #
[02:57.48]The story got a phenomenal response. 那篇文章热爆
[03:02.16]- (Chuckles) - Looks like you got yourself bumped from Commitments. 从此甩掉《承诺》
[03:05.16]That's great. (Chuckles) 很好
[03:09.04]Kevin, be happy. 开心点,随心所欲了
[03:10.44]You got what you wanted, right?
[03:12.00]#Don't let your soul get lonely, child #
[03:16.68]#It's only time it will go by ##
[03:27.76]All I'm saying is you two are sisters: 你们是姊妹,怎可有隔夜仇
[03:29.32]- You have got to work this out. - I'm telling you, she doesn't want to talk. 她不肯跟我说话
[03:33.00]No, no. She loves you. Everything is gonna be fiine. 她很爱你,没事的,只要…
[03:34.88]- Okay. If you just- - Dad?
[03:43.56]What the hell is she doing here? 她来干嘛?
[03:45.52]I'm out of this.
[03:45.84]Tess, this is between you and her. 你们慢慢谈,我不管了
[03:47.52]You know, Flo, have you seen the new weed whackers we've got out front? 看到窗橱的新剪草机吗?
[03:54.36]- The latest model: - (Door Closes) 最新款式,很厉害
[04:01.40]I feel terrible. 我很难过
[04:03.60]- I'm so sorry for what happened- - Sorry? - 很对不起 - 对不起?
[04:05.48]You humiliated2 me in front of every single person that I know... 你在所有人面前羞辱我
[04:09.68]and you think you could just say sorry? 讲一声对不起就算?

  [04:11.96]- L-I know. But- - jane, you were always jealous of me: 我知道,但…
[04:14.12]- What? - Always! My clothes! My boyfriends! - 什么? - 我的衣服
[04:18.32]- Stop it! - You've just been waiting for the chance to tear me down. - 男友 - 闭嘴!
[04:19.48]- 你一直等机会让我丢脸 - 不是
[04:21.20]- That's not true. - Yes, it is! 正是
[04:24.36]- Ow! - And you took the one thing that was fiinally working out. 你夺走仅余的好事
[04:27.68]Oh, please! This is so typical, Tess. 拜托,蒂莎
[04:29.68]You're not taking any responsibility for the fact that you lied to George. 向乔治说谎你要负责的
[04:31.56]You manipulated him. Put down the bug3 spray. 你玩弄他…放低那杀虫水
[04:33.60]- Put down the bug spray, Tess! - (Squeals)
[04:37.28]Did you even love him? Or was it just convenient? 你爱他吗?还是顺手?
[04:39.20]Oh, please, Jane. Get off your high horse. 别再义正词严
[04:43.56]Just admit it: You resent me: : : 你憎我逼你,要你替我扎辫…
[04:45.68]Because you're the one who always had to braid my hair...
[04:49.96]and make my Halloween outfiits and go shopping for my prom dress. 做万圣节衣服、买毕业舞会裙
[04:53.72]- No, I have never resented any of that. - Yes, you have. 我从没憎过
[04:55.92]- You always thought that my life was so easy. - It was! 你有
[04:58.68]It is! You have never had a care in the world. 你的确是,无忧无虑
[04:59.28]You're beautiful and fun and charming. 漂亮、好玩、迷人、完美人生


1 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
2 humiliated 97211aab9c3dcd4f7c74e1101d555362     
  • Parents are humiliated if their children behave badly when guests are present. 子女在客人面前举止失当,父母也失体面。
  • He was ashamed and bitterly humiliated. 他感到羞耻,丢尽了面子。
3 bug 5skzf     
  • There is a bug in the system.系统出了故障。
  • The bird caught a bug on the fly.那鸟在飞行中捉住了一只昆虫。
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