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听电影学英语-27宜嫁 07

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  [00:01.06]Yeah. Yeah, but he has flaws. He does. 但他也有缺点,有缺点
[00:02.90]He is flawed.
[00:04.90]- What do you mean? - Well, he hates cashews... 什么意思?
[00:11.46]which is weird1. 吃腰果,很奇怪
[00:13.74]And sometimes he doesn't wear socks with sneakers. 有时穿鞋不穿袜,好白痴
[00:17.42]I just think that's gross.
[00:17.62]Jane. Jane, those aren't exactly deal-breakers. 那些不会扣分吧,珍
[00:21.30]Deal. Wh-What deal? 扣分、扣什么分?
[00:25.62]I mean, nothing happened between the two of you tonight, did it? 你们二人没发生什么吧?
[00:29.26]- Did it? - Well. 有发生?
[00:30.94]Oh. I got ya. Nice: 明白,很好
[00:35.22]Mmm. (Laughs) Fun. 有趣,很有趣
[00:38.42]Sounds fun. (Sighs)
[00:43.66]- Dad? - Oh, hey, sweetie. 爸?
[00:49.22]How are you? Oh, you didn't have to- 乖女儿,你好吗?唤…
[00:51.74]Tessie! Oh! Oh! 蒂莎
[00:54.62]- Hi. - Look at you. 看看你
[00:58.78](Laughs, Sighs) Oh, Dad. This place looks exactly the same. 这儿一点也没变
[01:02.94]Now that's not fair. 看不见那新篷吗?
[01:04.94]I got a brand-new awning2. I just stripped and re-varnished all the woodwork. Look. 还粉饰了所有木器
[01:09.34]- New cash register. Digital. - Oh. 新的数码收银机
[01:09.94]Wow, Dad. I'm sorry. I don't know how I missed all these... 对不起,爸,我怎么没看见
[01:11.62]remarkable improvements. 这些大改善
[01:13.62]- (Laughing) - Give me that: Let's go upstairs: 给我,上楼去
[01:20.14]There we go: 吃吧
[01:20.54]Dad, aren't we a little old for these? 我们吃这个不嫌太老?
[01:23.86]- No. - Good, 'cause I love 'em! 不
[01:24.22]- (Laughs) - So, Tess, how long you here for? 很好,我爱吃
[01:28.82]One to two weeks, right? That's what you said. 一两星期,是吗?
[01:31.10]Um, actually, it just depends on how a few things pan out. 要看能不能搞定咯
[01:35.94]What things? 搞什么?
[01:38.94]- What-What-What few things? What's- - (Cell Phone Ringing) 什么事?
[01:43.90](Mouths Words) 是乔治
[01:45.82]- Hello? Hi! - Let me guess: 喂
[01:48.66]Some new guy is chasing after her?
[01:51.58]I wouldn't call it "chasing." (Laughs) 不算追吧
[01:57.66]- Oh, George: I would love to: - Jane?
[02:00.82]- What? - You okay? 什么?
[02:08.66](Tess) Of course: (Laughs) 当然了
[02:11.86](George Laughing)
[02:14.74](Gasps) I gotta stop. 我得工作了
[02:16.74](Muttering, Mimicking) 真的很好玩
[02:20.58](凯文. 杜尔)
[02:24.30]She's gonna call me. I guarantee it. 她会打来
[02:26.34]- I got a way of making the ladies reach out to me. - Oh, yeah. How? 我有方法让她们就范
[02:32.46]- Oh, God. - (Beeping) 天啊,这个人
[02:34.10](Cell Rhone Ringing)
[02:36.90]Whoo! Ah. "Yello."
[02:39.78]You ripped a week out of my planner. Are you insane? 你撕了一页,疯了么?
[02:41.74]It's a little experiment. See how you do without every second of your life mapped out. 是实验,看你怎么面对 没有安排的生活
[02:48.46]By the way, your life is insane. 你真够疯的
[02:48.70]What do you do besides work and help people get married? 在说了,你的生活就是疯的 除了工作及做伴娘外还有什么?
[02:51.74]You know what? I don't see how that's any of your business. 关你什么事
[02:53.02]How do you afford these weddings? 你怎么能负担得来?礼物、机票
[02:55.06]I mean, the dresses, the airfares, the wine of the month clubs? 红酒会
[02:59.58]Hey, people love that gift. And I'm a frequent member. 那很受欢迎
[03:02.14]So sometimes they throw in a free gewurztraminer. 有时还有免费白酒
[03:04.46]Wow. That is terribly sad. I'm sorry about that. 真可怜,很抱歉
[03:06.70]Ah. Well, look. I wanna make it up to you. 我想补偿
[03:08.54]Okay? How about a new date book or maybe just a date? 想要新本子还是约会?
[03:12.22]Uh, yeah. Sure. Let me just pencil you in. 好,让我记下
[03:14.90]Except, hey! You already did. Every Saturday for the rest of the year. 原来己记下,每个周未
[03:15.86]You know what? Can you please, please fiind someone else to be creepy with? 可不可纠缠别人去?
[03:20.46]Nope. Tell you what. Anytime you wanna hang out with somebody... 不可以,想约人而又不是要…

  [03:23.10]who doesn't need you to take them to a fiitting or a cake-tasting... 带他们去试衫、试饼…
[03:25.82]or a coed mojito and burrito rehearsal3 dinner, just give me a call. 又或者试菜的话
[03:30.26]- Yeah. Okay. - (Laughs) - 打给我 - 好的
[03:31.06]Oh, God.
[03:37.06]- Hey! - Hey!
[03:38.10]- Are we getting too old for hugs? - No. - 不用拥抱吧? - 要
[03:40.90]Thank you. (Sighs) 谢谢
[03:43.18](George) There he is: 他来了
[03:45.46]- Redro: How's it goin'? - Hey, what's up? - 彼仔 - 怎样了?
[03:47.26]- So Pedro is my, uh- - I'm his little brother. 你好吗?
[03:53.54]From the Big Brother Program at the Y. 小弟
[03:56.82]- Oh. - Pedro, Tess happens to beJane's sister. 彼仔,蒂莎是珍的妹妹
[04:00.70]- Oh. - (Loudly) Hola, Pedro.
[04:05.86]Yeah. Um, look, Jane, Tess and I...
[04:10.42]are gonna take Redro to his baseball game if you wanna join us:
[04:11.02]I can't. I've got so much work to do. I should stay here. 不能,有太多工作
[04:15.02]Are you kidding me, Jane? Look, your boss is a jerk anyhow. 你老板好离谱
[04:15.38]- Let's go. I don't wanna have to fiire you. - (Laughs) Okay. 走吧,不然炒了你
[04:18.26]All right? All right: Let's go: 好,走吧
[04:21.38](Chattering) (青少年运动)
[04:27.46]- Hey. How you doin'? - All right. 三杯健怡百事,三包薯条…
[04:27.54]Let me get three Diet Pepsis, three fries and-
[04:30.82]- Chili4 dog. You want a chili dog? - Uh, no. 辣热狗,要吗?
[04:34.98]- Not unless it's a tofu dog with meatless chili. - I'm sorry. What? 不,除非是素肉肠
[04:38.98]- You're a vegetarian5? - Uh-huh. It's recent. 你吃素?
[04:41.46]- Oh, is it? - You know, 'cause I'm a vegetarian too. - 最近刚刚 - 是吗?
[04:44.62]- Oh. - I used to be a vegan, but it was too much of a hassle. 之前连奶类也戒,太烦了
[04:46.02]Oh, God. I know. I mean, even being a vegetarian is a challenge. 是啊,吃素是项挑战
[04:50.50]I mean, every time I go hiking, I have to bring my homemade "tofurky jerky." 每次远足都要自制素肉干
[04:54.50]You go hiking? I mean, no offense6... 你远足?
[04:56.58]but you hardly seem like the kind of girl that hits the trails- 无意冒犯,但你一点也不像
[05:00.26]Especially in those shoes. 尤其那鞋少见多怪


1 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
2 awning LeVyZ     
  • A large green awning is set over the glass window to shelter against the sun.在玻璃窗上装了个绿色的大遮棚以遮挡阳光。
  • Several people herded under an awning to get out the shower.几个人聚集在门栅下避阵雨
3 rehearsal AVaxu     
  • I want to play you a recording of the rehearsal.我想给你放一下彩排的录像。
  • You can sharpen your skills with rehearsal.排练可以让技巧更加纯熟。
4 chili JOlzm     
  • He helped himself to another two small spoonfuls of chili oil.他自己下手又加了两小勺辣椒油。
  • It has chocolate,chili,and other spices.有巧克力粉,辣椒,和其他的调味品。
5 vegetarian 7KGzY     
  • She got used gradually to the vegetarian diet.她逐渐习惯吃素食。
  • I didn't realize you were a vegetarian.我不知道你是个素食者。
6 offense HIvxd     
  • I hope you will not take any offense at my words. 对我讲的话请别见怪。
  • His words gave great offense to everybody present.他的发言冲犯了在场的所有人。
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