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英语听力:听电影学英语-丑陋事实 01

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   [00:03.00]You change your mind

  [00:06.05]Like a girl changes clothes
  [00:09.87]Yeah, you PMS
  [00:13.27]Like a bitch
  [00:15.19]I would know
  [00:17.28]And you over-think
  [00:20.78]Always speak cryptically1
  [00:24.29]I should know
  [00:26.26]That you're no good for me
  [00:31.61]'Cause you're hot Then you're cold
  [00:33.71]You're yes Then you're no
  [00:35.58]You're in Then you're out
  [00:37.38]You're up Then you're down
  [00:39.25]You're wrong When it's right
  [00:41.02]It's black And it's white
  [00:42.82]We fight, we break up
  [00:44.76]We kiss, we make up
  [00:48.38]Are you alert? 你知道吗?
  [00:50.30]Okay, well tell them.... 好,告诉他们…
  [00:55.86]No. 不
  [01:01.74]l'll be there in about 1 5 minutes, so stop arguing. 我过15分就到,别吵了
  [01:02.70]Okay, thanks. Bye. 好,谢了,拜
  [01:08.58](KSXP 2 沙加缅度直播台)
  [01:13.74]-Morning, Freddy. -Morning, Abby. - 早,佛雷 - 早,艾比
  [01:17.66]-You look awfully2 pretty today. -Oh, is it that bad in there? - 你今天美呆了 - 里面情况有这么糟吗?
  [01:19.42]-Good morning. We got problems. -Morning. - 早安 - 早,有麻烦了
  [01:21.98]There are no problems, Joy, only solutions. 世上没有麻烦,只有解决的办法
  [01:24.78]The traffic camera is down and we have no B-roll for our traffic segment. 交通摄影机坏了,报路况没影像
  [01:27.46]-That is a problem. -Yeah. - 这下有麻烦了 - 对
  [01:30.06]Call Matt at Media Lab. He's got some Skycams. 找媒体实验室的迈特 他有空拍器,他欠我的
  [01:33.06]-Hey. -Hello. - 嗨 - 哈罗
  [01:33.42]-Where are all my weathermen? -Right here. - 我的气象猛男呢? - 都在这里
  [01:35.42]Thank you all for coming. You guys look great. 谢谢你们来 你们真赞
  [01:38.90]Thanks for being here. Good. 谢谢你们来此
  [01:40.10]ls there a reason they're all overweight? 为什么他们怎么都这么大只?
  [01:42.50]lf they get the forecast wrong... 如果气象播报有误
  [01:43.70]...research shows people are more willing to forgive a fat guy. 研究显示观众比较会原谅胖子
  [01:47.38]l hate to do this. l don't think l can work with her. 艾比?我不想这么对你 不过我真的无法跟她共事下去了
  [01:49.06]lt's bad enough l have to take her criticism at home. 在家被她念就够了 在播报台也要
  [01:50.74]-A man can only endure so much. -Larry, you are not a man... - 男人不该永无止境的隐忍 - 赖瑞,你不是男人
  [01:54.90]...you are a newsman. 你是新闻人
  [01:59.30]...they're defined by the hard times. 新闻人是历经磨难的
  [01:59.38]Newsmen are not defined by the easy times... 新闻人不是养尊处优的
  [02:02.54]Can you imagine Ted3 Koppel or Tom Brokaw... 你能想像 盛逐如、李似端
  [02:04.22]...working with their wives as co-anchors? No. 跟他们老婆一起报新闻吗? 不行
  [02:08.34]Because they couldn't handle it. 因为他们根本搞不定
  [02:09.42]But you. You, my friend, have balls the size of Volkswagens. 可是朋友,你跨下有雄伟巨蛋
  [02:14.22]-Don't think l haven't noticed. -l only thought of them as blue of late. - 别以为我没注意到 - 它们最近有点累
  [02:16.66]But you're right. They're quite sizable. 不过它们是很雄伟
  [02:19.18]But not disproportionately so. l think of them as aesthetically4 pleasing. 又匀称 我觉得它们根本就是很帅气
  [02:21.86]Yeah, l think l made my point. 我就说嘛
  [02:26.10]Are you kidding me right now? Nobody in Sacramento... 你这是在耍我吗? 沙加缅度的人才不关心…
  [02:27.74]...gives a crap about the extinction5 rate of the Brazilian slug worm. 巴西鼻涕虫濒临绝种 根本没新闻价值
  [02:29.78]Knowing which celebutante is in rehab is of vital importance? 不过有哪个名媛被送勒戒就呛了
  [02:33.06]-Your voice makes my hair-- -Okay. He is trying to kill me. - 你的声音让我毛骨悚然 - 他想杀我
  [02:36.46]-He knows l can't eat crab6. -lt's Crab Rangoon. - 他知道我对螃蟹过敏 - 那是炸蟹角
  [02:40.06]-Who doesn't eat Crab Rangoon? -Oh, my God. Does anybody see this? - 谁不爱吃炸蟹角? - 妈呀,你看到没?
  [02:42.34]-ls that a hive? -No, looks like syphilis to me. - 这是蜂窝组织炎吗? - 我觉得像梅毒
  [02:46.10]You wouldn't even know what syphilis looks like if it weren't for my story. 要不是我对名人大杂交的报导 你根本不知道梅毒长什么样子
  [02:51.78]-Stand by to go to three. -Yeah, so some-- - 三号机准备 - 是的…
  [02:56.06]Cacciatore gets mushrooms, garlic. Exactly. 意式烩鸡要放蘑菇大蒜
  [02:56.14]-Yeah. Put the mushrooms in. -All right. - 把蘑菇放进去 - 好
  [02:58.82]And whatever amount of garlic you want. 不管你要放多少大蒜都行
  [03:00.82]-Really? -You can't have enough garlic. - 大蒜永远不嫌多 - 是吗?
  [03:02.82]-Oh, you can. -l certainly can. - 是啊 - 当然罗
  [03:04.06]-Do it every night. -I got a nice, big spoon for you. - 我每晚都嗑大蒜 - 我帮你弄了一大匙
  [03:08.70]-Oh, excellent. Thank you. -Here you go. - 真棒,谢谢 - 来吧
  [03:12.14]-That good? -l have to say, Rocco... - 好吃吗? - 这是我…
  [03:15.46]...this is the best chicken cacciatore l've ever tasted. 吃过最棒的意式烩鸡
  [03:17.82]l knew you'd like it. lt's duck cacciatore, actually. 我就知道你喜欢,不过这是烩鸭
  [03:19.62]-Oh, no. -Did he just say ''duck''? - 惨了 - 他刚刚是说〝鸭子〞吗?
  [03:22.78]And it's a great alternative to chicken. 用这来取代鸡很不错
  [03:24.94]lt kind of tastes just like chicken, right? 尝起来跟鸡肉没两样
  [03:27.98]Duck, like ''quack7, quack'' duck? 鸭子,呱呱叫的鸭子?
  [03:28.66]-Get ready to roll to break. -Yeah. - 好,准备提前进广告 - 好
  [03:30.82]-Whoa, duck. -Yeah. - 鸭子耶 - 对
  [03:32.74]Man, we're a chicken household. 我们是鸡肉一族
  [03:34.22]-We are. -Tell Larry to throw it to Javier... - 是啊 - 叫赖瑞把话题…
  [03:37.58]-...while she pulls it together. -Or is it okay? - 转给气象男 - 应该没关系吧?
  [03:40.70]-It's good. -Javier, do you like it? - 很不错 - 气象男,你喜欢吗?
  [03:43.58]Can l take home the leftovers8? 我能不能打包带回家?
  [03:46.54]-You sure you don't want any leftovers? -When we return... - 你不要打包带回家吗? - 稍后…
  [03:49.42]-...our live Skycam traffic update. -Okay. - 有空拍交通现况报导 - 好
  [03:52.62]And guess who's in rehab this week. 还有,猜猜这周谁进了勒戒所?
  [03:53.22]-Stand by to roll break. -Also, how you can adopt... - 准备进广告 - 稍后报导…
  [03:57.78]...your very own slug worm, when we come back. 如何下载个性小游戏
  [03:58.14]-Roll your break. -How about salt? Salt make it better? - 进广告 - 加盐会不会更好吃?试试看
  [04:06.06]l don't know how you do it. 你真行
  [04:07.82]lt's just a matter of looking chaos9 right in the eye and telling it to eff off. 掌握状况,直接斩断乱源就好
  [04:11.42]You guys did great. Thank you. 你们做得很好,谢了
  [04:11.98]l think it's time for a new chef on this show. l do. 我想我们该换新的总舖师了
  [04:13.66]Now, come on. Rocco's been with us-- 拜托,老骆是老搭档了
  [04:17.86]Hey, Stuart wants to see you. He's freaking out. 老大要见你,他很不爽
  [04:21.74]Oh, he got the ratings. 他看到收视率了
  [04:25.18]-Want some? -Yeah, give me that. - 来一点吧? - 好,给我
  [04:31.54]Have you seen the ratings from yesterday? 你看过昨天的收视率了?
  [04:34.98]We got beat by all the network shows, including a rerun of Who's the Boss? 连无线台的节目都赢过我们 连重播的《包青天》都赢我们
  [04:38.74]The one where the vacuum breaks. 还是审乌盆那一集
  [04:39.54]lt's just a temporary setback10. Things will be better tomorrow. 这只是暂时的,明天就会好转
  [04:43.22]You know that guy with the cable-access show... 公共电视的老人节目
  [04:44.66]...on Channel 83 does better. 也赢我们
  [04:48.86]lf we program Jerry Springer reruns... 要是我们重播《蓝色蜘蛛网》
  [04:52.34]...we'd do a nine-share at a quarter of the price. 可能还有得拼
  [04:53.46]Please don't tell me you're thinking of killing11 the show. 你不是想砍掉我的节目吧
  [04:57.14]We're not a family-run station anymore, Abby. 我们已经不是家族电视台了
  [04:58.58]l mean, l love you. You're great at what you do. 我爱你,你很行


1 cryptically 135c537d91f3fd47de55c6a48dc5f657     
  • Less cryptically, he said the arms race was still on. 他又说,军备竞赛仍然在继续。 来自互联网
  • The amending of A-Key must be processed cryptically in OTA authentication. 在OTA鉴权中,A-Key的修改必须以保密的方式进行。 来自互联网
2 awfully MPkym     
  • Agriculture was awfully neglected in the past.过去农业遭到严重忽视。
  • I've been feeling awfully bad about it.对这我一直感到很难受。
3 ted 9gazhs     
  • The invaders gut ted the village.侵略者把村中财物洗劫一空。
  • She often teds the corn when it's sunny.天好的时候她就翻晒玉米。
4 aesthetically EKPye     
  • Segmental construction contributes toward aesthetically pleasing structures in many different sites. 对于许多不同的现场条件,分段施工都能提供美观,颇有魄力的桥型结构。
  • All isolation techniques may be aesthetically unacceptable or even dirty. 所有的隔离方法都有可能在美观方面使人难以接受,或甚至是肮脏的。
5 extinction sPwzP     
  • The plant is now in danger of extinction.这种植物现在有绝种的危险。
  • The island's way of life is doomed to extinction.这个岛上的生活方式注定要消失。
6 crab xoozE     
  • I can't remember when I last had crab.我不记得上次吃蟹是什么时候了。
  • The skin on my face felt as hard as a crab's back.我脸上的皮仿佛僵硬了,就象螃蟹的壳似的。
7 quack f0JzI     
  • He describes himself as a doctor,but I feel he is a quack.他自称是医生,可是我感觉他是个江湖骗子。
  • The quack was stormed with questions.江湖骗子受到了猛烈的质问。
8 leftovers AprzGJ     
  • He can do miracles with a few kitchen leftovers.他能用厨房里几样剩饭做出一顿美餐。
  • She made supper from leftovers she had thrown together.她用吃剩的食物拼凑成一顿晚饭。
9 chaos 7bZyz     
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  • The typhoon left chaos behind it.台风后一片混乱。
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  • Since that time there has never been any setback in his career.从那时起他在事业上一直没有遇到周折。
  • She views every minor setback as a disaster.她把每个较小的挫折都看成重大灾难。
11 killing kpBziQ     
  • Investors are set to make a killing from the sell-off.投资者准备清仓以便大赚一笔。
  • Last week my brother made a killing on Wall Street.上个周我兄弟在华尔街赚了一大笔。
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