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英语听力:听电影学英语—大喜之日 03

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  [00:01.96]- We look like we're trying too hard. - Exactly. - 看起来我们有点太做作了. - 的确是.
[00:05.24]I want us to look like we fit but not like we're trying to look like we fit. 我也想让我们很般配 但不是想尽办法让我们"看"着很搭配
[00:08.32]Let me teach you a trick. 让我教你一个小窍门,
[00:10.48]If you look people in the eye, they'll never notice what you're wearing. 如果你只看别人的眼睛, 那他们就不会注意到你穿什么了.
[00:15.28](Kat) There's no way I'm showing up in his and her outfits1 我不会穿着情侣装出现在大家面前的
[00:18.96]so if you're gonna wear that tie, I have to change my dress. 所以如果坚持你要戴那个领带, 我只好换件衣服了.
[00:22.92]Driver, will you please pull over somewhere? 司机,能请在附近停一下吗?
[00:30.96](Kat) I'm sorry. I promise this is the last one. 对不起. 我发誓这是最后一件.
[00:35.28]You must think... Who knows what you think? 你肯定认为... 谁知道你怎么想的?
[00:37.12](Nick) I know how important this is for you. 我知道这对你很重要.
[00:38.12]But remember, you're a beautiful woman and you've got everything going for you. 但是记住,你是一个美丽的女人 而且你已经拥有一切东西.
[00:42.80](Kat) Don't patronize me. 别往我脸上贴金.
[00:46.80]I feel like crap but I wanna look hot doing it. 我感觉很遭,但我要自己看起来很风光.
[00:53.76]Mission accomplished2. 任务完成了.
[00:54.52]Really? 真的?
[00:57.84]Don't get too attached. 别想入非非.
[01:07.64]I prefer the red one. 我喜欢红色的那件.
[01:11.44]I'll let her know. 我会让她知道的.
[01:17.48]"Hmm, nice dress," or "Hmm... "嗯, 衣服不错," 还是 "嗯...
[01:20.36]"Gorgeous. I was insane to let you go"? "真华丽. 我让你走真是疯了"?
[01:24.24]Well, I'd shag you. 嗯,我会追你.
[01:27.96]If that's all right with you? 如果你无所谓的话.
[01:36.56](Gentle piano)
[01:39.68]I don't know if I can do this. 我不知道这样行不行
[01:41.28]Well, you can never be sure of anything but we still have to go inside. 好吧,你可以永远不确定任何事情 但我们还是得走进去.
[01:55.76]- Aunt Bea! - Dear girl. - Bea 姑妈! - 可爱女孩.
[01:59.04]This should have been you getting married. 这里本来应该是你在结婚的.
[02:01.92]You know, you didn't have to return the gravy3 boat. 你知道,你不必来的.
[02:05.84]And to think Jeffrey is the best man. 考虑到Jeffrey是伴郎.
[02:09.80]Have you met Nick? 你见过Nick吗?
[02:11.56]- How do you do? - Oh. - 你好吗? - 哦.
[02:14.68]Charming. 好迷人.
[02:16.84]And what do you do? 你做哪一行的?
[02:19.84]Excuse us. 我们离开一下.
[02:26.08]What a nightmare. 这简直是噩梦.
[02:32.08]OK, we need a story. 好吧,我们编个故事.
[02:32.76]You're a therapist, we just started dating and you're crazy about me. 你是个临床医生,我们刚开始约会, 你疯狂的爱着我.
[02:39.12]Count it. 6,000 even. 数数. 正好6000.
[02:42.48]- Oh, I trust you. - No. Count it. - 哦,我相信你. - 不行.你数数.
[02:48.92]All right. 好吧.
[02:59.28]I'll cover expenses but if you want to be intimate, we talk money first. 告诉你,开销由我来出,但如果你想扮演 亲密关系的话,我们要先谈钱.
[03:04.76]That won't be an issue. I find the idea of sex for money morally repugnant. 那不是问题. 我觉得男妓以性换钱 的想法在道德上是矛盾的.
[03:09.76]I'm sorry. No offense4. 对不起.没有冒犯的意思.
[03:14.72]If you look at this as a business transaction, 如果你把这个看做是简单的商业交易的话,
[03:14.80]Do me a favor, quit apologizing. 拜托,不要一直道歉了
[03:18.28]maybe you won't feel compelled to keep saying sorry. 说对不起时也许你就不会觉得难受了.
[03:20.36]I'm sorry. 对不起.
[03:23.52]It's also really annoying. 对不起的都有点烦了.
[03:40.76]Sorry. 对不起.
[03:41.04]- Sorry. - Pussy5 Kat! What happened to you? - 对不起. - 小猫 Kat! 你怎么样了?
[03:45.12]- Pull over for a quickie? - Mom, this is so not the time to be yourself. - 快让我抱一下.  - 妈,现在不是你自己一个人的时侯.
[03:50.96]And who might this be? 这个人是...?
[03:52.96]Hi. I'm the new guy. It's great to meet you. 你好.我是那个"新人". 很高兴见到你.
[03:55.04]Lovely. This is a marathon, not a sprint6. 很可爱. 这次婚礼将是个马拉松,不是短跑冲刺.
[03:57.16]We've got welcome cocktails7 today 我们今天有个作为欢迎的鸡尾酒会
[03:59.44]then tomorrow's Young People In The Park and Stags And Hens. 明天年轻人在公园里玩,接着是"雄鹿和母鸡".
[04:03.80]Friday's the picnic, then the rehearsal8 dinner and since you have left no margin9 for jetlag, 星期五野餐和其后的预演晚餐. 既然你没有来得及倒时间差,
[04:08.68]I need you to hydrate. 你要尤其做好准备.
[04:16.92]- Dad. - My darling. - 爸. - 我的心肝.
[04:22.80]- Meet Nick. - Professor Ellis. - 这是 Nick. - Ellis教授.
[04:23.96]- How do you do? - Kat? - 你好吗? - Kat?
[04:28.04]- Kat! Oooh! I'm getting married! Oh, Kitty! - Hey! - Kat! 噢! 我要结婚了! 哦, Kitty! - 嘿!
[04:31.04]Oh, I missed you so much. 哦, 我想死你了.
[04:31.32]Gosh, who's the hunky, huh? Nice. 天哪,这个帅哥是谁,呵? 不错.
[04:34.20]There you are! Get over here! 你在那!过来!
[04:38.88]At times like these, I find a good, stiff drink helps. 像这种时候, 我觉得喝好的烈酒往往不错.
[04:43.88]- Can I get you a refill, sir? - Very kind of you. - 我能再给您倒一杯吗?先生. - 你太好了.
[04:47.92]Where did you find him? 你在哪认识他的?
[04:49.76]Thank you. 谢谢.
[04:52.92]Yellow Pages. 黄页上.
[04:53.72](Glass clinking)
[04:54.92]- (Mrs. Ellis) Hello! - (Feedback) 大家好!
[04:59.56]Sweet Jesus. Who gave that woman an amp? 噢,上帝. 谁给了那个女人一个放大器?


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