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听电影学英语-姐姐的守护者 16

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  [00:01.04]Mrs. Fitzgerald. how old was Anna when she started donating to her sister? Fitzgerald夫人,Anna多大时开始帮助她的姐姐?
[00:05.52]She was a newborn. 刚出生时
[00:08.80]And at 5. she started donating lymphocytes. 五岁时,她开始提供淋巴液
[00:10.96]is that correct? 是吗?
[00:11.16]Mm-hm. 嗯
[00:12.96]- What does that involve? - Giving blood. - 这包括什么? - 献血
[00:15.48]- Did Anna agree to that? - No. she was 5. - Anna同意吗? - 不同意,她才五岁
[00:17.44]So you didn't ask her if they could stick the needles in her arm? 所以你没有问过她是否可以让医生把针刺进她的胳膊?
[00:20.40]l asked her to help her sister. and she agreed. 我问过她可否帮助她的姐姐,她同意了
[00:23.88]Didn't two nurses have to hold Anna down because she was fighting so hard? 难道不是由于Anna挣扎的太激烈了而有两个护士不得不把她按住吗?
[00:24.92]Really? 真的?
[00:28.08]So she didn't completely agree. now. did she? 所以她并不是完全同意,是吧?
[00:29.40]Mm-hm. 没错
[00:33.16]Mr. Alexander. it's just us chickens. No showboating. please. Alexander先生,就事论事 请不要得意忘形
[00:35.44]l'm sorry. Your Honor. Force of habit. 对不起,法官阁下,习惯使然
[00:39.12]Mrs. Fitzgerald. how old was Anna the next time she was hospitalized? Fitzgerald夫人,Anna的第二次入院时多大?
[00:44.28]- When Kate was 9. she got a-- - That's not what l asked. - Kate九岁时,她得了... - 我问的不是这个
[00:49.48]l want to find out what happened to Anna when she was 6. 我想知道Anna六岁时发生了什么
[00:56.40]- She donated granulocytes. - And what's that? More needles? - 她捐出了粒性白细胞 - 那是什么?挨了更多针?
[00:58.48]And did you ask Anna if she was willing to donate the granulocytes? 你是否问过Anna她愿不愿意捐出她的粒性白细胞?
[00:59.68]Yup. 是啊
[01:02.08]Her sister needed them. She was the only match. 她姐姐需要这个,她是唯一匹配上的
[01:05.68]But did you ask her? 你问过她吗?
[01:15.88]Mrs. Fitzgerald. answer the question. please. Fitzgerald夫人,请回答这个问题
[01:19.08]No. l didn't. 不,我没问过
[01:22.44]We talked about it a lot. but no. l didn't ask her permission. 我们就这个谈了许多,但没有,我没有征求她的同意
[01:26.24]Next was the bone-marrow aspiration1. 下一件是骨髓捐赠
[01:30.20]Could you describe that procedure for us? 你可以为我们描叙一下步骤吗?
[01:35.96]They put needles into Anna's hips2. 把针刺进Anna的髋部
[01:36.68]- lnto the bone? Big needles? - Yes. Mm-hm. - 刺进骨头?很大的针? - 是啊,嗯
[01:40.96]Using your hands. would you indicate to the court the size of those needles? 你能否向法庭(里的诸位)用手比划一下针的大小?
[01:48.12]lt's a tough procedure. am l right? Anna had to be hospitalized afterward3. 这是很痛苦的一步,是吗? Anna不得不在这步后接着住院
[01:53.96]SARA: Yes. CAMPBELL: For how long? - 是的 - 有多久?
[01:55.28]Six days. There were some complications. 六天,有些并发症
[01:59.32]l see. 我知道了
[02:00.64]You add it all up. it's not so innocuous, is it? 你把一切都说出来了,并不是无害的,是吗?
[02:02.08]lt's tough to hear it all hashed out that way. 听完这一切的细节,心情会很沉重的
[02:05.12]l don't see the point. Court's well aware of the family's medical history. 我没看到意义,法庭对这个家庭的医疗史了解得很清楚
[02:08.20]Of Kate's history. Your Honor. but not of Anna's. 对Kate的医疗史很清楚,法官阁下,而不是Anna的
[02:13.68]Fair enough. Proceed. 很公平,继续
[02:55.92]Mrs. Fitzgerald. Iooking back and only taking into account Anna's well-being4... Fitzgerald夫人,回顾过去,仅仅考虑Anna的福祉
[03:00.16]...do you think it's reasonable to conclude that you might have taken this too far? 你不认为你做的太过了,这合理吗?
[03:12.60]Looking at only Anna's situation... 仅仅考虑Anna的处境
[03:15.48]...yes, it is. 是的,是这样的
[03:18.88]But l have to think about my entire family. 但是我得考虑我整个家庭
[03:21.44]- But Kate comes first? - Kate's sick. - 但是以Kate为先? - Kate病了
[03:22.80]So this is a triage situation. 这是个两难处境
[03:26.80]Compromising one child's health on behalf of the other. Where's the line? 把一个孩子的健康与另外一个的利益相比,标准是什么?
[03:28.92]- For Kate. it's life or death. - Not for Kate. for Anna. - 对Kate来说,非生即死 - 不是对Kate,对Anna
[03:33.76]- She's why we're here. - That's a trick question. - 她是我们在这儿的原因 - 这是个诡辩
[03:34.24]Because Anna isn't the only person in this equation. Anna不是整件事中的唯一一个
[03:36.96]And if we were looking at it only from Anna's situation. sure. it is brutal5. 如果我们只盯着Anna的处境,没错,很残忍
[03:46.20]And you can look at me and you can say how awful l am for doing that to my child. 你可以看着我,说我如何对我的孩子做可怕的事
[03:49.96]You know what? It is awful. But it's not... 你知道什么?那是很残忍
[03:52.12]...as awful as putting your child in the ground. 但是如果放任不管不是更残忍吗
[03:54.64]- You stand up for your family. - lt's my job. - 你维护你的家庭 - 这是我的工作
[03:57.32]- And you stand up for Kate. - l do. - 你保卫了Kate - 是啊
[03:58.24]But the real question is: 但是真正的问题是
[03:59.52]Who stands up for Anna? 谁在支持Anna?
[04:08.04]Nothing further. Your Honor. 没有了,法官阁下
[04:14.72](DOG BARKING)
[04:17.20]Mr. Alexander does your dog have to go to'the bathroom? Alexander先生,你的狗要去盥洗室吗?
[04:20.20]No. Your Honor. but l may need a recess6. 不,法官阁下,但是我要休庭
[04:22.36]l'm afraid that's out of the question. l wanna finish today. Next witness. please. 恐怕这就毫无可能了,我想今天断案,下一位证人
[04:26.24]The court calls Anna Fitzgerald. 法庭传唤Anna Fitzgerald
[04:32.92]...l mean it. If you can't control your animal. l'll have him removed. 我说过了,如果你不能让你的狗安静下来,我就得带走他
[04:37.28]No. no. l was speaking to the dog. The dog's name is Judge. 不,不,我在和狗说呢,他的名字是Judge
[04:40.56]l don't care what his name is. l want him quiet. 我不管他叫什么,我要他安静
[04:45.16]BAILIFF: Raise your hand. 举起你的手
[04:47.12]Do you swear to tell the truth. whole truth. nothing but the truth? 你愿意宣誓陈述真实,全部真实,只有真实
[04:49.32]- Yup. - Please state your name for the record. - 是 - 声明你的名字以便备案
[04:50.32]Anna Fitzgerald. Anna Fitzgerald
[04:58.16]- Hey. Mom. - Hi. sweetheart. - 嘿,妈妈 - 嗨,宝贝


1 aspiration ON6z4     
  • Man's aspiration should be as lofty as the stars.人的志气应当象天上的星星那么高。
  • Young Addison had a strong aspiration to be an inventor.年幼的爱迪生渴望成为一名发明家。
2 hips f8c80f9a170ee6ab52ed1e87054f32d4     
abbr.high impact polystyrene 高冲击强度聚苯乙烯,耐冲性聚苯乙烯n.臀部( hip的名词复数 );[建筑学]屋脊;臀围(尺寸);臀部…的
  • She stood with her hands on her hips. 她双手叉腰站着。
  • They wiggled their hips to the sound of pop music. 他们随着流行音乐的声音摇晃着臀部。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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