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听电影学英语-美少女啦啦队 04

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  [00:01.72]STUDENT 1: Damn. STUDENT 2: For real. 妈的 说真的
[00:04.32](BELL RINGING)
[00:07.88]OMG. 哦 老天(OMG=Oh My God)
[00:17.64]Yo, Camille. You gotta check out this CD I just burned. 嗨 卡蜜儿 你该听听我刚灌的CD
[00:20.24]- Some of this shit ain’t even out yet. - That’s hot. - 其中有些还有没有发布呢 - 这太棒了
[00:22.12]- We gonna set it off this year. - Okay. - 今年我们要重新编曲 - 好的
[00:22.88]Hey, y’all should see the krump moves I’ve been working on for us. 你们都该看看我编的krump舞步 (krump是街舞的一种 注重速度和愤怒感)
[00:27.20]Jesse, it’s cute you trying to be into choreography and stuff, but I got this. Jesse 你想编舞 这样很好 但是这是我的工作
[00:32.24]You just stick to finding us the beats, all right, boo? 你只要为我们选节奏就好 好吗?
[00:34.04]All right, cool. But one day, you’ll come begging for what I got. 好吧 行 但是总有一天 你会为我拥有的能力来求我
[00:36.64]Shoot, I’m begging now. Hook a sister up. 我呸 现在就求你 赶快找个妞吧
[00:39.20]- Kirresha. - KIRRESHA: What? - 可莉莎 - 什么?
[00:41.28]I know, but he just so fine, I’m willing to make an exception. 我知道 但是他还不错 我就破个例
[00:41.40]You are too hot to beg. 你这么性感 不用求人的
[00:46.28]Don’t tease me, mami. Me gustan las chicas grandes. 别耍我 妈咪 (西班牙语)我喜欢胸部大的女孩
[00:49.72]I don’t know what you said, but me gustan, too, baby. 我不知道你在说什么 但是我也喜欢 宝贝
[00:51.32]He said he likes big girls. 他说他喜欢胸部大的女孩
[00:54.52]Now, why come when you say it, it don’t sound cute at all? 为什么你说这话 就一点都不好玩?
[00:56.88]Look, he’s the one who said it, all right? 听着 这话是他说的 好吗?
[00:57.92]Don’t hate ’cause he on me. 不要因为他而恨我
[00:60.68]- Tyson! - Damn, Camille. - 泰森! - 该死 卡蜜儿
[01:00.20]Look, you put it out there, and I’m just showing my appreciation1. 看 你一出现 我就过来表示我的欣赏
[01:06.28]KIRRESHA: You stupid. CAMILLE: Grow up. 你这个蠢蛋 成熟点
[01:06.72]- Love you, too. - LETl: So immature2. - 我也爱你 - 一点都不成熟
[01:09.56]- What’s up? - Hey. - 怎么了? - 嗨
[01:11.44]Looks like we finally about to get some snow on campus. 看来我们终于能 在学校里看到白人了
[01:14.00]Look y’all. Mall baby must’ve got separated from her mother. 你们看 购物女孩似乎刚和她妈妈分开
[01:17.88]KIRRESHA: What’s she doing here? 她到这里干什么?
[01:18.16]I don’t know. This ain’t the OC. 我不知道 这里可不是大西洋城
[01:21.76]Maybe she’s lost. 也许她迷路了
[01:25.32]Hey! 嗨 吸奶嘴的 你有黑人血统吗?

  [01:26.36](GASPING) 嗨!
[01:26.60]Yo, Pop-Tart, you got any black in you?
[01:30.08]You want some? 你想要吗?
[01:30.20]No. 不
[01:34.00]- Oh, no, you didn’t! - Come on, man. - 哦 不 看着点! - 快点 兄弟
[01:35.16]- OMG. - Look what you did. - 哦 老天 - 看你干了什么
[01:38.96]Well, it’s not like it’s real. 这看上去不像真的
[01:40.16]- Say what? - For real? - 说什么? - 什么真的?
[01:42.36]And how would you know? 你怎么知道?
[01:42.40]Because this one is real. 因为这个是真的
[01:46.20]- Oh, that’s nice. - Can I touch that? - 哦 真漂亮 - 我能碰吗?
[01:47.92]My mama bought me this purse. 这个包是我妈妈给我买的
[01:48.60]- Oh, your mama. - For sure. Yeah, yeah. - 哦 你妈妈 - 当然 是的 是的
[01:49.00]Well, your mother must shop at the swap3 meets 你妈妈肯定在交换集市买的
[01:51.88]because that knock-off sucks. 因为这个仿得很烂
[01:52.16]Oh, I know you didn’t just talk about my mama. 你刚才不是在评论我妈妈吧
[01:55.36]- Kirresha, hold my shit. Take it. - Oh, wait a second. Hold on... - 可莉莎 拿好我的东西 拿着 - 哦 等一下 等...
[01:57.84]- LETl: Camille. - What? - 卡蜜儿 - 什么?
[01:59.92]- Don’t do this. You’re gonna get suspended. - So? - 别这样 你会被停课的 - 那又怎样?
[02:01.48]You think I’m gonna let this little Barbie-looking heifer 你觉得我会让这个 像芭比的小母牛
[02:03.60]come up here and talk about my mama? 到这里说我妈妈的闲话?
[02:07.08]Heifer? 小母牛?
[02:09.68]Did you just call me fat? And I did not just talk about your mama. 你刚才在说我胖? 而且我刚才又没说你妈妈什么
[02:11.44]FYI, you did. 你他妈的蠢货 你确实这样做了 (FYI=Fuck You Idiot)
[02:13.64]You speak IM? NFW! 你在说缩略语? 不可能! (NFW=No Fucking Way)
[02:18.72]Oh, no. This girl didn’t called you the N word. 哦 这可不行 这丫头骂你
[02:20.32]- Oh! - CAMILLE: Take them. - 哦! - 拿着
[02:21.88]I would never. Some of my best friends live next door to black people. 我才不会 我有些好朋友的邻居就是黑人
[02:24.00]Oh, hell, no. Camille, come on. We gonna be late to class.
[02:25.36](BELL RINGING) 该死 不 卡蜜儿 快点 我们上课要迟到了
[02:28.08]Yeah, she right, girl. We better go. I ain’t trying to get detention4. 她说得对 丫头 我们最好走 我可不想留堂
[02:31.12]Count your blessings5, white girl, ’cause you just got lucky. 你应该庆幸 白人女孩 这回算你走运
[02:37.92]Cut you. 割了你
[02:39.96]I feel scared, maybe a little nauseous, but I definitely don’t feel lucky. 我觉得害怕 也许海有点想吐 但绝对没有觉得幸运
[02:55.80](BEEPING) 哦 等一下

  [02:57.20]Oh, hold on, now.
[02:60.24]What is this, LAX? 这算什么 国际机场吗?
[03:09.12]I have my ears pierced. 我有耳洞
[03:16.36]Hello, Sherlock. Another piercing. 你好 私家侦探 另一个穿洞
[03:25.92]They’re my keys, you perv. 是我的钥匙 你个变态
[03:27.88]- Would you give the girl her bags? - Thank you. - 把这女孩的包给她 - 谢谢
[03:30.36]Hey, what’s wrong with you? 嗨 你什么毛病?
[03:35.72]STUDENT: Come on, man. 别这样 兄弟
[03:51.44]Is this English? Are you Mrs. Webster? 这是英语教室吗? 你是韦博斯特夫人?
[03:54.16]It is, I am, and you’re late. 是的 我是 你迟到了
[03:56.60]Well, I was going through airport security. 我刚通过机场安检
[03:59.08]Class, meet Britney Allen. She’s a transfer from Pacific Vista6 High. 同学们 见见布兰妮 艾伦 她是从远洋高中转过来的
[04:04.40]- MALE STUDENT: Hi, Britney. - Hi. - 嗨布兰妮 - 嗨
[04:05.68]- She’s one of those PV bitches. - Mendiga gringa. - 她是远洋婊子中的一个 - (西班牙语)
[04:08.96]Well, Miss Allen, have a seat and copy the board. 艾伦小姐 找个座位 开始抄黑板
[04:10.04]You want me to copy all of that? 你要我抄上面的所有?
[04:13.72]Can’t you just give it to me in, like, a book? 你就不能给我一本书什么的?
[04:19.60]Unfortunately, we don’t have enough books for everybody, 很不幸 我们没有足够的书给所有的人
[04:23.56]and I’d hate to single you out by giving you one of your own. 我可不愿因为给你一个人书 而让你变得特殊
[04:27.44]We wouldn’t want the other students to think 我们不想让其他学生认为
[04:27.44]that you are more important than they are, now would we? 你比他们更重要 不是吗?
[04:36.40]No. 是的
[04:38.88]Good guess. 很好
[04:39.04](GASPING) I know! 我知道了!
[04:43.44]You can e-mail it to me. 你可以用电子邮件发给我
[04:47.84]You think if we don’t have books, we would have computers? 你觉得我们在没有书的情况下会有电脑?
[04:49.08]I’m glad you have a sense of humor. Now find a seat. 我欣赏你的幽默 找个位置坐下
[04:53.40]MAN: (ON PA) Good morning, Crenshaw Heights... 早上好 克安萧高地中学...
[04:55.48]Excuse me. 借过
[04:57.04]...just a few announcements today. - Excuse me. ...发表一下今天的公告 - 借过
[04:58.48]Coach Carter extends the Warriors’ invitation to our... 卡特老师替勇士队发出邀请...
[05:00.64]- Excuse me. - Excuse me? - 借过 - 借过?


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  • Tony seemed very shallow and immature.托尼看起来好像很肤浅,不夠成熟。
  • The birds were in immature plumage.这些鸟儿羽翅未全。
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  • I will swap you my bicycle for your radio.我想拿我的自行车换你的收音机。
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  • Afflictions are sometimes blessings in disguise. 塞翁失马,焉知非福。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • We don't rely on blessings from Heaven. 我们不靠老天保佑。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
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  • From my bedroom window I looked out on a crowded vista of hills and rooftops.我从卧室窗口望去,远处尽是连绵的山峦和屋顶。
  • These uprisings come from desperation and a vista of a future without hope.发生这些暴动是因为人们被逼上了绝路,未来看不到一点儿希望。
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