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英语听力:听电影学英语-平民天后 09

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  [00:08.02]Hold on! 等等
[00:10.18]Okay! Hello. 好了!喂?
[00:10.98]Hotel Cambini. This is Giorgio. 坎比尼酒店,这是吉奥吉
[00:16.18]-Go! -Huh? What? -去! -什么?
[00:16.98]Wait. 等等
[00:18.34]Excuse me, can you fix this? 请问,你能修理这个吗?
[00:19.82]It will not close. 关不上
[00:22.94]Why is it open when there is no rain? 为什么没雨时会打开?
[00:26.38]This umbrella is stubborn. 这雨伞很顽固
[00:26.90]It's bad luck to have an open umbrella inside. 在室内有把打开的伞真倒霉
[00:28.06]-ln Hotel Cambini, no bad luck. -Hey, thanks. -在坎比尼酒店,不算倒霉 -谢谢
[00:32.46]Ah! 啊
[00:37.62]One at a time. No running. 一个一个,别跑
[00:43.30]Ha! Ha ha! Age before beauty, huh? 哈哈!年纪大的人优先?
[00:47.78]You look strangely large and familiar. 你看起来个头很大,而且很眼熟
[00:51.34]Which floor? 几楼?
[00:53.42]Oh. Thank you. First. 哦,谢谢,一楼
[00:56.22]Okay. 好
[00:59.18]you want to push the button, elevator moves. 你按一下按钮,电梯就走
[00:59.82]Little hint for you -- 给你点提示-
[01:02.58]Elevator is not safe. 电梯不安全
[01:05.26]You an employee here? 你在这里打工?
[01:07.98]-No. -No. -不 -不
[01:08.26]Who are you to tell me whether the elevator's safe? 那你为什么告诉我电梯不安全?
[01:11.02]I am Sergei. 我是谢尔盖
[01:12.82]Sergei. 谢尔盖
[01:13.90]You're gonna have to stand down immediately. 你要马上离开
[01:21.26]Just because you are one hunk of Slavic muscle 虽然你是个大块头
[01:22.54]does not mean you're not gonna make it on my list! 但不等于你不能成为我的候选人
[01:25.66]Elevator is safe now. 电梯现在安全了
[01:37.98]Hey! Your umbrella! 嘿,你的雨伞
[01:46.30]Feeling any better? 感觉好点?
[01:48.42]Mom? 妈?
[01:53.14]Miss Sanders, would you be so kind 桑德斯小姐,你能否好心
[01:54.30]Still a little warm. 还有点热
[01:55.54]as to look after her for me? 帮我看着她?
[01:59.22]As in do stuff for her? Why should I be punished? 就像为她做事? 为什么我要被处罚?
[01:59.62]I'm not the one who's sick. 又不是我有病
[02:03.42]Next year, I'm joining the mouth breathers 下一年我加入救生队
[02:04.18]at Water-slide Wonderland. 在“滑水仙境游乐场”
[02:07.58]You are so busted1. 你糟透了
[02:08.78]You've been out of this hotel room. 你走出酒店房间了
[02:11.46]What? 什么?
[02:12.94]Please. 拜托
[02:13.98]How do you know? 你怎知道?
[02:15.02]Your eyebrows2 finally match, your hair has highlights, 你的眼睫毛对称了 你的头发光亮了
[02:19.50]fresh manicure. 重新修甲
[02:20.30]I smelled acetone the second I walked in the lobby. 我一进大堂就闻到机溶剂味
[02:24.90]Okay, but you didn't rat me out to Miss Ungermeyer. 好,但你没有出卖我给恩格梅尔小姐
[02:26.78]Yet. 对
[02:28.18]Not until I figure out what's in it for me. 让我先看看我有什么好处
[02:32.34]Now spill, Dorkerella. 说吧,傻灰姑娘
[02:36.94]You'll never make me talk! 我不会说的
[02:37.70]I-I know that this sounds insane, 我-我知道这很愚蠢
[02:38.90]but I think Paolo really does like me. 但我认为保罗十分喜欢我
[02:42.70]How could this happen? How did you get my trip? 怎么会这样? 你怎么比我幸运?
[02:44.66]How is Lizzie McGuire living this fantasy 为什么丽兹 麦戈瑞会这么好
[02:48.14]and I can't even get an Italian boy 而我却连找个意大利男孩
[02:50.42]to buy me a plate of spaghetti? 给我买盘面条也不行
[02:52.02]Um, Kate, you don't eat spaghetti. 嗯,凯特 你不吃面条
[02:56.22]I'd eat carbs if an Italian boy bought them for me. 如果有个意大利男孩给我买 我什么都吃
[03:00.10]So, I suppose you want me to keep quiet about this? 那么,我想你要我保守这秘密?
[03:04.94]Yeah. I'd appreciate that. 是的,我感激你
[03:06.82]Well, I'll keep it quiet 那么,我就守秘密-
[03:09.54]if you keep it quiet about me keeping it quiet. 但你别告诉别人我守秘密
[03:11.78]And when we get back home, I'm the cool one again, 当我回到家后,我就又要扮酷了
[03:13.50]and you turn back into a pumpkin3. 你要变回原来的呆瓜样
[03:17.86]Oh, my God. It's her. 哦,天哪,是她
[03:20.46]Uh, it's a long story. 哦,说来话长
[03:21.26]What are you doing? 你在干嘛?
[03:23.62]What do you want? We're closed. 你想怎样?我们关门了
[03:24.70]I-I just wanted to talk to Lizzie. 我-我只是想和丽兹谈谈
[03:28.62]So talk. 说吧
[03:29.90]I was kind of thinking maybe, you know, 我在想,你知道
[03:31.58]outside in the courtyard. 在院子里谈
[03:35.38]If this is about that parallel-universe, 如果这是关于双人组合
[03:35.74]Italian-rock-star, Lizzie's-suddenly-a-diva thing, 意大利摇滚歌手, 和丽兹突然变歌星的事
[03:41.34]I know all about it. 我全知道
[03:42.14]She figured it out. 她猜到了
[03:45.30]Evil and smart. 邪恶而聪明
[03:46.62]Embrace it. Fear it. 相信它,害怕它
[03:47.30]You might want to take a look at this. 你要看看这个
[03:50.26]I'm on the front cover of a tabloid4! 我上小报封面了!
[03:52.46]I wish to thank everyone 我想谢谢所有
[03:54.86]who's always believed in me for this great honor. 坚信我能担当这荣耀的人
[03:59.34]Do you know what that says? 你知道那是什么意思?
[04:00.18]Paolo and Isabella are supposed to be singing 保罗和伊莎贝拉要在音乐典礼唱歌
[04:04.86]Well, it's got to be a mistake. 嗯,那不太对
[04:07.54]I had some Italian girls translate it. 我请些意大利女孩翻译
[04:07.86]Paolo didn't tell you? 保罗没告诉你?
[04:10.62]Mmh, no. 嗯,没有
[04:11.62]Don't you think it's weird5 he tried to hide this? 你不认为他想隐瞒这些很奇怪?
[04:13.94]Can you believe it? 你能相信吗?
[04:15.74]Maybe it's a last-minute thing. 可能这是临时决定
[04:17.10]Aren't these things planned months in advance? 这些事情不是几个月前决定的吗?
[04:19.86]When did you become an expert on Italian award-show thingies? 你什么时候变成 意大利颁奖典礼专家了?
[04:24.74]It's called common sense, which I have a lot of 我有很多这样的基本常识
[04:26.78]to make up for my lack of the slow curve. 以补足我的迟钝
[04:28.62]Slow curve? 迟钝?
[04:30.94]Forget it. 忘了它吧
[04:32.90]If you want to believe some Italian kid 如果你要相信这你认为
[04:35.02]you think you know after two days 认识两天就可以信任的意大利小子
[04:36.62]because he's an international superstar, 因为他是国际巨星
[04:38.50]is really rich and has nice hair, be my guest. 很有钱,头发漂亮 那随你吧
[04:40.98]Gordo. 戈多
[04:51.02]Oh, my God! He's early! 天啊,他来早了
[04:59.34]Lizzie. 丽兹
[05:00.98]Oh, my God, I gotta get dressed. 天哪,我要穿好衣服


1 busted busted     
adj. 破产了的,失败了的,被降级的,被逮捕的,被抓到的 动词bust的过去式和过去分词
  • You are so busted! 你被当场逮住了!
  • It was money troubles that busted up their marriage. 是金钱纠纷使他们的婚姻破裂了。
2 eyebrows a0e6fb1330e9cfecfd1c7a4d00030ed5     
眉毛( eyebrow的名词复数 )
  • Eyebrows stop sweat from coming down into the eyes. 眉毛挡住汗水使其不能流进眼睛。
  • His eyebrows project noticeably. 他的眉毛特别突出。
3 pumpkin NtKy8     
  • They ate turkey and pumpkin pie.他们吃了火鸡和南瓜馅饼。
  • It looks like there is a person looking out of the pumpkin!看起来就像南瓜里有人在看着你!
4 tabloid wIDzy     
  • He launched into a verbal assault on tabloid journalism.他口头对小报新闻进行了抨击。
  • He believes that the tabloid press has behaved disgracefully.他认为小报媒体的行为不太光彩。
5 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
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