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英语听力:听电影学英语-平民天后 10

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  [00:03.14]I'll cover for you in case Miss Ungermeyer does one of her 我为你掩饰,以防恩格梅尔小姐
[00:04.62]middle-of-the-night, head-check things. 半夜来数人
[00:07.58]Thanks. I owe1 you. 谢谢,我欠你人情
[00:09.90]Duh! 废话!
[00:16.78]Mom, Dad, I found something on the Internet 妈妈爸爸,我在网上找到些东西
[00:18.34]I think you both should see. 你们还是看看吧
[00:19.94]What is it? 什么东西?
[00:22.14]Since Lizzie's in Europe, 从丽兹到欧洲以后
[00:23.34]I thought I'd do a little E-search on Italy. 我想在网上找找意大利的东西
[00:24.78]That's nice, son. 很好,孩子
[00:26.18]But what I found out, it's not so E-assuring. 但我找到的不是那么让人放心
[00:31.94]In fact, it may shock you. 实际上,你可能会惊讶
[00:36.74]Maybe nothing, and, uh, maybe something. 可能什么也没有-嗯-可能有一点
[00:37.14]What are we looking at? 我们在看什么?
[00:40.82]You see, when polled2, 你看投票
[00:42.22]74% of Italian teenage3 boys 74%的意大利年轻人说
[00:45.90]said they would most like to date American girls. 他们会和美国女孩子拍拖
[00:49.66]Where'd you get these numbers? 哪找来的数字?
[00:50.86]They're available for anyone who has a computer. 谁有电脑都能看到
[00:53.50]You don't have to worry about your sister. 你不需担心你的姐姐
[00:57.22]She's well-chaperoned. Miss Ungermeyer's there. 她被看管好 恩格梅尔在那里
[00:59.02]Yeah, what is she, 5'1", 5'2" max? 她多高?5'1''-5'2''?
[01:05.54]Oh, please. 拜托
[01:09.74]Matt, as interesting as this is, 马特,有趣的是
[01:10.94]where are you taking it? 你到底要说什么?
[01:14.90]All right, you caught me. 啊,你抓到我了
[01:16.42]I always do. 我经常都是
[01:17.58]I don't know why I even try. 我不知道我为什么还尝试
[01:23.34]I'll deny4 I ever said this, but... 我不会承认我说过,但...
[01:25.06]...I miss my sister. 我想念我的姐姐
[01:26.70]There. I said it. 我终于说了
[01:28.02]Now you know. 现在,你知道
[01:33.22]I know I rag5 on her all the time, 我知道我经常戏弄她
[01:35.30]but now that she's gone, l-I -- 但现在她不在,我却...
[01:37.86]Oh, honey, we miss her, too. 哦,宝贝,我们也挂念她
[01:39.66]So, so much. 十分想念
[01:42.06]I feel so alone! 我觉得很孤独
[01:45.42]Oh! Listen to me. 噢!听我说
[01:47.10]You don't have to make fake6 pie charts. 你不必搞那些假饼图给我们看
[01:52.26]You just come to us with the truth, okay? 你只要告诉我们真感觉
[01:54.74]I know that now, Mom. 我知道了,妈妈
[01:58.82]It's just so hard. 只是这很难
[01:59.06]I miss her so much! 我十分想念她
[02:01.14]Oh! 噢
[02:03.54]I can't believe I let you talk me into 我不能相信你竟说服我
[02:03.78]Ietting her go on that trip! 让她离开去旅行
[02:07.30]I'll go get the passports. 我去拿护照
[02:11.38]Oh, honey. 哦,宝贝
[02:11.46]Shh. 嘘
[02:13.94]Hmm, hmm, hmm. 唔
[02:20.34]Ah, hmm, ah. 啊,唔,啊
[02:23.82]Hmm. 唔
[02:25.58]Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmmm. 唔,唔,唔,唔,唔
[02:40.66]Hmm? 嗯?
[02:44.94]Hmm. 嗯
[02:46.34]Hmm! 嗯!
[02:59.78]-Paolo. -Si, -保罗 -嘿
[03:01.98]Uh, a car. 哦,一辆车
[03:02.78]What is this? 什么东西?
[03:06.14]Look, are we supposed to sing? 看,我们要唱吗?
[03:10.10]Scusa? 抱歉?
[03:13.82]Don't speak to me in Italian. 别对我说意大利文
[03:14.18]It's too adorable. 太可爱了
[03:18.74]Are Paolo and Isabella supposed to sing at the awards? 保罗和伊莎贝拉要在颁奖礼唱歌吗?
[03:22.42]Si, 嗨
[03:22.94]Si?! Well, why didn't you tell me? 嘿?那么,你为什么没告诉我?
[03:26.30]I wanted to, but you told me not to telephone the hotel. 我想,但你告诉我不要打电话到酒店
[03:27.22]Get in. I'll explain everything on the way. 上车,我会边走边解释
[03:32.46]I want to show you the Tivoli Gardens before sunset7. 在日落前我要带你看千泉宫
[03:33.66]Come on. 来吧
[03:34.94]We have to get you back by 10:00. 我们要10点前送你回去
[03:36.66]Okay. 好吧
[03:42.94]So, where is Sergei? 谢尔盖在哪?
[03:44.38]You're not the only one who sneaks8 off at night. 你不是晚上唯一溜走的人
[03:57.22]Isabella and I were going to sing, 伊莎贝拉和我本来去唱歌
[04:00.30]but after Isabella would not speak to me, 但伊莎贝拉不再和我说话
[04:01.62]I told the producers we refuse to perform. 我告诉监制我们不想演出
[04:02.38]I said Isabella had throat problems. 我说伊莎贝拉嗓子有问题
[04:05.98]So, what happened? 究竟发生什么?
[04:07.54]Isabella did. 伊莎贝拉变了
[04:07.90]I mean, what changed? 我指,什么改变了?
[04:10.54]The real Isabella or me Isabella? 真的伊莎贝拉还是我伊莎贝拉?
[04:12.46]You. A reporter heard her speaking, 你。一个记者听到她讲话
[04:15.42]and he reported Isabella's voice was fine. 他报道说伊莎贝拉的嗓子很好
[04:16.42]He said her English was very good. 他说她的英文很好
[04:18.82]The record company called, 唱片公司打电话来
[04:21.70]and they're going to sue9 if we don't sing. 如果我们不唱歌,他们告法院
[04:23.50]What? 什么?
[04:26.14]So, they're gonna make you sing? 那他们强迫你演唱?
[04:28.38]I-I mean, us sing? 我指-我,我们要演唱?
[04:29.34]Don't worry, carina, I'll make this work. 别担心,我会搞定的
[04:32.42]Look. 看
[04:49.22]Ah! 啊
[04:51.62]Look, Paolo, I-I don't think this is going to work. 看,保罗,我不认为这能行
[04:56.26]I cannot sing in front of an audience. 我不能在观众面前唱歌
[04:57.78]I won't even let my mom hear me sing in the shower. 我连洗澡时也不让妈妈听我唱歌
[05:00.66]I will teach you all you need to know. 我会全教你的


1 owe wKjxk     
  • We still owe one hundred dollars for the car.为这部车我们还欠着100美元。
  • We owe it to society to make our country a better place.把国家建设得更美好是我们对社会应尽的责任。
2 polled bdeef24507da429714b9bae89cc1ef10     
剪去了树梢的; 剪了毛[发]的; 秃头的; 锯了角的
  • They polled the cattle. 他们把这头牛的角切短了。
  • They polled the President. 他们对总统进行民意测验。
3 teenage Up3wy     
  • His voice is very high for a teenage boy.对一个十几岁的男孩来说,他的嗓音很尖。
  • He is too old now for teenage parties.他年龄太大了,不适于参加少年聚会。
4 deny pm8z6     
  • Don't imagine you can deny that.你休想低赖。
  • He didn't deny the facts.他没有否认这些事实。
5 rag YAjzs     
  • It looked like a piece of rag.它看上去像块破布。
  • It's just an old rag I had in the closet.这只不过是我挂在壁橱里的旧衣服罢了。
6 fake RlDx4     
  • He can tell a fake from the original.他能分辨出赝品和真品。
  • You can easily fake up an excuse to avoid going out with him.你可以很容易地编造一个借口而不与他一同外出。
7 sunset FUwzh     
  • They'll work on till sunset.他们将继续工作,直到日落。
  • The sunset was a very beautiful sight.那落日真是一幅美景。
8 sneaks 5c2450dbde040764a81993ba08e02d76     
abbr.sneakers (tennis shoes) 胶底运动鞋(网球鞋)v.潜行( sneak的第三人称单数 );偷偷溜走;(儿童向成人)打小报告;告状
  • Typhoid fever sneaks in when sanitation fails. 环境卫生搞不好,伤寒就会乘虚而入。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Honest boys scorn sneaks and liars. 诚实的人看不起狡诈和撒谎的人。 来自辞典例句
9 sue PUAzm     
  • If you don't pay me the money,I'll sue you.如果你不付给我钱,我就告你。
  • The war criminals sue for peace.战犯求和。
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