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听电影学英语-战鸽快飞 04

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  [00:07.04]-Sorry about that, mate. -I didn’t mean to, Iittle fellow. - 朋友,对不起 - 我不是故意的,小朋友
[00:10.72]It’s not your wingspan, it’s the size of your spirit. 这不取决于翅膀的尺寸 而是精神的力量!
[00:11.40]Little fellow? 小朋友?
[00:16.08]-If you say so, mate. -Can’t argue with that. - 朋友,既然你这么说 - 我们也毋庸置疑
[00:17.40]I’m Tailfeather, this is Toughwood, my brother. 我是尾翼 这是我的哥哥硬木
[00:22.60]-Yes. -Not the sharpest beak1 around. - 好的 - 他的嘴不是很锋利
[00:23.64]-Not the sharpest beak around. -What? - 他的嘴不是很锋利 - 什么?
[00:26.80]But if you’re ever in a scrum, there’s no better bird. 不过如果玩征球比赛,没有人能赢过他
[00:32.76]-Yes, absolutely. -Nice to meet you, I’m Valiant2. - 完全正确 - 非常高兴认识你,我是瓦兰特
[00:33.76]-Valiant, good to meet you. -Let’s go! -  瓦兰特,认识你很高兴 - 我们走吧
[00:38.96]Toughwood to Tailfeather. 硬木传给尾翼
[00:39.64]Tailfeather takes it on. 尾翼接到
[00:49.84]For an "elite3" unit 作为一支“精英”团队
[00:51.20]they seem to take anything with wings. 他们似乎什么都用翅膀来干
[00:54.92]Including those flies that circle your bottom. 包括你头上盘旋的这几只苍蝇
[00:57.92]Who do you think you are? 你以为自己是谁啊?
[00:59.12]I’m Lofty Thaddeus Worthington pigeon. 我是鸽子高傲·撒迪厄丝·渥新顿
[01:01.28]I come from a Iong and honourable4 Iine of warrior5 pigeons. 我出身于富有光荣历史的战鸽世家
[01:05.48]Hello, Iads. 小伙子们,大家好

[01:09.96]I trust you’ve had a pleasant journey. 我相信你们一路上很愉快吧
[01:11.96]Well, I think I speak for all of us 好的,我想代表大家说
[01:13.64]when I say the ride was a bit bumpy6 on the way in. 路上有些颠簸
[01:17.48]Maybe they should check the suspension on that bike. 我觉得他们应该检查一下 车子的悬挂装置了
[01:20.52]Actually, we’re all a wee bit thirsty. 并且,我们都一点点口渴了
[01:24.20]Some cold drinks would be nice. 如果有些冷饮会很好
[01:27.72]-Yes, yes. -They would. - 对,对 - 他们会修的
[01:29.88]Of course, that can certainly be arranged. 当然,冷饮也会有的
[01:32.92]Right after I sprout7 pink feathers 但要等到我长出粉色羽毛
[01:34.92]and turn into a flamingo8! 成为火烈鸟以后!
[01:37.76]Fall in, featherbrains! 集合,蠢货们!
[01:40.44]Fall in! 集合!
[01:45.80]I thought I’d seen it all. 我想全都到齐了?
[01:48.20]For the next six weeks, your tails belong to me. 接下来的六个星期里面,我训练你们
[01:51.36]You’II Iearn to march Iike birds, fly Iike birds 你们要学会像鸟兵一样前进 学会鸟兵的飞行方式
[01:55.32]and fight Iike birds. 并且像鸟兵一样战斗
[01:56.36]I’II make birds of you turkeys even if it kills you. 我会让你们脱胎换骨 无论你们是否能够承受我的训练
[02:01.04]You won’t Iast a week. 你一个礼拜也呆不了
[02:01.36]Except you. 除了你

  [02:03.88]Permission to die trying, sir. 长官,让我尽力试一下吧
[02:07.40]It’s Iike this, Iadies, you will shape up and fast. 只有这样 你们才能迅速的成长起来!
[02:12.76]Or I will personally drum you out of the corps9! 否则我有权利把你们赶出军队
[02:16.68]Funny you should... I would Iove to be drummed out. 你真有意思,我巴不得被开除呢
[02:17.84]I was going to bring it up if you didn’t, so... 如果你不说我还想自己提出来呢
[02:20.36]-Leave him alone, he helped... -Pipe down, pipsqueak! - 别碰他,他帮我 - 住嘴,矮子!
[02:26.36]I’m more interested in you all dropping and giving me fifty. 我要你们趴下给我做50个俯卧撑
[02:30.88]Courtesy of your short Iittle friend. 因为你们这个矮个子小朋友的礼貌问题
[02:35.92]Oh boy, training at Iast. 老兄,终于开始训练了
[02:40.24]Wouldn’t it be more sporting if the chap who committed...? 如果下颚可以接受 会不会更爱运动一点
[02:40.88]I say, old bean. 老兄,听我说
[02:45.96]Gentlemen, welcome to the Royal Homing Pigeon Service. 先生们,欢迎来到皇家战鸽队
[02:56.68]For the Iast time, what was your mission? 你这次的任务是什么?
[03:01.04]Where are these messages coming from? 这些消息是从哪里来的?
[03:07.88]Very well, have it your way. 好吧,这是你自己找的
[03:12.44]PIuck out his feathers? 拔掉他的羽毛?
[03:15.60]-CIip his wings? -Hurt his feelings? - 剪了他的翅膀? - 让他受苦!
[03:22.92]No, no, worse. 不,不,还有更糟的
[03:24.12]Much worse. 非常糟糕
[03:28.80]We have ways of making you squawk. 我们有很多办法让你叫着求绕
[03:42.44]What kind of birds are you? 你到底是只什么样的鸟?
[03:49.64]Must resist yodelling music. 一定要抵抗住这个岳德尔调音乐
[04:15.20]And one two, one two. 一二,一二
[04:17.36]And halt! 停!
[04:18.88]Now fall out and report to the nursing dove. 解散,去护士鸽处报道
[04:24.56]-Nurses. -Nurses. - 护士 - 护士
[04:29.24]-Hello, nurse. -Look at her. - 你好,护士 - 快看她
[04:31.76]I’ve been waiting for you. 我一直在等你们呢
[04:34.48]Something for a brave pigeon about to go into battle, darling? 亲爱的,你为我们这些准备上前线的 勇敢信鸽们准备了什么?
[04:39.32]It just so happens I do have something for you. 非常巧,我正好为你们准备了东西
[04:43.32]Do you hear that? 太好了,你听到了没有?
[04:43.52]Is this what you had in mind? 这是不是你们心里想的?
[04:49.32]It’s awfully10 big. 这个实在太大了
[04:53.52]You’re kind of short for a nursing dove. 作为护士鸽,你有点矮
[04:56.68]Look who’s talking. 呵呵,看谁在说话啊
[04:58.36]I’d say you’re kind of short for a carrier pigeon. 我倒觉得你们少一个承载的鸽子


1 beak 8y1zGA     
  • The bird had a worm in its beak.鸟儿嘴里叼着一条虫。
  • This bird employs its beak as a weapon.这种鸟用嘴作武器。
2 valiant YKczP     
  • He had the fame of being very valiant.他的勇敢是出名的。
  • Despite valiant efforts by the finance minister,inflation rose to 36%.尽管财政部部长采取了一系列果决措施,通货膨胀率还是涨到了36%。
3 elite CqzxN     
  • The power elite inside the government is controlling foreign policy.政府内部的一群握有实权的精英控制着对外政策。
  • We have a political elite in this country.我们国家有一群政治精英。
4 honourable honourable     
  • I don't think I am worthy of such an honourable title.这样的光荣称号,我可担当不起。
  • I hope to find an honourable way of settling difficulties.我希望设法找到一个体面的办法以摆脱困境。
5 warrior YgPww     
  • The young man is a bold warrior.这个年轻人是个很英勇的武士。
  • A true warrior values glory and honor above life.一个真正的勇士珍视荣誉胜过生命。
6 bumpy 2sIz7     
  • I think we've a bumpy road ahead of us.我觉得我们将要面临一段困难时期。
  • The wide paved road degenerated into a narrow bumpy track.铺好的宽阔道路渐渐变窄,成了一条崎岖不平的小径。
7 sprout ITizY     
  • When do deer first sprout horns?鹿在多大的时候开始长出角?
  • It takes about a week for the seeds to sprout.这些种子大约要一周后才会发芽。
8 flamingo nsWzxe     
  • This is the only species of flamingo in the region,easily recognized by its pink plumage.这是那个地区唯一一种火烈鸟,很容易凭粉红色的羽毛辨认出来。
  • In my family,I am flamingo in the flock of pigeons.在家里,我就像一只被困在鸽笼里的火烈鸟。
9 corps pzzxv     
  • The medical corps were cited for bravery in combat.医疗队由于在战场上的英勇表现而受嘉奖。
  • When the war broke out,he volunteered for the Marine Corps.战争爆发时,他自愿参加了海军陆战队。
10 awfully MPkym     
  • Agriculture was awfully neglected in the past.过去农业遭到严重忽视。
  • I've been feeling awfully bad about it.对这我一直感到很难受。
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