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听电影学英语-战鸽快飞 08

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  [00:00.88]We’re going to be fine, right, Lofty? 一切都会很顺利的 对吗,高傲?
[00:02.12]Oh, yes, I... 噢,没错,我……
[00:04.04]Indubitably, birds of a feather and that. 毫无疑问,只要我们团结一致
[00:08.40]Right, Lofty, we stick together. 没错,高傲,我们一定要团结
[00:10.76]Tailfeather, can you believe they picked us to send 尾翼 难以想象他们居然选我们...
[00:14.44]on the most important mission in World War II? 来护送二战里最重要的文件
[00:19.12]-Yeah! -Me too! - 没错! - 我也是!
[00:27.64]I’m not a good singer anyway. 说真的,我可不是个好歌手
[00:28.12]AIways off-key. 总是跑调
[00:32.64]Enough already! You’ve been jabbering1 for days. 够了!这些天你说的全是些废话
[00:36.68]Who gave me the serum2? You wanted talk, I’m talking. 谁叫你给我打血清? 你想让我开口,我这不开口说了吗?
[00:39.68]This homing pigeon racket is all well and good, you know, 你知道吗 干信鸽这行当其实也很不错的
[00:43.04]but it’s the stiff upper beak3 and I have feelings. 只不过总要咬紧牙关 我心中有无限感怀...
[00:45.04]I want to express them. 我要告诉全世界
[00:48.08]I always thought blue was my favourite colour, but... 我一直以为蓝色是我的最爱,但...
[00:53.92]Shut up! 闭嘴!
[00:58.44]I demand better treatment, even the mice treat me better. 我要求优待俘虏! 连老鼠给的待遇都比这好

[00:59.48]Those charming resistance chaps with the view over the harbour. 那些有名的抵抗组织伙计 都住在看得见海湾的阁楼里
[01:03.84]The attic4 in Saint Pierre... 在圣·皮埃尔的阁楼...
[01:07.80]Saint Pierre. 圣·皮埃尔
[01:13.80]The truth serum is genius. “真话血清”果然管用
[01:17.80]Cover his cage. 把他的笼子蒙上
[01:19.76]I’m curious, what is your favourite colour? 我现在有点好奇了 你最喜欢的颜色是什么?
[01:25.12]Not Iike a hot pink or a pastel pink. 不是深粉也不是浅粉
[01:25.48]Pink! 粉红色!
[01:30.40]Just a kind of, well, a pink pink. 是那种...粉红一样的粉红色
[01:32.56]None of them rinky dinky pinks. 明白我的意思吗? 不是那种灰扑扑旧兮兮的粉红色
[01:38.44]Excuse me? 怎么了?
[01:52.00]Come on, chin up, Valiant5. 来吧,下巴收紧,瓦兰特
[01:54.64]Stiff upper beak. 咬紧牙关
[01:55.52]Gentlemen, get ready to drop! 同志们,准备离舱!
[02:00.84]-Are you ready to drop? -I think I’ve dropped already. - 你准备好离舱了吗? - 我怎么觉得我们已经被扔出去了
[02:09.72]It’s okay to be scared, I’d be worried if you weren’t. 害怕是正常反应 你们要不觉得害怕反倒会让我担心
[02:12.72]It won’t get better, but you’II get used to it. 战场就是这样凶险 你们会习惯的
[02:19.24]Go, go, go! 出发,出发,出发!
[02:30.00]It’s jammed! 卡住了!
[02:33.52]Sir, Iet me help you. 长官,让我来帮你
[02:34.68]No, go now, that’s an order! 不必!你马上离舱,这是命令!
[02:38.56]Yes, sir.
[02:53.08]Come on, Gutsy, get out! 快点!高茨,快出来!
[02:59.76]Come on. 快啊

  [03:16.16]Hello? Hello? 喂!有人吗?
[03:20.20]-A Iittle help, chaps. -Hold on, we’II get you out. - 伙计们,过来帮帮忙啊 - 坚持一下,我们马上来帮你
[03:21.52]Cheers, bit of a tenuous6 Ianding that. 茄子! 这次降落真是平淡无趣
[03:24.20]But it could’ve been worse. 可也差点变得更糟
[03:27.68]-Look out! -Oh, my. - 当心! - 哦,老天!
[03:31.40]-Sorry, Lofty. -Not to worry, old chap. - 对不起,高傲 - 没事,伙计
[03:34.40]Bit of a muddle7, this. 还真有些乱,这个
[03:37.08]-At Ieast we’re all in one piece. -Not quite all. - 不过至少我们全部都落在一个地方 - 不是全部了
[03:41.44]-Where’s Gutsy? -He was still in the plane. - 高茨在哪里? - 他还在飞机里
[03:43.76]-What do you mean in the plane? -His cage got stuck. - 什么意思,他还在飞机里? - 他的笼舱卡住了
[03:48.16]-I don’t think he got out. -That’s it, we’re dead. - 我想他可能没来得及逃出来 - 被我说中了吧,我们必死无疑了
[03:51.68]We’re finished, it’s been nice knowing you. 完了,这次旅行到此为止了 很高兴认识你们
[03:54.52]You’re mistaken, old boy, I’m sure he made it out. 你一定是弄错了,我相信他能逃出来
[03:58.20]He’II be here any minute now with the plans for the mission. 他一会就会过来 为我们下达行动方案
[03:58.68]He always makes it out. 他总是能化险为夷
[04:09.20]-Who has the back up plan? -You want the back up plan? - 谁那儿有第二套方案? - 你还想要第二套方案?
[04:11.04]We die, that’s the back up plan. 第二套方案就是,我们全体去见上帝
[04:16.96]-But I’m not ready to die. -And me? No one’s asked me. - 可我还不想死 - 我想好了吗?没人问过我这种问题啊
[04:18.64]So many books to read. 还有那么多书没有看过
[04:20.48]-Regrets, why? -Brilliant, that’s it, all dead. - 悔不当初,苍天啊! - 多聪明,就这么回事,全体见上帝!
[04:25.84]-Thank you very much. -Everyone be quiet, quiet! - 我真是太感动了 - 大家安静一下,安静!
[04:30.84]We need a plan. 我们需要一个计划
[04:32.36]The plan is 我们的计划就是...
[04:33.36]to find a safe Iocation to plan the next move. 找到一个安全的地方 再计划下一步的行动
[04:41.36]-You heard the bird. -So, our plan is... - 你听到了吗? - 那么,我们的计划就是...
[04:44.44]To make a plan? 再做一个计划?
[04:47.60]Come on. 跟我来
[04:56.76]France is spooky. 法国怎么这么可怕?
[04:58.92]-"Vive Ia France!" -Quiet. - “法国万岁!” - 安静


1 jabbering 65a3344f34f77a4835821a23a70bc7ba     
v.急切而含混不清地说( jabber的现在分词 );急促兴奋地说话;结结巴巴
  • What is he jabbering about now? 他在叽里咕噜地说什么呢?
  • He was jabbering away in Russian. 他叽里咕噜地说着俄语。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 serum 8seyS     
  • The serum is available to the general public.一般公众均可获得血清。
  • Untreated serum contains a set of 11 proteins called complement.未经处理的血清含有一组蛋白质,共11种,称为补体。
3 beak 8y1zGA     
  • The bird had a worm in its beak.鸟儿嘴里叼着一条虫。
  • This bird employs its beak as a weapon.这种鸟用嘴作武器。
4 attic Hv4zZ     
  • Leakiness in the roof caused a damp attic.屋漏使顶楼潮湿。
  • What's to be done with all this stuff in the attic?顶楼上的材料怎么处理?
5 valiant YKczP     
  • He had the fame of being very valiant.他的勇敢是出名的。
  • Despite valiant efforts by the finance minister,inflation rose to 36%.尽管财政部部长采取了一系列果决措施,通货膨胀率还是涨到了36%。
6 tenuous PIDz8     
  • He has a rather tenuous grasp of reality.他对现实认识很肤浅。
  • The air ten miles above the earth is very tenuous.距离地面十公里的空气十分稀薄。
7 muddle d6ezF     
  • Everything in the room was in a muddle.房间里每一件东西都是乱七八糟的。
  • Don't work in a rush and get into a muddle.克服忙乱现象。
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