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听电影学英语-总统千金欧游记 02

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  [00:02.53]- But I was a little intimidated1. - Because of my father? - 但我有点害怕 - 因为我爸爸的缘故?
[00:06.41]No, because you’re easy. I’m just going off what you said. 不, 因为你很平易近人. 我又像你一样不知在说什么了.
[00:09.09]Looks like Liberty2 found herself a good one this time. 看来 "自由小姐" 这次找了个不错的男孩.
[00:12.61]I hate first dates. Too painful. 我讨厌第一次约会.太痛苦了.
[00:17.45]- For you or the girl? - All I want is to love and be loved, Morales. - 是因为你还是那女孩? - 我要的只是爱与被爱, 莫瑞丝.
[00:23.65]- Hi. - Hi. - 嗨. - 嗨.
[00:27.81]Would you like to take a picture? 你们想和我拍照吗?
[00:30.69]- That would be great. - Okay. Come here. - 那太好了. - 好. 过来.
[00:31.69]- Go. - You can stand here. - 去. - 你们站在这.
[00:34.69]We’re visiting from Florida. I voted for your father. 我们是从佛罗里达来这旅游的. 我给你爸爸投过票哦.
[00:38.05]My husband didn’t, but we split3 up... 我丈夫没有投, 但我们分开了...
[00:38.73]...but not because of that! There were other things too. ...但不是因为这样原因! 是因为其他的事情.
[00:44.09]But I got the girls! Lilly, get over there. 但我还有我的宝贝女儿们! 莉莉, 过来.
[00:47.61]Come here. Here we go. Stand here. 过来. 来吧. 站这.
[00:49.93]Thanks. 谢谢.
[00:54.45]- Oh, that’s great. Thank you. - You’re so welcome. - 哦, 太棒了. 谢谢你. - 别客气.
[00:57.29]- Girls. Come on. - Have fun. Enjoy Washington. - 宝贝. 过来. - 在华盛顿玩得开心点.
[01:00.33]Thank you. 谢谢你.
[01:05.53]- Is that Anna Foster4? - How can you stand to have people... - 那是安娜 福斯特吗? - 你怎能忍受总是...

[01:07.69]...staring at you all the time? - It’s part of the job description. - ...有人目不转睛地盯着你? - 这只是工作的一部分.
[01:13.53]After six years in the White House... 自从进了白宫这六年来...
[01:16.05]...and eight as the governor’s daughter, I don’t really know anything else. ...作为总统的女儿, 其他的我真的不知道了.
[01:17.93]I think you’d get all this attention if you weren’t the first daughter. 我想如果你是第一女儿的话就要注意这一切.
[01:23.45]Yeah. 是的.
[01:27.97]You look good in that blouse. You should wear that more often. 你穿那宽松的上衣很好看.你应该常穿.
[01:32.65]Actually, it’s a sweater. 实际上这是一件毛衣.
[01:33.65]Sweater, blouse, you wear it well. Take a compliment5. 毛衣也好上衣也好, 你穿起来都好看.赞美你一下
[01:39.69]- Have you heard from Rhode Island? - I got in. - 有没有罗得岛大学的消息? - 我被录取了
[01:44.37]- Congratulations. I knew you would. - My parents are pushing premed. - 太好了.我就知道 - 父母劝我念医科
[01:48.21]I think parents want you to appreciate the good things in life, but not do them. 我想父母是要你去赏识一生中最好的东西, 而不是去身体力行

  [01:50.67]- They want you to see art... - We got something at 9:00. - 他们想你看那些美好的.... - 现在是9点正,似乎有点状况.
[01:55.77]- But not make art. They want you to have love, find love and value love... --而不是创造美好的东西. 他们想你有爱,寻找真爱...
[02:00.45]...but not make love, ever. ...而不是做爱.
[02:02.77]Thought I’d make this night more memorable6. 让我令今晚更加地难忘吧.
[02:04.29]He’s reaching. Go! 他动手了. 行动!
[02:06.49]- What are you guys doing? - Wait, these are my friends. -你们要干什么? -等等, 他们是我的朋友.
[02:10.01]- You don’t know what you’re doing! - Get off me! - 你们不知道你们在干什么?! - 放开我!
[02:16.85]This street is off-limits. 街道解封了.
[02:17.89]It’s only a camera. 只是一部照相机.
[02:20.73]Okay, folks, it’s over. Clear the street. 好了, 没事了. 安全没事.
[02:21.57]- I’m so sorry. - I should wait for them. - 我非常抱歉. - 我要等上他们.
[02:24.57]No, come on, it’s still early. 不, 快来, 还早呢.
[02:30.41]We could go catch a movie or something. 我们还可以去看场电影或什么的.
[02:32.29]Anna... 安娜...
[02:37.29]But this is just way too out of control for me. 但这样的局面我无法控制.
[02:37.45]...you are really great. ...你真的很好.
[02:42.17]I’m sorry. 对不起.
[02:49.69]Of course you can kiss me. 你可以吻我一下啊.
[02:57.21]Weiss to Control. Returning home with Liberty. 我是 维斯 .正和 "自由小姐" 一起回来.
[03:16.81]Good night. 晚安.
[03:22.85]- Poor kid. - All right, well, at least she’s home safe. - 可怜的孩子. - 好了, 至少她算是安全回到家了.
[03:24.21]How about I get you home safe? 我安全送你回家怎么样?
[03:26.69]- How about I call you when I get there? - Sure. - 我回家后给你电话怎么样? - 好啊.
[03:36.09]- You’re not gonna call me, are you? - No. - 你不会打电话给我, 是吗? - 是的.
[03:39.61]It’s out of my way, anyway! 无论如何,我都会很吃惊的!
[03:58.69]- How was the date? - I need to talk to him. - 约会还好吧? - 我要和他谈谈.
[04:02.37]- I can’t let you in there, Anna. - Anna, wait. - 我不能让你进去, 安娜. - 安娜, 等等.
[04:06.57]- Go on. - I’m not going. - 走吧. - 我不去.
[04:10.25]Dad. 爸爸.
[04:12.41]Way to go. I can’t believe you had that restaurant swarming7... 太过分了,我真无法相信你派你的私人保镖...
[04:18.45]...with your secret servants. You ruined my date! ...挤满了整个饭店.你毁了我的约会!
[04:20.81]And now I’m gonna die before I ever get to third base. 看来我死之前都无法踏出我的第三步.
[04:25.81]I mean second base. 我意思是第二步.
[04:38.21]Anna? 安娜?
[04:40.41]- Talk to you about this later. - No. No, stay. - 迟点再和你说. - 不. 不, 留下.

  [04:45.25]Pull up a chair. We’re just discussing the G8 Summit8 in Prague. 拉张凳子过来坐下. 我们在讨论布拉格的G8首脑会议.
[04:48.25]How to persuade the EU to adopt our plan to give humanitarian9 aid... 如何说服欧盟领导人采取我们的计划人道主义...
[04:51.97]...and medical technology to developing nations. ...对发展中国家进行医学技术上的资助.
[04:53.65]But you had a bad date... 但你的约会砸了...
[04:57.49]...so we should probably focus on that. - No, I’m so sorry to have interrupted. - ...那我们也许可以把事情集中在这来. - 不, 对不起我中断了你们的讨论.


1 intimidated 69a1f9d1d2d295a87a7e68b3f3fbd7d5     
  • We try to make sure children don't feel intimidated on their first day at school. 我们努力确保孩子们在上学的第一天不胆怯。
  • The thief intimidated the boy into not telling the police. 这个贼恫吓那男孩使他不敢向警察报告。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 liberty w18xM     
  • He stood for the cause of liberty and justice.他为自由和正义的事业而奋斗。
  • You are at liberty to do as you please.你可以随意行事。
3 split avXwG     
  • Who told you that Mary and I had split up?谁告诉你玛丽和我已经离婚了?
  • The teacher split the class up into six groups.老师把班级分成6个小组。
4 foster dfwzy     
  • Nowadays young couple sometimes foster.现今年轻夫妇有时领养别人的孩子。
  • The captain did his best to foster a sense of unity among the new recruits.队长尽力培养新成员之间的团结精神。
5 compliment BpDzx     
n.[pl.]问候,致意;n./v. 称赞,恭维
  • The manager paid her a compliment on her work.经理赞扬了她的工作。
  • Your presence is a great compliment.承蒙光临,不胜荣幸。
6 memorable K2XyQ     
  • This was indeed the most memorable day of my life.这的确是我一生中最值得怀念的日子。
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7 swarming db600a2d08b872102efc8fbe05f047f9     
密集( swarm的现在分词 ); 云集; 成群地移动; 蜜蜂或其他飞行昆虫成群地飞来飞去
  • The sacks of rice were swarming with bugs. 一袋袋的米里长满了虫子。
  • The beach is swarming with bathers. 海滩满是海水浴的人。
8 summit eHezk     
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9 humanitarian kcoxQ     
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  • The British government has now suspended humanitarian aid to the area.英国政府现已暂停对这一地区的人道主义援助。
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