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听电影学英语-总统千金欧游记 09

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  [00:02.81]I shouldn’t be making promises I don’t intend to keep. 我不该许下我不打算遵守的诺言
[00:05.65]Maybe I can learn to lighten up a bit. 也许我该学会放松一下.
[00:07.69]Dad, thank you very much for not being mad about this. 爸爸,谢谢你没有为此而生气.
[00:12.01]I was your age once too. I’m just glad you’re safe. 我也经历过你这个年龄. 你安全就好了.
[00:16.21]I don’t know. 我不知道.
[00:16.53]You know what? I’m gonna say it. You guys have officially turned into cool parents. 你知道吗?我正想这么说. 你们在往好的父母方向发展.
[00:20.67]- Maybe you’re starting to... - Anna Catherine Foster... - 也许你们开始-- - 安娜 凯瑟琳 福斯特...
[00:24.09]...you get yourself back here right now. ...你马上自己回来.
[00:27.25]- Your little adventure is over with. - What? - 你的小历险结束了. - 什么?
[00:28.93]See what your daughter’s been up to? I want her here now. 你看看你的宝贝女儿去过哪? 我要她现在马上回来.

[00:32.61]- What about "let freedom ring"? - Where is she? - 你不是说要给她自由吗? - 她先在哪?
[00:35.29]- Train station. - Listen to me. - 火车站. - 听我说.
[00:37.29]You do not, you hear me, do not get on a train! 你听我说,你不得上火车!
[00:41.49]Are you kidding? You traced my call? 你开什么玩笑? 你追踪我电话?
[00:43.33]I’m your father. And the president. I’ll trace whatever I wanna trace. 我是你爸爸.堂堂美国大总统. 只要我想追踪就可以追踪.
[00:48.53]Know what? I’ll meet you on the plane on Sunday. Trace this. 知道吗? 按计划我会在星期天才见你.报告完毕.
[00:52.89]Anna? 安娜?
[00:55.89]Get her brought in. Get Calder on the phone. 把她带回来. 打电话给 考尔德 .
[00:57.09]- Ben. It’s time for me to go now. - So where are they picking you up? - 本. 我现在要走了. - 他们到哪接你?
[01:02.61]They’re not. I’m not going back. I’m going to Berlin for the Love Parade. 他们不来接我. 我不回去. 我要去柏林参加 恋爱大游行.
[01:06.77]- You’re not going back with your parents? - No, they turned cool. - 你不回到你父母身边? - 不, 他们转变了
[01:08.81]They told me to fly like the wind or something. Are you gonna come? 他们叫我周围走走. 你要和我一起吗?
[01:15.01]- I’m not gonna chase you through Europe. - I can go by myself. - 我不想和你穿遍欧洲. - 我自己也可以.
[01:19.49]- Well, you can’t. - Why not? - 不, 你不行. - 为什么不行?
[01:19.85]- Because. - Because why? - 因为. - 因为什么?
[01:20.37]Because European railway travel can be very dangerous. 因为欧洲的铁路旅行非常危险.
[01:25.05]I mean, it’s the preferred method of travel for delinquents1 and lunatics... 我意思是,只有打工一族、精神反常、...

  [01:29.41]...perverts2, thieves, the odd slasher now and again. They’re not properly maintained. ...小偷那些人才会选择坐火车的. 他们那些都不是什么好人.
[01:34.09]- The trains. The slashers are world-class. - Yeah. Nice try, Ben. Thanks. - 火车是世界上最多罪案发生的地方. - 是吗. 值得一试, 本. 谢谢.
[01:38.61]- Anna, just stop and think, will you? - I don’t wanna think. I wanna live. - 安娜, 停下来想想好不? - 我不想想.我想生活.
[01:44.13]I am so tired of knowing where I’m gonna be every second of every day. 我厌倦了那种每天都被安排好的生活.
[01:47.49]Prisoners have more freedom than I do. I just... 囚犯都比我自由.我只是....
[01:52.01]I want real life, where real things happen. 我只是想要体验生活, 那些真正的生活.
[01:55.01]Real life is overrated. It’s a lot of odd smells and disappointment. 你对现实生活期盼太高了.会让你感到失望的.
[01:58.05]- Besides, you don’t even have any money. - I have enough. - 再说了, 你没有足够的钱. - 我有.
[02:03.37]When I researched the Love Parade, I read about this girl from Cleveland... 当我研究 恋爱大游行 的时候, 我读过一个美国女孩2元闯英伦的故事...
[02:04.93]...who made it on 2 bucks3. She sold her poetry along the way. ...她沿途一路卖她的诗作.
[02:10.41]By the time she got there, she made $ 100,000. 当她到那儿的时候,她已经有10万元了.
[02:11.61]- Bollocks. - I read it on the Internet. - 胡说. - 我在网上看到的.
[02:14.45]On the Internet, Elvis is the conductor on the Orient Express. 网上,猫王还是东方快车的售票员呢.
[02:19.13]- I have this theory. - Great, another theory. Hit me. - 我有个理论 - 太棒了,又一理论.说吧.
[02:22.17]If something’s meant to happen, it will. 如果有些事情要发生,总会发生的.
[02:23.81]- That’s a short one. - No time. Thank you. - 那么简短啊. - 没时间说了.谢谢.
[02:27.17]- Bye. - You’re killing4 me. - 再见. - 你害死我啊你.
[02:28.33]All right, we got them. 好,我们看到他们了.
[02:30.37]The tracks are this way. 火车在这边.
[02:38.41]Hurry. Hurry. Which one is it? 快. 快. 哪辆是?
[02:40.09]- Probably the green one. - Thank you. - 也许是绿色那架. - 谢谢.
[02:44.25]Sir? Excuse me. Can you tell me which train goes to Berlin? 先生? 打搅了,可以告诉我哪趟车去柏林吗?
[02:47.77]- That one. - Thank you. - 这辆. - 谢谢.
[03:00.85]Berlin, over there. 柏林, 在那.
[03:31.49]- What? - Nothing. - 怎么了? - 没什么.
[03:33.17]- Why is it I find that highly unlikely? - You have a little thing for me. - 怎么我感觉有点什么呢? - 你有点喜欢我
[03:36.85]I’ll stop you there. I do not have a thing for you. Little or otherwise. 打住.我没有喜欢你 

  [03:42.21]Why did you get on the train with me to Berlin, then? 你又为什么和我一同去柏林?
[03:50.41]Okay, you know what? You’re right. 好吧,你知道吗?你是对的.
[03:52.41]I’m attracted to exhibitionist runaways5. It’s an addiction6. 我喜欢赤身裸体在外面跑,瘾很大
[03:54.13]I was in a program where we had to spend time with fully7 clothed homebodies... 本来已经被强制和一群 穿得严严实实的居家男人一起生活...
[04:01.29]...but I’ve relapsed again. ...但我现在又旧病复发了.
[04:02.29]Nobody forced you to come with me. I don’t need a babysitter. 没人强迫你跟着来. 我不需要人照顾.
[04:05.85]What? 怎么了?
[04:09.49]What is that smile for? You don’t think I can take care of myself? 你笑什么? 你认为我不能照顾自己?
[04:13.85]Just because we spent the last 15 hours together and I’ve rescued you 15 times... 不、不、不,只是因为我们 待在一起的这15个小时我就营救了你15次...
[04:17.05]...which, for the record, works out at once an hour... ...平均每小时一次...
[04:21.25]...how could I think you couldn’t take care of yourself? That’s ridiculous. ...你叫我怎能认为你可以照顾自己? 可笑.
[04:25.57]Would you get over yourself? I don’t need you. I’m sorry. 别自以为是了 很抱歉.我不需要你.
[04:27.29]If that’s what you think of me, why don’t you just leave. 如果你是这样想我的,你为何不走呢.
[04:31.29]Seriously. Go. Bye-bye. I don’t need you. 我是说真的.走吧.再见.我不需要你.
[04:38.81]Why aren’t you leaving? 你为何不走?
[04:42.33]We’re on a moving train. 我们现在火车上.
[04:45.01]Fine. Then don’t talk to me. 好. 别再和我说话.


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2 perverts 4acc125cf96bd9738bcffa2067fc213f     
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6 addiction JyEzS     
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7 fully Gfuzd     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。
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