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听电影学英语-战争之王 02

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  [00:06.15]在我生命的前二十几年里 For the first twenty-odd years of my life...
[00:08.35]小奥德萨对我来说 就像对这列火车一样 ...Little Odessa was to me what it is to the Q train...
[00:12.28]是终点站 ...the end of the line.
[00:14.15](纽约,小奥德萨,1982) "Little Odessa," New York - 1982
[00:15.82]哦,关于我的名字,我刚撒了个谎 Oh, I did lie about my name.
[00:18.28]其实并不是尤里·奥洛夫 It’s not really Yuri Orlov.
[00:20.48]在20世纪的某些时候 There’ve been few occasions in the in the 20th century...
[00:22.58]做个犹太人是有好处的 when it’s been an advantage be a Jew.
[00:25.12]70年代我们全家为了逃离苏联 But in the ’seventies, to escape the Soviet1 Union,
[00:27.58]就伪装成犹太人 our family pretended to be Jewish.
[00:30.02]从此我就活得不怎么好 Little about my life has been kosher ever since
[00:32.92]老哥,你好吗? How’s it going, brother?
[00:35.42]不怎么样 It’s not.
[00:36.92]这是维塔利,我弟弟 That’s Vitaly, my younger brother.
[00:38.82]他和我一样,对生命感到迷惘 He was as lost as me.
[00:40.18]只是他现在还不知道罢了 He didn’t know it yet.
[00:41.48]尤里 Yuri,
[00:42.65]你迟到了 you’re late.
[00:47.85]我父亲很快地就把 这伪装的身份当真了 My father took his assumed identity to heart.
[00:50.98]他比很多犹太人更犹太 He was more Jewish than most Jews.
[00:53.45]这使我信天主教的母亲很生气 Which drove my Catholic mother crazy.

[00:55.72]说过多少次啦? How many times?
[00:56.85]我不能吃贝类 I can’t eat shellfish.
[00:59.32]不圣洁 It’s treyf.
[01:00.08]你不是犹太人 You’re not Jewish.
[01:01.45]但我喜欢这样 I like it.
[01:03.75]我喜欢帽子 I like the hat.
[01:05.88]时时提醒我们 To remind us there is something...
[01:07.95]上面有人类的主宰 above us.
[01:10.15]我喜欢那样想 I like that.
[01:14.32]我要去(犹太)教堂 I’m going to temple.
[01:15.52]别去! You’re not going to temple.
[01:16.55]你比牧师去得还勤 You go to temple more than the rabbi.
[01:18.72]你这女人少管我的事 Get off my back, woman.
[01:20.25]老天!你什么时候才能清醒点儿? God, will you ever wise up?
[01:22.65]尤里,别忘了去看一看 Yuri, don’t forget to check
[01:25.28]皇宫酒店的特价 the specials at the Palace.
[01:28.38]在小奥德萨长大 Growing up in Little Odessa,
[01:30.12]人杀人是家常便饭 murder was everyday part of life.
[01:32.68]俄罗斯黑帮 Russian mobsters had also migrated
[01:34.55]也从苏联移民到了这里 from the Soviet Union
[01:35.92]而且他们来美国时 and when they came to America,
[01:37.65]还带着家伙呢 their baggage came with them.
[01:41.45]社区里 There was always some gangster2
[01:42.65]每天都有些帮派份子斗殴 getting whacked3 in my neighborhood,
[01:44.32]只是我从没亲眼见过 but I’d never seen it with my own eyes.
[01:46.82]每次我总是早五分钟 I had this knack4 of showing up five minutes before something went down,

  [01:49.88]或晚五分钟 or five minutes after.
[01:51.88]但那天不一样 Not that day.
[02:17.62]这一枪打醒了我 It hit me.
[02:18.88]枪打中他们带给我更大的震撼 It couldn’t have hit me harder
[02:20.02]就像打在我身上一样 if I was the one who’d been shot.
[02:22.42]你开饭馆 You go into the restaurant business...
[02:24.02]是因为人总是要吃饭 because people are always going to have to eat.
[02:27.48]就是那天,我意识到我的命运 That was the day I realized my destiny...
[02:29.42]是为了提供人们的另一种生活必需品 ...lay in fulfilling another basic human need.
[02:35.88]下个安息日,我和父亲一起去教堂 The next Sabbath, I went to temple with my father.
[02:39.02]然而上帝并不是我想要接近的 However, it wasn’t God I was trying to get close to.
[02:42.28]我的长子,尤里 Eli, my eldest5 son, Yuri.
[02:44.58]在那儿我认识了第一把 My contact at synagogue landed me
[02:46.52]以色列制的乌兹冲锋枪 my first Israeli-made Uzi submachine guns.
[02:54.15]第一次卖枪的感觉 The first time you sell a gun...
[02:55.28]很大程度上就象第一次做爱一样 is a lot like the first time you have sex.
[02:57.88]你根本不知道自己在干嘛 You have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.
[03:00.22]虽然很刺激 But it is exciting and one way or another,
[03:02.98]但很快就结束了 it’s over way too fast.
[03:07.52]先生们 Gentlemen.
[03:09.32]新型乌兹自动手枪 The new Uzi machine pistol.
[03:11.58]体积虽小,但火力强大 Big firepower in a small package.
[03:13.35]这宝贝用的是九毫米凹头子弹 This little baby uses 9 mm hollow points.
[03:15.42]廿或廿五发可扩充式弹夹 Twenty twenty-five round extendable mags...
[03:17.72]枪柄大小可调 ...rear-flip adjustable6 sights.
[03:19.22]消音器是标准装备 后座力极低 Silencer comes standard. Excellent recoil7 reduction.
[03:21.42]枪口上抬减少四成 Muzzle8 jump reduced forty percent.
[03:22.95]噪音减少六成 Sixty percent improved noise suppression.
[03:24.78]就算你“现在” You could pump a mag into me
[03:26.65]朝我打完一整夹子弹 right now
[03:28.08]也不会吵醒隔壁的人 and never wake the guy in the next room.
[03:31.88]但是这样你就没机会和我 Of course, that would eliminate your
[03:33.08]再做更大的生意了 opportunity for repeat business.
[03:36.42]我天生 I did have a natural instinct
[03:38.12]就有走私违禁品的才能 for smuggling9 contraband10.
[03:40.02]幸运的是 Fortunately, back then a video camera
[03:42.08]那时的摄像机有火箭筒那么大 was a big as a bazooka
[03:51.95]我的一生都想远离暴力 Here I’d been running away from violence
[03:53.75]但其实我更该接近它才对 my whole life, and I should’ve run towards it.
[03:57.65]这是人类的天性 It’s in our nature.
[03:59.32]最初人类遗骸的肋骨腔中 The earliest human skeletons had
[04:01.02]就有一个矛箭头 spearheads in their rib11 cages.
[04:14.98]怎么搞这么久? Where have you been?

  [04:16.52]如果客人来了怎么办? What if we had a customer?
[04:18.22]上帝保佑美国 God bless America.
[04:42.75]“当心恶犬” 你哪儿来的狗! Beware of the dog? You don’t have a dog.
[04:45.25]想吓人呀? Are you trying to scare people?
[04:46.42]是吓我自己 No, it’s to scare me.
[04:48.38]随时提醒我内心中的恶犬 Remind me to be aware of the dog in me.
[04:51.25]它想袭击其他动物 The dog wants to fuck everything that moves
[04:53.25]和击杀弱小同类的狗 Wants to fight and kill weaker dogs.
[04:55.65]提醒自己要像个人 I guess it’s to remind me to be more human.
[04:58.55]做条狗和做个人不是一个概念么? Isn’t being a dog part of being human?


1 Soviet Sw9wR     
  • Zhukov was a marshal of the former Soviet Union.朱可夫是前苏联的一位元帅。
  • Germany began to attack the Soviet Union in 1941.德国在1941年开始进攻苏联。
2 gangster FfDzH     
  • The gangster's friends bought off the police witness.那匪徒的朋友买通了警察方面的证人。
  • He is obviously a gangster,but he pretends to be a saint.分明是强盗,却要装圣贤。
3 whacked je8z8E     
  • She whacked him with her handbag. 她用手提包狠狠地打他。
  • He whacked me on the back and I held both his arms. 他用力拍拍我的背,我抱住他的双臂。
4 knack Jx9y4     
  • He has a knack of teaching arithmetic.他教算术有诀窍。
  • Making omelettes isn't difficult,but there's a knack to it.做煎蛋饼并不难,但有窍门。
5 eldest bqkx6     
  • The King's eldest son is the heir to the throne.国王的长子是王位的继承人。
  • The castle and the land are entailed on the eldest son.城堡和土地限定由长子继承。
6 adjustable vzOzkc     
  • More expensive cameras have adjustable focusing.比较贵的照相机有可调焦距。
  • The chair has the virtue of being adjustable.这种椅子具有可调节的优点。
7 recoil GA4zL     
  • Most people would recoil at the sight of the snake.许多人看见蛇都会向后退缩。
  • Revenge may recoil upon the person who takes it.报复者常会受到报应。
8 muzzle i11yN     
  • He placed the muzzle of the pistol between his teeth.他把手枪的枪口放在牙齿中间。
  • The President wanted to muzzle the press.总统企图遏制新闻自由。
9 smuggling xx8wQ     
  • Some claimed that the docker's union fronted for the smuggling ring.某些人声称码头工人工会是走私集团的掩护所。
  • The evidence pointed to the existence of an international smuggling network.证据表明很可能有一个国际走私网络存在。
10 contraband FZxy9     
  • Most of the city markets were flooded with contraband goods.大多数的城市市场上都充斥着走私货。
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11 rib 6Xgxu     
  • He broke a rib when he fell off his horse.他从马上摔下来折断了一根肋骨。
  • He has broken a rib and the doctor has strapped it up.他断了一根肋骨,医生已包扎好了。
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