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  [00:00.00]I have to take Mr.Ouyang from Company X out drinking tonight.
[00:04.78]I have a lot of people to take out this week.
[00:07.47]This guy's company is one of our most important clients;I'd better do a good job entertaining him.
[00:13.71]Ah,so what the manager likes best is sake!
[00:17.06]The manager is a heavy drinker.It's going to be hard to keep up with him.
[00:21.52]This place has delicious oysters1.
[00:24.16]I wish they'd hurry up and serve us.I'm having a hard time keeping the conversation going.
[00:29.57]Uh-oh.My feet have gone to sleep on me.
[00:32.76]There are a lot of good-looking hos-tesses at this club.
[00:36.68]I'd better come up with something interesting to talk about.
[00:40.05]Aha!So it's golf that turns the manager on.
[00:43.44]Whew!Now the conversation's starting to roll!
[00:46.45]I'd like to wrap things up now.
[00:49.08]What should I do if he wants to go another round?
[00:51.83]I took the trouble to rearrange my schedule,but he doesn't even want to go another round.
[00:57.13]Maybe I shouldn't keep on singing so much;after all,I'm the host.
[01:01.65]I'd better go ahead and sing the first song.
[01:04.71]Yech!He's a terrible singer.
[01:07.32]At this place,I have to pay the bill out of my own pocket.
[01:11.03]I'm spending away too much money on wining and dining.
[01:14.27]It's about time I called him a taxi.
[01:17.53]This guy really lays it on thick;his non-stop flattery  is getting on my nerves.
[01:23.62]I wonder if he really liked it.
[01:26.05]Whew!I'm glad that's over with!
[01:28.71]Oh,no.I'll get home after midnight again.
[01:32.58]This guy just can't hold his liquor.
[01:35.27]Ok!The negotiations2 are going to be a success!I know it !
[01:39.89]Next time,I'll be a little more generous with my wining and dining.
[01:44.36]If all this wining and dining doesn't do the trick,I'm in trouble.
[01:49.17]My entire Sunday was shot because I had to take some clients out golfing.
[01:54.39]I don't want to waste my day off on something like that.
[01:57.39]Why does he even try to play golf?it's terrible!
[02:01.39]Oh,no!Taking him home's going to be a real drag!
[02:06.30]How can they expect us to do business with them after being such cheapskates?
[02:10.80]He's not very attentive3 to his guests.
[02:13.69]Next  time,I want someone to take me out.
[02:16.80]I check to make sure our schedules don't conflict.
[02:20.23]I reserve a table at a restaurant.
[02:22.37]I go and pick up the guests.
[02:24.40]I take off my jacket.
[02:26.34]I sit down on my heels.
[02:28.48]I sit cross-legged.
[02:30.18]I give the waiter our order.
[02:32.32]I pick up my glass.
[02:34.04]I pour some beer.
[02:35.87]I hold a pair of chopsticks in my hand.
[02:38.48]I light up a cigarette.
[02:40.44]I sing to a karaoke back up.
[02:42.85]I sing with someone in duet.
[02:44.86]I applaud4.
[02:46.22]I pay the tab.
[02:47.99]I open the door of the company car.
[02:50.42]I tell the driver where I want to go.
[02:53.17]I hang my coat up on a hanger5.
[02:55.62]I get drunk.
[02:57.45]I snap6 out of it for a moment.
[02:59.49]I pay a compliment7.
[03:01.05]I go to the rest room.
[03:02.73]I wash my hands.
[03:04.82]I wipe my hands.
[03:06.54]I go on to the next bar.
[03:08.47]I take out a lighter8.
[03:10.04]I hold the mike.
[03:11.92]Nicholas:What's up?You look nervous.
[03:14.14]Uraih:I have to take Mr.Abel from CBA Corporation out drinking tonight.
[03:18.66]Nicholas:Hey,CBA is one of our most important clients.I see why you're nervous.
[03:23.94]Uraih:Yeah.I have to do a good job entertaining him,or the boss'll kill me-so to speak?
[03:29.89]Nicholas:Is the boss going,too?
[03:32.11]Uraih:Yeah.And he's a heavy drinker-it's going to be hard keeping up with him.
[03:36.79]Nicholas:Maybe you shouldn't try.If you drink too much,you might have trouble keeping the conversation going.
[03:42.93]Uraih:I'll have trouble in any case.All the boss ever thinks about is golf,which I've never played in my life.And I hear Abel's main interest is stamp collecting.
[03:53.69]Nicholas:Hey-why don't you take him to this club I know in...?There are a lot of really good-looking hostesses there.That could make up for the poor quality of the conversation.
[04:03.36]Uraih:That's a good idea,but the boss doesn't want to spend a lot of money.He's such a cheapskate.
[04:09.76]Nicholas:Well,I guess you could pay half the bill out of your own pocket.
[04:13.13]Uraih:But I always end up doing that.I'm spending half my salary on entertaining clients.And the boss never even thanks me.
[04:21.17]Nicholas:You know,maybe you should drink a lot tonight.
[04:24.25]Uraih:I think so.


1 oysters 713202a391facaf27aab568d95bdc68f     
牡蛎( oyster的名词复数 )
  • We don't have oysters tonight, but the crayfish are very good. 我们今晚没有牡蛎供应。但小龙虾是非常好。
  • She carried a piping hot grill of oysters and bacon. 她端出一盘滚烫的烤牡蛎和咸肉。
2 negotiations af4b5f3e98e178dd3c4bac64b625ecd0     
协商( negotiation的名词复数 ); 谈判; 完成(难事); 通过
  • negotiations for a durable peace 为持久和平而进行的谈判
  • Negotiations have failed to establish any middle ground. 谈判未能达成任何妥协。
3 attentive pOKyB     
  • She was very attentive to her guests.她对客人招待得十分周到。
  • The speaker likes to have an attentive audience.演讲者喜欢注意力集中的听众。
4 applaud 0MLyU     
  • The pupils that had been watching started to applaud.一直在一旁观看的小学生们开始鼓起掌来。
  • Please don't applaud until everyone has performed.请在每个人表演完毕后再鼓掌。
5 hanger hanger     
  • I hung my coat up on a hanger.我把外衣挂在挂钩上。
  • The ship is fitted with a large helicopter hanger and flight deck.这艘船配备有一个较大的直升飞机悬挂装置和飞行甲板。
6 snap tFCzw     
  • He broke off the twig with a snap.他啪地一声把那根树枝折断了。
  • These earrings snap on with special fasteners.这副耳环是用特制的按扣扣上去的。
7 compliment BpDzx     
n.[pl.]问候,致意;n./v. 称赞,恭维
  • The manager paid her a compliment on her work.经理赞扬了她的工作。
  • Your presence is a great compliment.承蒙光临,不胜荣幸。
8 lighter 5pPzPR     
  • The portrait was touched up so as to make it lighter.这张画经过润色,色调明朗了一些。
  • The lighter works off the car battery.引燃器利用汽车蓄电池打火。
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