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英语流行口语 14.Compliments恭维

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[00:05.88]Lucky old you!
[00:11.65]A:I've been promoted,John.
[00:15.49]B:Really!Lucky old you.You really deserve it.
[00:21.24]A:I'm just very lucky.
[00:24.76]Your ... is smashing1.
[00:32.52]A:Your presentation is smashing .
[00:36.88]B:Oh,do you really think so?
[00:41.33]A:Yeah.Did you prepare it long? B:I prepared it for two weeks.
[00:47.67]You look cool in ...
[00:54.33]A:You look cool in you new jacket!
[00:58.91]B:Thank you.As a matter of fact,you look smart yourself.
[01:04.97]That was a very...
[01:11.03]A:That was a very successfur performance.
[01:15.78]B:Thank you for saying so.It was just our first performance here.
[01:21.84]A:I hope I can see more of your good performances.B:We'll try our best.
[01:28.79]That was quite a ...
[01:33.83]A:That was quite a party!  B:Thank you.
[01:38.87]A:I do appreciate your hospitality2. B:Welcome here again.
[01:44.75]I thought ... was excellent.
[01:53.29]A:I thought your speech was excellent.
[01:57.97]B:I'm glad you think so.
[02:01.52]It was really challenge to speak before so lare an audience.
[02:07.16]A:But you made it!
[02:10.72]I think...
[02:15.86]A:I think your dress is beautiful.
[02:20.33]B:It's very nice of you to say so.My nother chose it for me.
[02:26.29]A:Your mother really has an eye for clothes.
[02:31.01]I really like your ...
[02:37.36]A:I really like your work,Kate.  B:I'm glad you like it
[02:43.24]A:Could be better if you were more careful. B:Thank you for your advice.
[02:49.59]...is really beautiful!
[02:54.76]A:Hi,Jack!   B:Hi,Mike!Who's the girl you walked with?
[03:01.00]A:My girlfriend.  B:She's really beautiful.  A:Thank you.
[03:08.08]You have a ...
[03:10.60]你有...... 。(通用)
[03:13.12]A:Who's the little girl?  B:My daughter.
[03:17.80]A:You have a very lovely daughter,Mrs Smith.   B:Thank you.
[03:23.15]You've done a great job.
[03:29.50]A:You've done a great job,Charles.
[03:33.97]B:Thanks for your compliment3.I've been working hard at it and I made it.
[03:40.21]A:Where there's a will,there's a way.
[03:44.47]I don't think I've ever seen a better..
[03:52.83]A:I don't think I've ever seen a better painting!
[03:58.11]B:Oh,come on.No kidding!
[04:02.16]A:I'm serious.It's really superb4.
[04:06.62]It's one of the most... I've ever seen.
[04:16.37]A:It's one of the most fashionable hair styles
[04:23.13]b:How very nice of you to say so!
[04:25.17]A:Where did you have it done?
[04:28.62]  B:At a new beauty parlor5 nearby.
[04:33.27]Isn't this ... beautiful?
[04:39.51]A:Isn't this pair of glasses beautiful?
[04:44.16]B:Yes,it really is.But is cost me a lot.
[04:49.33]A:If only I could afford it!
[04:53.28]B:You can,but you simply don't want to.
[04:58.24]I admire...
[05:03.20]A:I admire your courage,Mike.  B:Thank you,Kate.
[05:08.53]A:You're the only one who dared admit mistakes.
[05:13.68]B:I don't want to feel guilty for ever.
[05:18.04]I must say ...is really very good.
[05:26.50]A:How do you like the soup?
[05:30.37]B:I must say it's really very good.  A:I'm so glad you say that.
[05:36.90]You have gool taste.
[05:43.07]A:Is this hat yours,Susan?  B:Yeah,I bought it last week.
[05:49.31]A:You really have good taste.
[05:53.15]You look really wonderful wearing it.  B:Oh,I'm flattered6.
[05:58.90]...goes really well with your skin.
[06:06.05]A:Wow! A new necklace!It goes really well with your skin ,betty.
[06:12.72]B:I'm really glad you think so.
[06:16.66]A:What occasion?Wedding ceremony?  B:You're kidding again!
[06:22.90]Your .. has improved tremendously!
[06:30.95]A:Your composition has improved tremendously,Jack! B:Really?
[06:37.19]A:Look!You got an A this time.  B:I can't believe it!
[06:43.04]My compliments7 on your...
[06:49.91]A:My compliments on your memory.
[06:54.28]B:It's very nice of you to say so.
[06:58.53]A:How can you recite such a long poem without even one mistake?
[07:04.49]B:It all depends on hard work.


1 smashing RikzJa     
  • We had a smashing time. 我们过得非常愉快。
  • While you are on the phone, the baby pulls the table-cloth off the table. smashing half your best crockery and cutting himself in the process. 你接电话时小孩把桌布扯了下来,把你最好的陶器打碎了一半,同时他还把自己磕破了。 来自《用法词典》
2 hospitality ocqxC     
  • He welcomed you to enjoy his hospitality.他欢迎你去做客。
  • Thank you for your kind hospitality.谢谢你的盛情款待。
3 compliment BpDzx     
n.[pl.]问候,致意;n./v. 称赞,恭维
  • The manager paid her a compliment on her work.经理赞扬了她的工作。
  • Your presence is a great compliment.承蒙光临,不胜荣幸。
4 superb ZsfwQ     
  • The large bay has a superb backdrop of mountains.大海湾背靠着庄严的山脉。
  • The hotel has a large dining room serving superb local cuisine.饭店有一个大餐厅供应上好的当地菜肴。
5 parlor v4MzU     
  • She was lying on a small settee in the parlor.她躺在客厅的一张小长椅上。
  • Is there a pizza parlor in the neighborhood?附近有没有比萨店?
6 flattered a22a59166a8cffd098db240fd221d32e     
过份夸奖的; 高兴的,感到荣幸的
  • At the testimonial dinner everyone flattered him shamelessly. 在纪念筵席上大家都厚颜无耻地奉承他。
  • They flattered themselves that they would win. 他们自信一定会赢。
7 compliments bdba48cb06b052d38cae49799c98ec9c     
n.问候,道贺,致意;赞美(话)( compliment的名词复数 );向…送礼以表示敬意;问候;致意v.表扬,恭维( compliment的第三人称单数 )
  • He ladles out compliments to everyone, but he's not really sincere. 他见人就大加吹捧,但并非出于诚意。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • You pay her a few compliments and she immediately rises above herself. 你只要稍许赞扬她几句,她即会沾沾自喜。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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