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听电影学英语-27宜嫁 10

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  [00:02.62]I don't know why. 其实,我明白
[00:03.62]Okay. Fine. I know why. Will you just ask her?
[00:11.46](Sighs) Sure. Of course. 好,没问题
[00:13.74]So I was also thinking we could do a slide show for the rehearsal1 dinner. 彩排晚饭时可放幻灯片
[00:14.82]You know, put pictures of George and I together and say funny things. 乔治和我的照片,说点笑话
[00:19.54]- Okay. - Oh, and guess what. That writer you obsess2 about... 还有,你着迷的那个作家
[00:24.02]he wants to do a whole Commitments column on us in the journal: 他想在《承诺》中报导
[00:26.78]He called me. Can you believe it? 他打给我,信吗?
[00:28.90]At this point, I absolutely can. 怎能不信
[00:31.34]Listen, um, I've been thinking a lot about what you said, and I think you're right. 我想过,你说得很对
[00:32.94]I think it would be so special if I did a wedding just like Mom and Dad's. 搞个爸妈一样的婚礼会很精彩
[00:36.70]- Just like? - You know, especially since I'm wearing Mom's dress. “一样”?
[00:40.30]So, ta-da!
[00:42.78]- The Boathouse? - Uh-huh. 船屋?
[00:47.94]At fiirst, when I called, they said they had no availability for 18 months. 起初打去时他们说要等年半
[00:49.94]But then the ninth time I called, they said they had a cancellation3. 打了9次后他们说有人取消
[00:52.94]Apparently the bride slept with the groom's father and brother... 有个准新娘同公公、二叔、侄子
[00:57.98]So, obviously, it got canceled and they were all devastated4.
[00:58.18]and sister and all these people. 一大堆人,结果取消婚礼
[01:01.90]But which means... 他们很伤心,也就是说…
[01:04.18]we're getting married in three weeks. 我三星期后结婚
[01:07.26]- (Laughs) - Three weeks? 三星期?
[01:09.66]Uh-huh. Oh, Jane. I know you can pull it together quickly. 我知道你一定行
[01:11.74]And I didn't wanna wait that long anyway, so- 反正我也不想等太久
[01:19.38]Uh, you could be a little excited for me. 你应该高兴才是
[01:21.66]No, I am. I am. It's just- 不,我高兴,只是
[01:27.26]It's just that you wanted to get married at The Boathouse in Mom's dress too. 你也想在船屋穿妈的裙结婚
[01:30.42]I know. 我知道
[01:32.30]No, I just- I didn't know that that's what you wanted... 不,只是不知道你也想这样
[01:36.26]but if it is, then I just want you to be happy.
[01:38.74]- You know that. - Great! 你开心就好
[01:41.66]Okay. Now can we talk about more important stuff? 很好
[01:42.70]Come on. I really don't like the linens5, and I think we need to rent new ones... 不喜欢那抬布,订新的
[01:46.58]because they do not go with the color scheme that I picked out. 颜色不配衬
[01:49.58]That selfiish whore. 自私自利的婊子!
[01:54.58]- Namaste: - Namaste: 对不起,对不起
[01:57.26]I can't believe it. I cannot believe it. 所有男人都死在她手上
[01:59.26]There is no man that won't fall for her. Even a do-gooder like George. 乔治也不例外
[01:59.82]Men just become hypnotized by her voodoo and they lose their minds: 给她迷到头昏眼花,丧失理智
[02:06.90]You can't plan your sister's wedding to the man you love. It's sick. 怎么可以替她以及你爱的男人搞婚礼?
[02:09.30]To be fair, she didn't know how I felt about him. 她不知道我暗恋他
[02:12.26]And nor should she- He's my boss. 也不应该知道
[02:14.22]I'm just gonna have to get over it. I don't really have a choice. 我会捱得过,别无他法
[02:19.10]And neither do you. 你也没有,她请你做伴娘
[02:21.38]She wants you to be a bridesmaid.
[02:21.90](Scoffs) You are shitting me. 不是讲笑话吧?
[02:22.90]- Hello? - Please. 麻烦你?
[02:26.58]No. No, I won't do it, on principle. 原则上我应该推辞
[02:29.74]I say, "No," on principle. No. You can count me out. 我理应拒绝,不行
[02:33.74](Sighs) Please. Please don't leave me alone in this. 求求你?
[02:34.54]- Please, please, please. - Fine. Fine. 好吧,看在你份上
[02:37.38]Because it's you. But if she crosses me, I'm gonna kick her ass6. 若她惹火我,我会翻脸…
[02:41.98]And then I will kick your ass. Then I'm gonna have a couple drinks- 若她敢搞你,再喝几杯酒…

  [02:46.34](Gong Ringing)
[02:48.42]There's no sign that says, "No talking." 没有‘不准谈话’标志
[02:56.26]Three weeks? It cannot be done: (华沙饼店)
[03:00.98]- It is not enough time for one of my creations! - Okay, um: : :
[03:03.14]Antoine, remember when I brought you the Schecters... 记得我介绍了沙达伉俪给你?
[03:07.54]and they commissioned that six-tiered, heart-shaped masterpiece? 他们订了六层心形结婚蛋糕
[03:11.78]Then, of course, the tower of edible7 gifts... 还有舒文那露天派对的食品塔
[03:13.86]for the Schifman-Guardino outdoor fiiesta.
[03:16.26](Laughs) You can do anything, and we both know it. 你做得来的,安东
[03:19.78]You're gonna do the cake, and you're gonna do it in three weeks... 三星期取货,还要打折
[03:22.82]- and I would like a discount, please. - Three weeks?
[03:24.10]- It pleases me. - Delightful8. 三星期?没问题
[03:25.90]- We have a cake. - (Clapping) 好,搞定蛋糕
[03:32.18]- What are you doing here? - Hi. I'm Malcolm Doyle. 你来做什么?
[03:34.46]- 什么? - 噢,是,
[03:35.46]- What? - Oh, yes. I didn't wanna believe it till you were here. 我是马全. 杜尔
[03:39.34]- Um, this is my fiance, George: - Hi. Congratulations... 我未婚夫,乔治
[03:43.02]- to the both of you. - (Cell Rhone Rings) - Thank you. 恭喜你们
[03:44.98]Oh. Babe, I gotta take this. All right? 谢谢
[03:47.66]- Okay: - If there's a cake emergency: : : 我得接这个电话,宝贝
[03:50.18]I'm right over here. 若饼有问题,我在那边
[03:50.26]Oh, and this is Jane, my sister. 我姊姊,珍,她很爱你的专栏
[03:54.34]- She's obsessed9 with your stories. - (Forced Chuckle)
[03:56.02]- She keeps them, but pretends she doesn't, but she does. - Okay. 她剪下收集
[03:58.34]She's your number one fan: 是疯狂拥趸
[04:01.98]Not in a creepy way though. 没威胁性那种
[04:03.98]- Right. - You said your name was "Kevin."
[04:05.66]As in "Kevin." 凯文?
[04:10.06]Well, I use "Malcolm" for the byline10 so I don't get stalked by crazy brides. 马全是我笔名,为免麻烦
[04:13.74]- So how did you meet George? - You're an asshole. 你怎认识乔治?
[04:16.22]- Jane. - What? I'm sorry. He said his name was "Kevin." 你真是坏人
[04:17.38]- I'm just- I'm a little bit confused. - Wait.
[04:21.30]- You guys know each other? - Well, we both work the wedding circuit, so- 等等,你们认识?
[04:24.98]Can you just give us one second? I'm just gonna- over- for one second... 可否失陪一会,我们要谈谈
[04:29.14]talk to- talk about you.
[04:34.18]- (Indistinct) - You lied to me. 你骗我
[04:36.18]No. I told you I was a writer. I didn't tell you what I wrote. 我说是作家,没说写什么
[04:38.78]But- But you write the most beautiful things. 你写的东西很美
[04:45.86]Do you actually believe in love and marriage and pretend to be a cynic... 你是扮尖酸还是…
[04:48.62]or are you a cynic who knows how to spin romantic crap for girls like me? 扮温馨来骗我这些无知女子?
[04:51.22]I didn't follow that at all. But I think the second one, the spinning crap one. 听不明白,大概是后者吧
[04:55.26]Oh, my God. I feel like I found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich. 天啊


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