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听电影学英语-爱是妥协 16

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  [00:01.44]...could be the best thing that ever happened to me. 或许是我遇过最好的一件事吧
[00:12.88]-I love ya. -I love you too. -我爱你哟 -我也爱你
[00:16.64]If that's what you said. 若你是指那个“爱”
[00:18.36]I don't know if it ends in a “ya” if it's an official “l love you,” but.... 我不知道多个“哟” 算不算正式的我爱你
[00:22.80]You're not like anybody. 你真是与众不同
[00:46.28]-I knew you'd call. -Who? It's me. -我就知道你会打电话来 -谁?是我
[00:49.76]-What's wrong? -Had breakfast with Dad. -怎么了? -我刚才和爸一起吃早餐
[00:52.32]We're talking, and he starts looking weird1 and tells me... 他表情怪怪的他说…
[00:55.84]...he met someone three weeks ago, that it's really something. 三个礼拜前认识了一个女人 很认真在交往
[00:57.20]And then he-- 然后…
[01:01.68]He tells me he's getting married. 跟我说他要结婚了
[01:01.88]Why am I reacting this way? I'm almost 30 years old. 我怎么会有这种反应? 都快三十岁了耶
[01:04.88]-Wait, wait. Who is he marrying? -I don't know. -他要娶谁? -我不知道
[01:09.44]Some chick he met three weeks ago. She's two years older than me. 三个礼拜前才认识的女人 才大我两岁
[01:13.04]She's an ear, nose and throat doctor. Has he lost his mind? 她是耳鼻喉科医生,他疯了吗?
[01:15.28]-Honey-- -I have a huge auction2 tonight... -亲爱的… -我今晚要主持重要的拍卖会
[01:18.36]...and I'm really upset. My shrink's away for two weeks. 我现在气得要命 心理医生又休假两礼拜
[01:21.88]Can you come in? I know you're working, but just, please? 你能不能过来? 我知道你要写稿,但拜托啦!
[01:31.80]I get that he has a right to get remarried, but he doesn't know her. 我知道他有权再婚 但他们才认识没多久
[01:35.28]She's my age. Do you know what that's like? 她和我年纪差不多 你知道那种感觉吗?
[01:35.48]That's, like, beyond creepy. 恶毙了
[01:37.24]It's not like I think he's replacing me. I know he isn't. 我倒不觉得他想甩掉我 那是不可能的
[01:40.52]I know I'm too old to act like this, it's nuts. 我知道成年人不应该乱抓狂 太扯了
[01:45.04]First of all, please don't smoke. 首先,不准抽烟
[01:47.20]If he is replacing anyone, it's me, not you. And all the statistics3 say... 他是要甩掉我,不是你 调查显示…
[01:50.60]...divorced4 men always remarry. It's how they're built. 离婚男人几乎都会再婚 这是男人的天性
[01:53.48]Wanna know why I'm always with the wrong guy? 我怎么老遇到不负责任的坏男人
[01:57.44]This is why. Because the wrong guy can't do this to you. 他不能这样对你
[02:00.60]This is my big fear, that some guy can get me... 我就是怕有人这样对我
[02:03.72]...unglued like this. And this is just Dad! 让我情绪失控 他是我爸耶
[02:05.48]We know this about me. I am just not cut out for this kind of drama. 你最了解我了 我通常不会这么情绪化的
[02:10.04]I think it's the drama in life that makes you strong. 生活中的起伏会让你更坚强
[02:12.36]You always say things to me like this. 你每次都只会说教
[02:14.76]You never understand that everyone isn't like you. 从来不知道 不是每个人都和你一样
[02:21.08]If I were you, and my ex-husband, the man I allow to direct my plays... 换作是我和我的前夫 我才不会让他执导我的剧作
[02:23.40]...were getting remarried to some 33-year-old... 他如果再婚 娶三十三岁的…
[02:28.24]...ear, nose and throat babe, I'd be bonkers. And look at you. 耳鼻喉科医生,我一定抓狂 瞧瞧你
[02:30.72]-You never looked better, by the way. -Oh, well.... -你满面春风耶 -嗯…
[02:35.24]Marin, we're all set. 犸琳,准备好了
[02:36.60]I gotta go sell $40 million worth of art. 我要去拍卖四千万美元的艺术品
[02:40.40]Can you do one other big thing for me? Just say yes, just.... 能不能再帮我一个大忙?
[02:44.36]-Please? -Anything, bubby. -拜托啦 -尽管说吧
[02:46.48]I need you to come out to dinner with me, Dad and the fiancee. 今晚陪我去爸和他未婚妻的饭局
[02:49.32]-Absolutely not. No. -Mom, you have to. -不行,办不到 -妈,你非去不可
[02:52.32]Hey. You have to. 你非去不可
[02:55.20]Yes, because he wants me to meet her. I can't go alone. 他要我见见她,我不能一个人去
[02:56.00]I asked them if you could come, and they said it was fine. 我有问能不能找你去 他们都说可以
[03:00.76]You're gonna have to meet her too, so we should do it together. 反正你迟早也要见到她 我们干脆一起去
[03:05.12]Come on. Please? 好嘛,求求你
[03:05.72]You know you can handle it. 你一定可以搞定
[03:09.84]Well.... 嗯…
[03:12.92]Okay, that's it. You see that look on your face? 就是这个表情 你知不知道这个表情?
[03:14.96]That's the gene5 I didn't get. 没遗传到我身上
[03:19.56]Welcome to Christie's and tonight's sale of impressionist and modern art. 大家好,欢迎光临佳士得 今晚要拍卖印象派和现代艺术品
[03:21.24]The auctioneer may open bidding on any lot below the reserve... 出价者请注意拍卖人 可就低于底价的物件
[03:26.24]...by bidding on behalf6 of the seller7. Let's start with lot number one... 代替卖家开始喊价 先从一号拍卖品…
[03:30.68]...the Renard, showing here. $80,000 is bid with my absent bidder8. 雷纳的划作开始 未出席的出价者喊价八万美元
[03:33.16]$85,000, gentleman's bid. $90,000, still with me. 有人出八万五、九万,继续出价
[03:37.72]$1 00,000. $1 1 0,000. 十万、十一万
[03:44.80]$1 40,000, gentleman's bid. And fair warning. 有人出价十四万美元 快到结标价了
[04:01.68]Guess I got stood up. 看来我被放鸽子了
[04:04.08]Would you like to order or...? 你要点餐吗?还是…
[04:04.40]Why not? I put the tie on and everything. 那就点吧,反正都盛装赴约了
[04:08.36]Can you bring me another? 再给我一杯
[04:19.68]Your drink, ma'am. 您的酒,女士
[04:22.96]Oh, good. Thank you so much. 好,谢谢你
[04:23.44]So delicious. 真好喝
[04:28.84]-Thirsty? -I've had a very big week. -口渴吗? -我这个礼拜忙死了
[04:31.00]I forgot how these slip right down. I'm fine. 快忘记喝酒的感觉了,我很好
[04:33.88]So, Kristen, where did you go to medical... 克莉丝汀,你是念哪一所…
[04:38.96]...school? Oh, I'm so sorry. 医学院?抱歉
[04:41.56]University of Pennsylvania. 宝州大学
[04:42.64]Well, actually, I went to school in Philadelphia too. 我也是在费城念书耶
[04:46.44]-Bryn Mawr girl. -You're kidding. -布莱恩犸学院 -真的?
[04:48.32]-My mom went to Bryn Mawr. -Wow! -我妈也念布莱恩犸学院 -哇!
[04:49.32]Not only are you marrying my dad, our moms went to the same college. 不只你要嫁给我爸 连我们的妈都念同一所学校
[04:55.08]Erica? Do I like duck? 我爱吃鸭肉吗?
[04:55.28]-Shall we order? -Absolutely. -要点餐了吗? -好啊
[04:57.08]Yes, it's rabbit you hate. 爱吃啊,你是讨厌兔肉
[04:59.24]I'll give you a list of his likes and dislikes. 我会把他的好恶列清单给你


1 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
2 auction 3uVzy     
  • They've put the contents of their house up for auction.他们把房子里的东西全都拿去拍卖了。
  • They bought a new minibus with the proceeds from the auction.他们用拍卖得来的钱买了一辆新面包车。
3 statistics iGyzb     
  • We have statistics for the last year.我们有去年的统计资料。
  • Statistics is taught in many colleges.许多大学都教授统计学。
4 divorced Wu5z2w     
  • Apparently they are getting divorced soon. 看样子,他们很快就要离婚。
  • Many divorced men remarry and have second families. 许多离婚的男子再婚组成了新的家庭。
5 gene WgKxx     
  • A single gene may have many effects.单一基因可能具有很多种效应。
  • The targeting of gene therapy has been paid close attention.其中基因治疗的靶向性是值得密切关注的问题之一。
6 behalf 0QLyb     
  • Ken is not present,so I shall accept the prize on his behalf.肯没有出席,所以我将代表他领奖。
  • They fixed on him to speak on their behalf.他们已经确定他作为代表发言。
7 seller Rzrwv     
  • I hope for this book to become a best seller.我希望这本书会成为一本畅销书。
  • She drove a hard bargain with the seller.她狠杀卖主的价。
8 bidder oyrzTm     
  • TV franchises will be auctioned to the highest bidder.电视特许经营权将拍卖给出价最高的投标人。
  • The bidder withdrew his bid after submission of his bid.投标者在投标之后撤销了投标书。
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