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听电影学英语-别惹蚂蚁 02

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  [00:03.48]Hello. 你好
[00:06.20]We mean you no harm. 我们对你没有恶意
[00:08.36]-Oh, great. -Shoe! - 太好了 - 小心脚
[00:11.36]Shoe! 小心脚
[00:19.64]-Please, go in peace. -Look out! - 请让我们和平解决 - 小心
[00:26.36]-Are you all right? -l-- l guess he didn't hear me. - 你还好吧? - 我 我猜 他听不到我说的话
[00:32.56]Lucas. Lucas
[00:34.72]Peanut, it's time to come inside now. 花生豆 该回家了
[00:44.96]Peanut. 花生豆
[00:46.88]l think l might have gotten through to him. 我想他已经听懂我说的话了
[00:48.44]-What do you think? -Destroyer. - 你觉得呢? - 破坏者
[00:53.52]Tiffany, Lucas, we're leaving now. Tiffany Lucas 我们要走了
[00:58.20]Lucas? All the numbers are on the fridge. Lucas? 要做的事都贴在冰箱上了
[01:00.56]-Good one. Extended play. -Lucas. - 太棒了 过关 - Lucas
[01:03.16]What are you doing back there? Why didn't you answer? 你在那后面干什么呢? 你怎么不回答我?
[01:07.84]-Are you all right, sweetie? -l'm fine. - 甜心 你怎么了? - 我没事
[01:10.92]-l was just playing with my friends. -l don't know. - 我只是刚才和我的伙伴一起玩 - 我不知道
[01:13.20]-Maybe we shouldn't go on vacation. -Come on, it's our big wedding anniversary. - 也许我们不应该去度假 - 得了吧 这可是我们盛大的结婚纪念啊
[01:19.44]We're going to Puerco Vallarta. 我们要去巴亚尔塔 (墨西哥旅游胜地)
[01:21.16]And l gotta spend a little quality time with the mamacita. 我还要和mamacita享受美好时光
[01:24.92]Don't cancel your vacation just because of me. 不要因为我取消了旅行
[01:29.48]-l can solve my own problems. -Problems? What problems? - 我能处理好自己的问题 - 问题? 什么问题?
[01:31.16]Does it have anything to do with why l can't find your underwear? 这和我为什么找不到你的内衣有关吗?
[01:34.84]No! 没有
[01:37.44]Bed-wetting is nothing to be ashamed of, Peanut. 尿床没什么好害羞的 花生豆
[01:40.96]What? Just stop it, Mom! 什么? 不要再说了 妈
[01:43.24]l don't have any problems except for you treating me like a baby. 我什么问题也没有  除了你整天把我当小孩
[01:45.92]-Peanut. -And stop calling me that. - 花生豆 - 不要再那么叫我
[01:49.60]Just go away and leave me alone. 不要管我 离我远点
[01:57.72]l, Zoc, call upon the elements: 我 Zoc 召唤自然:
[02:00.20]The wind that blows, rain that falls, fire that burns. 吹着的风 下着的雨 燃烧的火
[02:05.08]Deliver your awesome2 power and transform my potion. 赐予我你那强大的力量  转化我的药剂
[02:07.56]Clacktiel. 显灵
[02:13.64]That was great, sweetie. 这真是太棒了 亲爱的
[02:16.60]l loved the smoke effects. Didn't you, Spindle? 我喜欢这烟雾效果  你也喜欢吧 Spindle?
[02:20.88]...rock. Curse upon your children. ...岩石 我诅咒你的孩子
[02:26.08]-They won't now. -Okay. What's the matter? - 现在是肯定不会了 - 好的 发生什么了?
[02:31.24]Hova, the potion is supposed to change color. Hova 这药剂应该改变颜色的
[02:32.12]lt's not changing color. lt's not changing color. 但它没有变色 没有
[02:37.68]l call upon the elements: Wind, rain, et cetera. 我召唤了自然的力量:  风 雨 还有其他的
[02:38.56]Transform my potion and clacktiel. 赐予我力量以转化药剂
[02:45.32]Clacktiel, clacktiel.... 显灵啊 显灵啊
[02:47.60]-Maybe you're pronouncing it wrong. -How could l pronounce it wrong? - 也许你的发音有问题 - 我怎么可能会读错呢?
[02:51.80]-l made it up. -Take a break. - 这是我发明的 - 休息一下吧
[02:56.28]Hova, perhaps you didn't notice... Hova 也许你没有注意
[02:57.48]...but we were almost squished today, and the colony is in shambles3. ...我们今天差点就被压扁了  我们的种族处在危险中
[03:02.16]l am this close to finding a solution to the human problem... 我是如此的接近解决人类问题的答案
[03:04.24]...and you tell me l need to-- Hova, what are you doing? ...你却告诉我我需要...  Hova 你在干什么?
[03:09.20]-Nothing, l'm not doing anything. -No. Wait. - 没什么 我什么也没做 - 不 等一下
[03:11.00]-There's no reason to panic. -Wait. Now, Hova-- - 你没必要慌张啊 - 等一下 Hova
[03:11.88]-No. -l'm simply walking towards you. - 不 - 我只是很正常的向你走过去
[03:14.64]-l'm just coming towards you. -Wait. No. Hova. No. - 我只是走过去 - 等一下 不 Hova 不
[03:16.16]Does it tickle4? What about when l do this? 这样痒吗?  这样呢?
[03:19.92]Why are you laughing? l see you laughing. 你笑什么? 我看见你在笑
[03:22.32]Don't make me clacktiel you. 不要让我也挠你的痒
[03:25.24]Well, l'm glad you two have something to laugh about. 我很高兴看见你们两个还能这么开心
[03:29.80]-Head of Council. -Hi. - 参议长 - 你好
[03:33.28]How nice of you to.... lt was unexpected. 你能来...真是出乎意料啊
[03:35.44]Forgive me. l was working on an experiment. 请原谅  我刚才一直在忙于我的实验
[03:37.64]Oh, yes, l see. 是的 我看见了
[03:41.12]Well, we were-- How may l be of service? 我们在... 我能帮什么忙吗?
[03:44.08]Zoc, attacks from the Destroyer grow more frequent. Zoc 破坏者的袭击是越来越频繁了
[03:48.68]Our food supplies are now desperately5 low. 我们的粮食储备现在是低得可怜
[03:51.44]The council was hoping perhaps you might have a solution. 参议院希望你也许能找到一个解决的办法
[03:58.32]But thousands of ants would needlessly die. 但是数以千计的蚂蚁可能会无谓的牺牲
[04:02.20]Perhaps if we could communicate, you know, just talk with the human. 也许我们可以谈判  可以和那个人类谈谈
[04:05.84]Oh, what a great idea. Let's have a nice chat. 多棒的主意啊  我们可以来一次惬意的聊天
[04:08.76]Well, hello, Destroyer. Gee6, you look kind of tired. 你好 破坏者 你看起来有点累
[04:13.64]Why don't you just rest your feet on my girlfriend. 你为什么不在我女朋友身上歇歇脚呢
[04:15.32]Okay, oka-- 好了 好了
[04:17.92]Sometimes you're a real stinkbug, you know that? 你知道吗? 你有时候真的很烦
[04:19.48]Zoc, a war with the human is-- lt's impossible. Zoc 向人类开战根本是不可能的
[04:25.84]A wizard knows no such word. 在巫士的字典里 是没有"不"这个字的
[04:34.20]-Whatever. -Bye, Tiff1. Bye, Lucas. - 一路顺风 - 再见 Tiff 再见 Lucas
[04:36.48]l love you. 我爱你们
[04:41.44]You kids mind your grandma. 照顾好你们奶奶
[04:44.64]Okay, goodbye. Have fun. 好的 再见 玩得开心
[04:45.40]Don't worry, everything's under control. 不要担心 一切尽在掌握
[04:55.16]A little help, please. 请帮个小忙好吗
[04:57.84]l think it's your turn. 我想轮到你来了
[04:59.92]Teeth in the grass. 假牙掉草丛里了


1 tiff QoIwG     
  • They patched up their tiff again.他们平息了争执,又和好如初了。
  • There was a new tiff between the two girls.那两个女孩之间有一场新的吵嘴。
2 awesome CyCzdV     
  • The church in Ireland has always exercised an awesome power.爱尔兰的教堂一直掌握着令人敬畏的权力。
  • That new white convertible is totally awesome.那辆新的白色折篷汽车简直棒极了.
3 shambles LElzo     
  • My room is a shambles.我房间里乱七八糟。
  • The fighting reduced the city to a shambles.这场战斗使这座城市成了一片废墟。
4 tickle 2Jkzz     
  • Wilson was feeling restless. There was a tickle in his throat.威尔逊只觉得心神不定。嗓子眼里有些发痒。
  • I am tickle pink at the news.听到这消息我高兴得要命。
5 desperately cu7znp     
  • He was desperately seeking a way to see her again.他正拼命想办法再见她一面。
  • He longed desperately to be back at home.他非常渴望回家。
6 gee ZsfzIu     
  • Their success last week will gee the team up.上星期的胜利将激励这支队伍继续前进。
  • Gee,We're going to make a lot of money.哇!我们会赚好多钱啦!
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